YFS Academy Review (2023) – Can Dominique Brown Get Your Finances In Order?

YFS Academy Review

Welcome to my YFS Academy Review or your finances simplified academy

A detailed look at a course that teaches you how to manage your finances and how to increase your credit rating.

Something that we all should be doing today!

In these hard times, there is no getting away from the fact that our economy is at breaking point and really stretching our finances.

It doesn’t matter what you want in life today, whether it’s a car, a house or even a job.

Companies are always going out of their way to check whether you are credit-worthy or not and even trustworthy.

So it’s very important and according to Brown that you aim for a credit rating above 800 which isn’t as difficult as you may think.

The YTS Academy also covers many other financial methods that you can use to better that score.

So let’s see what Brown and his academy have to offer and whether it’s a right fit for you.

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YFS Academy Review Summary

Product: YFS Academy

Founder: Dominique Brown

Website: www.yfsacademy.com

Product Description: How to reach your financial goals

Cost to join: $24.99/month – $497.99/lifetime

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: Credit agencies say that to improve your credit rating you need to be using credit cards sensibly.

I can attest to this as my own credit rating improved to almost the maximum and this was through using credit cards and paying them back on time.

You see they need to see that you are a good payer but what they don’t tell you is that too many credit cards can have an adverse effect.

It is easy to fall into the trap because they are forever offering you credit cards and the higher your credit rating the more cards they offer you.

So my credit score is currently 875 and that was through using common sense so I’m interested to know what Dominique Brown has to offer.

But the YFS Academy isn’t just about building your credit rating, it covers many other areas in finance too.

YFS Academy Review – TOC

    1. What is The YFS Academy About?
    2. Who is Dominique Brown?
    3. What do You Get With The YFS Academy Course?
    4. YFS Academy Costs And Refunds
    5. Is The YFS Academy a Scam?
    6. YFS Academy Reviews
    7. The YFS Academy Course – PROs
    8. The YFS Academy Course – CONs
    9. The Final Verdict For YFS Academy
    10. What we do For a Living
    11. Feedback, Follow And Subscribe

What is The YFS Academy About?

YFS Academy covers many aspects of your financial world but to get there you need to first have a great credit rating.

Something that isn’t taught at school is how to handle your finances but you don’t have to be a financial whizzkid either.

The academy has a number of modules that cover purchasing a home, investing in the stock market, starting a business and more…

According to the YFS Academy website, there are hundreds of students who have drastically improved their financial world through this course.

This course is geared towards people who are struggling, after all, most people never think about their credit rating until they try and purchase a car or home.

According to Experian, one of the main credit agencies, you should be aiming for an 800+ credit score and this is what Brown is going to help you with.

YTS Academy Review - What it means to have a credit score of 800

The YTS Academy program not only aims to get your credit rating in the upper echelons.

It will guide you in other areas to help in your everyday life.

Who is Dominique Brown?

Dominique Brown as far as we can see studiedYTS Academy Review - Dominic Brown

IT security, administration and IT technology at George Mason University from 2001-2006.

So based on that, he doesn’t have a financial degree or financial qualifications however we do see reviews stating that he is a licensed financial advisor.

It is clear that in his decade of the role as CEO of S&D Capital Holdings LLC, he has helped thousands with financial planning.

Coming from Philidelphia and brought up by his single mother he is accustomed to financial hard times.

Dominique has a Facebook page called YFS Academy but looking at this and there appears to have been no activity since June 2021.

So what has happened with Dominique Brown?

Well, he is still around that is for sure although based on his social media accounts seems to be not as active.

What Do You Get With The YFS Academy?

There are quite a few modules that you can benefit from when you join the academy which we have highlighted below…

How To Fix Your Credit 

Well, with so many different credit agencies out there and the 3 main ones that you should be concerned about.

Are Experian, Equifax and Transunion but dependent on which country you reside in they can be others.

Everything nowadays is based on your credit score or credit rating which lets other companies know how trustworthy you are.

The bigger the credit score the more offers you will receive which can open up a whole new financial world for you.

However, a low score can create havoc in your everyday life and I personally know just how that feels.

The academy aims to help you sort out and better your score and put you on the right financial path.

How To Start A Business And Dominate Business Credit

If you are ever thinking of starting a business then normally you would require capital to get started.

This module will teach you everything that you need to know about business credit and how to go about getting a loan.

How To Invest In The Stock Market

Obviously, this module is for students who are interested in the stock market and you are probably thinking.

Why would I want to risk losing my money and potentially ruining my credit rating in the process?

Well, Brown does have a lot of experience in this area and whether this is a route you wish to go down then he can give you guidance.

How To Buy A Home The Smart Way

Everybody eventually wants to get their feet on the property ladder because that will probably be your biggest investment.

Nowadays and since the financial meltdown in 2008 things have changed dramatically when finding the right mortgage.

This module gives you guidance in…

    • Positioning yourself to purchase the best home that you can afford
    • How to get approved for the right mortgage
    • How to pay off the mortgage many years earlier than the term
    • The best home to buy as an investment

How To Buy A Car The Smart Way

Another purchase that we all will make is a car and this module covers…

    • How to purchase the right type of car for less
    • How to get approved for a car loan without those outrageous interests
    • Getting the best trade-in deals
    • Beating the dealership at their own game

How To Get A Pay Rise

Another major factor in life is your job and the amount you earn and this module hopes to help you in this department.

    • The best way to position yourself for a pay increase
    • Advice and tips on how to become invaluable to your employer
    • How to increase your money by doing the same things you already do
    • How to handle yourself when a pay rise is not on the cards

How To Create The Perfect Budget In Order To Reach Your Goals

Is there ever a perfect budget, Brown says there is and this module discusses this in depth.

    • Regardless of your income, how to create a budget for those goals
    • How to budget on a step-by-step basis even if you aren’t familiar with it
    • Budgeting for when you get paid
    • How to budget and still treat yourself

How To Set Goals That You Can Achieve

One things that we are all bad at is setting goals which is good practice to get involved with.

It allows you to focus more by training the mind and allowing you to discipline yourself to reach those financial goals.

This module will show you how to create S.M.A.R.T goals and how to go about implementing them so that they come true.

It’s all about developing the right financial mindset.

The 52-Week Savings Challenge

This module lays out a 52-week challenge that you can adopt to help in achieving that next milestone.

Through weekly reminders, weekly motivation, weekly savings support…

This is all about motivating you to reach those goals.

Also When You Join YFS Academy…

You get access to their private online Facebook group where you can exchange your thoughts with other students.

There is also a live Q&A every fortnight where Brown and other team members answer any questions that you may have which are recorded.

So that you can go back and watch them whenever you want.

Which Also Include Several Bonuses…

Multi-Million Dollar Generation Wealth Building Plan…

The Fastest Way To Pay Off Bills…

The 10 Financial Commandments For Financial Success…

YFS Academy Costs And Refunds

There are a number of payment options that you can choose if you want to sign up for the YFS Academy.

    • $24.99 per month
    • $149.99, every six months
    • $249.99, per year
    • $497.99 for unlimited lifetime access
Can You Pay For The YFS Academy Course In Instalments?

No, as you can see you could pay for the academy on a monthly basis which would take the annual fee to $299.88.

Are There Any Upsells With The YFS Academy Course?

No, what you see is what you pay for.

Is There A Free Trial With The YFS Academy Course?

There is no free trial with this training course.

Are There Any Additional Costs We Should Factor Into The YFS Academy Course?


Does The YFS Academy Course Come With A Refund?

Unfortunately, there is no refund so if you decide to pay for the lifetime membership which is currently $497.99 then I’m afraid you are stuck.

Is The YFS Academy a Scam?

No, we don’t think it is because the amount of advice that is given could more than pay for itself.

There is no getting away from the fact that we could all do with a little help and in some cases more than a little help.

As we have already mentioned, it isn’t until you decide that you want to buy a car or a house that you are suddenly hit by creditors saying no to you.

That can be very frustrating because not many people are aware that we all have a credit file with all our private details on it.

But, it doesn’t take a genius to work out how to better your credit rating without paying for this advice.

There are ways to increase your credit rating by going on an electoral roll which is obvious really because that tells authorities where you reside.

Credit cards, whilst they can get many in trouble  (I should know) can also help boost your credit score.

The higher the score the more credit people are willing to give you but remember too many cards can go against you.

Brown offers some advice on investing in the stock market, now I know this can be and usually is a risky avenue to go down.

However, don’t expect too much professional advice here!

At the end of the day, pay your bills on time and you can be sure that your credit rating will increase.

That is FREE advice but should be common sense to people.

Besides the internet can provide you with all the answers that you could ever want without it costing you a dime.

If you are looking for ways to boost your financial situation then working for someone else is limiting yourself.

At the end of the day, YFS Academy is not a scam because you will get value however, it’s all about bettering your credit rating and all the other stuff that comes with the academy may not be required.

Having said that though, paying for a credit repair company can cost you dearly so maybe YFS is worth looking at.

YFS Academy Student Reviews 

Unfortunately, we could find any third-party reviews by students on sites like Trustpilot.

YTS Academy Review - Review #1

The YFS Academy Course – PROs

  • A Great Credit Rating Is Paramount: What we mean by this is that a credit rating is what is checked by everyone nowadays.

No matter what it is you do companies need to know how trustworthy they are and that is the only way they can make that judgement.

  • Brown Does Appear To Have Helped Many People: Based on his decade working as a CEO at C&D Capital Holdings.

The YFS Academy Course – CONs

  • There Are No Student Reviews Anyway: This sure is a sign that maybe three aren’t that many people who have paid for this course.
  • Not Sure Why Investing In The Stock Market Is There: The stock market is a very volatile industry and whilst he might be able to better your credit file.

The last thing you are going to want to be doing is getting into financial difficulties after all the hard work has been undertaken.

The great thing about the internet is that there is an abundance of courses at various prices and there is no need to pay this type of money.

  • YFS Academy Has A Negative Rating: If you go to the Better Business Bureau you will see that they have a -C rating which isn’t good.

The Final Verdict Of YFS Academy!

Unfortunately, and you must have heard this many times, we are all in debt but it is how you handle that debt that counts.

If you miss a few bills or are late you can see it marked up on your credit file which unfortunately may go against you.

One thing is for sure when trying to get the right information from these credit agencies is that you are wasting your time because they will never give you a straight answer.

On a few occasions after a few years of getting my rating to 885, I have seen the rating drop by 60 or so points and there was nothing untoward.

I pay my bills and nothing was out of the ordinary yet my credit rating dropped and when I query this they couldn’t give me a straight answer.

The internet is full of useful FREE information on this matter and with a few careful searches, you should be able to find what you are looking for.

Would I pay for YFS Academy?

Well, no I wouldn’t but maybe a few years ago I might have.

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Feedback, Comments And Subscribe

Anyway, we are just about to wrap up this YFS Academy review and hope you enjoyed the advice given.

If you have anything to add please don’t hesitate to ask!

Thank you for your time!

Take care!

Stay safe!

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