Is Local Boss a Scam – Is Adam Davies Legit or one to stay away from?

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Looking for a way to make money online and you are finding the options are endless, confusing, expensive…

is Local Boss a Scam

Maybe you have seen their marketing campaigns on social media or maybe you came across the Local Boss just by accident searching on Google.

Here you are wondering, is the Local Boss a legit way to build a business or is it just like many of the scams that you come across online.

Well, we created this website to help people like you find legit opportunities that you can trust because we only recommend the ones we would use.

But before we get started we’d like to start off by telling you the Local Boss is a legit training program, teaching a method that really does work.

In the next few minutes, you will know enough to decide whether the Local Boss is the right training for you or not.

One thing you need to know is that we are not associated with the Local Boss which means we are not getting paid for this Local Boss Review.

So, let’s get started.

[Affiliate Disclosure: Local Boss review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!

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Product: Local Boss

Founder: Adam Davies


Product Description: Lead generation agency training

Cost to join: Unknown until you have a one-on-one telephone call

Recommended: Yes, but you would require good communications skills and several thousand dollars.

Summary: The Local Boss is a training platform that teaches you how to start and grow a lead generation business.

This is not as difficult as you may be thinking so stay with us until the end of the review.

The initial website doesn’t tell you anything about what a lead generation agency is but we have reviewed many similar training courses in the past.

Here are some similar courses that you might like to check out…

Is Local Boss a scam - Wealthy Affiliate

Local Boss Review – Table of Contents

    1. What is the Local Boss About?
    2. Who is the Creator of the Local Boss Training Course?
    3. What do they Teach at Local Boss?
    4. Who is the Local Boss For?
    5. How much does it cost to join the Local Boss Training Course?
    6. what you get with the Local Boss
    7. Is Local Boss a Scam?
    8. The Local Boss PROS and CONS
    9. The Local Boss Review -Final Thoughts
    10. How we make Passive Income Online?
    11. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is the Local Boss About?

The Local Boss is a training course that teaches people who are looking for a business opportunity through lead generation.

Out of all the different make money opportunities, creating a lead generation agency.

Is one of the best business models and one of the easiest and quickest to execute.

The course was created by a well-known entrepreneur, Adam Davies in 2018 and has a restricted number of people they allow on to the course.

This adds credibility to Adam and his course.

Here’s a short promo video…

Who is the Creator of the Local Boss Training Course?

Adam Davies is the creator of Local Boss who came online looking for a way to replace a job that he had no interest in.

Many people turn to the internet for the very same reasons but most people end up failing.

If you have the determination to succeed in any business, providing you have the right attitude then anybody can achieve success online.

Finding the right path is a difficult thing but once you decide which route to take as Adam did then things fall into place pretty quickly.

Once Adam decided he knew what he wanted to do, he honed those skills and grew several businesses to 6/7 figures.

He then decided in 2018 to package this knowledge and teach others to do the same who were struggling.

What do they Teach at Local Boss?

As we have mentioned they teach you how to create a business finding leads for local businesses.

Now, what does that entail?

Bill Gates once said, “If you have a business and that business is not online then you won’t be in business long”

So, taking Bill’s advice is creating a website really going to get you noticed?

Well no, if you don’t know how to drive traffic to the website and that’s where lead generation comes in.

First and foremost…

    • Research the niche that interests you
    • Create a website around your chosen niche
    • Create content that will find leads
    • Find clients in that niche

It could be people who work as plumbers, electricians, taxis to the airport, joiners, flower shops, the list is endless.

If you are targeting the right keywords that people are keying into Google then those people will find your website.

The idea of the website is to attract the people looking for whatever it is and in turn grab the details of the lead.

Once you have people coming to your site then you can approach clients who are struggling with finding work and offer them a deal.

In essence, what you are doing is finding leads (potential work) for the customers who are struggling online and that’s about it.

Obviously, there is more involvement and will take a little time but this can be set up and running within just a few weeks.

Some are even finding clients within the first week and that isn’t out of the realm.

The websites that you create are going to be very small, easy and quick to create.

After all, this system here that Adam is promoting is a copy and paste method.

All you do then is repeat the process with another niche and website.

You can check out some of the success stories here and see them for yourself.

Click on the video below for a detailed look at what Local Boss has to offer…

Who is the Local Boss For?

This training is really for anyone looking for a massive shift in their lives who are tired of working the same boring job.

The basics behind this business model are fairly straightforward but you need to be able to communicate and negotiate contracts with clients.

The beauty about this business model is that it is very quick to get up and running and this can be done anywhere you like.

All that is required is an internet connection and a laptop.

You don’t need any previous experience so if you are worried about creating a website then don’t because nowadays it is a piece of cake.

You are purely finding leads for local businesses.

There’s no affiliate marketing, no Amazon, no Dropshipping and no product launches to worry about either.

Some of the clients that Adam mentions are doctors, dentists, beauty salons, car repairs just to name a few.

These people don’t have the time to find customers and in most cases rely on word of mouth.

Google alone has somewhere in the region of 5.2 billion people searching for everything and anything, all you have to do is find those people.

How much does it cost to join the Local Boss Training Course?

When it comes to the cost of the training course the website does not disclose this information.

You will have to watch the video presentation first then schedule a telephone call with Adam or one of his team.

This method is to find out whether you are the right person for this type of business but we are sure he will not be turning you away.

At the end of the day, this will be costing you several thousand dollars and you wouldn’t want to be wasting this money on a whim, right?

We have reviewed several similar training programs where this type of training can cost anywhere in the region of $5K.

If you followed the training to the tee then you could be redeeming those costs very quickly.

What you get with the Local Boss

There are seven modules that come with the Local Boss training course.

Module #1 – Start Here

A walkthrough of what you can expect with the training course and what you can hope to achieve.

Module #2 – The Foundation

A look at the Local Boss method and what makes it different to other similar courses.

A look at the local client as opposed to the national one.

Module #3 – Building Your Agency

    • Your agency website and what is involved
    • Contract and service agreements
    • Taking payments over the telephone
    • How to come up with the amount you should charge the client
    • Agency tools required
    • Managing the client expectations

Module #4 – Client Attraction

    • The real business
    • Manual list building
    • Rapid list building
    • Cleaning the list
    • Email campaigns
    • Sending cold emails with Woodpecker
    • The associate close
    • The cape close
    • The boss close
    • Prospecting calender
    • Case study examples
    • Interview, $500k per month in sales
    • Generate leads with voicemail drops
    • Landing clients with Facebook Ads

Module #5 – Facebook Lead Ad Funnel Training

    • Getting started
    • Lead tracker setup
    • Call tracking setup
    • Thank you page setup
    • Adding the Facebook Pixel
    • Facebook lead form setup
    • Zapier automation setup

Module #6 – Facebook Ads Training

    • Overview
    • Creating ad accounts
    • Setting up Facebook fan pages
    • Video ads
    • Researching Facebook offers
    • Local Ad set targeting
    • Facebook testing
    • How to read the numbers
    • Lifetime versus daily budget
    • Getting a 2nd business manager
    • Duplicating with the same page post ID
    • Increasing your Ad account limit
    • Facebook lead Ad setup
    • Conversion campaign setup
    • The Facebook Pixel
    • Facebook audiences
    • Facebook re-targeting
    • Scaling Facebook Ads part 1
    • Scaling Facebook Ads part 2
    • Increasing lead quality
    • Troubleshooting Facebook Ads
    • How to write the perfect Ad

Module #7 – Bonuses

    • Interview, how to make more sales
    • Interview, how to scale to 100 clients

What tends not to be explained thoroughly is the additional cost required to run a business like this.

These are monthly costs…

    • Email marketing – $20 – $30
    • Facebook Ads – $100 – $200
    • Lead generation software like Clickfunnels – $97
    • Tracking software – $20 -$30
    • Website hosting – $10 – $20

Approximately $300 – $350

Obviously, when you negotiate with your prospective client these additional costs you will factor into the contractual agreement. 

Is the Local Boss a Scam?

Local Boss is not a scam but a legit training course created by a respectable entrepreneur who is very well known within the lead generation niche.

As we have already mentioned earlier, this is probably one of the quickest ways to create an online business.

As he hides the costs from the website that tells us that you can expect to pay around $5,000.

This is a business model where you will have to be on top of things because you will now be working for clients.

Ask the question are you a good communicator and ready to put yourself out there because this is not for everyone.

You need to be certain because it is going to cost you several thousand dollars just for the course.

The Local Boss PROS and CONS

In this section, we have grouped together what we think are the important points to hopefully make your job in deciding a little easier.


  • Legit Business Model:

Building a lead generation agency is a legit business model and many are making lucrative lifestyles for themselves.

It’s all about niche selection and what people are looking for!

  • Great Potential:

We know many people who have invested in this type of business and have never looked back and we see many earning in their first week.

However, if this doesn’t happen for you don’t get dishearted because everybody is different and people progress at different levels.

The fact that it is a copy and paste system allows you to speed up the process.


  • Lack Of Information Upfront:

There is no mention of how much the course will cost and for many, this is going to be offputting.

But maybe he has done it this way to weed out the people who are looking for a get rich quick scheme which this definitely is not.

  • Taught Just The One Traffic Method:

Facebook advertising is the only method taught and can be costly.

For the campaigns to be seen you need to constantly be putting money into your marketing campaigns.

However, paid traffic is the quickest way to find traffic.

But over time the content you wrote on those websites will be found by people searching on Google.

That is called SEO or search engine optimization.

This means you’ll be able to ease back on marketing costs because SEO is a FREE method of marketing.

Once your content on the website is ranked on Google, then people will continuously see your website.

  • The Feedback Can Not Be Validified:

The feedback from past and present students that you can find is only shown on the Local Boss website.

This means that you can’t verify whether these reviews are legit or not.

What you find sometimes, is the course creator insisting that any feedback can only be shown on their website and for obvious reasons too.

  • Copy And Paste System:

According to the course creator, the system is a copy and paste system which we are not at all happy with.

This means that some of the knowledge that you would need to learn will be getting bypassed.

Wouldn’t you want to know how the entire process works from start to finish because we would?

The Local Boss Review – Final Thoughts!

OK, let’s round this one-off…

If you are serious about changing your life then this will take a lot of hard work because things will not come to you on their own.

You are going to have to invest in yourself which obviously is going to cost you money and one thing we aren’t up on is just how much this will cost.

We do know from some of the reviews that there doesn’t appear to be a fixed price and this can fluctuate from $3500 – $5000.

We think the way that Adam Davies goes about his business by selecting the right people for the course is commendable.

It also means that he doesn’t want you to end up wasting your money if you are not the right fit for the course.

This type of business will not take you long to get set up and running providing you research the local businesses and select the right niches.

With this type of business, the word will get around providing you are doing a great job for the client.

However, it can go the other way if you are not.

If you have some relevant experience then it is going to help tremendously.

If you are new to all this then it will take a little longer to grasp what is going on.

Obviously, the money side is going to put people off and therefore for those who don’t have that sort of money lying about.

We would like to share with you what we do for a living in the next section.

How we make Passive Income Online?

We have tried various ways to make money online and expected it to be easy and straightforward.

That’s because we listened to a lot of people out there who were more interested in themselves and how much they could make from you.

We are not like this and the information we relay to you is valid and legit.

Affiliate marketing is one of the better ways to make money online for many reasons but one of the main ones is it is extremely cost-effective to start.

There are no restrictions and you can promote and sell literally any product and service you like.

You don’t even have to communicate with anyone either.

You don’t even have to handle the customer orders.

All you have to do is similar to lead generation, find customers and connect those customers with the merchants.

For that, you are paid a commission and that’s pretty much it!

If it’s a passive income then there is no better business model.

Check it out and see what you think of the training platform.

It will not cost you a dime to look and there are no credit card details that you will have to pass on either.

  • Local Boss Review - Start your online business today free with Wealthy Affiliate

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Ok guys, thank you for being patient and staying until the end of this Local Boss review.

We hope you got some benefit from this review and if you have any questions just put them down in the section below and will get back to you.

All the best and stay safe.

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