The Amway MLM Review [Is it the DREAM or a complete NIGHTMARE?]

Welcome to the Amway MLM review.

A company that needs no introduction who have been around for over 60 years, and a household name for many. In fact, just look in your kitchen and you are sure to find an Amway product. No seriously…

Amway if you didn’t know is the most successful MLM out there leaving Avon and Herbalife behind in its wake by around 3 billion dollars in yearly revenue. Continue reading “The Amway MLM Review [Is it the DREAM or a complete NIGHTMARE?]”

Avon MLM Company [BEAUTY or the BEAST?… An Honest Review… Read this first!]

Avon MLM Review

Welcome to this Avon MLM Review.

Ding-dong, Avon calling…If you are old enough, like me, then you will remember the tv adds.

A business that everybody will have heard of or come across at some point in their lives. Maybe even used some of their products as they are not that bad either. Continue reading “Avon MLM Company [BEAUTY or the BEAST?… An Honest Review… Read this first!]”

Scentsy MLM Review [A Sweet smell of SUCCESS? READ THIS REVIEW FIRST!]

The Scentsy MLM review

Welcome to this Scentsy MLM review.

Fragrances are a part of our life and one thing is for sure, almost every household will have some form of scented device, whether its a scented candle or scented diffuser.

Yankee Candles, we are all familiar with but maybe not so much Scentsy.

All the same, Scentsy offer a vast range of products that I’m sure will accommodate whatever your desire, but are the products any good and is there a business opportunity worth getting involved with? Continue reading “Scentsy MLM Review [A Sweet smell of SUCCESS? READ THIS REVIEW FIRST!]”

Herbalife Nutrition MLM Review [LAWSUITS, FINES, FBI Investigation, Whatever next?]

Herbalife nutrition MLM reviewWelcome to this Herbalife Nutrition MLM Review.

I am sure you will have seen their marketing campaigns all over the place, even on the TV marketed by some very influential sports stars, like the Portuguese football player, Christiana Ronaldo.

A household name they might be for a few but very controversial for many.

Herbalife has come under the spotlight on more than a few occasions, with the FTC and more recently found themselves under investigation by the FBI, and with some hefty fines as well.

On many occasions, they have been called a pyramid scheme by some very influential people and even had a movie made about them. Famous or infamous, that is for you to decide.

I want to make it clear that I am in no way associated with Herbalife Nutrition and therefore not here to sell you their products or their business opportunity.

All the same, I am not here to deter you from purchasing their products or taking a punt with their business opportunity either.

However, I am here to give you a completely unbiased review of this company and to give you the facts so that you are in a better position than you were before you found this website.

Through all the lawsuits and investigations they still manage to stay on top and bring in yearly revenues close to $5 billion, and still, they are one of the most successful MLMs you can find.

So, without further ado, let’s see, what Herbalife Nutrition is about.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!]

Herbalife Nutrition - logo

Product: Herbalife Nutrition

Location: Los Angeles, US

Founder: Mark Hughes

Founded: 1980

Website: www.herbalife.com

Product description: A multi-level-marketing company that manufactures and sells dietary supplements, health milkshakes, skincare products along with a business opportunity.

Cost to join: $34.95 – $124.10

Price of products: $12.45 – $288.30

Best For: Experienced marketers.

Recommended: Not recommended for newbies looking for a way to make money online.

Internal Summary and Navigation

  1. What is Herbalife Nutrition about and who are the founders? 
  2. Is Herbalife Nutrition a Pyramid Scheme
  3. Let’s look at Herbalife Nutrition products range
  4. Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity – What you need to know
  5. What others say about Herbalife Nutrition
  6. What I like about Herbalife Nutrition
  7. What I don’t like about Herbalife Nutrition
  8. Is Herbalife Nutrition a scam?
  9. Is Herbalife Nutrition a Worthy Business to get involved with?
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What is Herbalife Nutrition about and who are the founders?

Herbalife is a multi-level-marketing business operating in the Health and Wellness industry, selling various nutritional products to help in weight management, fitness, health, and skincare.

Founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes at the age of 24 from the boot of his car, and building the business over the years into a multi-billion-dollar company.

A very well known saying that Mark Hughes was known for saying at his events… “FAKE IT UNTIL YOU MAKE IT” … VERY NICE!

Mark came from humble beginnings and lost his mother when he was 18 years of age to an accidental overdose of prescription diet pills and alcohol.

Tragically, Mark would suffer a similar fate many years later in 2000 when he was only 46 years of age, but we are jumping the gun here.

In just a couple of years, Herbalife went from nothing to a 2 million dollar business, then floating on the stock market in 1996, netting Mark a very nice $250 million payday.

The company whilst incorporated in the Cayman Islands have headquarters in Los Angeles.

They employ around 9,500 people throughout the world and the products can be found in over 90 countries, and with around 5 million distributors, and revenues approaching 5 billion a year, make them one of the more successful MLMs out there.

Over the years Herbalife has gone through a few rebranding exercises, maybe to hide behind embarrassing situations.

Check out this short promotional video.

Herbalife over the years has had the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) on their case and fined them heavily, ordering them to restructure their business.

Whether this will have an impact on the company or not remains to be seen.

They have, due to their popularity or notoriety, been the subject of a movie which you can view here if you have 90 minutes to spare.

If you don’t have 90 minutes to spare then maybe you’d like to check out this website dedicated to Herbalife which goes into greater depths.

Is Herbalife Nutrition a Pyramid Scheme?

Over the years there have been more thanIs Herbalife a pyramid scheme a few instances where Herbalife have found themselves in the dock with the authorities.

A class-action lawsuit was settled out of court in 2004 on behalf of 8,700 current and former distributors who accused the company of running a pyramid scheme. Even though Herbalife didn’t admit to these claims they still went ahead and paid out $6 million.

In 2016 the FTC charged Herbalife $200 million in favour of the distributors and consumers for the company’s compensation pay structure where it was found they rewarded distributors for recruiting others to join.

In fact, Herbalife sends its salespeople on world tours to recruit others and there is an emphasis on recruitment.

They even recruit at neighbourhood nutritional clubs. Blacked out windows to hide what is going on.

Around 60% are Latino, desperate to get themselves out of a hole but end up digging themselves in further.

However, if the FTC and FBI can’t punish Herbalife to the extent that they close them down, then I guess then they may not be a pyramid scheme after all.

What do you think?

Let’s look at Herbalife Nutrition products range

There are over 300 scientists employed at Herbalife Nutrition and with nearly 40 PhDs to ensure everything is above board.

Herbalife does have an extensive range of products with 112 showing at the last count.

Herbalife Nutrition most popular product range is the Core productsHerbalife Core products

Protein shakes appear to be the rage amongst the Herbalife products, with the Formula 1 healthy meal replacement shake coming out as the favourite.

With 21 essential vitamins and minerals, and comes in 12 flavours.

Mind you for a shake a little pricey don’t you think?

The Herbalife Nutrition product range can be found within the categories listed below…

    • Core Products
    • Healthy Weight
    • Specialized Nutrition
    • Energy and Fitness
    • Skin and Hair Care
    • Sampling Tools

For a closer look at the Herbalife products range with current prices…

To get a better feel of the products and what they are about, and the current prices, not to mention the business offer then you can find all this on the Herbalife website here.

Herbalife Nutrition Business Opportunity – What you need to know

Around 96% of Herbalife distributors earn less than the average wage.

With 89% of Herbalife members that don’t make a dime and the maths show some serious concerns.

According to my research, there are around 5.5 million distributors worldwide in over 90 countries.

That means there are 4,895,000 Herbalife distributors who don’t make any money selling their products as a distributor. So around 750,000 are making something and bear in mind that it is only the top 1% where the real money is made.

The products aren’t sold in shops, or that’s what they say, but they are sold on Amazon, the biggest retail outlet there is, so not only are you competing with other Herbalife distributors but Amazon as well. Is that fair? I would say not!

How to become a Herbalife Consultant

If you check out the Herbalife website the only way you can become a member is by finding a sponsor and joining under them.

The problem here is that you haven’t a clue who or what these sponsors are all about, in fact, you don’t even know if they are having any success at all.

More than likely they won’t be making much but they will tell you they are all the same just to get you to join.

There are a few ways you can go when joining Herbalife

  • Join as a preferred member for $34.95 if all you want to do is take advantage of the product discounts for yourself. These are currently at 25%.
  • You could convert to a Herbalife distributor by purchasing the conversion pack for $59.95 and taking some sort of training course.

Then you would have to purchase either…

  • The international business pack at $94.10 or the International Business Pack Super Starter at $124.10

OK, these costs are basically the minimum you should have to pay although I am reading that many prospective members have been convinced to purchase thousands to take them to a certain Herbalife status.

How to Make Money With Herbalife Nutrition

Like all MLM’s there are 3 main ways to make money and therefore nothing different with Herbalife.

  1. Purchase the products for yourself and get them at a 25% discount.
  2. Sell them to customers.
  3. Recruit others to join your team, train them and make commissions on their sales.

Of course, there are other ways, such as…

  1. You could host parties at home or venues.
  2. Social media, like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube.
  3. Catalogue, by sending via email and just wait for the sales to come in.
  4. Advertise in newspapers and magazines.

Limited by your imagination, but there is going to be a cost factor here and you will have to pay for it yourself.

Here you can check out the Herbalife Nutrition Compensation Plan for yourself

Are Herbalife Distributors actually making money?

Well, some are and some are very wealthy, but the amount is far and few.

90% of Herbalife distributors will have left by the time the first 12 months has passed.

Many of these will have left with mounting debts because to maintain a certain status you have to make a number of sales, and what I am finding here is that many distributors purchase said amounts themselves and stockpile them hoping to sell on. Absolutely ridiculous!

Of course, if you decide to call time on being a Herbalife distributor then providing the products haven’t been opened and they haven’t passed their sell-buy date then Herbalife will refund you, and they will pay for shipping.

To be honest there isn’t much in the way of income disclosure and for a company that is doing so well, I find it a little strange.

Herbalife - a typical month

What others say about Herbalife Nutrition

Might want to watch this 30-minute video explaining what MLMs are but more importantly what Herbalife is all about.

Quite entertaining but if you are still thinking of joining then I wouldn’t advise watching.

Herbalife reviews - #1

Herbalife reviews - #2

Herbalife reviews - #3

Herbalife reviews - #5

Herbalife reviews - #6

What I like about Herbalife Nutrition

  1. No set minimum number of products to purchase, although if you were looking to maintain your Herbalife status then you would have to buy more.
  1. They do have an extensive product range.
  1. Big discounts.
  1. Compensation plan pretty straightforward.
  1. A great returns policy if, in fact, it works.
  1. They support charities which is always a good thing.

What I don’t like about Herbalife Nutrition

  1. For a business that has been operating for 4 decades, I couldn’t find a reasonable income declaration, and the ones I did find might as well not have been written in the first place.
  1. Not recommended for any newbie looking for a way to earn money online.
  1. Support is a bit of a shambles unless you send your grievance to the Better Business Bureau.
  1. Expensive even with the discounts.
  1. You can now purchase the products through Amazon. This is extremely naughty as this means the Herbalife distributor is going to find it even more difficult to sell their products.
  1. Many complaints through the Better Business Bureau.
  1. Lawsuits and continuous investigations by the FTC and more recently the FBI.
  1. Wallstreet traders trying to shut them down by shorting the stocks.

Is Herbalife Nutrition a SCAM?

There are too many reasons why I would not purchase their products and not buy into the business opportunity.

Films and documentaries dedicated to Herbalife.

Lawsuits and FBI investigation.

Wallstreet traders trying to short the business and close them down. That’s a bet against the stock going down.

As with many MLMs, the products are expensive and can be purchased elsewhere for a fraction of the cost.

They are a hard sell and remember 90% of Herbalife distributors will have left by the time their 12 months is up.

However, they do have many products which apparently people are raving about and there is a business opportunity that you don’t have to take on.

So, as you can see plenty of reasons to not get involved but as much as I’d like to call Herbalife a scam I really can’t, but that is up to yourselves.

Is Herbalife Nutrition a Worthy Business to get involved with?

Before I started researching Herbalife Nutrition I didn’t really know much about the products or the business opportunity, but it really has opened my eyes.

I use vitamins myself but I purchase them from a reputable company who doesn’t charge the earth and they do have an affiliate program which doesn’t cost anything to join if you wanted a business opportunity.

I wasted around 3 years trying to make MLMs work and made no money at all. I am just glad I didn’t call it a day and stop trying and certainly glad I moved into affiliate marketing.

This brings me on to affiliate marketing and a few important facts.

    • A very simple business model that anyone can learn.
    • You don’t have to recruit people.
    • You don’t have to maintain a certain status.
    • You don’t have to purchase products.
    • You don’t have to host parties.
    • You don’t have to pay for marketing.
    • You don’t have to stick to a specific product
    • You don’t have to rely on others for support and training.
    • You don’t have to go to crummy events.

Plus there are many more additional advantages. These are just a few straight off my head!

It’s all about finding the right training and one that isn’t going to cost 1,000s and certainly one where you didn’t have to purchase upsell after upsell.

However, I did come across details about Wealthy Affiliate and to be honest I thought it was too good to be true and you know what they say about that!

Anyway, curiosity got the better of me and joined their “FREE” membership and been there ever since.

100% FREE and NO CREDIT CARD asked for! What have you got to lose?

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Anyway, I hope you found this Herbalife MLM review interesting and I managed to cover all the main points.

If I missed anything out then please tell me in the comments section below.

Anything else you would like to discuss, about Herbalife, or even the opportunity I myself mention then you can also add this in the comments section below.

Until next time, stay safe.

The Pampered Chef MLM Review – Does Warren Buffett actually make a difference?

The Pampered Chef MLM ReviewWelcome to the Pampered Chef MLM review.

An MLM business that has been around since 1980, that makes them probably the oldest company that we have reviewed, so they must be doing something right to have survived so long.

Well, that’s what Warren Buffett thought when his Berkshire Hathaway corporation took over the reins in 2002, so he couldn’t be wrong, could he?

Since then they have seen sales drop from $320 million in 2015 to $280 million in 2018 and with the UK interest closing in 2015 then it would appear that Warren Buffett must be losing his grip in his old age.

However, if cooking and party planning is your thing, then providing the products are top quality and the business plan looks great then maybe worth a punt, but I wouldn’t jack in your day job just yet.

Therefore, let’s cut the chit-chat and let’s see what Pampered Chef is all about, what they have to offer and whether it is worth you investing your time and effort in.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!]

Pampered Chef Logo

Product: Pampered Chef LLC

Location: Addison, Illinois, USA

Founder: Doris Christopher

Founded: 1980

Website: www.pamperedchef.com

Product description: A Multi-level-marketing business, promoting kitchen products, recipes, along with demonstration and food preparation techniques, as well as a business opportunity for anyone who is interested.

Cost to join: There are currently 3 start-up costs.                                                                                   Starter kit  – $99   / plus goods value $400+                                                                        Delux kit – $159 / plus goods value $700+                                                                  Ultimate kit – $259 / plus goods value $1100+

Price of products: $1.50 – $500

Best For: Experienced marketers who have an interest in cooking.

Recommended: I wouldn’t recommend this MLM to newbies looking to venture online and learn how to make money and run a successful business.

Internal Summary and Navigation

  1. What is Pampered Chef about and who are the founders? 
  2. Is Pampered Chef a Pyramid Scheme
  3. Let’s look at the Pampered Chef products range
  4. Pampered Chef Business Opportunity – What you need to know
  5. What others say about Pampered Chef
  6. What I like about Pampered Chef
  7. What I don’t like about Pampered Chef
  8. Is Pampered Chef a scam?
  9. Is Pampered Chef a Worthy Business to get involved with?
  10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Pampered Chef about and who are the founders?

Pampered Chef - Why

Pampered Chef is a party planning multi-level-marketing business, promoting and selling kitchenware from smaller utensil types that cost a few dollars all the way up to high-end products with a cost of around $500.

With parties and demonstrations the main focus, including the use of the products and sharing preparation techniques and recipes with customers along with a business opportunity.

A business that was started by Doris Christopher from her basement in Chicago back in 1980, with a loan of $3000.

At first selling to her family, friends and neighbours, and over the years the business as gone from strength to strength to a point where they were noticed by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway corporation in 2002.

Since then Doris as sort of taken a back seat, whilst still involved but now under the control of their current CEO, Andrew Treanor coming from his role as chief executive officer of Pampered Chef.

Check out this short promotional video.

Is Pampered Chef a Pyramid Scheme?

With any MLM type of business, there is always going to be controversy.

Always under the eye of the Federal Trade Commission because so many of these businesses do tend to hide behind a product or service of some description. I should know as I’ve been there!

All businesses operate in this fashion so nothing unique here.

With Pampered Chef they have an extensive range of products and many appear to be satisfied customers and the fact that they have been in business for 40 years should tell you that Pampered Chef is legit.

Let’s look at the Pampered Chef products range

The Pampered Chef products are pretty extensive, at last count, there were nearly 700 products to choose from on their website.

What I did notice is that their top of the range products are expensive and wouldn’t take long to find an alternative at a much more reasonable price.

Pampered Chef most popular product range

Pampered Chef - Favourites

I don’t know about you but I think these products which are Pampered Chef big sellers are somewhat on the pricey side.

I mean who pays $210.00 for a frying pan?

Obviously many have, as can be seen by the reviews so who am I to judge.

The Pampered Chef product range can be found within the categories listed below…

  • Cookware and Bakeware
  • Entertaining
  • Kitchen Tools
  • Pantry
  • Small Appliances
  • New
  • Favourites
  • Enrichables

For a closer look at the extensive Pampered Chef products range with current prices…

As there are so many products I won’t be reviewing any of them and therefore feel free to check out the full range yourself on their website by clicking here.

Pampered Chef Business Opportunity – What you need to know

We can see there is a business opportunity due to there being well over 40,000 consultants earning anything from a few dollars to well over $100,000 but don’t get too excited as there are only about 1% earning anywhere near that amount.

How to become a Pampered Chef Consultant

Pampered Chef - Starter Kits

There are 1 of 3 ways to become a Pampered Chef Consultant.

    1. Starter Kit – $99, which includes over $400 of products.
    2. Deluxe Kit – $159, which includes over $700 of products.
    3. Ultimate Kit – $259, which includes over $1,100 of products.

Not sure whether you will agree but I can’t see that value in goods in any of the images above!

What you will also get when you become a Pampered Chef consultant are business tools…

    • Marketing emails.
    • Landing page.
    • Newsletters.
    • Catalogues.
    • A personal website that you can customize.
    • Plus access to the back office where you will find training material and all your financial transactions.

How to Make Money With Pampered Chef

There are various way’s you can run your business and make money as an independent Pampered Chef Consultant.

Either by…

  • Selling to customers or even to yourself

This is your first port of call as you will be hoping to recruit others through your sales.

Purchasing the products yourself usually come with big discounts.

  • Hosting home or local venue parties

Hosted by yourself or a friend and they can be a home or venue locally to you and will probably include product and cooking demonstrations and therefore you will have to supply the food and drinks.

  • Virtual party

By using social media like Facebook which will enable you to broaden your audience.

  • Catalogue

Just send out the current Pampered Chef catalogue via email and wait for orders to come in.

  • Wedding Shower

Kitchenware is usually one of the top gifts that wedded couples receive so what better way than hosting a wedding shower for the bride.

  • Building a team and earning commissions from their sales

If you want to progress and potentially earn a lot of money then you have to recruit others to become part of your team.

You have to train your team so you’d better come with some good past experience else your team members aren’t going to stick around for too long.

These are just a few ideas to get you in the mood. At the end of the day, it is going to take time and dedication on your part.

Plus, when you want to shop yourself, there are some big discounts to be had, mind you, you’ll find that discounts in some cases may not even bring the price down to what it would cost you to buy a similar product elsewhere.

It’s no good coming into a business like this halfheartedly because you won’t be sticking around for too long.

An important thing to point out is that you are going to need to be outgoing and prepared to put yourself about.

Commission rate table and earning potential

According to this chart, they make it look like earning a living as a Pampered Chef consultant is a breeze.Pampered Chef - Earning potential

I know what is involved as an affiliate marketer and I can assure you, their working week of 8-15 hours is well off the mark.

According to what you can earn, between $1,400-$18,000 a month, which looks and sounds great but this is just not feasible.

You’ll need to…

    • Find customers.
    • Sell the products either online or through parties.
    • Recruit others.
    • Train your team.
    • Develop your website.
    • Work out and expand your marketing strategies.

Organizing a party alone is going to take several hours!

Here you can check out the Pampered Chef Compensation Plan for yourself

This compensation plan is pretty straightforward and therefore two ways to digest this information, either by selecting the pdf here or watching the short video below.

You might need to pause this video at certain stages as the person making it appears to be in some sort of race. Best I could find though! 

Are Pampered Chef Consultants actually making money?

It’s really hard to say due to the fact there is no income disclosure, which should open up all sorts of questions.

It is a known fact and I see it all the time that only the top 1-2 per cent are the real earners and even those aren’t all earning big money.

It is also a known fact that as many as 65% will not continue in an MLM business after their first year ends.

However, Pampered Chef has been going for 4 decades, but even that doesn’t tell or convince me that this is a viable business opportunity.

After all said and done, there is money to be made but you are going to have to work hard because it is not going to be given to you.

Hard work… dedication… patience… That’s what it will take, just like any business venture.

What others say about Pampered Chef

Whenever I am reviewing anything whether it’s a product or a business venture I always check out reviews and hopefully from a trusted source but even those can’t be believed 100%.

The first thing I noticed when I was on the Pampered Chef website when I selected the “Shop” option was the rating Pampered Chef - Review ratingssummary of the reviews.

Simple maths will give you a percentage that shows you what is going on.

I class 3 stars as mediocre so you would split the reviews here.

  • *            531
  • **         526
  • ***      260

That’s a total of  1317 against a total of 1047 for positive reviews.

That’s 56% of which are negative reviews, and that paints a different picture to the one I had when I first started reviewing Pampered Chef.

There is no quick and easy way of looking at these reviews other than selecting each product and searching for the bad comments.

If you check their Google My Business by typing “pampered chef Illinois” into Google without the quotes, I only see 10 reviews there.

Anyway, I have dug out a mix of positive and negative reviews from the Pampered Chef website.

These 6 reviews are all against the pampered chef 6 piece nonstick cookware set, priced at $450, apparently with a life-time guarantee.

Pampered Chef - Reviews #1

Pampered Chef - Reviews #2

Pampered Chef - Reviews #3

The same product of which is either a different batch/make, new and never been washed or people who just don’t use dishwashers.

Pampered Chef - Reviews #4

Pampered Chef - Reviews #5

Pampered Chef - Reviews #6

Anyway, I will leave this in your hands for you to come to your own conclusions, but how can the same product have such diverse reviews?

What I like about Pampered Chef

  1. Accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 1998.
  1. Extensive product range with something for everyone.
  1. Big discounts when you purchase the products yourself.
  1. Compensation plan pretty straightforward.

What I don’t like about Pampered Chef

  1. For a business that has been operating for 40 years, I find it strange that I couldn’t come across a viable income disclosure.
  1. Not recommended for newbies looking for a business venture.
  1. Delivery doesn’t appear to be able to keep up with demand.
  1. Customer support not very good until the complaint goes to BBB.
  1. Hosting parties takes a lot of time and money for very little reward.
  1. There are only so many local parties you can organize.
  1. Products are over-priced with the quality of many in question.

Is Pampered Chef a SCAM?

Pampered Chef is definitely not a scam as they have been around the block for some time now.

I am not happy with the lack of reviews on 3rd party sites, for a company that has been going for 40 years though.

All the same, many people seem to be happy with the products even if that is around 45% according to their website.

Mind you my research didn’t extend to Amazon where you can find plenty of reviews.

Is Pampered Chef a Worthy Business to get involved with?

Not only are you competing against other Pampered Chef consultants when getting your campaigns out there, but you are also competing against Amazon as well.

If you come from a network marketing business with plenty of experience and hopefully success then this one might be for you.

That said, I think I have given you more than enough information for you to make an educated decision one way or the other or to take away and research this business further.

Like all MLM type businesses, I am not a fan due to a few bad experiences.

However, I didn’t call it a day although I was close to doing until I started researching affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to really develop a business, with no parties to organize and no hidden costs.

There is absolutely no pressure to achieve certain targets and train others like there is in an MLM.

    1. Take your passion or a profitable niche.
    2. Create a website to showcase your niche.
    3. Find out what people are searching in Google that relates to your niche and create informational reviews and posts. Don’t sell because it doesn’t work.  You have to help people. MLMs are a hard sell and very restricted.

What you are not going to get away from is hard work.

Learn how to do all this at Wealthy Affiliate, which is a training platform dedicated to affiliate marketing and designed with the newbie in mind.

Don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself for FREE and remember I will be on the inside to help in any way I can.

100% FREE and NO CREDIT CARD asked for! What have you got to lose?

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

So, what did you think of the review?

Did I cover all the important facts about this popular company or were there some things missing?

Anyway I hope you did enjoy the Pampered Chef MLM Review

Anything you need to know about Pampered Chef or anything for that matter, I will be only too happy to help in any way I can.

Just put your question in the comments section and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Until next time, stay safe.

Traveling Vineyard Review – GREAT MLM or a complete waste of time?

Traveling Vineyard ReviewWelcome to this “Traveling Vineyard Review”.

Traveling Vineyard has gone through some drastic changes over the years but does that mean they are in a better place today?

We all love a glass of wine, don’t we? Especially with our meals! I know I do, so could this wine tasting party planner be something that we have been looking for?

A simple concept, create a party, get people drunk then get them to purchase every conceivable bottle. If only it was that simple! Continue reading “Traveling Vineyard Review – GREAT MLM or a complete waste of time?”

Thirty One Gifts MLM REVIEW: Is it a great business opportunity for Women?

Thirty One Gifts MLM Review

Welcome to this Thirty One Gifts MLM review.

So many multi-level marketing businesses fall short on expectations, not always because of the product but the business opportunity that comes with them.

At Thirty One Gifts, the products do look appealing and many are raving about them, although the business side for anyone interested tells a different story. Continue reading “Thirty One Gifts MLM REVIEW: Is it a great business opportunity for Women?”

Trivita Review [GREAT products and GREAT business? You Decide!]

Trivita reviews

In this Trivita review, you will discover all the important facts so that you can determine whether their products are as good as they say they are and whether they have a viable business opportunity worthy of further research.

The Health and Wellness industry is one of the biggest out there, all promoting products they say are the best, but as we know many products just don’t cut it and fall short of expectation. Continue reading “Trivita Review [GREAT products and GREAT business? You Decide!]”

TruVision Health is NOW Truvy [Re-Branding DISASTER or GENIUS…You decide!]

TruVision is now TruvyWelcome to this Truvy review, yes you read that right, TruVision Health is now Truvy!

Yes, you’ve probably guessed, there have been some big changes at Truvy which was formally called TruVision Health.

A re-branding exercise! Continue reading “TruVision Health is NOW Truvy [Re-Branding DISASTER or GENIUS…You decide!]”

Joy Organics CBD Oil REVIEWS – Too GOOD to be TRUE or are they REALLY that GOOD?

JOY ORGANICS CBD OIL ReviewsWelcome to this Joy Organics CBD Oil Reviews.

It is no secret that more and more people are turning to CBD oil products for pain and sleeping disorders, amongst many other conditions, and whilst many would have been prepared to go down the illegal route to purchase their products, that no longer has to be the case.

Due to the Farm Bill which was passed in 2018, which legalised the use of industrial hemp throughout all US States, this has given the CBD Oil Industry a massive boost. Continue reading “Joy Organics CBD Oil REVIEWS – Too GOOD to be TRUE or are they REALLY that GOOD?”