Joy Organics CBD Oil REVIEWS – Too GOOD to be TRUE or are they REALLY that GOOD?

JOY ORGANICS CBD OIL ReviewsWelcome to this Joy Organics CBD Oil Reviews.

It is no secret that more and more people are turning to CBD oil products for pain and sleeping disorders, amongst many other conditions, and whilst many would have been prepared to go down the illegal route to purchase their products, that no longer has to be the case.

Due to the Farm Bill which was passed in 2018, which legalised the use of industrial hemp throughout all US States, this has given the CBD Oil Industry a massive boost. Continue reading “Joy Organics CBD Oil REVIEWS – Too GOOD to be TRUE or are they REALLY that GOOD?” Review: Is it worth it for the Celebrity Experience? reviewWelcome to this review.

An e-learning experience like no other platform we have come across or reviewed on this site before.

The e-learning industry as come a long way over the last few years in terms of giving the student what they want, and with an enormous catalogue of courses to choose from makes the choosing sort of difficult.

MasterClass is one of the highest-profile e-learning platforms around at the moment.

This MasterClass experience is one that many will cherish, coming from the very best instructors by way of well-known celebrity A-Listers, but is it just all hype and a hook to get you to join?

How does MasterClass work?

Well, let’s see, shall we?

[Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!]

MasterClass - LogoProduct: MasterClass, formerly Yanka Industries Inc

Location:  San Francisco, California

Founders: David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen

Founded: 2014


Product description: An e-learning experience brought to you by people at the top of their craft across the celebrity world.

Price: Paid annually @ $180.00 the US or £170.00 coming from the UK

Recommended: Yes- Learn from the best in their field. Whether it’s films and Martin Scorcese through to Phil Ivy the best poker player in the world.

Synopsis:  You have to commit to a year but that entitles you access to everything that is available on the training platform.

Internal Summary and Navigation

  1. What is MasterClass?
  2. Who is MasterClass for?
  3. Let’s take a look inside The MasterClass Website.
  4. What others are saying about this MasterClass Experience.
  5. Why not join the MasterClass Affiliate Program.
  6. The MasterClass PROs and CONs.
  7. So is MasterClass worth it then?
  8. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe!

What is MasterClass?

MasterClass Instructors

MasterClass is an e-learning platform, founded in 2014 under the name Yanka Industries, Inc by David Rogier and Aaron Rasmussen and located in San Francisco, California.

In 2015 they dropped the current name of Yanka Industries, Inc and adopted their current name MasterClass for when their website was published.

Within just a few months of starting they had around 30K student sign-ups.

The number of courses available as of this review comes to a little over 80 and therefore you’ll find it very niche.

However, the quality of the courses at is one of the best I have seen when we compare to other e-learning platforms.

When MasterClass talk about their instructors as being at the very top in their profession, that’s exactly what you are getting and across multi-industry sectors too.

Let’s see what the CEO and co-founder David Rogier has to say in this short video.

Who is MasterClass For?

In my personal opinion MasterClass is not for everyone.

It’s not like taking a course at Udemy or eDX where you can come away with a specific skill and in most cases a certificate that is recognized in the business world.

No, not all.

What you are getting at MasterClass is an opportunity to sit and watch someone like Martin Scorcese give you an overview of what film making is all about.

In the case of Daniel Negreanu, one of the best poker players ever, giving you an insight into how to play the game the right way.

You are going to pick up some things that you could take away and apply, but eh, are you going to be able to play the game like him after, I would say not.

It could be that you would love to listen to the writer Dan Brown go through his process before writing a book because I know I would, then I think $180 for the years membership for listening to just this one class for me would be worth every penny.

If you are looking for inspiration then go ahead and give it a go.

It really boils down to what you are looking to get out of MasterClass.

Let’s take a look inside The MasterClass Website.

In this section, we will cover costs along with who the instructors really are with an introduction to give you an insight into what you get for your money.

What about the cost of the MasterClass membership.

MasterClass costs are very straight forward.

There is a single fee for a course which is $90 in the US or £85 coming from the UK, but I can’t see why anybody would use this payment method considering another payment amount would give you access to everything.

What you are paying for is what they call a MasterClass All-Access-Pass, which gives you full access to the entire catalogue available, and of course, any additional ones added.

This is an annual membership which will cost you $180 if you are in the US or £170 coming from the UK.

A little steep maybe if there is only the one course that you were interested in, but if your interests cover a variety of subjects then I think it is probably worth paying for.

Is there a MasterClass free trial available?

There was indeed a free trial available but that was removed in 2018.

So, if you come across a website offering a free trial then I would just click straight out because it no longer exists.

However, what you could do is take advantage of the 30-day money-back guarantee and if you didn’t like what you saw, then just cancel your subscription.

Another thing to watch out for, are MasterClass discounts. 

Especially MasterClass student discounts.

If you come across any websites offering promotional or discount codes for students then remember to click out because they too don’t exist either.

Mind you, MasterClass do offer special promotional offers throughout the year which in the past has being, a 2 for 1 offer, which means you could gift someone a years subscription which is sort of cool.

At this current moment, this or any offer for that matter is not available.

How to Join MasterClass.

That’s straight forward, you just fill in the onscreen form with your credit card details for the MasterClass all-access pass.

MasterClass signup

Just who are the MasterClass Instructors?

As of writing this review, these A-listers here, who are at the top of their careers are the current most popular instructors.

  • MasterClass Daniel Negreanu – Talks poker

Daniel Negreanu is probably one of the most successful poker players living today, with tournament earnings of around $32 million, and if he can devote over 7 hours of video discussions then you’d better be listening.

After this MasterClass class, you probably aren’t going to be able to play like him, all the same, you might learn something though.

38 video lessons – 7 hours and 40 minutes

  • Ron Finlay – Talks gardening

Ron Finlay, commonly known as the Gangsta Gardener.

For those into their gardening, then you have probably heard of him, better known for growing fruit trees and vegetables on a piece of wasteland between his house and the street, which was illegal at the time in Los Angeles.

Created a movement and managed to get the law changed but since then has become famous for other things. Unbeknown to me though, until now!

10 video lessons – 2 hours ad 7 minutes

  • MasterClass Kelly Wearstler – Talks Interior designing

Kelly Wearstler’s career took off in the ’90s redesigning posh hotel interiors with her over the top approach in places like The Beverly Hills.

From there she took her craft all over the world and now is an interior designer to the stars.

17 video lessons – 2 hours and 13 minutes

  • MasterClass Neil DeGrasse Tyson

Neil Degrasse Tyson, and no, he’s not Mike Tyson’s father but an Astrophysicist hailing from Harvard, and one of the most popular figures in modern-day science.

A little outspoken amongst the science community and they usually are when trying to convince people who only see things in black and white.

13 video lessons – 2 hours and 14 minutes

  • MasterClass Chris Voss

Chris Voss is a former FBI negotiator and businessman.

If you are looking for some negotiating skills may be to use in business or your everyday activities and not how to talk a terrorist into surrendering, then maybe he’s the one for you.

18 video lessons – 3 hours and 4 minutes

  • MasterClass Gordon Ramsay – Talks cooking

Gordon Ramsay, known more famously for swearing continuously rather than being a top chef.

Nowadays you just can’t get away from this fella. He’s all over your TV showing you how he takes bankrupt restaurants to successful businesses in just 3-4 days. Yes, I know, he amazes me too!

This apparently is his 2nd crack at MasterClass, obviously through popular demand or maybe he needs the money.

15 video lessons – 4 hours and 13 minutes

  • MasterClass Martin Scorsese – Talks about film making

Martin Scorsese, who hasn’t heard of him? With films like Goodfellas, The Aviator, The Departed, and The Wolf of Wall Street.

All great movies and a lovely person. I’m sure you film buffs would love to listen to him.

30 video lessons – 4 hours and 35 minutes

  • MasterClass Natalie Portman – Talks about acting

Natalie Portman began her acting career at the age of 12 and received her first Oscar by the time she’d turned 30.

Shows you how she adapts to new characters through her own personal techniques.

20 video lessons – 2 hours and 37 minutes

  • MasterClass Penn & Teller – Talks about magic

Penn & Teller are great technicians in the art of magic and who doesn’t love magic.

Starting in the ’70s and provide a comedy element to their magic act.

17 video lessons – 2 hours and 52 minutes

  • MasterClass RuPaul – Talks self-expression and authenticity

RuPaul, better known for being a drag artist.

Shows you that it doesn’t matter who you are and where you come from that the 2 important things are that you have to accept and love yourself if you want to get on in this world.

16 video lessons – 2 hours and 1 minute

Just a taste of what you are getting for your money and there are many more to choose from.

I think the MasterClass all-access-pass is very good value for your money and find it quite amazing that someone has managed to convince A-lister celebrities to give something back for a relatively small entrance fee.

Relatively cheap compared to many online e-learning platforms that are currently available.

What others are saying about this MasterClass Experience

It doesn’t matter if you have the best website or program available, you are always going to have a mix of good and bad. It comes with the territory!

Looking at the MasterClass reviews on TrustPilot, they get a great rating, mind you there’s a few that spoil things a little.

MasterClass reviews -TrustPilotA mix of some of the MasterClass reviews which you should find interesting.

MasterClass Review - #1

MasterClass Review - #2

MasterClass Review - #3

MasterClass review - #4

MasterClass review - #5

MasterClass review - #6

MasterClass review - #7

MasterClass review - #8

MasterClass review - #9

MasterClass review - #10

Why not join the MasterClass Affiliate Program

MasterClass operates its business under the affiliate marketing guise, where anyone can join their affiliate marketing program for free and make a little cash on the side to help on the financial side.

In order to do this, you need to become a member of ShareASale which are an affiliate marketing network.

MasterClass Affiliate Program

A very good commission rate also.

Promote on your website and could be a tidy earner.

Get 10 new members to join the MasterClass membership and your commission is…

10 new members * 43.16 = $431.16 (commission)

Not bad for doing very little!

4-Simple steps that you need to know.

  1. Join the MasterClass affiliate program on the ShareASale network – joining might take a day or two.
  1. Choose the courses you want to promote from the MasterClass training platform.
  1. Create your content to promote the Master Class online courses, and publish the content on your website, attaching any MasterClass affiliate program custom banners.
  1. Once someone clicks on your MasterClass affiliate link, then providing the person joins the course, you will be paid a commission.

If you are looking for guidance in this particular area or anything to do with affiliate marketing then I can wholeheartedly recommend Wealthy Affiliate, which is a training platform who specialize in this area.

Wealthy Affiliate Training
 100% FREE with NO UPSELLS and NO CREDIT CARD details asked for! 

The MasterClass PROs and CONs

Here we’ve come to this section where we get on our high-horse and slate this training platform, but nothing to bad-mouth here as what you see is what you get.


  • Celebrities at the top of their craft.
  • Production in bringing these courses to the public are top-notch.
  • Lengthy courses with some covering 7+ hours.
  • The course structure is professionally thought out.
  • Mobile app.


  • Customer service could be better.
  • May have a problem when cancelling your subscription.
  • A little expensive if there is just the one course you are interested in.

So is MasterClass worth it then?

Personally, for me, I am not a celeb chaser so I won’t be joining.

Saying that though, I did see a few courses that I would enjoy watching but that leaves the rest of maybe 79 courses that I would either not watch or force myself to watch as I’d paid for the MasterClass all-access-pass.

I can certainly see that there would be interest though.

I was a little taken back and quite surprised when I’d heard of MasterClass, and that it was run by Celebrities at the very top in their craft, and that each course didn’t come with a much higher price tag.

I have to praise the owners for making this training available for everybody and not just ones who can afford it, so yes for me MasterClass is worth it.

However, I think the owners of MasterClass have not thought this through and missed a trick here.

I can see people paying for the MasterClass all-access pass but what I can’t see them doing is extending their membership beyond a year.

There simply aren’t enough courses to justify this because it is not going to take you long to go through the entire Masterclass database.

There is only a certain amount of times that you are going to want to watch the same course, right?

If it’s wealth and security you are looking for, without all the trappings of finding a job first, having to get up early and travel to the job, struggle to work your way up the ladder, put up with all the crap, and only take holidays when they let you.

What about you calling the shots and creating your very own online business from your home.

You’ll learn everything you’ll need to know about affiliate marketing from creating a website, marketing, hosting, 100s of hours of training including weekly live training, security and backup, 24/7/365 support and an awesome community and much much more.

100% FREE and NO CREDIT CARD asked for! What have you got to lose?

Feedback, Follow, and Subscribe!

I’m sure you’ll agree a very different online training platform and maybe one that you had never heard of before.

Thinking of giving it a whirl or have been a member then tell us what you thought about it.

Have any questions at all just put them in the comments section below.

I reply to all my reader’s comments.

Until next time and stay safe.

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