Udemy – Digital Marketing Masterclass Review – 23 Marketing Courses Into 1!

The Digital Marketing Masterclass ReviewHey Guys, welcome to the Digital Marketing Masterclass Review

Udemy is probably the largest e-learning platform by far and it would seem that many exclude this site when searching out make money online opportunities.

Ok, you have to do a little research before you decide to go with a course because they all aren’t great quality.

However, the one we are reviewing today seems to have all the hallmarks of a decent course.

With that said let’s dive right in.

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Product: Digital Marketing Masterclass

Founder:  Phil Ebiner, Diego Davila

Website: Udemy.com

Product Description: Digital marketing course

Cost to join: $9.99 but normally $59.99

Recommended: Yes

Summary: Digital Marketing Masterclass is a course that is hosted on the Udemy platform.

It teaches you the various strategies of digital marketing that you can use to build a very lucrative online business.

The course we would say is for complete beginners and one of the better courses that we have seen.

If you are new to online marketing then this would be a good course to take to give you the background knowledge.

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Digital Marketing Masterclass – TOC

    1. What is the Digital Marketing Masterclass About?
    2. Who are the Founders of the Digital Marketing Masterclass?
    3. What do they teach at the Digital Marketing Masterclass?
    4. What do you get when you join Digital Marketing Masterclass?
    5. How much does it cost to join Digital Marketing Masterclass?
    6. Digital Marketing Masterclass FAQs
    7. Is Digital Marketing Masterclass a Scam?
    8. The Digital Marketing Masterclass Pros and Cons
    9. The Investors Underground Review -Final Thoughts
    10. How I make a Passive Income Online
    11. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is the Digital Marketing Masterclass About?

Digital Marketing Masterclass udemy stats

The Digital Marketing Masterclass course is brought to by Udemy which is a very popular e-learning platform.

That has well over 100,000 courses to choose from that cover every conceivable topic you could ever think of.

Digital Marketing Masterclass is a very popular course and just to give you some sort of idea of just how popular this course is.

There are as of this review 215,741 students that have taken the course and with a 4.5/5 rating based on a 91% excellent rating given.

So I think we can assume that the course is pretty good, right?

It’s a very good course for giving you all the basic knowledge about the various methods that you can use.

Certainly, a course that you should consider if you want to build an online presence.

Check out this short YouTube video by one of the course creators…

Who are the Founders of the Digital Marketing Masterclass?

This is down to 2 guys Phil Ebiner and Diego Davila The Digital Marketing Masterclass Review - Course creators

and let’s take a look at these two with Phil Ebinar first…

Phil Ebiner

Since Phil graduated with a BA in film and television production he has spent his days making and editing films for small and large companies.

He specializes in motion graphics, video editing, documentary work and creating courses and teaching others.

Through online education sites like Udemy, SkillShare and Video School of which he is the founder and has been offering courses since 2012.

Over the years Phil has created over 170 courses covering many topics most of them on Video School.

Whilst you can find all his courses on Video School once selected you are redirected to Udemy.

Phil has a very active YouTube channel with over 147k subscribers offering bags of free training amongst the 936 videos.

On Udemy alone he scores an excellent rating of 4.6/5 and taught over 2.3 million students.

Diego Davila

Diego is an online entrepreneur who specializes in social media and over the years has helped over 600,000 people and businesses.

He has a Udemy rating of 4.5/5 and taught over 600k students across 58 courses that can be found on Udemy.

This is not the first time that they have collaborated on projects like this and can be found hosting many courses together as well as with other like-minded people.

What do they teach at the Digital Marketing Masterclass?

This is a course that teaches you many methods that you can use in your online business and you only have to master 2 or 3 for you to have success.

For anybody new to internet marketing this is a very good course that will provide you with more than enough knowledge to get you started.

Everything you need to know to start an internet business is in this course.

Websites 101 where you are taught just how important a website is there’s even a crash course in creating your website.

No biggie there because creating a website nowadays is a piece of cake.

The course covers many social media strategies, with particular attention on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest to name a few.

You’ll even learn about creating videos and what part YouTube can play in your business.

You will be taught the difference between paid and free traffic and what’s involved. SEO vs Paid Traffic!

There is a term that you might have heard where people talk about “the money is in the list”.

Well, they are talking about email marketing which this course covers too.

By the time you have completed this course, you will have more than enough knowledge to move forward and create an online business.

At the very least you will know whether building an online business is for you or not.

What do you get when you join The Digital Marketing Masterclass?

You get over 34 hours of on-demand video within The Digital Marketing Masterclass course.

Which includes 18 articles and twenty-five downloadable resources.

You also get lifetime access to the training so that means you can go back to the course anytime like you would a refresher course.

There is also a certificate that you will receive when you complete the course but that won’t be classed as a recognised certificate.

The course content is spread across 29 sections and comes with 330 lectures.

There is also a test at the very end, although we believe there should be a test after every section.

    • Introduction to the course – 5 lectures / 13 mins
    • Define your business and target audience – 13 lectures / 47 mins
    • Brand identity – 7 lectures / 52 mins
    • Content marketing basics – 2 lectures / 15 mins
    • Websites 101 – 5 lectures / 51 mins
    • Email marketing – 10 lectures / 59 mins
    • Copywriting – 19 lectures / 1hr 57 mins
    • SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – 15 lectures /1hr 6 mins
    • Facebook Groups (Social media marketing) 10 lectures / 1hr 18 mins
    • Facebook Pages (SMM) – 15 lectures / 1hr 15 mins
    • Facebook Creator Studio (SMM) – 3 lectures / 19 mins
    • Facebook Ads (SMM) – 9 lectures / 59 mins
    • Facebook Retargeting (SMM) – 8 lectures / 52 mins
    • Facebook For Local Business (SMM) – 4 lectures / 36 mins
    • Google Ads – 12 lectures / 1hr 21 mins
    • Google Analytics – 7 lectures / 43 mins
    • Twitter (SMM) – 17 lectures / 1hr 38 mins
    • Instagram (SMM) – 22 lectures / 1hr 33 mins
    • Pinterest (SMM) – 16 lectures / 1hr 17 mins
    • LinkedIn (SMM) – 19 lectures / 1hr 32 mins
    • Social Media Live Streaming – 18 lectures / 1hr 52 mins
    • YouTube Marketing – 15 lectures / 1hr 26 mins
    • Video Marketing & Video Production – 24 lectures / 1hr 30 mins
    • Podcasting – 12 lectures / 1hr 21 mins
    • Quora – 2 lectures / 6 mins
    • How To Create A Website – 34 lectures / 3hr 1 min
    • Conclusion – 1 lecture / 2 min
    • Live Q&A – Replays – 4 lectures / 4hr 35 mins
    • Bonuses – 2 lectures / 2 min

How much does it cost to join the Digital Marketing Masterclass?

The beauty of Udemy is that every now and then they have marketing campaigns where they offer courses at ridiculously reduced rates.

Now I know how much they can reduce a course as I took a Reiki course which should have been $200 and I paid $10.

I know it is the time of Black Friday but these reductions can happen at any time.

Here we can see that Digital Marketing Masterclass should be $59.99 but as of this review, you get the course for $9.99.

However, it won’t stay at this price for very long.

Digital Marketing Masterclass FAQs

  1. Is The Digital Marketing Masterclass Worth The Money?

Absolutely, it is and even if you had to pay the full amount then even at that price you are getting a bargain.

  1. What About The Teachers?

I think we have already established that both Phil and Diego are top class teachers who bring a lot of knowledge and experience.

  1. Is There A Money Back Guarantee?

Yes, there is but that goes for all the courses on Udemy.

You have 30 days to decide whether the course is for you or not.

  1. Are There Any Other Recommendations You Could Make?

There are a lot of courses that offer similar skills and you might like to take a look at…

Is Digital Marketing Masterclass a Scam?

Absolutely not but a legit course and an extremely reduced price and like we said earlier even at $59.99 we still think there is a lot of value here.

I would not have a problem recommending this Digital Marketing Masterclass course to anyone.

Both the course creators have bags of knowledge and are very highly recommended by many in fact around 2.7 million.

Although this is a great course you are still going to have to apply yourself.

If you are looking for an easy ride then forget it because you are going to have to work extremely hard to have any success.

Is Digital Masterclass a scam - Take action today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Digital Marketing Masterclass Pros and Cons

We have plenty of good things to say about this course.


  • Udemy Is One Of The Best e-Learning Platforms:

As we mentioned earlier Udemy promotes over 100k courses and you can find over 10k free courses as well.

Very reasonably priced and always offering courses heavily discounted.

If you find a course that you enjoyed then you are sure to find additional courses by the same teachers.

  • The Cost Of The Course Is Very Reasonable: 

Even at the full price, we think you are getting great value for your money.

I always suggest to people to check Udemy first when they are seeking out a course.

  • Legit Course Creators:

Both course creators have a combined total of around 230 courses that can be found on Udemy.

  • Great Skill To Know:

The skills that you learn

  • Great Student Feedback:

The Digital Marketing Masterclass Student feedback


  • Success Is Not Going To Be A Walk In The Park:

To succeed as an internet marketer will take a lot of hard work on your part and whilst this course will give you the knowledge.

It takes a lot of hard work, discipline, consistency and above all patience and plenty of it.

The reason why so many fail is that they expect success to come too quickly and then they give in when success could be just around the corner.

The Digital Marketing Masterclass Review – Final Thoughts!

For starters, Udemy is a very well known and respectable e-learning platform.

With well over 100k courses as well as around 10k free courses that you can choose from.

The reason why there are so many courses on Udemy is that pretty much anybody can create a course and get it showcased there.

This means you are bound to find a lot of low-quality courses but there are more than enough stats provided to help in your decision making.

With the Digital Marketing Masterclass, you can see the course providers are more than capable, after all, teaching is what they specialize in.

The course has over 34 hours of video content and covers most of the social media platforms and how to use them effectively.

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Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Ok, Guys, we hope you enjoyed this review and that you got some benefit from it.

If you have anything to add then don’t be afraid to add your question down below and we will get back to you.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.

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