How to Build Your Own Website Free in Wealthy Affiliate

how to build your own website free

Have a Hobby or an Interest that you want to make money with?

Want to know how to build a website and get it out there in front of the billions of people searching on Google?

Every business no matter what it is should have a website to promote its brand, otherwise, you could be missing out on so many potential customers.

With so many people searching on Google which according to the website Internet Live Stats is well over 79,000 a second.

This potential traffic is just screaming out for you to take advantage of!

But before we get down to actually creating your website, you need to have something to base your website around.

Maybe a hobby of yours or some kind of interest that you have a passion for that we call a Niche. It doesn’t have to be but it helps!

My interests are fishing, golf, running, travelling, technology, DIY, eating out just to name a few and I could extend this list very easily, but pretty much anything you could think of could be a niche.

Having a passion only makes it so much more interesting and fun when doing research and building your website. It means that it wouldn’t become so much of a chore.

Choosing a Niche usually gets people in a bit of a dilemma, because whilst pretty much anything that anybody is searching for could potentially be a niche, it seems to be a stumbling block for many.

It was for me until I learned just how easy it was!

With the thousands of keyword searches per second which I mentioned above, they could all potentially be a niche, but there is a way of searching out a niche and one that could make you some money.

I wrote an article that describes just what a niche is and how to select a profitable one if you would like to read it here.

You could also check out what Kyle, my mentor has to say about Niches in the below training. A taster of the type of training available.

It all starts with a niche - what's my nicheNow we have that out of the way and you have chosen a profitable niche then we can think about building your website.

How to Build Your Own Website Free

Everybody likes free right, but people tend to be wary of anything associated with a freebie.

I know I do, what’s the catch?

Well, in this instance there isn’t one!

You might be thinking that because it is free that you will only have a limited amount of tools to accomplish the task, and that once this website is up and running that it won’t be a professional-looking website and you won’t be able to generate traffic to it?

How wrong could you be!

What if I told you that this training platform teaches you everything you would ever need to know about affiliate marketing and building a website with all the tools you would need to get the job done?

The 4 steps to becoming a success with an online business within Wealthy Affiliate

The 4 steps to building an online business

  1. What a niche is and choosing a profitable one.
  2. Create your own free WordPress website.
  3. Learn how to drive traffic to your website organically.
  4. Getting paid by way of commissions.

Building a Website is Easy, Straightforward and Fun

Within this article, I will lay out what is required to build Your Own Website Free in Wealthy Affiliate and show you the 4 simple steps you need to know to accomplish this task.

Apart from choosing a profitable niche, to have a successful online business you need to know the steps required to build a great looking professional website.

Once you have the foundation built and it is rock solid then you can work on what it takes to get traffic to your website.

But first, we are going to start building your website.

Time to Build Your Own Website

Many people freeze when they talk about building a website.

  • Surely this must be difficult?
  • I don’t come from a technical background and wouldn’t have a clue?
  • This is going to take me an age to get to grips with?
  • What do I do once the website is created?
  • How do I get my website to make me money?

These are just a few questions that come to mind, which can put a negative spin on things, and before we know it we have decided to call it a day and move onto something else.

Around 10 years ago the task of building your very own website was a task, to say the least.

You did need a technical background with programming skills in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Graphics etc or you could hire a professional website developer to do the job, which I can tell you then, was expensive.

Technology has moved on somewhat and those days are a thing of the past and there is nothing for you to worry about.

Anybody at all no matter what background you come from can build a professional-looking website that looks a million dollars and the best platform to do this, in my opinion, is with Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out the training video link below and see for yourself how easy it is to build your very own website here at Wealthy Affiliate.

It is very Important where you Build your Website?

Developing a successful online business is no easy task when you are building it from scratch with no help or support, but when you have the correct tools at your disposal it makes life so much easier.

There is so much more to just building a website here at Wealthy Affiliate with all the training and help there is within the community.

There are 2 memberships, the free and the premium membership and everyone usually joins as a free member.

This way you can take your time and get used to what the training platform has to offer, and see if it really is for you.

I can talk about Wealthy Affiliate until I go blue in the face but the best way for you or anyone to get know what is on offer is to signup for a free membership.

Once you have signed up and decided that this is just what you have been looking for, then and only if you are sure, then you can upgrade to a Premium membership, but we are jumping the gun a little here.

Site Rubix is the Management System where all this happens

Site Rubix's main application management tool

Site Manager – Allows you to access your website along with many other functionalities relating to your site

Site builder – This is where you would go to create your website,

Whether on a new domain, use an existing domain or use a Free domain which in your case would be the place to go. Remember you can create 2 websites on a Free domain, 50 if you upgraded to premium.

Site Domains – Where you would go to maintain your domains.

Either add a sub-domain or transfer your own domain to WA.

You could also point domains that were external to Wealthy Affiliate to WA servers and host your websites there, once again allowing for WA to handle all the backups and security.

Site Content – This is where all your articles or blogs that you create would be managed.

You can set yourself goals with your content writing which is extremely good for personal improvement.

Here at WA they are always adding new things to enhance the way you build and maintain your website, and recently new functions have been implemented as part of site content and one very important one is access to over 1,000,000 images, free to use for your content and free from any copyright infringements.

This alone could cost you $20+ a month depending on where you look.

Site Comments and Site Feedback – Is a facility amongst the Wealthy Affiliate community to engage and get feedback and comments. It’s great to get other people, real people to respond to your articles which can only help to improve your writing ability over time.

A very important aspect of Google uses comments and feedback as part of their algorithm to index and rank your posts.

Site Support – Last but not least support and here at you will find no better.

No need to be waiting 24-48+ hours to get a reply, this is pretty much instant and the results I have always been satisfied with.

Now it’s time to Build your Website in 4 Simple Steps

At this stage of the process, you have learned what a niche is and found one that can be profitable so I guess all there is to do now is take these 4 steps and start building your website.

At Wealthy Affiliate, it couldn’t be made any easier.

Step 1 – What kind of Website do you Want to Create?

Use a free domain, a domain of your own or create a new one

As a free member then you would create a free website as part of the domain. You are entitled to 2 free websites.

Enough for you to get a feel for whether Wealthy Affiliate would be a right fit for you or not!

If at a later date you decided to upgrade to premium then this figure jumps up to 25 free websites on a domain with a further 25 on domains that you could own for a total of 50, which to be honest is more than enough for anybody.

Step 2 – Choose a Name for your Website

Choose a domain name for your website

As your free website would become part of the domain, this is what we call a sub-domain.

The name of your website is going to be your brand and will be with you for a very long time and should relate to your chosen niche.

There is no rule that states your website name should relate to your niche but just think about it for a second. There is no point calling your website  “how to make money online” when your niche is about “Drones”?

My niche is in the “how to make money online” and I eventually came up with the name It took me a while because the ones that I wanted were taken, but I eventually had it down to several.

Some good advice would be to write down a dozen or so off the top of your head and see what happens.

As you probably would be joining as a free member then deciding on a name wouldn’t be so important for your free sites, it is only when/if you decided to upgrade as a premium member that more care has to be taken because you will be creating your own domain.

That’s what I did when I joined. I used the free membership to get a feel for what this training platform had to offer, and I didn’t take advantage of the 2 free websites.

I decided within 2 hours that this platform was right for me and therefore went the other route. The premium route and created my own domain.

Step 3 – Give your Website a Title.

Give your website a name

This will be what your visitors see when they click on your site.

This should relate to your website name and preferably the same if your website name is meaningful.

You could change this at a later date but not advised because visitors over time will know your site through the actual name.

Step 4 – Choose a WordPress Theme for your chosen niche.

Choose a WordPress theme from thousands

Currently, at Wealthy Affiliate, you have over 2800 different themes available, so try and choose a popular one and one that has quite a number of reviews, remember you can change your theme anytime you want.

WordPress is the most widely used open-source content management system (CMS) there is, with around 50,000 plugins at your disposal. Want to modify something on your website, then be rest assured there will be a plugin to do the job.

And that’s it all done.

Your Website is now Built and What Happens Next?

Wealthy Affiliate has been active for the last 12+ years seeing through over 2 million members, with helping over 217,000 start their first business online in 2017.

As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you feel part of something special and a training platform that you can really trust 100%. I know this is some claim but it took me quite some time researching the Internet before I stumbled across this company.

As you can see from the video, just how professional the training is, and whilst we are talking about the training, the platform is literally full of training and takes any newbie from knowing absolutely nothing about Affiliate Marketing to learning everything that you would ever need to know in order to be a success online.

All the training courses are set out in a way that makes learning enjoyable, with each course laid out in text format, along with a video, and tasks to take on and complete.

Get stuck on anything and you have an enormous community with all levels of knowledge ready and willing to help you in any way they can.

Not happy with your answers then get in touch with either Kyle or Carson, the 2 co-founders who are at your disposal, and that alone for me was a decision-maker when I decided to go with Wealthy Affiliate amongst many other things too.

The 2 major steps to becoming a success online you have just accomplished.

  1. Finding a profitable niche
  2. Creating your niche website

Time to Start Building Your Website with Great Content

Now all there is to do is create great content for your website and to do that you need to research just what people are searching for in Google, Bing, and Yahoo which is related to your niche.

With over 80,000 keyword searches in Google alone every single second, which is around 8 billion every single day.

Great keywords with little competition and for this, you need a great keyword research tool and guess what, Wealthy Affiliate has one which is now integrated and part of the training platform.

Before you start writing content for your articles you need to find low competition keywords and Jaaxy allows you to do this. I wrote a review about Jaaxy and you can read about it here.

Final thoughts

It goes without saying that finding the right training platform with all the training and tools you would ever require is paramount to your success, and every business should have a website otherwise you are missing out on so many potential customers.

What I have given you here is just a little taste of what is on offer, so don’t take my word for it give it a try and create your free membership today and see for yourself, that’s exactly what I did and now I am doing this fulltime from home.

Remember, when I say free I really mean free and no credit card will be asked for either.

If you are really serious about learning affiliate marketing from the grassroots up and building a successful online business that will be around for years to come, which will give you a passive income 24/7/365 then this could be just what you are looking for.

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate then you can read about it in a review I created, which goes into a lot more detail here.


Thanks for stopping by and reading my review and I hope this has been helpful as a part of your research in finding a suitable solution.

If you did find this article useful, please help to share this with your friends and family members by clicking on the social media buttons.

Any questions at all don’t hesitate to pop them down below and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Why not just drop by and tell me how your research has been coming along and what you are currently up to.

No matter what, I am here to help.



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Author: Mick

Hey Guys and Gals, great to meet you and hope you enjoyed this post. We created this site to help people like you avoid the pitfalls of making money online and hopefully steer you onto the right path. ENJOY!

6 thoughts on “How to Build Your Own Website Free in Wealthy Affiliate”

  1. Very informative article on affiliate marketing, and you make it sound so easy to implement the training that is provided, in fact, the way you explain it even newbies could undertake this with a little patience and some hard work.

    I clearly remember how important support was when I started, so do you think there is enough help for those who have very basic internet skills?

    1. Hey Geoff, thanks for stopping by.

      Support is essential especially when starting out with little or no knowledge at all. 

      With so much information available it is just so difficult to determine just what is right and what is wrong, and finding a training platform that you can trust and feel comfortable with is essential, but as you will have noticed this isn’t easy to do.

      As for do I think there is enough support for complete newbies? 

      Absolutely, as long as they reach out to the community and ask questions. I can understand being frightened to ask questions in a class full of people you know just in case you were laughed at, well everybody is in the same boat here but we are not sitting in front of a classroom full of people. Just remember, don’t try and think the question through too much because you won’t ask it. 

      All the best

  2. I have been doing a lot of research lately on ways to make money online. I don’t have any experience building a website, and to be honest, it really overwhelms me. What I like about your post is this community you talk about sounds really awesome. The thing that scares me is just how much effort it requires. You have a very well laid out review, but can someone like me with zero technical experience with websites really do this? I am very passionate about mountain biking and I would love to somehow put my hobby to good use and maybe even make some money blogging. You did address a LOT of my questions, but for me, I need a little hand-holding at times, just to make sure I am doing things right. Once I get up and running, I am fine. Anyway, I appreciate your thorough article and I look forward to hearing back from you.

    1. Hey Steve, A lot of openness there and thanks for being so honest.

      Only a few months ago I was that same person, trying to work it all out myself and listening to lots of people. Some with good advice and some bad and only by chance did I stumble on the training platform that I currently belong to. This has been by far the best decision I have made for a very long time, just wish I’d done it a few years ago.

      Starting anything new no matter what it is, takes time, dedication and can feel overwhelming at times especially when nothing appears to be happening. The case with starting an online business and it all depends on the niche and whether there is a big enough crowd of interest there!

      Many people (or should I say most people) here at Wealthy Affiliate have zilch experience when it comes to Affiliate Marketing, never mind building a website and researching keywords, and creating great content to get your word out to the masses searching for what you have to offer.

      Straight off the bat, I see you have a great niche “Mountain Biking”. There are tons of stuff relating to that subject that you could write about.

      Cycling, in general, is massive. Just look what has happened here in the UK over the last decade especially with the Tour De France which incidentally I can’t wait for next month.

      I myself have a carbon road bike but don’t get out that often after I was knocked off it by some idiot. Ok though, just a mental thing!

      Thanks for stopping by and opening up, its much appreciated.

  3. great post Mick, very informative article to understand how to setup affiliate website with wealthy affiliates. I am also thinking to launch website but i want to work with multiple affiliate platform, what’s your opinion over it if it is a good idea to work with multiple affiliates program at startup? Secondly could you help me to find out best cms design service, i want customise cms to work with multiple affiliate platform. Actually design is not an easy job. Because normally designers add such graphics which shows the complete story or theme of your website in a single image or logo, this thing looks interesting but believe me, its not so easy. You are thinking, why I have such kind of thinking. Its simplest answer is that, once i had started learning graphics designing, after starting it, i came to know that its not as easy as i was considering. Anyways, i have a plan to start an affiliate coupons website, for this purpose, i want to hire RevGlue as you can read here its a uk based registered company but i am little bit confused while using their services as its a new born company. Anyone, have experience with this company, if yes than please share with me.
    Looking for help, Thanks

    1. Hey Alex, thanks for taking time out and a lot going on here my friend.

      First and foremost, I come from a software development background, more on the business application and not website design. A few years ago I did attempt to create my own website without outside help and it was a nightmare.

      Since joining Wealthy Affiliate and with all the training you would ever need to become a success, this process has become a breeze. Website development and design is no big deal!

      Do not overcomplicate things when it comes to building your website. The simple approach is always best. Leave out the fancy graphics, not needed. Where all your work should be once you have decided on what your website is going to be about is keyword research and writing content, because this is what’s going to attract your readers. The ones searching in Google, Bing etc!

      Just think there are over 65,000 google searches every second, which is over 5.6 billion every single day and each one as the potential to become a niche!

      Everything you are asking is covered within Wealth Affiliate, which is free to join. Why not take a look and see for yourself, what have you got to lose. I would be there 100% to offer guidance.

      Obviously depends on your niche as to which affiliate programs you are going to use, which could mean that you are using multiple affiliate programs, but remember one niche one website!

      It looks like the route you want to go down is going to be very expensive, I should know working as a freelance developer.

      Thanks for the comments and hope this helps


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