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In 2022 there are quickly approaching 6 BILLION internet users online andGoogle search engine

of that figure, there are 5.58 BILLION users who use the GOOGLE SEARCH ENGINE on a daily basis, which means there are nearly 9 BILLION keywords keyed into GOOGLE every single day.

So what does that mean?

That is people who are searching for products, services and advice for literally anything you could possibly think of.

Those 9 BILLION keywords that people are keying into the google search engine, are where the money is so why wouldn’t anybody want to take advantage of what literally is an “Internet Shop”?

Just like AMAZON the biggest retailer on the planet except MUCH BIGGER!

So What is The Answer to Making Money Online? Well, None of The 3 That I Mention Below And Why is That? Because I Have Tried Them All And FAILED MISERABLY!

  1. Well, we all believe the grass is greener on the other side and when we first start looking for ways to make money online, we tend to believe what most things people tell us, especially when they are dangling wads of money and showing off their luxurious lifestyles, which are beyond most peoples reach anyway.

You might try a few of these systems, but find out very quickly that the $7 it cost you initially is only the start of something bigger and that this could end up costing hundreds and in many cases thousands!

I’m sure you get the picture!

  1. Is it Those Online Surveys?

Where you get paid for taking surveys or clicking on ads or even watching videos where they pay you cents on the dollar.

What about all the times where you don’t qualify for a survey or the number of times that you do, only to be disqualified after 10 or even 20 minutes when you think you have completed the damn thing and for no apparent reason at all.

Talk about frustrating the hell out of you, with spending hours only to make $1 or $2 an hour; well below the average hourly income rate and you thought the slave trade had been abolished!

  1. Is it Multi-Level Marketing? 

Where you end up purchasing over-priced products that you don’t really need and get constantly pestered by your sponsor trying to convince you to harass friends and family members into joining, only to find out that those friends are no longer your friends and those family members end up disowning you.

It’s a known fact that the very top 1 per cent is where all the money goes but still we believe that we can crack the code.

Now, if you have been on this make money online path for a while then you will know what I am talking about but if you are just starting out then this will be all new to you!

What is The Outcome of These Trial And Error Ventures?

Well for one you should have learned how to spot a SCAM and to be honest the internet is just teeming with them, and you very quickly learn how not to trust anybody and that’s the reality of it all.

Everybody who approaches you, you think is trying to scam you, pretty much what you are thinking now, right?

But you know what, I’m ok about that because I would be thinking the same!

So, Who am I And Why Would You Want to Listen to me And What do I Have to Offer?

Well, you shouldn’t listen to me, not until you get to know me, at the very least,  right?

So here we go…

I’m Mick and you can read about me here although I’ll give you the shortened version below…

I came from a successful career as a freelance software developer, (well you can’t label it as a success really, because there was no ladder to climb) where I was working around the world in some lovely locations, but this meant being away from home for long periods of time and away from home and family life.

There comes a time when a change is required and money isn’t the issue or it is but something has to give so I made the decision to try and make money online like you are doing now, but I wasn’t been very successful at it, in fact, I was terrible and it had got to the point where I realized this might not have been one of my best decisions after all.

You see, as I mentioned above, I’d tried the surveys, the “done for you” systems that promised big returns for just pressing a button, and the multi-level-marketing model and all to no avail and to the point that I was just about to give up trying.

That was until I came across Affiliate Marketing and very quickly realized that this could be what I was looking for. I didn’t know at the time, it just sort of resonated with me. 

Anything new is difficult because you never know just how long it will take to learn and see success, which comes into question how long you should stick at it before calling it a day.

Many start with good intentions but never hang around long enough because of all sorts of negative thoughts that get in the way and I wasn’t exempt from those thoughts either.

But I did battle through, went through the training, listened and put into practice what I was taught with no help from my sponsor, but that really didn’t matter because of the vast community that was at my disposal and eventually got where I wanted to be.

I mentioned my sponsor wasn’t there for me, well that is something that would not happen if you were to get on board with me. I would be there every step of the way and I can assure you of this! 

But, Why Affiliate Marketing I Can Hear You saying?

Simply because it is the most cost-effective way to make money online.

Now, no matter what it is you are thinking of doing business-wise, it is always going to cost you money especially if you are opening a shop.

Just think of the costs involved; premises, utilities, stock, manufacturing costs, transportation, marketing, staff, your own time plus more.

The list goes on, and that’s before you even sell a single thing. This would probably go into the thousands!

With an affiliate marketing business, those costs are diminished to the point that they hardly exist.

Just look at what I use on a day to day basis and the costs involved here which I believe is currently $1.24 a day and if that isn’t cost-effective then I don’t know what is.

Even when I talk to some people they say this is expensive (and I have to laugh) and I guess it is when you multiply it by 10 years, but even over a 10 year period that is only $4,526 and take it from me, there are many “so-called” affiliate marketing training platforms out there charging 10 times that figure.

But, when I just take the actual training costs into consideration this costs $0.82/day which is $299/year.

But we are jumping the gun here, so let’s continue.

So Why is Affiliate Marketing so Cost-Effective?

Well, there are…

    • No overheads and because you are working from home then those costs are already there anyway.
    • No manufacturing costs because you don’t own a product
    • No stocks
    • No order processing
    • No delivery
    • No processing of refunds and product returns

The beauty of running an affiliate marketing business is that you can run it absolutely anywhere you like because all that is required is an internet connection and a laptop.

That also means that you can work whenever you like which gives you the freedom to do all the things you dreamed about whilst in that 9-5 job.

It also means that “stress levels” which can be a killer are eliminated, which means you can enjoy life with family and friends. Our “Time” and “Life” are precious and we never seem to bring this into question until it is too late!

In a full-time job that just would not be possible or it would be a struggle and our lives would have to fit in with our job.

But, What is Affiliate Marketing, For Anybody Who Doesn’t Know?

Affiliate marketing or the affiliate marketer which is what you would strive to become is a business strategy where the affiliate marketer becomes the middle-person and it is their job to connect people who are “searching in Google” for products and services. It’s as simple as that, it really is! 

How affiliate marketing works

But How do we do That I Can Hear You Asking?

Take an interest or hobby of yours and something that you are passionate about.

We might have an interest in something like “Drones” and if you take a look on Google you will see that there are literally thousands of keywords keyed into the Google search engine on a monthly basis.

How many people search for drones monthly

Plus additional things like…

    • “Best drone for a beginner”
    • “Best drone under $100”
    • “Drones with cameras”
    • “Best drone for 2021”

All we have to do is create a “Website” and before you say “I can’t do that”.

Nowadays creating a website is easy and can be created within a couple of minutes so set that aside for the time being.

Then you would write content, essentially blog posts about the information that people are looking for that relate to “Drones” and it can be anything.

Don’t worry about where you get this information from because you are on the internet and this is the place to find anything, RIGHT?

WRITING, I can hear you saying shock horror but I can’t write…Guess what I couldn’t either but you know what, we all have to start somewhere and besides, you might even get really good at it but how good you are isn’t an issue. The more you do something the better you become and that is true about anything!

The main goal is to get your posts seen on Google and once they can be seen then there is a very good chance that the person will click on your website and be blown away with the interesting information that you have provided.

Within that post, you may be recommending products and services that relate to drones and once the person reading your post clicks on your affiliate link they are re-directed to the site where the product or service is.

This could be Amazon, Walmart, Target etc…There are literally thousands of places that provide “Drones”.

REMEMBER, we are only using “DRONES” as an example!

These sites offer what we call an “Affiliate Program” which is FREE to join, and provide you with a unique “Affiliate Link” that you would add to your reviews and posts.

Once the person clicks on that “Affiliate Link” your job is effectively done because the “Merchant” takes over and creates the order and ships the product to the customer and for that, you will earn a commission.

Commission rates vary from merchant to merchant but a quick way to find the affiliate programs would be to type in the Google Search Engine…

drones + affiliate programs

Bearing in mind we are using “DRONES” as an example but there are millions of products that we could promote with commission rates varying from 1% to 85%.

It is all about choosing the right niche where there is profit to be made. DRONES is definitely a great niche but there are thousands of GREAT NICHES out there!

You see, take this website, for instance, that you are currently on, the niche I am in is the MMO or “Make Money Online” niche and I provide help to people like you who are looking for ways to make money online.

Within these posts and reviews, you can find affiliate links of which if you clicked on and made a purchase then I would make a commission, which would not affect what you paid.

Every day you click on websites looking for advice that belongs to affiliate marketers which you are probably not aware of, and when you make a purchase that affiliate marketer will receive a commission.

In a nutshell, that’s it!

Create your FREE Starter Account Today!

That’s Pretty Much How Affiliate Marketing Works, so Let’s Break it Down And Find Out What is Really Involved and Where You Can Learn All This From? 

Affiliate marketing is a business model that is very easy to understand and learn because there are only 4 steps to it!

How can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate - 3 simple steps

Step 1 – Choose an Interest!

Decide what your business is going to be about and this can literally be about anything, to give you some sort of idea, take people who are keying into the Google Search Engine on a daily basis.

Remember those 9 BILLION keywords that we mentioned right at the beginning of this post?

They could be typing, how to play the guitar, how to plumb in a toilet, how to wire a plug, how to make money online, the best Smart TVs under $1000, the best breed of dog to buy etc…The list just goes on and on!

Essentially those 9 BILLION keywords that people are keying into Google could be a niche!

So, as you can see you are spoilt for choice!

I think you get the picture, but even if you don’t have an idea at this very moment Wealthy Affiliate would teach you how to go about finding the right niche and besides you’d have me to help as well as around 800,000 active community members. So you are definitely not on your own here!

Step 2 – Build Your Website!

Now, before we go any further let me tell you that creating a website nowadays is not difficult, but I get it, you are probably thinking, “But you come from a software development background, don’t you?”

Yes, I do, but not as a website developer and besides those skills might have helped me a number of years back when it took forever to create the simplest of tasks but not today, and I can vouch that I have never had to use any techie skills. Ok, if I wanted to do something a little different, I keep everything simple.

Within Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a beautiful website in a BREEZE and you can have your website up and running within a couple of minutes. It’s that simple, it really is!

Step 3 – Get People to Your Website!

There are 2 ways to get people to your website, the expensive way or the FREE way and it’s the FREE way that you are taught at Wealthy Affiliate.

We mentioned earlier that the internet is like Amazon but much bigger which is hard to imagine with Amazon having over 500 million products that you could promote.

That information is readily available on Google and all you have to do is work out how to get your website on page 1/2 of Google, take it from me it isn’t difficult.

Once you start attracting people to your site over time those few hundred will turn into thousands of daily visitors.

In months and years to come, those numbers will increase dramatically and without you having to do very much at all and all this traffic is FREE, which means your website will be generating an income 24/7.

For a little light reading, you might like to take a look at these individual stories of members who are still active members within Wealthy Affiliate. It might take you about 10 minutes to read but here it is anyway.

So how do we get people to our website?

We mentioned earlier about writing great content for the people looking for advice in Google, well if you can write an email, and we all do this, then you will be able to write content on your website, and even if you think it might not be adequate don’t worry about that because you will get better. I should know!

As I mentioned earlier we all have to start somewhere and the idea of writing for me was a concern but I actually enjoy writing now and I know I have got better at it.

You see the proof that it actually works is the fact that you are on this very website of mine now.

This is nothing to worry about but if that does unnerve you somewhat then Wealthy Affiliate is there to help and ensure this doesn’t become a stumbling block.

Step 4 – Earning Revenue From Products You Don’t Own!

We have briefly gone over what this entails but to reiterate…

No products of our own and no stock to purchase, it doesn’t get better than that, right?

There are literally thousands of companies like Amazon and Walmart that provide a way to allow people like you and me to make money and that’s through joining their affiliate programs.

Amazon, make a rake of money, just look at Jeff Bezos the richest man on the planet who will only get richer through the likes of me and you.

All we do is send people to Amazon and if they purchase a product or service we are rewarded by way of a commission.

It’s a win-win situation for both Amazon and the affiliate marketer.

At Wealthy Affiliate, they teach you all you would ever want to know and provide you with companies that would want to work with you.

Wealthy Affiliate Free membership

Those are the 4 basic steps that are involved

I’m not going to sugar-coat it and yes these are the 4 steps to making money online we have given you an overview of what’s involved but as always there is more to it than meets the eye.

What I will tell you is this is not a “push-button-system” to instant wealth or “a-get-rich-quick-scheme”, you will have to work and if this is not you then this is definitely not for you.

This is a real business opportunity that teaches people with absolutely no knowledge at all of Affiliate Marketing to become successful online marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate provides all the tools and training that you would ever need and the support from the biggest network community you will find online.

Only you can fail!

Is This Business Really For Me?

There is only one person who can answer that question but one thing is for sure and that is you will not have a debt to recover like you would on completion of a degree.

With a degree, it’s not very often that you can apply that degree to a job because often they don’t relate, with the training at Wealthy Affiliate it’s like you are learning on the job and you are applying what you learn to the real world.

It’s often difficult when you have a family to support with kids to look after, just how will you fit the training into your schedule, but I know someone who did just that and within 2 years she had earned over $100,000, now you ain’t going to get that within 2 years of starting your career in a full-time job.

This is not unique to a certain bunch of people as you can see here. All these people have two things in common, they applied what they learnt and believed in what they were doing!

Like I say with everybody, if you want to succeed at something then there is no point going into it halfheartedly because it more than likely will not work.

Wealthy Affiliate can help you change your life dramatically on so many levels and you will have me right by your side to help in any way I can, along with a community that you will struggle to find anywhere.

It isn’t going to cost you anything to look at, so what are you waiting for?

Create your FREE Starter Account Today!

Ok, I’m sure you have some questions, like…

How Much Does This Cost?

As of recently, there are 3 memberships at Wealthy Affiliate but we are only interested in the free starter membership and the premium membership.

In your case, it’s the FREE starter membership that you are interested in as this is the membership that everybody starts with.

This membership allows you to check out the training platform and see if this is the right fit for you, one thing you don’t have to worry about that is nobody is going to ask for your credit card details, and you won’t be pestered with spammy emails either.

If you take advantage of the first 7 days you can pay for a month’s premium membership for $19 which gives you more than enough time to evaluate the entire system.

It took me less than 2 hours to decide that this was the place for me and that is after researching many training courses beforehand.

If you are serious about building an online presence and decide to progress with the training then you can upgrade to premium which is currently $49 per month, but if this isn’t the right time then you can stay as a free member for as long as you want. The only problem here is that you will have restricted access.

If you are serious about learning and building an online business, then you would upgrade to the premium membership because that will give you access to everything you could possibly need.

I wrote a review about the Wealthy Affiliate memberships costs which goes into more detail and discusses bonuses for paying upfront for the year along with the massive savings that you can benefit from on Black Friday.

For more information, you can click here.

What About Help And Support?

Help and support are probably one of the most important aspects of not just training platforms but anything.

How many times do you make a decision to purchase something based on customer support, I know I do all the time.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are so many ways to get help it just amazes me and with a community that has experience on so many levels you can get an answer to a question in the time it takes you to make yourself a brew.

Any problems that relate to your website and the support desk are onto it almost straight away. No waiting days for someone to get back to you.

This review goes into more details about what and how you can get help at Wealthy Affiliate.

How Long Will it Take to Become Successful?

Something we are always asked is how long will it take to become successful and it’s a question that is really impossible to answer because there are so many parameters to take into consideration.

It really depends on the individual and how much you really want it, because we all work at a different pace, but one thing you will not have is a boss hanging around giving you grief!

Some people will adapt quicker than others but it isn’t a race and it takes however long it takes.

Now, reading the previous statement you are probably thinking well surely if it doesn’t happen within let’s say 6 months then it is never going to happen?

Big mistake and I see this all the time that members give in when success could just be around the corner.

It happened to me because we all have doubts but the people who succeed are the ones who will not give up.

If you apply what you have learnt then there is no reason why you wouldn’t succeed.

What I will tell you though is it takes hard work, dedication, consistency and above all plenty of patience, but once you start seeing results providing you are applying the training, results will keep coming in leaps and bounds.

This isn’t for everybody though, but you can carry on earning pennies doing surveys, wasting money on those automatic done for systems, join an MLM where all you do is lose money or you can learn something rewarding that can have a massive impact on your life. The choice is yours! 

Anyway, if you decide to join I hope to meet you on the inside but if not then good luck in whatever venture you decide to undertake.

If there are any questions at all, then please add them below in the comments section and we will get back to you.

Hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Until next time, stay safe!

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  1. I certainly can relate to the 3 methods you shared for making money online at the beginning of your post! I also tried all 3 and failed miserably. MLM never worked for me, and hated the idea of selling to friends and family. I’m also guilty of the shiny object syndrome, and DFY products that never work. I agree, affiliate marketing is the best way to make money online with ridiculously low costs.

    As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate myself, I can vouch for the excellent training and tools you get, plus of course, the community. I don’t think anyone would find any problems building a website, and just like you, I love writing and creating content:)

    1. Thanks, Kathy for your input and glad to hear that you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate yourself and it sounds like you are enjoying your time there.

      Once again thank you for your support

  2. This was very interesting and informative and to think you can try this product for free. I think because we are in such a “click on a button” age, where everything happens so quick, you see something, order it online and get delivered overnight. We aren’t use to wait and work for things anymore. So these 4 basic steps you mentioned looks easy enough but you did mention that this will not be a quick thing, there will be some effort involved. I like to always check out the support and help section because things tend to go wrong sometimes and then it is good to know that the support team is reliable and can assist me.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and taking time out to read this review.

      When you see something broken down into 4 steps like affiliate marketing, it does look simple but often this is never is the case.

      That’s why finding the right training is so important if you want to succeed.

      Once again thank you for your support which is very much appreciated.

  3. Hi Mick,

    It’s so true many online scams only aim to steal your hard-earned cash from your thin wallets instead of helping you succeed online. That’s why it’s getting important to do your due diligence to check what others said about the products before purchasing.

    There are many ways to make money online. For example, dropshipping, drop services, freelancing, and affiliate marketing. Just like you, I also pick up affiliate marketing as the main method to make money online. It’s affordable, no prior skills needed, and work anytime & anywhere you want if you get an internet connection. These provide me the flexibility and freedom, so I think we are on the same boat.

    Your recommendation seems a good start for newbies, and the keyword research tool also looks nice. I’ll take some time looking into them. Thanks a lot for sharing.


    1. In this day and age with businesses closing the internet seems the ideal place to look for other ways to make a living.

      Nothing is easy no matter what it is but you have to want it otherwise there is no point.

      This review shows you that it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune to start something new, especially affiliate marketing because the costs are probably as low as you will ever find them to start a new business.

      Granted, it will take time but then again so does any business but at least with an affiliate marketing business, this can be done in the comfort of your home.

      Thank you for your comment

  4. Hey,

    This is an interesting and inspirational article and I am really glad I came across it. Making money online is definitely appealing to me, and it is something I want to do to replace my job. I have had a good career in the engineering and rail industry. But, I am honestly done with it. Everybody is miserable and I can tell that they too hate their jobs.

    Affiliate marketing is something that sounds like a really great way to make money online by promoting other people’s products. If I do take this on then I will let you know and if I need any help then I will get in touch, if that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Times are hard and more and more people are turning to other ways to make an impact in their lives other than a full-time job, especially since this pandemic, people are reevaluating their lives and where they want to be and the internet is the ideal place to start.

      Affiliate marketing is just one way, and for me probably the most cost-effective solution.

      Thanks, Tom, for reading and making a comment. It’s much appreciated!

  5. Hey Mick,

    I thoroughly enjoyed going through this.

    A very clear and concise breakdown.

    I’m already aware that you’re not a great fan of MLMs.

    But, I guess you’ve “been there, seen it, done it, got the t-shirt, and got burned too”.

    I’m glad that you had so many great things to say about affiliate marketing, as it is probably my favourite method of online marketing too.

    Some of the most obvious benefits is that you’re not having to personally deal with customers, stock, purchases, or even refunds.

    It kinda frees your time up to get on with the important stuff.

    I do agree that blogging and affiliate marketing work really well together.

    In fact, I’d call it a match made in heaven.

    I now that will probably frighten many people off, but as you yourself have mentioned, you had no specific writing skills to start off with.

    This certainly isn’t the case any more.

    I love to pop back to your website regularly and see what’s going on and what you’re discussing, and I for one will say that I’m always thoroughly engrossed it what your writing.

    It’s great that you’ve really put an emphasis on hard work here too.

    I know that many people are looking for an easy ride, or that quick push-button system, but we both know that this simply doesn’t exist.

    In fact, I willing to bet that there are those who jump from one thing to the next, spending money they probably haven’t got, and then label everything a scam.

    And this is purely because everything they came across seemed like too much hard work.

    Affiliate marketing definitely works.

    If you have system to follow and someone to support you along the way, well that’s even better.

    But above all, you have to realise that you’re creating a business, and that takes time.

    If you manage to stick with it, through thick and thin, good things will eventually happen.

    A great read as always Mick.


    1. Thank you Partha for those kind words and always nice to hear from you.

      As I mentioned in this review Affiliate Marketing has to be the most cost-effective way to run a business but it takes a lot of hard work but no more than a Retail shop or cafe.

      At least with affiliate marketing, you can do it at home or anywhere for that matter. Just think, once you get the business paying then all you need to do is jump on a plane and see the world and take the laptop with you. What better way to run your life!

      Unfortunately, not many people are prepared to go out of their way to work hard and build an online business because most are still looking for pennies on the pound.

      Once again thank you for your comment.

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