Commission Jumpstart Review – A tried and tested method but with a twist!

Welcome to this Ross Minchev Commission Jumpstart review.

Recently there has been a lot of talk about Ross Minchev and his Commission Jumpstart so we thought we’d take a look.

Before we get started we’d like to mention that we are not associated with Ross Minchev in any way.

Therefore we won’t be pitching or trying to sell you anything.

We can’t stress enough how important research is and the only way to avoid scams and find legit opportunities.

What we will provide you with is an in-depth look at both Ross Minchev and the Commission Jumpstart.

To see if it can hold up to the claims that are being made and whether this is a product you should spend your money on or not.

In the next few minutes, you will know whether Commission Jumpstart is a scam or not so let’s get started.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This Commission Jumpstart Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

Ross Minchev commission jumpstartProduct: Commission Jumpstart

Founder: Ross Minchev

Product Description: Affiliate marketing

Price of product: $297 $397

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: Affiliate marketing products like Commission Jumpstart are ten a penny with upsell after upsell.

You have to be very careful and do your research to avoid falling for the vast number of scams that are out there.

With a price tag of $397, which has increased from $297 we feel for the amount of training that you get is well worth it.

Other costs have to be taken into consideration such as paid advertising and something a complete beginner will not be prepared for.

Unfortunately, this method that Ross teaches can only be executed using paid advertising and a massive learning curve.

An Alternative Solution: Costs are always an issue when you are first starting on this journey and that’s why it’s important to keep them down.

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Commission Jumpstart Review – TOC

    1. What is Commission Jumpstart About?
    2. Who is Ross Michev?
    3. What You Get With Commission Jumpstart
    4. How Does Commission Jumpstart Work?
    5. Is Commission Jumpstart a SCAM?
    6. What we Liked About Commission Jumpstart
    7. What we Don’t Like About Commission Jumpstart
    8. Ross Minchev Commission Jumpstart Review – Final Thoughts!
    9. How we Make Passive Income Online
    10. Commission Jumpstart FAQs
    11. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is the Commission Jumpstart about?

Commission Jumpstart is an affiliate marketing training course that was developed by Ross Minchev.

He shows you the exact methods he uses to make $300 – $700+ a day in commissions by promoting products from Clickbank.

If you didn’t already know, Clickbank is an affiliate network that anybody can join for free.

Where you can select a product, promote that product and once someone buys you make an affiliate commission.

If you have been on this make money online trail for some time then you might be saying not another Clickbank product?

The good thing about Clickbank although you have to be very selective due to the number of poor quality products.

But you can find products and services with commissions as high as 75%.

Who is Ross Minchev?

There isn’t a great deal on the internetRoss Minchev commission jumpstart - Ross Minchev

about Ross Minchev but what we did find impressed us somewhat.

Ross Minchev up until 2011 didn’t have a penny to his name, in fact, his English was terrible and he’d dropped out of school.

Yet, here we are a decade later where he is well regarded within the affiliate marketing community for knowing his stuff.

A quick look at his YouTube channel and we get a good feel for who he is and the generosity he shows by giving away free information.

With over 83k subscribers tells us that he obviously is well regarded.

He has a following on Facebook with over 26k where you can find free training, with the clarification that people are making money through his methods.

A quick look at his Commission Jumpstart sales page and we don’t see any fluff like you usually see with product owners.

There is no BS coming from this sales page, it is brief and to the point but don’t jump for your credit card just yet.

He does offer several courses which you can find on his website which you can check out here.

What You Get With Commission Jumpstart

Commission Jumpstart comes with a step by step blueprint to take you from earning zero to $0-$1,000 a day.

    • Ross shows you through video everything that he knows
    • How to find profitable products to promote from Clickbank
    • How to create a high converting landing page
    • How to apply the AIP method that he uses
    • Along with his quiz opt-in landing page
    • Everything that you would need to know about creating Facebook Ads
    • How to scale your campaign once you start making a profit
    • Goes briefly into a free method using Facebook

Here are the 16 modules that come with Commission Jumpstart…

    • Module #1 – Fundamentals
    • Module #2 – Offers on Clickbank to promote
    • Module #3 – Spying on your competition
    • Module #4 – Spying paid tool
    • Module #5 – Creating a high converting landing page
    • Module #6 – Hosting and domains
    • Module #7 – Logo creation
    • Module #8 – Business and fan page creation
    • Module #9 – Fan page hacks
    • Module #10 – Domain authentication
    • Module #11 – Pixels and tracking
    • Module #12 – Targeting, ad sets and campaigns
    • Module #13 – Facebook and ad policy
    • Module #14 – Facebook ad creation
    • Module #15 – Statistics
    • Module #16 – Ad account longevity

How Does Commission Jumpstart Work?

Commission Jumpstart teaches you affiliate marketing which is a method I wholeheartedly believe in.

It’s a method that is tried, tested and works.

Commission Jumpstart uses products that come from Clickbank which we are not at all happy with.

They tend to be more on the low-quality side.

Having said that a lot of people are making a lot of money through promoting Clickbank products.

You just need to be selective and choose the right products.

There are 2 methods that people adopt when it comes to promoting Clickbank products.

People normally just think about selling and not giving value.

They create a landing page with a nice heading and a call to action to capture a person’s contact details.

Once a person enters their details they are usually sent the offer.

Ross uses a method he calls the AIP method which stands for.

    • A=Attract
    • I=Identify
    • P=Provide

This is the same method he teaches in Commission Jumpstart so before you decide to purchase the course check out some free training first.

Ross also uses Facebook ads to promote his offers which is another learning curve and can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing.

Just watching those two videos should give you enough advice but more importantly will give you a better feel for who Ross Minchev is.

Is Commission Jumpstart a SCAM?

Ross Minchev’s Commission Jumpstart is Is Ross Minchev a scam

not a scam but a legitimate affiliate marketing training course.

It teaches a method that works by using Clickbank products.

At the end of the day to promote a product you should be 100% confident that what you are promoting will do what it says on the tin.

There are 2 methods to promote offers, paid and the free method.

The method that Commission Jumpstart uses is paid advertising through Facebook and there is a learning curve there but probably the most trusted and cheapest method there is.

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What we Liked About Commission Jumpstart

  • There is a full refund which you can take What we liked about Ross Minchevadvantage of within 30 days of purchase.

As well as a full refund Ross will give you $100 as a goodwill gesture.

  • Affiliate marketing is a legit business model that works and one that we recommend 100%.
  • Ross Minchev does come across as a genuine person who does appear to know his stuff which can be seen just by checking out his YouTube channel.

What we Don’t Like About Commission Jumpstart

  • Paid traffic is not a favourite of ours and something that we wouldn’t recommend a complete newcomer taking on.

However, if the method taught is as Ross says then there shouldn’t be a problem.

Ross Minchev Commission Jumpstart Review: Final Thoughts!

We see so many of this type of product and most of them just don’t work as they indicate.

The commission Jumpstart however has a good feel to it and besides, we checked out a few things on his Youtube channel first.

You might feel that all you need to do is watch a couple of these Youtube videos and you have cracked it.

But, there is always a piece of the puzzle missing which is always the case with these products and to find that out will cost you $397.

This is not too bigger a risk so why not give it a whirl.

How we Make Passive Income Online

Wealthy Affiliate is a company that teaches affiliate marketing and has been around since 2005 and has seen over 2.2 million.

It’s a training platform that we would recommend to anyone and the reason why our business is currently earning a mid 4 figure monthly income.

They teach everything Ross teaches you but so much more and the marketing method taught here is SEO which is the free method.

This can save you a fortune in the long run.

Paid traffic requires constant monitoring, tweaking and scaling whereas free traffic using SEO doesn’t.

Check it out and see for yourself, if it’s not for you then just call it a day but you won’t know until you have tried.

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Commission Jumpstart FAQs

  1. Is there a refund policy?

Commission Jumpstart comes with no risk to you.

You have up to 30 days to decide whether you are not happy with the training that is provided to get a full refund.

Not only will you get a full refund but Ross will send you $100 to your Paypal account for your time.

  1. Does this affiliate marketing method really work?

Many people are earning a very good living through promoting Clickbank products.

This method taught by Commission Jumpstart will work for any other product from any other affiliate network.

It is not restricted just to Clickbank products.

  1. Is paying for Facebook ads going to be expensive?

Ross explains that with Facebook ads you can start with a low budget and once your campaign starts to make money then you scale and reinvest.

However, what we have found with Facebook ads is it can take time and a lot of trial and error and that’s why we prefer using SEO which is a free method.

Ross does talk about the free method by joining Facebook groups that are related to the products that you are promoting.

The only problem here is it takes a lot of time and the chances that you might get banned from the Facebook group is pretty high.

  1. Can Ross Minchev be trusted?

Ross Minchev has brought out several products in the past and only allows a certain number of people to join at any one time.

Just looking at the amount of great information that you can find on his YouTube channel indicates to us that he can be trusted.

  1. Is there a better alternative? 

Yes, there is if you don’t want to spend 100s possibly 1000s of dollars on paid advertising.

Ross’s course is a good course but pretty basic, but if you are looking for a training platform that excels then take a look here.

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Ok, guys, hope you enjoyed this Commission Jumpstart review.

If there are any questions or you’d like to add anything please drop us a line below and we’ll get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe.

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