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codecademy review

Hey Guys, welcome to this website and my Codeacademy Review

If you are looking for a training platform that specializes in computer programming languages.

Then Codecademy might just be what you have been looking for especially if you are a complete beginner and just testing the waters.

Codeacademy is a very popular online training platform providing the skills required for anyone thinking of moving into the tech industry as a software developer.

But before we get started, we’d just like to declare that we are not affiliated with Codecademy in any way.

That means we aren’t getting paid for this review but what we will promise you is an honest account of who Codecademy is and what they stand for.

So if you have nagging questions like, is Codecademy worth it and is Codecademy ok for beginners.

Then we will be answering those questions plus many more which should put you in a better position.

As to whether Codecademy is right for you or not.

So let’s get started.

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Codecademy Review – Summary

Product: Codecademy

Founder: Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski


Product Description: Online IT training platform

Cost of training: $19.99 – $39.99 a month

Recommended: Yes

Summary: Currently there are 16 programming language courses that are beginner-friendly.

With many that are free, the ideal platform for anybody to get a feel for whether programming would be right for you or not.

With over 45 million users as of 2020 this is one of the largest training platforms that specializes in IT skills.

Without further ado, let’s get into it.

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Codecademy Review – TOC

    1. What is the Codecademy?
    2. What do they teach at Codecademy?
    3. Who is Codecademy For?
    4. Codeacademy Review – Costs Involved
    5. Help With Finding A Job
    6. Is Codecademy a Scam?
    7. Codecademy Review – PROS and CONS
    8. Codecademy Review -Final Thoughts
    9. How we make Passive Income Online?
    10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is the Codecademy?

Codecademy was founded in 2011 by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski and is based in New York City.

They offer many career paths like Data Science, Full Stack Software Engineer, Data Analysts, Machine Learning…

With some of the very top programming languages such as Python, JavaScript, Java, HTML, CSS, SQL plus many more.

If you are thinking of learning a skill like programming then Codecademy could be a great way.

To test the waters and see if this could be something that you’d be suited to for a rewarding career as a computer programmer.

What do they teach at Codecademy?

When Codeacademy was first launched the focus was more on teaching complete beginners which is still the case.

However, they have extended the number of courses to cover more advanced topics like PHP, C++, Ruby.

Which are going to appeal to more experienced programmers.

Programming languages which are available…

    • HTML and CSS
    • Python
    • Javascript
    • Java
    • SQL
    • Bash/Shell
    • Ruby
    • C
    • C++
    • C#
    • PHP
    • Go
    • Swift
    • Kotlin

Career paths…

    • Data Scientist
    • Full-Stack Software Engineer
    • Front-End Software Engineer
    • Back-End Software Engineer
    • Computer Science
    • Data Analyst
    • Data Analytics For Business
    • iOS Developer

For a look at the entire catalogue just click here.

Who is the Codecademy For?

Codecademy is for anyone either looking to boost their current career prospects or someone looking for a complete change of career.

The courses are suitable for beginners who are looking for a way into computer programming and offer a  wide range of careers to choose from.

You might like to check out these similar IT training platforms…

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How much does it cost to join Codecademy? 

Everybody would be advised to join Codecademy as a free member and check out the platform to see if it would be right for you or not.

There are currently 3 different types of memberships…


This is FREE and a great way to get a feel for whether a software developer would be the right career path for you.

OK, this level of membership won’t go into great detail but will give you enough information on whether to upgrade or not to the PRO membership.

When you sign up for the free membership there are recommendations from Codecademy with quizzes to see what path would be best.

You could also head over to the Codecademy Youtube channel for some additional free training too.


People who are serious about a career in the tech industry would opt for this membership which will open up everything to you.

You can either pay monthly or yearly which will save you a considerable amount.

    • Monthly = $39.99 or $479.88 for the full year.
    • Yearly = $239.88 which works out at $19.99 a month with a saving of $240.

There is a 7-day free trial period for first-time subscribers and for college students, there are discounted plans available.


This membership is for teams of students who want to learn together and comes with full support.

The membership fee would be disclosed when you approach Codecademy and discuss the team numbers.

Is there Help with finding a Job

Image that shows you 3 videos to explain things on Codecademy

At the end of the day, Codecademy will provide you with the training and guidance with getting your portfolio up to scratch.

There are no guarantees that you will get a job or whether Codecademy will even find you one.

It will all depend on yourself and how you approach the interview.

The certificate you get isn’t a recognized one but it is a step in the right direction for further education.

Let me also tell you that after completing whatever course it is you will only know the basics.

I found this out to my annoyance when I took an on-campus 3-month intensive computer programming/analyst course.

I thought I knew more than I actually did and it wasn’t until I found a job that I found out I really knew nothing.

I got no help and ended up sending around 400 letters out but all it takes is the one.

The skills they were looking for were communication skills and could I work in a team.

Is the Codecademy a Scam?

Absolutely not because you do get a lot of value even if you joined as a free member and this would be the route to take if you are a complete beginner.

Granted you won’t become an expert but it will allow you to gauge whether computer programming.

Is what you really want to do as a career without it costing you anything.

Even if you did become a paid member, those costs are minimal and would at least take you to the next level.

I didn’t have this kind of luxury and there were very few IT-related courses out there then.

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Codecademy PROS and CONS

In this section, we’ve just highlighted the points we think are most important, which should help you to decide whether to pursue this further or not.


  • It Is A Great Way To Learn Programming:

For anybody wanting to learn computer programming, you can do so at Codecademy for free.

At least you will have an idea whether a programming career is for you or not without jumping in feet first.

  • Great Value:

$19.99 a month we think is great value if you pay upfront for the year and you can cancel the membership at any time.

You will get refunded the amount that you have used, so if you have used let’s say 6 months then you’ll be reimbursed $119.94.

  • Highly Paid Careers:

If you take a look at some of the career paths, the #1 career would be a Full-Stack Software Engineer.

Just take a brief look at Jobserve to get a feel for the demand that is out there.

  • Good Selection Of Courses:

As of this review, there are 16 programming languages to choose from which cover all the main ones.

Like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java and Python.

With a number of career paths that you can go down.


  • Interest Is Somewhat Dwindling:

If you take a look at the image below, this is an indication of people showing interest by searching on Google.

You can see that Codecademy peaked around 2015 but has tailed off which could account for a lot more IT training platforms coming on stream.

Google trending

The Codecademy Review – Final Thoughts!

Codecademy is a great training platform for anybody looking for a career as a computer programmer, well it will give you the basics.

Programming is all about logic which is how your mind works and for many is not easy to adapt to.

Because you have to start projects at the completion stage and work backwards which is like back-engineering something.

What do I mean by that?

Well, when you start a project the users want to know what they want to see whether a display or a report.

You have to work backwards which is like a Full-Stack developer.

Create the front-end then connect it to the back-end where the data is and what drives the project.

I enjoyed my time as a freelance software developer working in other countries and adapting to their cultures.

Mind you it is not for everybody.

I decided that living away from the family wasn’t what I wanted to do anymore and so I decided on a totally different career path.

This allows me to work on my own terms when I want and where I want.

If you want to know more then please read on.

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Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you guys got some benefit from this review and don’t forget if you have any questions then drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.

Once again, thank you and stay safe.

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