Fred Lam – Zero Up Review – Legit Course or Scam? Can Fred Lam be Trusted?

Hey Guys, welcome to my Zero Up review

Here we have another Fred Lam course that we have heard a few good things about but we would suggest not getting your card out just yet.

A drop-shipping course that provides a software platform that is automated to a certain degree with a copy-and-paste approach.

The problem we have with this approach is that everything must work 100% for it to be effective and we have found that this is never the case.

If this is your first time on our website then you can find many systems and courses that we recommend for making money online.

But you are here to see if Fred Lam is a trustworthy person but more importantly is Zero Up going to be the course for you?

Before we get started we’d just like to mention that we are not associated with Zero Up or Fred Lam in any way.

This means we are not getting paid for this Zero Up review and therefore the next few minutes should give you enough information to decide.

Whether to pursue this course further or not.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This Zero Up Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

Fred Lam Zero Up Review

Product: Zero Up

Founder: Fred Lam


Product Description: Dropshipping course

Cost to join: $1,497

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: Fred Lam is a popular internet entrepreneur with a lot of mixed feelings that you can find online where some like him and others don’t.

We have found him to be a bit of a closed shop when we were doing our research as there is very little third-party information about him.

Which we find strange for a person who claims to have earned millions and helped thousands to become millionaires.

But let’s leave those discrepancies to one side whilst we review just what Zero Up is all about.

There are literally hundreds of dropshipping courses that you can find online with only a handful that we would recommend.

So where does Fred Lam’s Zero Up, stand amongst these?

You are about to find out so stay with us.

My number one recommended training platform for creating an online business

Zero Up Review – Table Of Contents

    1. What is Zero Up About?
    2. Who is The Creator of Zero Up?
    3. What do They Teach at Zero Up?
    4. Who is Zero Up For?
    5. How Much Does it Cost to Join Zero Up?
    6. What do You Get With Zero Up?
    7. Is Zero Up a Scam?
    8. Zero Up PROS and CONS
    9. Zero Up Review -Final Thoughts
    10. How we Make Passive Income Online?
    11. Fred Lam Zero Up FAQs
    12. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Zero Up About?

Zero Up is Cloud Based and fully integrated with Shopify and AliExpress

Zero Up is a training course that teaches you all about dropshipping that came onto the scene around 2016.

It’s a course that you can find on either iPro Academy which is a training platform or on its standalone website which we have listed above.

Now if you listen to the instructional pre-course video you can find Fred Lam telling you how quick and easy it is.

However, through our experience with many courses, we find that they are never easy and straightforward.

So you can expect providing the course is ok to be in a position to be earning revenue possibly a few months down the road.

Providing you have this figure firmly fixed in your mind, you will not be disappointed when things are not happening quick enough.

Having said that it all depends on how hard and determined you are to succeed.

Who is The Creator of Zero Up?

Fred Lam is the creator of Zero Up as wellFred Lam the creator of Zero Up

as many other courses and systems that can be found on his training platform, iPro Academy.

An author of several books of which you can find two currently on Amazon,  The Traffic Trilogy and Starting From Zero.

He also has a very active YouTube channel where he has around 90k subscribers with over 340 videos with millions of views.

His Facebook page has over 80k likes so we can assume he is a popular guy.

He even finds time to support various charities like Water Liberty which is responsible for installing wells in villages in Asia.

As well as planting over 100k trees to help the environment.

Lam also claims that his determination was built on his struggles to succeed and even spent some time as a dishwasher.

All the claims that you can read online are coming straight from Fred Lam and people tend to love a rags-to-riches story.

So I wouldn’t hold too much into those claims.

One thing you will struggle to find is any third-party information to back up his claims.

What do They Teach at Zero Up?

They teach you how to create a dropshipping business through their automated software and Shopify.

According to Lam, this can be achieved in just a few minutes.

Where you have 10 pre-designed themes to choose from along with around 180 shops that you can use to match your chosen niche.

The Zero Up software integrates with the product merchant AliExpress where you can find thousands of products to use.

Who is Zero Up For?

Zero Up is a course designed specifically for the absolute beginner.

Fred Lam does have a knack for teaching something that can be quite complex, in a manner that is easy to understand.

You can see this by heading over to his YouTube channel where you’ll get a good feel for his teaching methods.

However, for many who are looking for more of an advanced course, this falls short.

Whilst you can find a lot of value in this course that does cover some advanced topics it could do with going into more details.

eCommerce and Shopify is a very popular business model, which means you are going to find a lot of competition.

This means you have to stand out by finding products that people are looking for which is not as easy as you may think.

Simply because you can find the same product all over the internet been promoted and sold at different prices.

Uniqueness is key to your success in this business and one of the bonuses that come with Zero Up.

Does cover print-on-demand which allows you to create unique products.

Now, this would make you stand out more!

How Much Does it Cost to Join Zero Up?

There is a one-off payment of $1,497 which you can pay over three equal payments each of $597 which comes to a total of $1,791.

There is a way around this if you become a member of iPro Academy.

For $20 a month you will be able to take this same course for FREE.

What do You Get With Zero Up?

According to Fred Lam, this course is a proven 5 step formula that comes with several bonuses.

The course comes with 75 training videos across seven modules and includes its unique set of automation tools to speed up the whole process.

Module #1 – Store Creation

In this module, Lam gets straight into creating your store.

What a niche is and how to go about selecting the right one, creating a domain, branding, themes etc

    • Niche selection
    • Business creation
    • Purchasing a domain
    • Branding your store
    • Creating your Shopify store
    • Site wizard
    • Shopify themes
    • Setting up payments
    • Setting up a shipping table
    • Porting domain
    • Setting up an email address

Module #2 – Inventory Arbitrage

Lam focuses on how and where to source your products using AliExpress as the main source.

How to approach and talk with suppliers, how to list the products, how to approach the value of the products and what you should sell them for.

Lam then goes on to show you how to spy on your competition, and how to create a keyword-crushing product description.

Along with how to develop your own pricing formula.

    • What is inventory arbitrage
    • The golden marketplace
    • Spying on top sellers
    • Increasing the perceived product value
    • Pricing formula
    • Crafting a great product
    • Product hacks

Module #3 – Turbo-Charging Your Store

Turbo-charging your store is all about taking it to the next level.

Where Lams goes into how to set up and integrate an email system with your autoresponder of choice.

There are several autoresponders that you can use such as Aweber, Get Response, Mailchimp…

This module is all about Apps that you can benefit from using.

These apps cost money so remember to factor this into your monthly outgoings.

    • Email integration
    • The autoresponder sequence
    • The app store
    • App, Conversio
    • App, Sales Pop
    • App, Abandonment Protector Plus
    • App, The Shipping Dual
    • App, Hurrify
    • App, Wheelio
    • App, Checkout countdown timer

Module #4 – Creating A Sales Funnel

This module is all about sales funnels and how important they are in the sales process.

Zero Up comes with its own sales funnel software.

Ending this module with an overview of copywriting.

    • Crafting your sales funnel
    • Using the Funnel Building App
    • Using Funnel Building version 2
    • Profit multiplier
    • The art of copywriting

Module #5 – Advertising Your Store 

Once your store is up and running then you need to get the word out so that people know about but more importantly where to find you.

There’s a big emphasis on using Facebook Ads which we aren’t all too happy about because this will eat into any profits you make.

So this module is all about the launch of your product without the cutting of the ribbon and how to attract customers.

    • Setting up your Facebook page
    • Getting your business manager account
    • Installing Facebook pixel
    • Finding your target audience
    • The different types of targeting
    • Types of ads
    • How to create a Facebook ad
    • Tripwires
    • The bait method
    • Content marketing
    • Demo ads
    • Skimming the market
    • Ad ideas
    • Facebook ad analysis
    • How to scale your Facebook ads
    • Custom audiences
    • Dealing with Facebook account suspension
    • Facebook ad formula
    • Chasing the market
    • Great ads that attract customers

Module #6 – Store Management

As you can see this module is all about managing your store.

Shopify handles all the order management but you still need to keep abreast of things to ensure things are running smoothly.

Lam talks about giving you a financial expert but that is another hidden cost to take into consideration.

    • Order and fulfilment management
    • The daily routine
    • Common customer service issues
    • Winning chargebacks
    • The financial keeper
    • Statistical analysis
    • Create advocates with a social presence
    • Email strategies
    • Testing landing pages

Module #7 – Scaling Up

This module is currently not available.

There are 7 bonuses that come with Zero Up with details below…

Bonus #1 – Zero Up Master Program

Bonus#1 - Zero Up Masters Program

Bonus #2 – The Product Vault

Bonus #2 - Zero Up Product Vault

Bonus #3 – Traffic Genius

Bonus #3 - Zero Up Traffic Genius

Bonus #4 – Starting From Zero Bootcamp

Bonus #4 - Zero Up Bootcamp

Bonus #5 – The Concierge Program

Bonus #5 - Zero Up Concierge Program

Bonus #6 – Zero Up Network

Bonus #6 - Zero Up Network

Is Zero Up a Scam?

Zero Up is definitely not a scam and neither is Fred Lam.

However, there are some much better courses out there that offer the same kind of training.

If you do your research thoroughly, you can find a similar course on Udemy for a fraction of the Zero Up course.

That course on Udemy was found in just a few seconds.

If Zero Up still interests you then we would suggest heading over to iPro Academy where the course can be found for $20/month.

But remember the course is listed on its own independent website and you would be charged the full price of $1,497.

What you will find with Zero Up is that you do not have the flexibility to use your own fulfilment house yourself and the merchant that you use.

What is clear is that Lam will be getting commissions for you going with Shopify and AliExpress.

This leads us to say that whilst it may be an OK course, we wouldn’t recommend this.

Is zero up a scam - Take action today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Zero Up PROS and CONS

Overall the course is OK but even better if you remember to become a member of iPro Academy.

Where you can purchase Zero Up for a fraction of the price.

Here are a few positives and negatives that we have highlighted.


  • The Course Is An OK Course.

That’s right we said OK but that is if you purchased it through the iPro Academy for $20/month.

We think it is overly priced at $1,497 especially as there is a whole host of other apps that Lam is trying to get you to purchase.


  • You Are Governed By A Restricted Set-Up:

There are a few things integrated that leave very little in the way of flexibility and this might be OK initially but you are going to want to change things at a later date.

  • Not Enough Information About The Owner:

Normally when there is an entrepreneur who claims to be a multi-millionaire you find data all over the internet.

With Lam, there is very little about him that we find strange and the stuff you can read is straight from himself which sort of doesn’t instil confidence.

  • Total Lack Of Third Party Reviews:

The feedback that you can find is on Lam’s websites which are all biased after all he isn’t going to allow any negative stuff on there is he?

Zero Up Review – Final Thoughts!

To round things off about Zero Up, we thought the course was OK and complete beginners should benefit from it.

We did feel that there was a lot of fluff added just to extend the course and make you feel that you were getting more value.

However, if you did a little research you should be able to find many courses that are much better and a lot cheaper.

Meanwhile, we mentioned that you can get this course through iPro Academy for $20/month and you can cancel at any time.

The course is very basic and to advance you would need to seek out other training courses.

A great place to look is Udemy which lists the number of students but more importantly third-party reviews.

Obviously, Lam has included this course on iPro Academy because he feels that he is charging too much and these are the words from Lam himself.

eCommerce is a very popular business model, expensive to start and maintain, extremely competitive and hard work.

If you are looking for a business model where costs in comparison are zero where you don’t have to handle the customer orders and there are no overheads.

We’d love to share with you what we do for a living in the next section.

How we Make Passive Income Online?

Running an eCommerce business is hard work as we know only too well and this is why we moved across to affiliate marketing.

Very cost-effective to run, flexibility where you can promote any product and service you like and there is no involvement with products.

All you have to do is link the customer with the merchant and once a purchase has been made you make a commission.

The training platform is through Wealthy Affiliate and you can check it out with zero investment.

Get started today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Fred Lam Zero Up FAQs

  1. Is There A Refund Policy At Zero Up?

According to Lam due to the amount of work that has gone into this training program.

He feels that there should be no refund policy and as of October 2016 this No REFUND policy will come into effect.

There is, however, a three-day cancellation policy that is still in place.

  1. How Much Would I Need To Lay Out To Get This Off The Ground?

Lam states that you can start a dropshipping business for as little as $100 but we know this figure is a little on the low side.

Any business if you are serious would require a decent cash injection to get started.

We are not saying it couldn’t be done but you should have enough cash for contingencies.

  1. Will Zero Up Work In My Country?

As it is a dropshipping business then it doesn’t really matter where you are geographically speaking.

  1. What Restrictions Are There With The Zero Up Software?

The main restriction at the moment is that you are tied to using Shopify and AliExpress as your store, although this may change moving forward.

  1. Can The Zero Up Training Course Be Paid Through Installments?

Yes, you can by paying three equal payments of $597 over a three-month period which will take your course fee to $1,791.

Which is an increase of $294.

PayPal as I understand offers financing packages, but you would have to look into this.

  1. Is It Safe To Buy On AliExpress?

Buying from AliExpress is very safe to use and has been one of the top suppliers when it comes to dropshipping.

There is a guarantee with AliExpress that if your product doesn’t arrive on time then they will refund you.

  1. How Long Does AliExpress Take To Ship?

Depends on which shipping you choose.

Standard shipping can take between 15 and 45 working days whereas premium shipping can take between 7 and 15 working days.

  1. Is AliExpress Banned In India?

The Indian government banned all links to AliExpress the Chinese e-commerce site.

So if you try to order products from AliExpress they won’t even take your order.

  1. Where Is AliExpress Shipped From?

Most of the suppliers are based in China.

  1. Does AliExpress Sell Fake Products?

That’s the million-dollar question especially as today you can find fake products all over the internet with many coming from Amazon.

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Thank you for hanging on till now and we hope you got some benefit from this Zero Up review.

As always, if you have anything to add or you’d like to ask us anything just add it to the section below and we will get back to you.

Once again thank you and stay safe.

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