God Frequency Review – Can you really manifest anything you desire?

What is the God Frequency

Hey Guys, welcome to the God Frequency Review

If you want to live the life of your dreams this usually requires education, hard work, being in the right place at the right time and of course luck.

However many people believe on a spiritual level that meditation is the answer but the problem is many just can’t do it and can’t get deep enough.

What about “The Law Of Attraction” where you use visualisation and feel the new you with intense feeling.

The problem here is that people just give up too soon because they don’t have faith that anything will happen.

Here we have The God Frequency which works on sound or binaural beats as they are normally called.

In this case, a very specific frequency which Jacob X (an ex-priest) came up with.

Based on the knowledge that the Vatican had hidden for over 2000 years. More on that later!

How about a life full of everything you desired, love, happiness, health, wealth all through listening to a 15-minute cd.

Sounds a little too far fetched don’t you think, well that is why you are here and what we are about to talk about.

In this no-holds-barred review, all your questions will be answered and you will have a better understanding of whether to move forward or not.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

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What is the God Frequency - Logo

Product: God Frequency

Founder: Jacob X and Marcus

Website: https://godfrequency.co/

Product Description: Manifestation through binaural beats

Cost of product: $37

Recommended: Yes

Summary: I was a sceptic about anything spiritual up until 2018 when I had a profound experience.

I always knew there was something but just what, I hadn’t a clue, until August 29th 2018 and since then things have changed for me on a big scale.

I learned to meditate, I Iearned Reiki, and Listened to various binaural beats plus a whole load of other spiritual things.

We create our own destiny and thought is a very powerful thing but you do require an open mind and a desire for this sort of thing to work.

It is no good going into something like this halfheartedly because that is why it doesn’t work for most people.

Nicola Tesla knew the secrets of the universe

Nicola Tesla hit the nail on the head but did anybody listen and this guy died a broke man.

Everything is energy and everything vibrates on its own frequency.

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The God Frequency Review – TOC

      1. What is The God Frequency About?
      2. Who Discovered The God Frequency?
      3. How the God Frequency Works
      4. Who are Binaural Beats For?
      5. God Frequency FAQs
      6. Is the God Frequency a Scam?
      7. What we like about the God Frequency
      8. What we don’t like about the God Frequency
      9.  The God Frequency Review -Final Thoughts
      10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is The God Frequency About?

the God Frequency

We are all taught from a very early age how things work in the universe and it’s pretty basic stuff.

Simply because science has a long way to go and really doesn’t know very much at all.

Many people go through life in a structured manner and are told they need to get good grades, go to university, get a job, and have a family blah blah.

There is nothing wrong with any of that stuff but some people do stray from the normal and venture.

In other areas, probably at a crossroads in their life thinking is that all there is and wishing and hoping for more.

We are always fighting with our negative side of the brain because the negative side is more prominent.

The God Frequency helps to realign the brain and just by spending only 15 minutes a day for 21 days you should see a big improvement.

There are five different waves produced by the brain…

    1. Gamma
    2. Beta
    3. Alpha
    4. Theta
    5. Delta

Theta waves or the God Frequency is at the state of dreaming, but where the good stuff happens is just before the actual dream state.

This is what the God Frequency program helps you to achieve but it isn’t going to happen overnight.

It takes time hence why the creator suggests doing this for 15 minutes a day for 21 days.

You can achieve this state by setting the alarm clock for between 4-5 hours of sleep and meditation but this takes a lot of practice.

This God Frequency program cuts out all the hard work and makes it all the easier to train the brain to get it in the ideal state.

Researchers at Harvard agree that this is a legitimate method for manipulating brain cortical synchronization.

Here a doctor explains about Binaural Beats

Try The God Frequency Program Risk-Free For 365 Days! 

Who Discovered The God Frequency?

Jacob X discovered the God Frequency and we know that is probably not his real name and for obvious reasons which we’ll disclose in a moment.

As the story goes Jacob who at the time was a priest had been invited to the Vatican to visit Pope Francis for some sort of reward.

For services that he had dedicated to the church.

Whilst there he had heard that the Vatican had been hiding a secret from the world for over 2000 years.

This was communication between Jesus and his brother telling his brother about a God Frequency which could be used to manifest anything you desire.

As we know the Bible tells us that Jesus created miracles and this was through the God Frequency.

But for Jesus meant going into the desert for days on end meditating to get to that state.

Jacob while at the Vatican approached the Pope to ask about this God Frequency and was shot down in flames and told not to mention it again.

According to Jacob a priest visited him after the meeting was ended to confirm that it existed but that he shouldn’t talk about it again.

So the story goes the following and last day at the Vatican he approached the Pope again to talk about the God Frequency.

But this time was excluded from the Vatican and had his priesthood terminated.

According to what Jacob claims, he and his brother who worked in sound attempted to create the God Frequency for a few years without success.

However, Jacob came up with a solution through something he remembers at the Vatican.

The Theta frequency range is between 3.5 – 7.5 Hz

Try The God Frequency Program Risk-Free For 365 Days! 

How Does The God Frequency work?

The God Frequency  brain with and without synchronisation

The God Frequency uses two pure sound waves that you listen to through stereo headsets.

One of the tones goes to the right side of the brain and the other tone to the left side of the brain.

As a result of this combination, a third tone is generated which is perceived by the users and called a binaural beat.

Through the playing of these binaural beats over a length of time the left and right side of the brain synchronizes.

This can put the brain into a state where it is possible to manifest things and the creator does indicate miracles however miracles might be a bit too strong.

There have been many studies on binaural beats and they have been evidence that these beats.

Increase concentration, and manifestation, reduce anxiety, help with sleep, and meditation and can induce out of body experiences too amongst many other things.

So, if you know the right frequency you can induce all sorts of things to help you in everyday life.

Try The God Frequency Program Risk-Free For 365 Days! 

Who are Binaural Beats For?

They are for many people if you are that way inclined and have an open mind because you are touching on the mystical side.

As we mentioned earlier this is something that isn’t learned at school and requires an inquisitive mind.

Most people in life believe they have drawn the wrong straw because nothing appears to be going their way.

Up until pre-2018 I didn’t believe in any of this stuff and meditation was a complete waste of time that was until things started to happen.

The use of binaural beats is for people who don’t have the inclination to lay down for long lengths of time in mediation.

After all, many people can’t meditate.

There are many binaural beats on Youtube for many applications but most people try them once and decide they don’t work.

You might think that you have to be a spiritual person for something like this to work but this is not the case.

I have on a number of occasions achieved the state of theta through meditation alone at night but this has taken between 1-2 hours.

Often fall asleep, but get it just right and all sorts of mystical things you will find happening.

If you can’t meditate then the God Frequency might be what you have been looking for.

The technology is there and so much easier to achieve this state.

Try The God Frequency Program Risk-Free For 365 Days! 

God Frequency FAQs

  1. Is The God Frequency Worth The Money?

We believe the cost is well worth the money as we know binaural beats do work through personal use.

However, don’t expect to see results straight away.

  1. Is There A Refund Policy?

There is a refund policy which is one of the best that we have seen and lasts for 365 days.

So for any reason, if you don’t feel that this program is working for you then you can get a full refund with no questions asked.

the God Frequency refund guarantee

  1. Can We Trust The Product Creator?

There isn’t any real information about the product creator or his business partner but that is apparently down to the Vatican.

Not agreeing with the disclosure of this information which is quite understandable.

  1.  Do I Really Get The Love Frequency For Free?

Yes, you do which normally sells for $199.

  1. Do I Have To Be A Spiritual Person For This To Work?

Absolutely not, anybody can use this program whether you are spiritual or not.

Mind you people who are more spiritual might have more success because of openness.

  1. Why Has This Been Hidden From The Public?

It goes back to what we were taught when we were very young and something like this might well be looked at as some form of witchcraft.

Well, it certainly would have been done not too long ago and look at what happened to our Lord Jesus Christ?

  1. Are We Going To See An Increase In The Price?

That obviously depends on the product creator but as of this review, the price you see is $37.

So we’d suggest making a purchase sooner rather than later.

Try The God Frequency Program Risk-Free For 365 Days! 

Is The God Frequency a SCAM?

The God Frequency is definitely not a scam but a legit way of manifesting whatever you desire.

We create our own lives and this is just another way of helping you to achieve great things.

Who out there gives a full refund policy over 365 days?

That alone should give you the confidence to purchase the God Frequency.

What we like about The God Frequency

  • There Is More Than Enough Evidence Out There:

To suggest that binaural beats do actually work and this can be seen by looking on YouTube.

  • Great Refund Policy:

If you are not satisfied with your purchase you have a full year, that’s 365 days to decide whether to ask for a refund or not.

  • Don’t Purchase If You Aren’t Going Commit:

The main problem for most people is making a full commitment and the God Frequency is no different.

As you can see the course creator insists that you have to make a full commitment for at least 21 days.

  • Its Isn’t Going To Be As Easy As Listening To A CD:

The CDs alone are not going to allow you to manifest whatever it is you are after, there will be some other changes required.

It will require a change of mindset and any negative thoughts that are holding you back will have to be eradicated.

These changes are going to be a little too much for some people.

What we don’t like about The God Frequency

There isn’t really anything negative to say about the God Frequency program because studies indicate that binaural beats do actually work and the benefits can be extensive.

The God Frequency Review – Final Thoughts!

It does appear that some people are gifted and everything seems to fall in place for them.

Others have to try harder but many accept the situation and resort to the fact that things aren’t going to get better.

This is just human nature I guess for most and once again the negative part of the brain overtakes the positive side.

If you can cut out the negative thoughts then anything is possible and using binaural beats can help no end.

    • Reduce anxiety
    • Increase concentration and focus
    • Lower stress levels
    • Increase relaxation
    • Helps to create a positive outlook
    • Helps to promote creativity
    • Help to manage pain
    • Plus a lot more…

People turn to meditation and often don’t know what they are doing or what to expect.

The God Frequency offers people a way to change their lives and helps to manifest all sorts without needing to learn any technique.

Now if you are a religious person then I’m sure you like to hear that this is the same frequency that Jesus used to manifest miracles.

But the only way to find out for sure is to purchase the program and try it for yourself.

Remember this comes with a 365-day money-back guarantee so you have nothing to lose.

Try The God Frequency Program Risk-Free For 365 Days! 

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hey Guys, hope you enjoyed the God Frequency review and that you are now better informed about binaural beats and what they can do for you.

If you have anything to add please leave your comments below and we will get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe

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