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Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019 Deal

Friday 29th November – Monday 2nd December Inclusive


It’s this time of year where we are all looking for a great bargain, and if you are looking for a way to supplement your existing income or a way to replace it then look no further.

For the last 7 years now, the founders of Wealthy Affiliate (Kyle and Carson) have opened their doors for the Black Friday Sale to give you the opportunity of becoming a Premium Member at a discounted price.

Wealthy Affiliate has helped hundreds of thousands of people succeed in the online world as an Affiliate Marketer, building successful online businesses, and are constantly improving their training to keep them abreast of their competitors.

Wealthy Affiliate Facts

This is not some MLM or PushButton system that will instantly make you riches and if that is what you are looking for then I can save you a lot of time because this training is not for you but…

…If you are serious about learning a new skill from the grassroots and willing to put in the time and work hard then please read on because this could be just what you are looking for.

That skill is Affiliate Marketing and for those who don’t know how it works.  

Quite simply, Affiliate Marketing is a process where you the affiliate promote someone else’s products on your website, and for every sale you make, you would get a commission.

This can be anywhere up to 85% and more. 

Take a look at the simple image below…

Since the Internet started way back in 1989, which if you didn’t already know, originated at CERN, there have been some massive changes in spending power.

In recent years we see the internet exploding with the majority of people quite happy to stay at home and buy from, in fact, because it is so convenient we tend to purchase things we really don’t need.

Then why not take advantage of this?

Affiliate Marketing is where it’s all happening!

The simplest business model on the Internet by far is affiliate marketing which is currently heading towards an 8 billion dollar ($8,000,000,000) industry.

With the world population around 7.7 billion and with around 4.5 billion internet users. That’s more than half the world population and one hell of a lot of people with access to a pc, laptop or mobile phone.

With that 4.5 billion figure in mind…

These are people looking for all sorts of advice from…

    • How to invest in your future
    • How to rewire a house
    • How to plumb in a toilet
    • How to make money on the internet

They use one of the several search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo with Google coming out on top and the most used by far.

To give you some idea of how popular Google is…

On Google alone, there are approximately 79,000 searches every single second, which equates to just short of 7 billion searches every day.

I’m sure you’ll agree that is some serious amount of traffic.

All you would have to do is work out what those people are searching for.

This comes under “Keyword Research” and at Wealthy Affiliate, they have a brilliant Keyword Research Tool to do just that. This is called Jaaxy and comes with the premium membership. 

Jaaxy, alone, without becoming a member would cost you…

    • $49 a month for Pro membership
    • $99 a month for Enterprise  

Then create a website and get it in front of those 4.5 billion people searching on Google for anything and everything!

I know, sounds complicated and a little overwhelming, but so does pretty much anything NEW when you are starting out, but take it from me with absolutely no experience I can assure you it isn’t.

A simple business model as you can see with 3 steps because the 4th step comes automatically when 1-3 are correctly put in place.

The 4 Simple Steps To Success

Briefly, what this entails…

  1. Choose an Interest or a Niche as it is normally known
    • This could be a hobby or an interest of yours, or it could be a very popular niche like “How to make money online”. There are literally hundreds of thousands to choose from.  
  1. Build a Website
    • Don’t let this put you off, because nowadays this is a lot easier than you might think. In fact, at Wealthy Affiliate, you can create a website in less than 1 minute. 
  1. Attract Visitors
    • To attract visitors to our websites we have to create posts and reviews relating to our Interest or Niche and what people are searching for. We do this by including “Keywords” within these posts and reviews of what people are searching with.
    • Those posts and reviews would include links to products that people are searching for which have unique tracking codes attached, and these would come from affiliate programs.

Pretty much every retail website would have an affiliate program, which is easy to join and they are FREE. 

Let’s face it why wouldn’t a retail outlet want some help?

Of course, they would!


Many online businesses teach you that in order to get visitors to your website you have to pay to get your website in front of the people, and whilst it is the quickest way, you can lose a lot of money if you don’t know what you are doing, and this is where you will be on your own.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you are taught all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and whilst this takes a little longer to get visitors to your site, it is absolutely “FREE”, and will generate traffic 24/7/365.   

  1. Earn Revenue 
    • Where you are rewarded with all your hard work and effort in the way of commissions.

Please note, whilst I did mention that the Affiliate Marketing Business Model is a simple one, there would still be a lot of hard work involved to get to a point where the rewards would be great.

Hard work, patience and dedication are what it takes! 

What is Wealthy Affiliate all about?

If you have just clicked on this post through curiosity then maybe you don’t know what this Wealthy Affiliate is all about.

You can check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here which goes into much greater detail.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that is not like any other you will find online and yes I am biased, but that is based on trying a number of so-called online businesses and having no success at all.

The teaching methods I came across just didn’t seem to work.

I am in no way trying to tell you that there aren’t any viable online businesses out there because there are some very good ones, it would just take you many hours searching, and maybe you will have success, maybe not, but I have already done the groundwork for you.

What I have here is a proven and successful business training platform.

When I came across Wealthy Affiliate because of all the bad experiences I’d had it took me a while to take the plunge.

I joined as a “FREE” member, which you can do and this is great because it gives you time to access the training platform and all that is on offer before you upgrade to a premium member but as its Black Friday…

Wealthy Affiliate Free versus Premium memberships
Free versus Premium memberships

Remember the $49 a month is drastically reduced with the Black Friday Offer to $25 a month, in fact, $24.92 to be precise.

The Black Friday Offer Explained?

This offer starts on Friday the 29th of November 2019 and continues for 4 days ending on Monday, December 2nd at 11:59 PM PST but now generously extended for the 2nd year running for a further 96 hours which takes that to Friday the 6th December at 11:59 PM.

Remember, this offer is only available for a limited period…

Starts Friday and ends Monday the 2nd December, but, and there are no guarantees, this offer could be extended as it was in 2018 and it as for a further 96 hours until Friday 6th December.

What you could do is sign up early for FREE and check out the entire training platform first, then take advantage of this offer when it goes live, and remember you will not be asked for your CREDIT CARD details which are very rare on the internet. 

That should tell you that this training platform is legit. 

This incredible training platform can’t be beaten anywhere, which is why I chose to join for FREE then wait for the “Black Friday” deal to kick in before I decided to take this yearly membership.

Offer is for a full years premium membership which is currently $299. 

This works out at just under $25 a month

Which equates to $0.82 a day

There is no training at all on the internet that comes close to the training at Wealthy Affiliate and especially not at this price, I can assure you of that.

That’s less than $1 a day and if you didn’t already know just how incredible this premium membership is, feel free to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review here.

Includes bonuses when taking advantage of the Black Friday Deal…

  1. Bonus #1: The Path to Affiliate Marketing  Success in 2020 – Kyle Goes AMA (Ask Me Anything) DATE: December 18th, 2019 5 PM PST

Where one of the founders Kyle, answers all your questions and explains what you need to know to succeed in 2020

  1. Bonus #2: Building an Incredible Internet Business in 2020, The White Paper.

Outlining the strategies required to succeed in 2020 and beyond

  1. Bonus #3: Creating a Thriving Authority Website in 2020 (5 Weeks of Live Training)
    • Live Class #1:   Starting Out a Long Term Brand
      Date: Jan 3rd, 2020 5 PM PST
    • Live Class #2: Building Out Your Visionary Website Framework
      Date: Jan 10th, 2020 5 PM PST
    • Live Class #3: Mastering Keyword & Market Research in Your Niche.
      Date: Jan 17th, 2020 5 PM PST
    • Live Class #4:  Integrating the Money Elements into Your Website.
      Date: Jan 24th, 2020 5 PM PST
    • Live Class #5:  Scaling Your Business, for the Long Term. (Your Year Ahead) – Date:  Jan 31st, 2020 5 PM PST
  1. Bonus #4: Early Beta Access to NEW Releases at Wealthy Affiliate

Development of new strategies are always been applied to the existing training platform, with some really big additions coming in 2020 to help you thrive in this competitive world. Your chance to get in there first!

Current Premium Members who took advantage of the Black Friday deal (like myself) will continue to keep that discounted rate on an annual basis forever.

How Long Would it Take To Achieve My Goals?

A very good question but let’s be realistic shall we?

Set real goals that are not too far out of reach, that way when you achieve that goal it will give you the confidence to push forward even more.

They all keep ranting on about the correct “Mindset” so with that in mind you need to be…

Fully committed, determined, hard-working.

Do not listen to people who try and discourage you and say that you are wasting your time, because it happens all the time, and once the seed is planted many give in before they’ve given themselves half a chance.

If you can read and write and follow basic instructions (like we all should be able to do) then this should be a doddle!

But, many expect results too quickly and end up jacking it all in.

Some people have families and jobs to look after which restricts the amount of time that they can dedicate to this new business. 

A realistic example would be to earn $3000-5000 a month within the first 12 months and many are doing that and more. It all depends on how much FREE time you can dedicate.

Beyond 12 months the sky the limit. There are no boundaries.

What do you think? …Ready to take the First Step to your Financial Freedom?

If you are at this point of the article then I can assume that you are at least a little curious!

How many of us…

  • Hate our jobs?
  • Would like to work from home? (providing you aren’t already doing so)
  • Would love to work when we want to?
  • Would love to spend more time with our families?
  • Would love to be debt FREE?
  • Would love to be financially secure?
  • Would love to buy that expensive car?
  • Would love to move to a bigger house?
  • Would love to take more holidays whenever they want?

and the list just goes on and on…

I think we could all answer YES to the above questions!

Ok, very few of you out there might not answer YES to the above questions, but let’s face it they wouldn’t be here looking.

What if you missed the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019 Deal?

So you forgot and missed the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday 2019 Deal, then why not join as a “FREE” member, take your time and check out the system first and see if this is something that you could work with.

If when you join as a “FREE” member and you like what you see, you could take advantage of upgrading as a premium member where you really need to be if you are serious about building an online business, or you could stay as a FREE member indefinitely.

The first month would be discounted at $19 then would continue at $49 a month thereafter or until you paid upfront for the yearly membership.

Paying for the annual membership would bring the costs down somewhat from  $588 to $359

This works out at just under $29.92 a month

Which equates to $1 a day

That’s a saving of $229 which is around 60%

So you see with actually missing the Black Friday Deal you are still getting all this training for $1 a day as opposed to $0.82.

OK, so you will end up paying $359 instead of $299. That’s just an additional $60 but this way you could check out the system first before making a commitment.

and remember…If you join as a FREE member you will not be asked for your CREDIT card details, so what have you got to lose?

Final thoughts

I hope you have found this article helpful and that I have given you some room for thought.

Just think, I was in those shoes a couple of years ago and just about to call it a day, until I came across this training platform quite by chance.

If you have enjoyed this post then feel free to pass on any comments or ask me anything at all or give a little love by sharing on social media, but what I’d really like is for you to be committed and jump on board.

I will be there all the way!

Cheers, your friend



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