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Taking Action Online Review

Hey Guys, welcome to the Taking Action Online review

This product has been on our radar now for a few months and thought it was about time we found out a little more and the exact reason why you are here too.

A product brought to you by Philip Borrowman and if his previous products are anything to go by then you should be in for a treat.

We’d like to commend you for taking the time out to research this product as it’s the only way.

To avoid the many scams that are out there and only find legit make money opportunities.

Before we get started we’d just like to mention that we aren’t associated with Philip Borrowman or his product Taking Action Online.

That means you are not going to find us pitching or selling anything to you but what you will get is an honest unbiased account.

Of who Philip Borrowman and whether Taking Action Online is something worth looking at further.

In this Taking Action Online review, we will be addressing everything about this course, the pros and cons, the price plus so much more.

Finishing the review with our final verdict and whether we recommend this course or not and whether there is an alternative you could look at.

So, let’s get started

[Affiliate Disclosure: This Taking Action Online Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!] 

Taking Action Online Review - Logo

Product: Taking Action Online

Founder: Philip Borrowman and JayKay Dowdall


Product Description: Affiliate marketing

Cost to join: $47/month

Recommended: Yes

Summary: Affiliate marketing training products are 10 a penny on the internet today, meaning.

That for every one decent product you come across you will have to discard many which often end up costing you money.

In this Taking Action Online review, you will quickly realise this is a comprehensive step-by-step training course.

That we would recommend to anyone, but if you’d like to take a look at a previous course by Philip then you can by clicking here.

Taking Action is what you have to do in order to have any success at all so if you are not prepared to do this then I would not read any further.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one recommended training platform for creating an online business

Taking Action Online Review – Contents

What is Taking Action Online About?

Taking Action Online Main

Taking Action Online is an affiliate marketing training course created and developed by Philip Borrowman and JayKay Dowdall.

Although JayKay isn’t mentioned anywhere except on his own website, so maybe he is with Philip on a joint venture, which they so often do.

The course is a step-by-step, over the shoulder video course where Philip shows you from scratch.

Exactly what is required to start your very own online business the same method that is responsible for him earning thousands of dollars online?

Philip is a person who says how it is and doesn’t hold back when he tells you just how much work is involved, which not many “so-called gurus” do.

The course initially was a one-off price of $147 but in recent times they have changed it into a membership training course.

From the sales page, you used to be able to access a free 12-step course which gave you an insight into this type of business.

Who is The Creator of Taking Action Online?

Philip Borrowman and JayKay Dowdall areTaking Action Online Review - Philip Borrowman

responsible for TAO although we couldn’t find a mention of JayKay on the sales page.

Philip is a straight-talking Scottish guy who is renowned for talking a little quicker than the norm and is very believable when you watch his videos.

This is his new rendition which follows on from other successful products that he has brought to market.

The Simple Traffic Blueprint teaches you how to find FREE traffic by creating videos on Youtube.

Others into the mix are, The Advanced Traffic Blueprint and The Simple SEO Blueprint which spring to mind.

JayKay takes a bit of a backseat on this joint-venture with Philip and can be found on Affiliate Networks like WarriorPlus.

Where you can find a number of products, in particular his popular training, the FB Master’s Program.

Where he teaches you how to make money as an affiliate marketer through the use of Facebook ads.

What do You Get With Taking Action Online?

Watch over 50 hours of videos in an over the shoulder format in the exact steps required to start your own affiliate marketing business.

From finding a niche to creating a website and learning how to drive traffic and subsequently getting paid.

There are 20 modules with 156 tutorials that come with TAO and a boatload of bonuses which we have highlighted with a brief description.

Step #1 – How to find a niche that is going to be profitable

It all starts with a niche or more to the point a sub-niche which many seem to struggle with because they are usually given bad advice.

A niche ideally should be an interest or something that you are or could be passionate about, that is going to be profitable.

This module will teach you all there is to determining which niche to use.

This is the most important module as this will be what your business is going to be about.

Step #2 – How to Build a Website

In this module, you’ll learn how to create a website which is to showcase you niche that you have just selected.

Many people get frightened when we mention the word website but there is nothing to worry about.

Nowadays, with the advancement of technologies. creating a website is a piece of cake and you will see this with 4 detailed over the shoulder video tutorials.

This will be the foundation of your business.

Step #3 – Social Media, Profiles & Managing Time 

Social media today plays a massive part in everybody’s life, whether it’s keeping in touch with friends on Facebook or Instagram.

Watching videos on Youtube, it’s an area that you should exploit for driving traffic through to your website.

Learn in this module, the importance of social media, how to set up profiles and a lot more.

This is all about creating a following which in the future to work to your benefit.

Step #4 – Investing in Yourself

Most people hate the term “You have to invest in yourself”

This module will open up your eyes and is an important one that will cover things like having the right mindset for creating a business.

Just think about it, if you went into a business venture halfheartedly then it would just be a matter before you fail.

Listening to others, like family and friends telling you that you are wasting your time and that you should find a job.

These are things that you need to eradicate from the mind and this module goes into detail about just how important it is to have the right thoughts.

Step #5 – Website Foundation Optimization

Creating your website which you have already done and which you were surprised by just how easy it was.

But, you need to get the website ready for the internet by optimizing for SEO and Google, speed, security and a few other things.

This module teaches you all that which is pretty straightforward and often just requires a few parameters set in the website dashboard.

Plus the addition of a few plugins which are programs that you install, set up and leave. All a piece of cake.

This will all go towards ranking your site and trust which is so important for Google and over time it will ensure people can see your site.

Step #6 – Creating Content

Another thing that people shy away from is content but without it how is anybody going to find your website?

We all can write, we do it every day by texting and emailing.

This module shows you the importance of writing content that other people are going to want to read.

Remember this, there are over 8.4 billion keywords typed into the Google search engine every day, this is where your customers are coming from.

Find out exactly what keywords people are searching with that refer to your niche and create great content that people are going to want to read.

Step #7 – Create a Valuable Lead Magnet

Learn the importance in this module of what a lead magnet is and how to create one that is going to attract leads and prospective customers.

Who is going to become your subscribers who at some point in the future will become another additional passive income stream?

Like on social media where you are creating a following, the same applies to email marketing.

The more subscribers you can get on your email list the more money you can make, as the saying goes, “the money is in the list”

Step #8 – Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate sales in your affiliate marketing business.

In this module, you will learn the importance of an email list and how to nurture those subscribers by sending them helpful stuff.

It’s all about trust and this takes time.

Philip cuts out all the flannel and describes this in a way that anybody can understand.

Step #9 – My Favourite Free Traffic Source

This module covers seven tutorials for people who are on a tight budget.

Free traffic is great but it takes time and people are always too impatient and one of the main reasons why they fail.

We know from one of Philip’s previous teaching products that his #1 method for free traffic is Youtube.

Youtube is without doubt the number one social media platform because people love watching videos.

Step #10 – Website Optimization for Maximum Sales

Having a structure to your website is important for your readers which helps to ensure they get what they are looking for.

In this module, you are shown how best to adapt this process. with over 10 tutorials to help and show you exactly what to do.

Step #11 – Leveraging Youtube for Free Traffic

This module will teach you about YouTube and how it can send you a monsoon of targeted visitors to your site.

This is a real goldmine as the algorithm on YouTube is incredibly simple to understand.

There are 12x tutorials inside with detailed, over-the-shoulder tutorials on the best ways to make YouTube love your channel.

This module is full of golden nuggets if you want to get free traffic from YouTube!

Step #12 – Taking Things to the Next level

With running an affiliate marketing business there will be times that you have to step out of your comfort zone.

At the end of the day, you are trying to find as much traffic as you can and one of the best ways is through video.

You will be learning in this module all about that comfort zone and stepping outside of it.

With 4  tutorials that cover this important topic.

Step #13 – List Building and Call To Actions

More about email marketing in this module and how to create a big list quicker.

Philip shares some of his strategies on how to do this with six easy to follow strategies.

Step #14 – Making Commissions

At the end of the day, it’s all about making money and you do this through commissions on the sale of a product or service.

However, it isn’t as straightforward as promoting a product through a piece of content that you have written.

There are more things to take into consideration and this module covers those.

This is what will give you that confidence because no matter how small that first commission is, you will know that what you are doing is working.

Step #15 – EmailMarketing Wizardry

This module goes into more detail about email marketing of how to set up an email funnel and automation.

Once you have subscribers in your email list you have to keep in contact by setting up an email sequence.

It’s all about engaging with your prospective customers, not in a sales way because those people will unsubscribe as quick as they subscribed.

It’s all about giving them what they want to read.

So if your business was about Drones, then your email sequence will be about anything to do with Drones such as new products etc.

If you treat your list well they will learn to trust you and possibly buy things from you.

It’s all about getting the right balance and Philip shows you how to do this through ten tutorials.

Step #16 – Expanding Your Social Media Presence

Social media can be a great traffic source but this takes a lot of time but a great way to get yourself known.

You are taught in this module what it takes to grow your social media platforms through the 6 tutorials that you can find in this module.

Step #17 – Outsourcing and Growing 

Now I guess by now that you are thinking where am I going to fit all this into a 24 hours day?

Well, that is through outsourcing, so now your one-man business is starting to flourish, and you will need help to expand.

It means that you can spend more time in other areas that you have neglected because you didn’t have the time.

This is an important module that is covered through 6 in-depth tutorials.

Step #18 – Creating Your Own Product

This is not going to be for everyone but is something to look at for the future.

This is normally the step that many affiliate marketers take because the rewards are so much greater.

That means that you don’t have to promote other people’s products and make a commission in the process.

It means that you can make nearer to 100% and you are in complete control.
Philip has been successful in promoting his own products simply because he is a genuine marketer who can be trusted.

Many “so-called gurus” are totally the opposite and will sell you any old crap they can and tend to be labelled as serial product owners.

If you are interested in developing your own product then what better way to learn from someone who is the right person to learn from.

Step #19 – Using Paid Ads on Youtube and Scaling Traffic

Now, paying for traffic can be expensive if you don’t know what you are doing and is a big learning curve.

However, it is the quickest way to get your business up and running and seen by prospective customers.

In this module, you will learn there is nothing to fear with running paid ads and how to set up and use Youtube.

By creating “True View Discovery Ads” which helps towards expanding your email list and getting your brand out there.

Learn in these 7 tutorials how to create YouTube ad campaigns like a pro no matter how big your budget is.

Step #20 – Going Full-Time

It could be that you have purchased this course to do as a sideline whilst still working the 9-5 just to see if it will work and if it is then this module is for you.

Going full-time is a scary thought and you just have to look at the statistics out there that 95% fail.

Here in these 6 tutorials learn how Philip overcome this hurdle and the sacrifices that you have to make in order to succeed.

Additional Bonuses

    • Monthly Jumpstart Workshops
    • Monthly Strategy Guides with PLR Rights
    • Real Support and Guidance
    • 100% Spam Free Community with Priority Support 24/7
    • Strategy Guides – 10 Ways to Add Value to an Affiliate Offer
    • Strategy Guides – 10 Ways to Make Subscribers Open and Read Emails
    • JumpStart Workshop – Turbo Charge Affiliate Marketing Success
    • JumpStart Workshop – Bonus Creation Hack All Niches
    • All-In-One SEO Tool-Kit

What do They Teach at Taking Action Online?

What you will find nowadays is some big changes to Taking Action Online where there isn’t a free course attached like they used to be.

However, you can still find the free 12 step action plan course here if you want to get a feel of whether this business model is for you or not.

So by now, you know that the course teaches you how to start, build and grow an affiliate marketing business.

It will teach you the main 4 steps that you need to know as well as a lot of other things besides.

How to…

    • Find a profitable niche
    • Build your website
    • Get traffic to your website
    • Make money through commission on the sale of products and services

Who is Taking Action Online For?

This TAO course is pretty much for anybody who is looking to escape the 9-5 working week.

This course will probably only appeal to complete beginners to the world of making money online.

That means there is no requirement for you to have any previous experience, in fact, it would probably be best that you didn’t.

That way you are starting from a completely blank page where there is no chance of anything (previous knowledge) getting in the way.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Taking Action Online?

As we have already mentioned the TAO course has gone through a few changes in regards to the pricing and now can be found for $47/Month.

This means that the training platform went from a one-off fee of $147 to where it is now as a membership site.

Of course, this could change at any time and we have heard that the monthly membership fee may be going up to $97 a month.

Taking Action Online FAQs

  1. Is the TAO Course worth the monthly fee of $47?

We believe it is worth the money but we have seen a few changes in price from a one-off fee of $147 to where it is now at $47 a month.

However, we notice that this could change at any time and be increased to $97 a month.

  1. Does Taking Action Online come with a Refund?

It does come with a 30-day money-back refund so if for any reason you are not happy with this course or it just isn’t for you.

Then ensure that you don’t leave it till the last minute.

  1. Are Philip and JayKay Legit and trustworthy people?

Well, we are very familiar with Philip Borrowman, not so much JayKay but there is no way that Philip wouldn’t have teamed up with JayKay.

If he wasn’t a legit and trustworthy person.

  1. Realistically what is this going to cost to get started?

In the short term, there would be no rush to pay for other tools which you’d need for your business.

But Philip does get into email marketing pretty early on so it would be advised to research an autoresponder.

Something like Aweber, which comes free for the first 500 subscribers.

  1. Is there an alternative solution that you could recommend?

We are part of a more popular training platform that has been going on since 2005 and has everything.

That you would ever need to know about affiliate marketing and for the same price. This can be found here.

We are nowhere taking anything away from the TAO course because it is a good course that is brought to you by a respectable marketer.

Taking Action Online Reviews

The best way to get a good idea that a product or service is legit is to check out reviews that come from a trusted source.

Trustpilot is showing a 5-star rating and is one of the sites that you can trust as reviews are monitored and verified.

Taking Action Online Review #1

Taking Action Online Trustpilot review #2

Taking Action Online Trustpilot review #3

Taking Action Online Trustpilot review #4

Taking Action Online Trustpilot review #5

Everybody on TrustPilot gave Taking Action Online a 100% thumbs up and there wasn’t a bad word to be said about Philip.

Is Taking Action Online a Scam?

Absolutely not. Taking Action OnlineIs Taking Action Online a scam

is not a scam but a comprehensive course that anybody can benefit from.

If you are new to making money online and this is the first product that you have come across let me tell you that you have been very fortunate.

Do not listen to those so-called gurus who offer products that tell you that all you need to do is to press a few buttons or copy and paste.

There seriously isn’t any magic recipe to making money online and if you listen to Philip Borrowman then you will know what we mean.

Something that you will not get away from and that is the hard work that comes with any business.

Unfortunately, this is something you can’t escape from.

Rest assured Philip knows what he is talking about and if you want some reassurance then check out his 12 part free course which is here again.

We don’t often come across many legit products and services but Taking Action Online is one we do recommend 100%.

What we Like About Taking Action Online

When we research a product or service whatWhat we liked about Taking Action Online

we are looking for are problems that you might not notice when you are looking for a make money opportunity.

We couldn’t find any here and the ones that we could are hardly worth mentioning.

  • The course is extremely comprehensive:

We thought the TAO course had plenty of training and covered more about affiliate marketing than we see in many similar products.

  • The TAO course is reasonably priced:

As you know this is now a membership site which is currently $47 a month but prior to this change, you could purchase the course for $147 one-off-price.

  • There is a FREE 12 part training course:

Taking Action Online Free Resources

You can access this free 12 part course which is great because once you have taken this course you will know if this business is for you or not.

Not only that but you will get to see Philip Borrowman in action and whether he resonates with you or not.

  • The course comes with a refund policy:

Always a good thing is a 30-day money-back guarantee but we are pretty sure that whoever purchases this course will not be asking for a refund.

What we Don’t Like About Taking Action Online

We couldn’t really find anything negative What we didn't like about Taking Action Online

to say about the TAO course and the things that we could find are hardly worth mentioning.

If there is any criticism to be made it might be that you would have to purchase additional tools.

But unfortunately, this is unavoidable if you are looking at creating an online presence.

Taking Action Online Review – Final Thoughts!

Take Action Online is a training course we wouldn’t have a problem recommending to anybody.

Especially with the course coming from Philip Borrowman who is a well-established internet marketer.

If you take a look at the sales page you will notice that the first thing you come to is the video presentation which is over an hour long.

That is very unusual and what you won’t find is BS or Philip bragging about how much he is worth.

At the end of the day it’s all about “taking action” and whether you follow in the footsteps of Philip or not is entirely up to you.

You have now in front of you everything that you would need to know about Taking Action Online.

Where do we go From Here?

You have the choice to go ahead and register for Taking Action Online or you could discard this for whatever reason that may be.

What you are not going to find is a get-rich-quick scheme that works although you will see many of them all over the internet.

You could however check out a training platform that I have been a part of for a few years and one I would recommend to anyone.

It won’t cost you anything to look and you won’t even have to hand over your credit card details either.

Get started today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Thank you for reading the Taking Action Online review and we hope you found it helpful in finding the right make money online opportunity.

If you need any further help or would like to ask us anything then you can by reaching out below in the comments section.

All the best and stay safe.

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