The Simple SEO Blueprint Review – Great Course For Complete Beginners!

The simple SEO Blueprint Review

Hey Guys, welcome to The Simple SEO Blueprint review

Another training course by Philip Borrowman, A well-respected internet marketer who we have reviewed on a few occasions.

Who is going to show you that SEO doesn’t have to be difficult by cutting through all the BS that so-called gurus will tell you?

Anybody who has an online business will tell you the most important aspect of running a business is TRAFFIC, without it, you don’t have a business.

There are 2 ways to find traffic, either through paying for it or you can use SEO or search engine optimization, which is what we use.

Before we get started we’d like to mention that we aren’t associated with Philip in any way which means what are you about to get.

Is an honest unbiased review, with all the facts, pros and cons followed by whether we would recommend this training or not.

Armed with all that information, then it should be a simple process to decide whether to pursue this course further or not.

So, if you wanted to know whether The Simple SEO Blueprint was a scam or not.

Then hang fire because in a few minutes all will be revealed so let’s get started.

[Affiliate Disclosure: The Simple SEO Blueprint Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

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Product: The Simple SEO Blueprint

Founder: Philip Borrowman


Product Description: Affiliate marketing

Cost to join: $97.00

Recommended: Yes

Summary: Everybody needs traffic for their online businesses to flourish but many turn to the paid method which can be very expensive.

However, using SEO is the smartest method to use and once done correctly it does not need monitoring as paid marketing does.

I mean, why would you even consider using paid traffic when Goggle alone has over 8.3 billion keywords keyed into their search engine daily.

Coming from around 5.4 billion users who are looking for anything you can imagine.

All you have to do is find what they are searching for that isn’t too competitive, create content and hey presto.

Before you know it your blog posts will be ranked and found on page-1 of Google where you need to be.

That’s what Philip Borrowman will be teaching you.

Wealthy Affiliate is my number one recommended training platform for creating an online business

The Simple SEO Blueprint Review – Table of Contents

    1. What is The Simple SEO Blueprint About?
    2. Who is the Creator of The Simple SEO Blueprint?
    3. What do you get with The Simple SEO Blueprint?
    4. What do they Teach at The Simple SEO Blueprint?
    5. Who is The Simple SEO Blueprint for?
    6. How much does it cost to join The Simple SEO Blueprint?
    7. The Simple SEO Blueprint FAQs
    8. Is The Simple SEO Blueprint a Scam?
    9. What we like about The Simple SEO Blueprint
    10. What we don’t like about The Simple SEO Blueprint
    11. The Simple SEO Blueprint Review -Final Thoughts
    12. Where do we go from here?
    13. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is The Simple SEO Blueprint About?

The simple SEO Blueprint Login

The Simple SEO Blueprint is a training course that Philip Borrowman brought to market in February 2021.

It teaches you how to master a free traffic concept that will save you a ton of money in the long run.

SEO is the method that we use and take it from me, once you have mastered the basics there is nothing better for finding traffic for your business.

You don’t have to keep an eye on it like you with paid marketing and it works 24/7.

Just think if you wrote 10 posts and used SEO it wouldn’t cost you a dime and those posts will be just sitting there day after day picking up more and more traffic.

Whereas those 10 posts would each have to be paid to find traffic and when you reached the end of your budget you’d have to top it up time and time again.

A no brainer really, what do you think?

Who is the Creator of The Simple SEO Blueprint?

Philip Borrowman is a well-respected internet marketer responsible for The Simple SEO Blueprint.

He resides in Scotland which is in the UK and prior to becoming an Internet Marketer was a baker and struggled.

This training is part of a series of training products that he has recently brought to market which are very well received.

Here are 2 products that we recently wrote reviews on…

Simple Traffic Blueprint, which is all about using Youtube as a FREE traffic source and teaches you how to create videos.

The more recent training, which is Taking Action Online, which is a very comprehensive training platform full of great stuff.

What do you get with The Simple SEO Blueprint?

Once you signup up for The Simple SEO Blueprint, you’ll get access to over 50 videos in an over-the-shoulder teaching format.

Included in this package are 7 modules which we have listed below with a brief description.

Module #1 – Is an Introduction to the Training Course

Here in this module, it’s all about the mindset, the strategies you will be learning, and understanding what the long term goal is.

Avoid Black Hat SEO which is trying to manipulate the system to benefit your business and will end up destroying your business.

Between The Simple SEO Blueprint and Taking Action Online.

These 6 Tutorials should get you started quickly…

    1. Welcome to The Simple SEO Blueprint
    2. The Simple SEO Blueprint Strategy
    3. Understanding the Long-Term Goal
    4. Mindset and Attitude Towards Yor Website
    5. Black Hat SEO – What to Avoid
    6. Relationship Between SEO Blueprint and Taking Action Online

Module #2 – Getting Started

SEO for many can be hard to grasp because there are so many parameters involved.

Especially as Google are always moving the goalposts with changes to their algorithm.

You are going to find these 6 tutorials essential if you want to succeed.

    1. Search Engine Optimization 101
    2. Relevance and Optimization
    3. Understanding User Intent
    4. Google Ranking Factors You Can’t Control
    5. The Difference Between Good Content and Bad Content
    6. Tools That You Will Need

Module #3 – Setting Up Your Website

There is nothing worse than a website that is difficult to work your way around in. It should be easy for your readers.

But also easy for Google to crawl your site which all goes to getting trust from Google which will help towards ranking which is what we want.

These 9 tutorials will put you on the right path to creating a solid foundation.

    1. Using An Existing Blog
    2. How To Use The Aim Small, Miss Small Concept
    3. Understanding The Pillars Of your Website
    4. Live Examples Of Pillar Pages and Well Structures Websites
    5. Building Your Website
    6. Researching Your Home Page and Pillar Pages
    7. Creating Your Homepage
    8. Creating The Pillar Pages and Blog Structure
    9. Setting Up The Pillar/Silo Page

Module #4 – Keyword Research

Before you start writing content you need to find out what people are searching for in your niche.

This will determine which keywords to use as the heading of your content or blog post.

There are a few rules to take on board and in this module, you will find out just what they are.

Want you don’t want are keywords that are too competitive.

These 9 tutorials will put you on the right track.

    1. Introducing Jaaxy (which is the keyword tool we use)
    2. Understanding Intent Behind Keywords
    3. Low Hanging Fruit/Long Tail Keywords
    4. Research – Broad Search Terms
    5. Research – Long Tail Keywords
    6. Research – Buyer Keywords
    7. Research – Understanding Competition
    8. Starting From The Bottom
    9. Do Not Overthink The Process

Module #5 – Creating Content

By now you know what people are searching for in your niche and you know what they are going to want to read.

Once you have found the right keyword then you need to write content that your readers are going to love.

This is what Philip will be showing you in this module with these 6 tutorials.

    1. Content Creation Checklist
    2. Researching Content
    3. Creating Natural Content
    4. Rich Content Structure
    5. How To Write Content
    6. Writing Tip – Fast Writing

Module #6 – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the very core of this training course and a must skill if you want to give yourself any sort of chance of succeeding.

Once you have gone through this module and the 12 tutorials and understood what is required.

You will have more confidence to be well on your way.

    1. SEO Ranking Checklist
    2. Google Understands Context
    3. Injecting Keyword Rich Content
    4. Internal Linking
    5. External Links and Referencing
    6. Headlines and H Tags
    7. Image Optimization
    8. Bullet Points and Menus
    9. Meta Description – Search Engine Results Page
    10. Mobile Responsiveness
    11. Backlink Building – The Basics
    12. Backlink Building – Starts With Your Content

Module #7 – Putting It All Together

You are now at the point in this training where you know enough to go off and start your online business.

But now you have completed the major part, what are you going to do with this new knowledge that you have just taken on board.

In this module, Philip will discuss your long-term aspirations and how what to do now.

    1. Failing Forward and Learning By Doing
    2. Committing And Understanding Business
    3. Go Back, Watch Again Until It has Clicked

Plus 3 Exclusive Bonuses

What’s included here are checklists for both SEO and content creation along with an 8-week blogging road map.

    1. 16 Point Interactive SEO Checklist
    2. 22 Point Interactive Checklist For Content Creation
    3. 8 Week Blogging Roadmap To Success

What do they Teach at The Simple SEO Blueprint?

Philip teaches you how to find loads of traffic for FREE through search engine optimization.

Which many shy away from because they have the impression that SEO is a bit of a closed shop and only for experts in this field.

This analogy couldn’t be further from the truth and in The Simple SEO Blueprint, Philip shows you that there is nothing to fear.

Finding traffic this way requires research on your part using a keyword research tool to determine what people are searching for in your niche.

Once you have determined what keywords to use then you’d write a piece of content that you’d publish on your website.

Every time someone types in the keyword that you have used for your content there is the likelihood that they will see your blog post.

Many believe that SEO is slow because it can take time for Google to trust your site and that may be the case initially.

But, once your site has a certain amount of trust and authority, by selecting the right keywords your posts will be seen within a few days.

Who is The Simple SEO Blueprint For?

Search engine optimization is for anybody who is thinking of starting an online business.

So if you are a complete beginner with no previous experience then this course is for you.

Even experienced internet marketers who are struggling with SEO would also benefit.

We’ll tell you who this course is not for…

Anybody who is looking for a get rich quick, push-button or copy and paste scheme.

This is a legit training course that will require hard work, taking action and applying what you will have been taught.

If building a business was so easy then everybody would be doing it but it just simply isn’t and if someone tells you it is they are lying.

How much does it cost to join The Simple SEO Blueprint?

As of this review, the course is a one-off fee of $97 which also comes with a no questions asked 7-day refund policy.

We know that 7 days doesn’t give you much time to decide but if starting an online business is not for you.

Then don’t leave it to the last day to ask for a refund.

The Simple SEO Blueprint FAQs

  1. Is The Simple SEO Blueprint Worth $97?

We believe it is worth the money and we know this from other products that we have seen from Philip.

Not to mention all the positive reviews you can find online.

  1. Is There A Refund Policy In Effect?

There is a money-back guarantee but you have only 7 days to decide whether The Simple SEO Blueprint is for you or not.

  1. Is Philip A Trustworthy Person?

Philip is a genuine and trustworthy marketer and you have no qualms there.

  1. Are There Any Additional Costs Involved?

Whenever anybody starts a business there are always additional costs and look at what it could cost you if you were opening a shop.

You are probably talking thousands.

With an affiliate marketing business, it is the most cost-effective business model there is.

To give you some sort of idea of what it costs me on a daily basis you can take a look here.

Off the top of my head, you need…

    • SEO course @ $97
    • Autoresponder @ Free for the first 500 subscribers with Aweber
    • Keyword research tool – $20-$50 /month
    • Domain and Hosting $5/month
  1. Is There An Alternative Course You Could Recommend?

Everything that you will learn on The Simple SEO Blueprint can be learned on the training platform at Wealthy Affiliate.

Plus if you subscribed to the monthly membership then that would include Hosting and Jaaxy which Philip recommends.

Is The Simple SEO Blueprint a Scam?

Is The Simple SEO Blueprint a scam? Definitely not!

Philip Borrowman is a well-respected affiliate marketer who we have followed for some time now.

It is a legit training course that anybody can benefit from and once you have mastered SEO you are going to wish you did earlier.

This is a method that doesn’t require constant monitoring like paid traffic does and will save you a lot of money.

Is the simple SEO blueprint a scam - Take action today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

What we like about The Simple SEO Blueprint

We found the Simple SEO Blueprint to be comprehensive with help and support to back it up.

Philip Borrowman is one of the better vendors out there who has a way of teaching that is easy to understand which is hard to come by.

Here we have put together a few pros which we thought stood out.

    • Philip is a legit marketer
    • It’s a good course that everyone can benefit from
    • Comes with a money-back guarantee
    • Detailed Tutorials
    • Over the shoulder training
    • Very good product support
    • Real free traffic

What we don’t like about The Simple SEO Blueprint

We couldn’t see anything that we didn’t like about this training course the same as the other courses that Philip has brought to the marketplace.

The Simple SEO Blueprint Review – Final Thoughts!

For anybody who wants to learn SEO then we would have no problem recommending this product.

As we have already mentioned it’s not a course for anybody who is not prepared to put in the time and effort.

For anybody who is thinking of starting an online business learning this skill is a must and as Philip says isn’t difficult to learn.

How we make a living online

  • Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online and the method we would recommend above any other.

SEO is not difficult but there is a lot to learn, and if you are looking for an all-around training platform.

Then you might like to take a look at the link below who we have been associated with since 2017 and would recommend 100% to anyone.

It won’t cost you a dime to look and you won’t even be asked for your credit card details either.

Get started today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you guys enjoyed this review if you have any questions add them below and we will get back to you.

All the best and stay safe

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