How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing – Is it really possible to make a living as an Affiliate Marketer?

How to Make Money in affiliate marketing

Welcome to this How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing guide.

Making money online is one of the most popular keywords that are keyed into the Google Search Engine on a daily basis, but an area that is full of mystique

What do I mean by mystique?

The number of opportunities and different ways of making money online is literally endless and a minefield for anyone new to this game trying to work it all out.

When I first started my journey into this world, I spent a few years bouncing off walls trying countless opportunities that made me no money and more importantly I didn’t really learn anything.

Well, that’s not exactly true, because I did learn something which turned out to be a very important skill, how to spot unscrupulous people in the Affiliate Marketing industry plying their trade of promoting scam after scam.

You know, the guys standing in front of  mansions and expensive cars with wads of money bragging about this “Secret” and “How to make $10k in the first week”

Let me tell you, there are no secrets and you ain’t going to earn $10k in a week, that is for sure.  If only that were true, then I wouldn’t be here writing this post.

Affiliate marketing, not to be confused with multi-level-marketing can be a very lucrative way of making a living if you learn a few basics, and of course, find the right mentors too.

You could, of course, go down the route of watching Youtube videos and try to work it all out yourself that way, but time-consuming it is, and besides, you have to decide if the information is creditable? I should know, I’ve tried this method.

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The Basic Steps of Affiliate Marketing

Knowing that it is very possible to make money as an affiliate marketer then you need to look at the basic steps which I have listed below.

It’s important to understand that the basic steps don’t necessarily mean that becoming an affiliate marketer is going to be an easy task because it isn’t.

It just means that the business model is a simple concept that anybody is capable of doing.

    1. Niche
    2. Website
    3. Content
    4. Affiliate Programs

Although I knew these steps prior to me finding a mentor, it was finding the right training platform and mentor that helped me and gave me the confidence to put all the pieces together.

Deciding on a Niche

There are literally thousands possibly millions of ideas that could potentially be a niche.

To get an understanding of what I mean we could take a look at what people are searching for on a daily basis in the Google Search Engine.

Google alone takes about 93% of the entire global search engine market which based on the number of people who have access to the internet is around 4.1 billion people.

That interpreted into keywords keyed into the Google search engine is over 7 billion on a daily basis.

That 7 billion has the potential to become a niche.

See how much potential there is?

However, what you don’t want to do is choose a niche that isn’t going to be profitable and to do this you could use a keyword research tool like Jaaxy.

The ideal niche is one that you have a passion for which will help when you are building your site.

The goal is to become an authority in your chosen niche.

That comes with age and the amount of content you create and add to the website.

Your prospective customers or readers will find your content in Google by searching for the information that you are writing about and will subscribe and keep coming back.

Over time even if you thought that you weren’t an expert in that field people will see that you are and keep coming back.

Check out this video for niche ideas…

Creating your Website to Showcase your Niche

Before you switch off and hit the back button, let me tell you briefly, creating a website nowadays is a straight forward process and one that nobody should be afraid of.

Creating a great website to showcase your niche is extremely important to having success as an affiliate marketer.

Just think of it as a library where you store all that great information that you created to help your readers.

Your website has got to look appealing to your readers and one that will stand out in a crowd.

Check out this video which shows you just how simple and straight forward creating a great website really is by clicking on the image.

How to Make Money in affiliate marketing - How to create your website

Building out your Website with Content – Where to get ideas from?

It goes without saying that you can have the best-looking website on the internet, but without the content to match all your work will be in vain.

We know that people are searching in Google with keywords that relate to our niche but we need to be more specific with what our prospective readers are keying into the search engine.

Keyword Research

This is how we find what people are keying into the Google Search Engine and this will be the basis of our content.

Hypothetically, let’s say that our niche was about “Drones with cameras”

How to Make Money in affiliate marketing - Jaaxy

Straight away by keying “best drones with cameras” into the Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool we instantly have several keywords that we can use.

5 keywords = 5 blog posts.

Those 5 keywords that we have selected have a QSR of less than 50 with a certain amount of traffic.

Content Research – Finding ideas

Take each keyword starting with “best drones with cameras” and type that into the Google Search Engine.

All the information that you require for your research to write content for your website you can find on pages 1 or 2 of Google.

How to Make Money in affiliate marketing - best drones with cameras ideas

Remember that your new role as a copywriter is to put a completely different spin on a piece of work that was already written remembering not to copy.

Check out what Neil Patel has to say about creating content…

Finding Affiliate Programs to  link the Customer with the Vendor

You have done all the hard work, with researching what your niche is and what your business is going to be about.

You’ve created your website and found a great theme that will suit your business purpose and now the time to start building your business with great content.

Now, you need to find affiliate programs related to your niche that you can include within your content.

This is what links the customer with the vendor or retailer.

Affiliate programs are literally everywhere, they are mostly free to join and they are how you get paid and vary in the commission rates from 2% up to around 85%.

As an affiliate marketer, you are responsible for finding the right products to promote which maximizes your potential.

How to Make Money in affiliate marketing - drones with cameras affiliate programs

Of course, there will be thousands of affiliate programs to choose from and remember you are helping the vendors business by getting customers to their site so a win-win situation.

How to Make Money in Affiliate Marketing – Getting Paid 

If you have followed the steps and joined the dots correctly, it is only a matter of time before your website is noticed by people who are looking for the information that you are providing.

Getting paid becomes automatic and is the easy step in this whole process.

Remember, your website will be working 24/7 and because you are using SEO or search engine optimization, that means you don’t have to pay for your marketing campaigns.

You could, however, use paid advertising to speed up the process but if not done correctly can become very costly, but this subject is for another day.

Creating a Bond with your Prospective Customer

Creating a bond with your readers is so important, treat them right and your readers will keep coming back and may well turn into your customers.

To help in creating that bond you would use an email auto-responder which gives you as the affiliate marketer the link with your readers.

Just look at an email responder as a database that holds information about your reader and allows you to keep in contact by sending them emails about things they might be interested in.

They will also receive notifications of new articles that you publish too.

There are many email responders that come at varying prices but most are free for a period of time.

However, make sure that the email responder allows affiliate marketing because many don’t.

Check out this post that will give you some great ideas.

It Takes Hard Work, Consistency, Persistence and above all Patience 

You need to look at this new business as an affiliate marketer as you would any business.

Hard work, consistency, persistence and patience are the 4 main criteria that you need, amongst some other skills that will come with time…

    • Love what you are doing by choosing the right niche.
    • There is a lot to learn but remember to take small steps.
    • Learn from other successful affiliate marketers by researching their sites and seeing what they are doing differently.
    • Ensure you know about the product that you are promoting
    • Being consistent and patient is extremely important.
    • Become an authority in your niche which will happen over time.
    • Building a team that comes with experience. Learn to outsource some of the work so that you can learn new things.
    • It is important to stay active

Check out this article that goes into a little more detail and will give you more ideas to help in your business.

How to make money in Affiliate Marketing – The Right Mind-Set

How to Make Money in affiliate marketing - Having the right mindset

Something that most of us don’t take into consideration because we either don’t know about the term “The Right Mind-Set” or we don’t think that we need one.

For most of my life, I had never heard of this term and only took it on board in the last few years when I moved into affiliate marketing.

Your mindset is the accumulation of knowledge, including your thoughts, beliefs and the world and yourself within it.

It is your filter for information and how you react and interpret that information.

A belief system that we use all the time.

Have you noticed that often when something we take on that is new to us that we tend to move towards the part of ourselves that says we can’t do it?

Whatever you believe will determine how you progress through life.

The words “I am” have always been understood to be the most powerful of all 2-word combination.

Say or do something long enough and you will be good if not great at what it is you want to do.

    • “I am a successful affiliate marketer”
    • “I am successful”

Anything with “I want” such as “I want to be a successful affiliate marketer” will be interpreted and acted out but you won’t be as successful.

The right mindset is used to construct a positive change. That’s why a belief system doesn’t necessarily have to mirror your current reality, but the reality that you believe in should be more than possible.

    • Find the right information
    • Find the right people
    • Question your current beliefs
    • Shape your mindset with visions and goals
    • Find your own identity, your own voice
    • Always be positive and ignore negativity
    • Meditation helps me tremendously

This leads me onto…

Finding the right Training Platform and the Right Mentor

This is often the hardest thing to do because if you are like me and tried many avenues without any real success, then any confidence that you had will be on the low side by now.

Doubts will now be firmly in place because you will now feel whatever you try is about to fail.

Even if you did find a great training platform, the doubts would still be there and any further research would be more likely to be on the negative side to justify why you shouldn’t pursue this any further.

The reason why around 96% fail online.

We all tend to make excuses up to justify why we shouldn’t do something.

Finding the right training platform and being around positive people and people who are having success is so important.

Wealthy Affiliate is a training platform that has all that you have read in this post right down to a fine art.

The only person who can fail is you.

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme but one that will take a lot of hard work, but the rewards are more than worth it and it’s free to join with no credit cards.

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I hope you learned something from this guide, how to make money in Affiliate marketing.

If you did then why not show a little love and share amongst your family and friends.

If you have any questions at all please add them in the comments section below and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Until next time and stay safe!

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