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How To Make Money Online For Free - Join Wealthy Affiliate

I guess that heading really hit the mark, “How to make money online for free” but before you decide to jump ship, now you are here wouldn’t it be wise to hang around for a while and maybe, just maybe I have some great news for you.

How to make money online for free is a very popular keyword phrase as you can see by the below image.

How To Make Money

On average 10221 people key that same keyword phrase into Google, not to mention the different variations of the same keyword, so we are probably talking about hundreds of thousands of people searching for ways to make money online for free.

When I first started looking online I went down the same path and you want to know something, I couldn’t find a single place where I could earn a decent living from for free. There was always a money element somewhere along the way.

I’m sure you have heard the saying “You get nothing in this world for free”

That may be correct in most cases, but if you look hard enough you are certain to find something that you can try for free. That is what happened to me and the best decision I ever made, and if you read this article to the end then I will give you an opportunity that won’t cost you a dime.

I guess the main goal with the internet that we are all looking for is to be independent and financially secure, right?

We are all looking for the day when we can tell our boss where to go. A dream for many but a reality for some!

OK, let’s cut the waffle and get right into it.

Had Enough of the “BS” and Looking for a New Direction to become Financially Secure?

OK, so I guess you have been down the same road as many, including myself, where you are sat all day clicking on ads for measly points that you turn into cash at some point, maybe 1-2 months down the road for 20 bucks, or filling in surveys only to be told time and time again that you didn’t qualify. Does that sound familiar?

If you want to carry on with those sites then be my guest and this isn’t for you, but if you want to turn your life around and learn something that you can truly benefit from…

…A passive income, that generates you cash 24/7/365, where you can work anywhere, when you want and at your own pace, because all you need is an internet connection, then please read on.

If you haven’t already guessed, I am talking about Affiliate Marketing…

If you are unsure of just what this is all about then you could take a look at a review that I wrote some time ago, or you can listen to the shortened version right here.

This coming year 2020, the affiliate marketing industry is forecast to be worth around a 12 billion dollar industry and no better time than the present to get involved with.

First off, the business model of affiliate marketing is very simple and straightforward.

Vendor — Affiliate Marketer — Customer

That’s it, you promote vendor products to the customer and when you make a sale you are paid by way of commissions.

Ok, so that is the simplistic version, but there is a little more to it than that.

The beauty of this business model is… 

You don’t hold any stocks, in other words, you don’t need a warehouse, meaning that you don’t have to shell out money for any products.

You don’t need to manage stocks because that is all taken care of for you, even the order management, shipping, returns and aftersales.

There are no overheads because all you need is an internet connection and device.

There are no restrictions on where you can run this business either. Not like having to drive into work to check paperwork or ensure the orders are placed correctly. Nothing like that! You could be travelling around the world!

Anybody can do this, trust me I am

Seriously that is not beyond the realms because many people I know are doing just that, travelling and working. All you need is an internet connection.

Google is where it is all happening, where millions of people are searching for everything you could possibly think of.

A few facts about Google, in this present day.Google search engine

There are around 80,000 searches every single second of the day where people are searching for things like…

  • How to plumb in a toilet
  • How to make money online for free
  • Best Samsung tv for under $1000
  • How to wire a plug
  • How to make a chicken curry
  • How to train a puppy dog
  • Best affiliate marketing training

That’s approximately 7 billion (7,000,000,000) searches keyed into Google every single day and with nearly 4.8 billion (and climbing) with access to the internet.

Google is just like a massive shop, just like Amazon but a lot bigger!

How Does this Affiliate Marketing Business Model Work?

The job of an affiliate marketer is to help and offer solutions to a particular problem or issue what people are looking for. There are no hard sales tactics because as you probably know they just don’t work.

Of course, we can’t help all the millions of people who are typing in nearly 7 billion searches every day can we, but we can help a portion of those.

If you looked at what those people were searching for and broke those search terms into groups or categories then we could find something that you would be interested in, right? Of course, we could!

The 4 Simple Steps To Success

Step 1 – Choose an Interest, what you might call a Niche

This could be a hobby or something you are passionate about, like Golf, Fishing, Tennis, Camping, Dog Training.

It could be anything that relates to what people are searching for.

A very popular keyword is one that you typed into Google to get to this post. “How to make money online” or something similar.

This is part of the “Make Money Online ” NICHE!

So let’s use this as our example, right!

Step 2 – Build Your Website

Now we have decided on what our Niche is going to be about, it is time to create our Website, and I’m not going to bang on too much about this because nowadays this is very straightforward and this will be explained in great detail if you decided to become a free member.

Suffice to say, that nowadays due to advancement in technology everything is pretty straightforward with no background knowledge required in HTML, Java, Graphic designing, etc. Those days are well and truly in the past!

In fact, I have seen a website created in less than 1 minute, which I’m not able to do. It might take me 5 minutes tops!

Step 3 – Attract Visitors…How to get your Website in front of all those people searching on Google. You know the millions typing in well over 7 billion search phrases each day. 

OK, now we have our “Niche” and we have created our “Website”

Now its time to get our website in front of those people.

We do that by writing content or articles which many would call “blog posts”.

OK, so you are not a writer or that’s probably what you are thinking.

“I was never a writer before I got involved with this business and the last letter I wrote was maybe over 5 years ago, but since I started this business I have found that I love writing which as totally surprised me.” If you don’t try, then you will never know, will you?

What do I write about?

Well your niche, what else!

OK, as I mentioned, we will be using   “How to make money online” as our example.

So let’s type this into the Jaaxy Keyword Tool like so!

Jaaxy How To Make Money Online

As you can see in the above image, right at the top of a list we have our main keyword which is “how to make money online” and immediately below this, we have another 5 different keywords that relate to the same thing.

There are many more, we just couldn’t fit them all on the screen!

Can you see next to the keywords there are columns? Well pay particular attention to,

Avg and Traffic

Avg – The average number of searches that keyword phrase receives per month.

Traffic – is the number of potential subscribers that we could attract if we managed to get our “blog post” on page 1 of Google. (don’t worry, not as difficult as you may think)

Those 6 Keywords that are listed…

We could potentially use as the title of each “blog post”, so straight off the bat, we have 6 posts that we could write and quite possibly get access to around 200,000 people or prospective subscribers.

Why we use a Keyword Research Tool like Jaaxy

We would use a keyword tool like Jaaxy to find keywords that relate to our Niche, which have a certain amount of Traffic and are not too competitive.

We would use those keywords as the title of our “blog posts” and over time our website will grow because all we will be doing is writing content and adding them to our website.

Each “blog post” attracts a certain amount of traffic and all we are doing is grabbing a small portion of that 6 billion, and the more posts you add to your website the more people you attract which will eventually turn into subscribers.

How do I find ideas to write my blog posts about?

You would do your research on the Internet and on Google.

Type in your chosen “keyword” either in brackets or without and check what other affiliates are writing about. There are literally thousands of areas you could exploit.

A little secret I will disclose…Type your niche or keyword into the Google search engine, and check the 1st 3 pages of the search results. All your research can be done there!

But, why would I want to use or copy other peoples stuff?

Well, you don’t copy other peoples work, because it has to be different and original otherwise Google will penalise you. All you are doing is getting ideas, that’s all!

You could even be using the same keyword phrase and by writing more original content over time Google could rank you higher.

How do I Make Money?

Well before you have written and published your great content that is going to help your future subscribers, you will need to offer a solution to the reader’s quest.

This is where you would offer a product which would go on your blog post that you are helping out your readers with.

How do I do that?

As you know this article is about affiliate marketing and therefore part of this process is offering a product to your reader as part of the solution. Sort of like the “icing on the cake”.

If your niche was in the “Make Money Online” niche like I am in then you could offer a training platform that you was part of as your solution.

There are literally thousands of Affiliate Programs that you can join for free, and all you would do is find one or two, or maybe several. Sign up to the affiliate program and promote a product or products.

Just type “your niche” + affiliate program into Google and instantly displayed there will be tons of programs you could join.

Anything you could think of there surely will be an affiliate program that you could use!

Every sale you make you will get a commission, and that’s pretty much it.

Are you ready to take that first major step to a better secure life?

I said I had something for you if you lasted the course.

If you hadn’t already noticed from the main image at the top of this review we are talking about Wealthy Affiliate, which is a training platform which has been around for well over a decade and has seen over 1.4 million members go through the training, and in 2017 alone helped over 220,000 members create their first websites.

Received in 193 countries worldwide. That’s almost every country on the entire planet.

This is 100% free to join where there will be no credit card details asked for and there are no Upsells to worry about either.

How I joined and became a member

I joined as a free member and took advantage of the discounted $19 (but, you don’t have to) for the first month as a premium member and I will tell you why.

You see (for me) to fully evaluate the platform I wanted everything available so that I could check out what was on offer, which gave me 5 weeks to do my research. If after 5 weeks I didn’t like what I saw and it wasn’t for me, then I was just going to call it a day, and all I’d have lost would have been $19.

You could, of course, stay as a free member and still make money, as many members are currently doing, but if you were serious about all this then why wouldn’t you upgrade to premium?

Check it out for free like everybody does, and remember you will have me on your side to guide you through the whole process! Just click on the image below!

If it’s not for you then you can just call it a day or you could stay as a FREE member forever if that is what you want, that is not a problem.

If you are looking for how to make money online for free, there is no better training platform out there that comes close to Wealthy Affiliate.

The best decision I made so why not take it for a spin and see for yourself, and remember this, I would not promote anything I wasn’t 100% certain about, and with Wealthy Affiliate, I am 120+% certain!

Learn how to build an online business the right way and from people who have been successful and who are prepared to help you.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please leave them below in the comments, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Thanks for reading

Stay safe

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Author: Mick

Hey Guys and Gals, great to meet you and hope you enjoyed this post. We created this site to help people like you avoid the pitfalls of making money online and hopefully steer you onto the right path. ENJOY!

24 thoughts on “How To Make Money Online For FREE”

  1. Great post-Mick, as usual, your expertise is shown here. You know this business better than no one and as a member that I am of Wealthy Affiliate, and fallen down so many time for scams, I can back up your recommendation. You could not explain this better and you are right, for the ones who want to continue the rat race, it is a never-ending wheel! You are leaving the carrot right beside the wheel here, who is going to jump out and get it? Hopefully many!
    I did one day and I am never going back to that spinning prison!
    Thank you for throwing the needed a rope!

    1. Hey Pablo, I think we’ve all been down that road my friend, and it gets to the point where you just keep asking, “when is this going to end?”, “am, I never really going to find a legitimate business?”. With me, it got to the stage where I was going to call it a day and just wish I’d found Wealthy Affiliate a few years earlier. I think the problem we have here is that people just can’t see the benefits of a training platform like WA, because I’m sure you have heard the saying, “If it looks too good to be true, then it probably is”…There are exceptions to this rule and its staring people right in the face. Glad you eventually found what you were looking for and all the best. Thank you for the comment and your support.

  2. Hey Mick, I used to have a high-street shop and understand the benefits you mention relating to the cost advantages of working online.
    Running a website for my concerns solely costs the hosting, that’s it. There’s no stock to purchase & hold, no packaging & postage and no returns to deal with either.
    My role is to write blogs and promote products that link through my affiliate program (Amazon) to their online store; they take care of the rest and pay commissions when a purchase is bought from my link.
    When I look back at the costs of shop rental fees, staff wages, utility bills, insurances not forgetting the stock, trading on the high-street used to be one hard expensive slog.
    All the best,

    1. Hey Simon, something I never got into was running a business from a shop or should I say premises, in fact, this is my first personal business, but my other half Susan has had businesses in the high street, and costs were a major factor. The overheads still have to be paid for and as you so rightly put in your comment can be staggering, and with the likes of Amazon and other online retail outlets, there is no way to compete. Affiliate marketing is a great alternative although I don’t see it as an alternative, more of a great business model. What better way than getting up when you want (no 9 to 5 slog anymore) and working at your own pace when you want, and the beauty about this is you don’t have a boss hanging over your shoulder. Not only that but all you need is an internet connection and a laptop, ipad, or even a mobile phone and this can be done anywhere in the world. If you like where you’re at then stay a few more weeks or even months. Thanks for sharing your experience and commenting, your support is very much appreciated.

  3. Hey, this is a well organized and well compose article. I would love to learn more about making money online, it has been my dream and working real hard right now to make it happen! Thanks!

  4. I came across your article whilst looking for something entirely different and to be honest it was the heading that caught my attention.

    You explained things so clearly and was surprised to see that this post is about Wealthy Affiliate and quite funny really because I have only just become a member.

    It is such a great place for new to pro affiliate marketers, with so much training, and coming from not knowing anything at all to where I am in such a short time is unbelievable.

    Thank you for the full low down on how affiliate marketing works and what to expect.

    Was a really nice read.


    1. Hey Kahlua, so glad you found this article and that you enjoyed it, but more importantly so glad you found this amazing training platform. Thanks for commenting.

  5. I have been researching ways to make a living online but find the whole experience so daunting as there is just so much information out there, until I came across your article which I found very interesting. You explain things in a very clear and concise way that has really got me thinking and your article explains that this opportunity is for free. I like the fact that I could check out the training platform first and see if this is for me or not. If I join does that mean that you can help me?

    1. Hi Tony, so glad you found this article and there are only 2 memberships here with no upsells, so what you see is what you get. Everybody joins as a free member first to check out what the training has to offer, but the free membership has restrictions which I’m sure you can appreciate, and what I did when I joined like I mentioned in this article is I took advantage of the discounted 1st month of the premium membership so that I could have everything available to me. That is all the training, tools, support, etc etc. This was so I could evaluate the entire training platform and see if this was for me. This gives anybody 5-weeks which is ample time to access something like Wealthy Affiliate. You could also just stay as a free member which many are doing and see where this takes you. If you just click on the link here, then we can get started. See you on the inside.

  6. Hi, Mike!

    Well there we have it – a real way to make money online!

    I don’t know how many online businesses out there that doesn’t let you try anything without paying first. How should I know if that’s something for me then? So I really appreciate that this one is free to start with!

    A research tool is so important these days and those who use it seems to be ahead of the others so cheers to this tool!

    Ok, to sum up…seems like we have nothing to lose to join this business because we can do it for free -hurray! Love the internet.

    Regards, Jan

    1. Hi Jan, you won’t find many business opportunities online where you can check it out for free, there is always a money element along the way.

      Here FREE means just that and you won’t be pestered with any upsells or asked for your credit card details either.

      What you see is what you get! If you are looking to start an online business as an affiliate marketer then there is no better training that you will find on the Internet today.

      You have absolutely nothing to lose, but so much to gain by just trying and seeing for yourself. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  7. Hi, Mick. You use the idea of being able to trust the Internet to make money and to make the whole process so that people believe that the expansion of online business can get rid of the days when you have to go to work every day. So, your article teaches people how to start a website business and give them enough confidence to face the challenges and transformations of the Internet. Thanks for the wonderful sharing.

    1. Hey Tee, I think if you asked most people they would love to work for themselves and in their own time. Building any business no matter what it takes time and a lot of hard work and building an online business is no different.

      I think many are under a misconception that an online business is going to be easy, but what I am recommending here is a way for you to find out whether building an online business is actually for you, and to find that out

      I am offering a free membership so that you can check it out for yourself.

  8. Hi Mick!
    You hit the nail on the head when talking about investing in something that turned out to be NOTHING! I’ve lost enough money going down that road.
    This sounds like the real deal, thanks for sharing!
    Kyle Ann

    1. Hey Kyle, It’s extremely difficult nowadays for anybody who is looking to find information that you can trust, when it comes to ways on how to make money online.

      The internet is literally a breeding ground for unscrupulous business opportunities, but don’t get me wrong, they aren’t all bad, it just depends whether you are just looking for a few extra bucks, or whether you really want to devote serious time to building an online business?

      When you have bounced from one opportunity to the next and not achieved very much it can all get to you.

      Here at Wealthy Affiliate, there are only 2 routes you can take, the FREE or PREMIUM membership with NO UPSELLS whatsoever.

      The free route means just that, so why not just take it for a trial run like I did, and check out the entire training platform and see if it is for you? It’s not for everyone, because this isn’t a fly by night scheme and there is some hard work to get you where you want, but this is real training where many are earning terrific incomes from.

      If you like it and are really serious about having an online presence, then why wouldn’t you upgrade to premium? You could stay as a free member like many do and still make money, that is not a problem. Anyway thanks for your time and hope you liked this article.

  9. Hello Mick,

    It is hard to believe there is a legitimate way to make money online when we have all seen hundreds of scams. I saw Wealthy Affiliate (WA), years before I signed up. I passed it by since I was so used to scams and had tried so many.

    The second time I saw WA in a review for another program I was looking up, I looked for reviews and saw that all the reviews were positive! I couldn’t find any evidence of a scam. I decided to sign up for the free membership and could see right away that WA might actually be real. Very quickly I found out that it really was as amazing as others said it was and I have been a premium member ever since. I am so glad I found WA since I now have two websites and make a profit each month. It is amazing to have a residual income so the money comes in even if I take a day or a week off!

    I agree with you and others here that this is a much smarter business to start compared to a physical location with high overhead costs.

    I am glad you are doing well at WA!

    1. Hey Jessica, it’s always great to bump into a member of Wealthy Affiliate. I can relate to your story in so many ways as my journey took a somewhat very similar route, where I classed this business opportunity in amongst the untrustworthy ones without even considering it or researching it further. I’m not sure why maybe the name or it just looked too good be true, like the saying, but so glad I did research it further eventually, and the reason why I can promote this business is that I believe in it 100%. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your story.

  10. Hi Mick,

    Great article on how to make money online for free! In my opinion, it’s certainly not free because time costs money haha. However, Wealthy Affiliate does allow you to get started without spending a dime.

    Even as a free member, the lessons you receive are so thorough that it makes you wonder what’s more in store for premium members.

    On the day I joined as a free member, I registered for the premium membership and never looked back since. Best decision ever!


    1. Hey Eric, time does cost money, and for anybody serious about learning how to build an online business, I do believe there is no better training than Wealthy Affiliate. I too joined as a free member and upgraded to premium for the $19 so that I could check out the entire training platform. of course, you don’t need to do this but if you are serious about creating an online presence, then you have to eventually invest in yourself. However, many members are making money as a free member, so everyone to their own. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Such a great detailed guide for newbies trying to find their way into the internet marketing game. I don’t want to pay an arm and a leg just to get started so it’s good to see that your recommendation can be started right away without paying ANYTHING.

    I’m going to share this post with all my friends who think creating an online business without money is impossible. Cheers

    1. Hey Brandon, if you look hard enough there are options, you just have to do your research. It’s just so hard nowadays finding a credible opportunity when there are so many that take you down the wrong path.

      Nobody wants to shell out their hard earned cash until they know that what is on offer is what they are really looking for. Finding opportunities where you can try it out for free are unheard of online, and especially as you won’t be asked for any credit card details or pestered with upsells either.

      If you are serious about creating an online business there is no better training that you are going to find. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

  12. Yes, you are right in saying that anyone sits on the computer clicking ads and trying to get into the hang of the real business of making some hard cash online but often, missed getting into genuine training platforms.
    I had also tried that from 2010 till I landed up to this amazing community so called Wealthy Affiliate in early part of 2017 and it’s my YARD NOW!

    After accessing the training received from WA, now I know how the heck this business works. I keep adding more and more tools each day.
    Thanks for sharing your useful information on Building a website, locating a Niche and Attracting visitors for a massive success on making money online.

    That was a FANTASTIC post.
    Wishing you a THUMPING Success.


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