What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program for Beginners

what is the best Affiliate Marketing TrainingWelcome to What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program for beginners.

There’s one thing that I’m sure you’ll agree with me about and that’s the number of affiliate marketing training programs that are available online today.

A few years ago when I first started looking for ways to make money online I was astounded by the number of products available.

All those so-called gurus promoting products that claimed to make you wealthy with their get-rich-quick schemes. I’m sure you know the ones I am talking about.

Anyway, I am going to cut to the chase and come straight out and tell you that I believe Wealthy Affiliate to be the best training platform for complete beginners and I will be explaining in this article why I think that.

Here’s a full review of Wealthy Affiliate that you can read about which goes into great details about how they can help you.

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    1. Why Affiliate Marketing? 
    2. A Business Strategy That Works
    3. Finding the Right Affiliate Marketing Training Program
    4. What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different?
        1. Is it the Time-Served?
        2. Is it the Community?
        3. Is it the Abundance of Training that is Available?
        4. Is it the Most Powerful Website Platform in the World?
        5. Is it Hosting?
        6. Is it the Number of Success Stories?
        7. Is it the Best Cost-effective Training Solution?
    5. The Only Thing To Do Now is Give it a Try for FREE
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Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is one of the most popular and legitimate ways of making money online today and has seen continuous growth of 10% in the US alone since 2010.

With a predicted forecast that by 2022 will be around $8.2 billion in revenue, there is no better time than the present to get involved with affiliate marketing.

What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program

Affiliate marketing is a great way for large businesses to save on their marketing costs with around 81% of them already leveraging affiliate marketing and this will continue to grow.

It’s a win-win situation for both the vendor and the affiliate marketer.

A Business Strategy That Works

Affiliate marketing is a simple straight forward business strategy that is proven and works.

Whilst it does work and can be a very profitable strategy, there are however only around 4% that have any real success meaning that 96% actually fail.

Why is that you may ask?

Affiliate marketing can be a tough one to crack and that’s why finding the right training is essential to you having any success as an affiliate marketer.

What is the best affiliate marketing training program

  1. Customers are looking for information and products and services to purchase by keying into the search engines keywords that relate to what they are looking for.
  1. It is the Affiliate Marketer who provides the information that customers are looking for normally through a website and uses affiliate links that are provided by the vendor.

It is the job of the affiliate marketer to connect the customer with the vendor and this is done when the customer clicks on the affiliate link.

  1. The Vendor is then responsible for the order management process and once the customer receives the product or service it is the responsibility of the vendor to pay the affiliate by way of a commission.

There are literally hundreds of millions of products and services that you can promote without having to stock or purchase any.

The benefits of becoming an affiliate marketer…

    1. Handpick who you want to work with
    2. You target your own audience
    3. Minimum startup costs
    4. Marketing costs can be zero using SEO
    5. Many different passive income streams to choose from
    6. Allows you to scale the business
    7. Access markets across the globe
    8. Run the business on auto-pilot 24/7/365
    9. You are in full control
    10. Don’t have to purchase or produce the products yourself
    11. Can run the business anywhere, just require an internet connection

Finding the Right Affiliate Marketing Training Platform

When I started my journey in the world of how to “make money online” I listened to many hours of videos and read many articles in the hopes that I would be able to piece it all together.

However, whilst I did learn some things, I also listened to people who gave me bad advice and as a result, I ended up trying a number of products which really didn’t teach me anything and I ended up wasting time and money.

I even tried a couple of multi-level-marketing businesses and the less said about them the better, but the advice I would give if you were thinking of this type of business is, to be very careful and research the company thoroughly.

I decided that I should try and find some training that really worked and I did consider a few training companies but for me, it was down to costs and besides the reviews weren’t too great anyway.

What Makes Wealthy Affiliate Different From Other Training Platforms

A great question!

It is a combination of many things of which I cover just a few in this article that I believe to be the main benefits.

One thing you will notice when researching affiliate marketing training platforms is that most of them just don’t offer Free Memberships and the ones that do normally ask for credit card details.

It really is a training platform that was designed with the complete beginner in mind.

Is it The Time-Served?

what is the best affiliate marketing training program - About

There are many companies providing training that are successful, and there is always going to be people who aren’t going to agree with what I say but I can only go from my own personal experience.

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and each year they have improved the training platform and in my short time with them, I have seen some major changes and with many in the pipeline.

They really are a training company who puts their members first.

They have seen over 1.5 million members which far outstrips any other online training companies that you will come across.

Is it The Community?

what is the best affiliate marketing training program - Community

For me one of the most important things about a training company is support.

Many companies offer things like a Facebook Group and filling in tickets to get your questions answered which often take days and sometimes weeks, both of which aren’t acceptable for me.

    • Facebook Groups, often aren’t big enough and people just tend not to use them.
    • Filling in tickets never get answered quick enough, simply because they don’t have a big enough support team.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there are a number of ways of getting support and finding the answers to your questions which is available 24/7…

Instant Messaging – If you are looking for a quick answer you can ask a question in real-time and the answer will get answered almost instantly.

Ask a question in the community – The community is probably one of the biggest online, with nearly a million active members, coming from 195 countries.

If the question is a little long-winded, just create a question and post it directly into the system for all the community to see and I guarantee you have your answer in the time it takes to make yourself a coffee.

Ask the company owners – The 2 founders are always active and very approachable.

Technical support – Anything about your website just create a support ticket and they are on it straight away.

Private messaging – Ask your question to any Wealthy Affiliate member.

Is it The Abundance of Training that is Available?

what is the best affiliate marketing training program - Education

The abundance of training can be overwhelming for many and I guess that is why many new members are put off because it’s at this point that they realize just how much there is to learn.

When you become a member, there are 2 main courses to choose from, but beyond these courses, there are literally 100s of hours of additional training at your disposal.

Normally, everybody takes the courses in order, Online Entrepreneur then Affiliate Bootcamp, but the choice is yours.

Online Entrepreneur – With 5 courses and 50 lessons, takes you from the grassroots and laid out in text and video format with questions.

Affiliate Bootcamp – With 7 courses and 70 lessons for ones who have a certain amount of knowledge and ones who have finished the online entrepreneur course.

Training HQ – This is an area where you can find 100s of hours of training beyond the 2 courses. Coming from the founders as well as members who are already having massive success.

13 Classrooms – Where you can learn about any topic, whether it’s about your website, SEO, Creating content, Keyword research, WordPress, Video Marketing, Social media, PPC etc

Weekly Live Courses – These are run by Wealthy Affiliates own inhouse trainer and cover every conceivable topic you could think of.

Every course that is created is available at any time, so you can play them whenever you want. Even the live courses are there for you to access whenever you like.

When they say the training is simple, it really is, and extensive too.

Is it the Most Powerful Website Platform in the World?

what is the best affiliate marketing training program - Website

SiteRubix is their own website management system which takes developing your website to a whole new level, which consists of…

Website Manager – Gives you access to your website along with a lot of other statistical information.

Website Builder – Create a beautiful website within 1 minute with over 3000 themes to choose from.

Website Domains – Find and create your website domain and transfer existing domains to Wealthy Affiliate.

Website Content – A writing experience that is second to none.

Website Comments – Get members to comment on your existing work.

Website Feedback – Ask for feedback from existing members.

Is It Hosting?

what is the best affiliate marketing training program - Website

All Wealthy Affiliate websites are hosted on the most powerful servers at Amazon hosting, on a framework that is used by some of the major companies, like…

Expedia, Netflix, Comcast, Foursquare…

Your website is truly secure with the use of mirrored servers, meaning if for whatever reason your site goes down then the servers can be swapped without you noticing and continue to work as if nothing had happened.

With managed hosting at Wealthy Affiliate, you have additional peace of mind with daily backups too.

Take a look at what you get with Wealthy Affiliate hosting compared to its competitors…

what is the best affiliate marketing training program - hosting

Is it the Number of Success Stories?

what is the best affiliate marketing training program - success is just around the corner

When we are researching affiliate marketing training platforms, the one thing we look for is whether other members are and have had success.

Often these claims are difficult to believe.

They are usually a one-on-one or through a Youtube video which really doesn’t give creditability, not in my eyes anyway.

At Wealthy Affiliate, the success stories that you can find are in abundance for everyone to look at and read. Nothing is hidden!

What better way for clarification, wouldn’t you agree?

Here are a few success stories I randomly picked…

    • Ralph reached his goal of a six-figure business in 2018. Check his story here
    • Check out how Eddie earned over $9k in a month here
    • See how Dylan sold his site for $40k here
    • Darren and 11 sales on Amazon in 1 day here
    • Michael’s progress with Wealthy Affiliate referrals alone here
    • John’s new commission record exceeds $2k in 1 day here
    • Nearly $5k for the month of December for Deborah here
    • Michael’s first $30k month here
    • How Stephen bought his Lamborghini here
    • Kenny says it’s hard to really fail at Wealthy Affiliate here

If you are interested then you can check it out for free here.

Is it the Best Cost Effective Solution That Money Can Buy?

The beauty of becoming a member of Wealthy Affiliate is that you don’t have to make a full commitment when you join.

Everybody, me included joins as a FREE member so that you can evaluate the system.

You have 7 days where the entire system is available to you and if you need longer, then by paying $19 you get a further 4 weeks, which should be more than enough time.

The point of this Free membership, is to see if you are ready for this massive change in your life and if you are really serious about building an online business.

what is the best affiliate marketing training program - membership banner

There are 3 memberships available with Premium Plus a recent addition to the memberships, but I wouldn’t pay too much attention to this membership as I am a premium member myself.

It took me only a few hours to decide whether this training was where I wanted to be, and if you did upgrade to Premium then paying monthly would cost you $588.00 and I know it sounds expensive but when you break it down, it really isn’t.

That’s $1.66 a day, but if you paid upfront you would be paying $359.00 which is a saving of $229.00 which equates to less than $1 a day and if you don’t think that is value for money then I don’t know what is.

The Only Thing to do Now is Give it a Try for Free

Not convinced, then the only way to find out is to try the system yourself for free.

Like I said earlier, you might find it all a little overwhelming with the amount of training there is but isn’t that exactly what you are looking for and not some overpriced, underachieving product.

Only join if you are serious about learning how to build an online business because it takes hard work, consistency and plenty of patience to succeed in this business.

Remember I have your back once you are on the inside so you don’t have to feel like you are on your own.

If you don’t think this is for you then just call it a day but one thing is for sure and that’s you’ll never know until you try.

Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

Hope you enjoyed this article on what I believe to be the best affiliate marketing training platform there is.

If you did, then why not show a little love and share it amongst friends and family.

If you have any questions at all about affiliate marketing or Wealthy Affiliate then you can put them in the comments section below.

I read and reply to all my reader’s comments.

Until next time and stay safe!

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Author: Mick

Hey Guys and Gals, great to meet you and hope you enjoyed this post. We created this site to help people like you avoid the pitfalls of making money online and hopefully steer you onto the right path. ENJOY!

12 thoughts on “What is the Best Affiliate Marketing Training Program for Beginners”

  1. Excellent breakdown of Wealthy Affiliate. With so much training and support available, and a free membership to join, you can tell that this platform was created to help others succeed. If someone were to get the paid membership, which one would you recommend, the Premium or Premium Plus? What advantages does Premium Plus bring?
    The success stories are also incredible! Is there an average time that a wealthy affiliate marketer needs to succeed, or is there no set time for that?

    1. Christine, glad you enjoyed what is the best affiliate marketing training program for beginners.

      Wealthy Affiliate for me has everything to take a beginner from knowing nothing to becoming a success.

      As for which membership, for me and anybody, Premium is more than adequate because I don’t see any real benefits in the Premium Plus.

      The main differences, been additional training by other members and the upgrade in the Jaaxy Keyword Tool for me doesn’t warrant the additional cost.

      With regards to timescales and success, it takes as long as it takes providing you follow the training.

  2. We do agree with you that WA is the best platform to start with and finish from start to end with all training provided. It is just up to you how fast you learn like Mick said there are thousands of training programs out there, but not as good as WA.
    Mick will show you the ins and outs of the platform you just have to put the work in and you will see results over time.
    Thanks for sharing we know that this platform works Mick knows what he is talking about with learning the right process.


  3. Thanks for this post. When I first started in affiliate marketing back in 2008, there were no platforms available to teach me how to do affiliate marketing – except for maybe 1 or 2. At the time Wealthy Affiliate was in its infancy. Then came Affilorama. Others scammed me like crazy. But I stuck with Wealthy Affiliate because they were the real deal. I have been with WA since 2008. I love that they take you by the hand and tell you exactly what to do. But more importantly, the community is comprised of people from all levels of affiliate marketing and so I get access to so much expertise 24/7 because it’s a global community. Thank you for your ringing endorsement.

    1. What better way to promote Wealthy Affiliate than by someone who has been with them since 2008.

      So you have seen the training platform go through a lot of changes over the years and obviously for the better otherwise you still wouldn’t be a member.

      You mention Affilorama which I have no involvement with.

      I agree with you 100% that the community is full of people with all levels of experience and prepared to share what works for them.

      Thank you Shalisha for your comment and input.

  4. Hey Mick,

    I have heard a lot about Wealthy Affiliate and during my research I hear nothing but good things about them. You have obviously worked with them a long time and it does seem like I would enjoy working with them.

    Affiliate marketing is something I have wanted to add to my business for a while and now seems the right time to do that by joining Wealthy Affiliate.

    I will let you know when I eventually do join them and if I have any issues or burning questions beforehand then I will let you know. If that is OK with you?

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Thank you for your comment, Tom and glad that I could be of some help.

      Wealthy Affiliate can provide you with all the tools and training and I don’t think you will be disappointed.

      I look forward to working with you.

  5. Hey, Mick! Thanks for sharing this post about Wealthy Affiliate. It’s indeed the best affiliate marketing training program for beginners. I personally tried over 100’s affiliate training programs over the last few years and the problem with most of them is one, they are designed for advanced marketers, two, they don’t carry tools, three, they focus on paid ads, four, there’s no real help or community, etc.

    When I compare WA to all those training programs, it’s clear that WA is the top dog. Thanks to WA, I learned all the beginner stuff that I couldn’t learn with any other affiliate training program. I met so many great people along the way who have helped me to achieve success and evolve as a person. Also, I save a lot of money on tools and stuff because really everything I need to build and maintain my online business is included with Wealthy Affiliate.

    I’m sure there are good affiliate training programs, but none of them can compare to Wealthy Affiliate. It’s the most beginner-friendliest platform you’ll ever find! Cheers!

    1. Hey Ivan, great to hear from you and thank you for the comment.

      I’m with you regarding the other training programs and they don’t come anywhere near the level of training that Wealthy Affiliate gives.

      Once again thanks

  6. Hi Mick,

    I cannot agree more about your sharing of affiliate marketing and Wealthy Affiliate. When it comes to making money online, my top pick is also affiliate marketing. Wealthy Affiliate is indeed the best place to start for beginners since it comes with legitimate training, 24/7 support, and the community to help you build your website.

    The best part about Wealthy Affiliate is that you can try it for free for a 7-day trial without credit card details, so you won’t lose anything if you don’t like it. So, people who are interested in making money online should take a serious look into Wealthy Affiliate.


    1. Hey Matt, what attracted me to Wealthy Affiliate in the first place was the free membership option with no credit card details, which is something you very rarely see.

      Having the additional benefit of paying the $19 within the 7 days to give you in total 5 weeks to evaluate the training platform should be more than enough time for anybody to decide whether they are serious about building an online business or not.

      Thank you for your comment

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