Proven Amazon Course 2.0 Review – Would Require An Investment Of Between $5k and $10k!

Welcome to what is the Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Amazon as you know is the biggest retailer in the world and they offer many methods that you can run with to make a good living.

What you have probably found is that there are many similar courses online that can charge a fortune with very little in the way of results.

Unfortunately, the internet is just full of crap where you can end up selling your soul.

That’s why we created this site, to help people like you find legit opportunities that we recommend.

So how does Jim Cockrum’s Proven Amazon Course 2.0 stack up?

Well for starters, this course is not going to cost you an arm and a leg and don’t let the low costs put you off either.

There is a lot of praise from many people who are having success by applying what the course teaches, but success doesn’t come easy.

Well, the first impression is looking very good. 

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What is the proven Amazon course 2.0 review

Product: Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Founders: Amazon


Product Description: Step by step guide to selling on Amazon FBA

Cost to join: Starting from $29

Best For: People looking for a way to make money online through Amazon

Recommended: Yes

Summary: Before we get into this review you may have been down the YouTube route simply because it is free.

Don’t get me wrong,  YouTube is great for many things but there is a lot of misguided information that could easily send you down the wrong path.

Where it could easily end up costing you a lot more money than you were prepared to pay for.

So finding the right course and investing in yourself is the right course of action and that’s what we are going to show you here today.

But, before we get started you might like to check out Jim’s popular book Silent Sales Machine, which we recommend you read here.

You could however check out an alternative way to make money online which is so much easier and can bring back similar earnings.

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Proven Amazon Course Review – TOC

  1. What is the Proven Amazon Course 2.0 and who is Jim Cockrum? 
  2. How does Proven Amazon Course 2.0 work?
  3. What you get with Proven Amazon Course 2.0
  4. How much does Proven Amazon Course  2.0 cost?
  5. Are people who are taking this course having success?
  6. Is Proven amazon Course 2.0 a Scam?
  7. What we like about Proven Amazon Course 2.0
  8. What we don’t like about Proven Amazon Course 2.0
  9. Proven Amazon Course 2.0 Review -Final Thoughts!
  10. Where do we go from here?
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What is the Proven Amazon Course 2.0 and who is Jim Cockrum?

What is the proven Amazon course 2.0 - Login
Proven Amazon Course 2.0 Login

The Proven Amazon Course 2.0 is a membership course that teaches you how to sell on Amazon using FBA or Fulfilment By Amazon.

The course initially came to fruition way back in 2009 by Jim Cockrum but over the years the course has been updated many times.

But the price has pretty much stayed the same!

If you didn’t know just what Amazon FBA was then here’s a quick overview.

Amazon is the biggest company that operates the fulfilment business model, but there are many other large companies seeing the benefits and offering this same service.

In this case, Amazon handles the entire customer management process pretty much like if you owned a shop and employed somebody to run it.

All you have to do is ensure you keep replenishing stocks so that the business runs efficiently.

Amazon can offer many services such as “Print-on-demand” so if your business was selling printed products, then Amazon would handle all your designs and printing.

The course is literally packed with training to take anybody from knowing little to nothing to successful business owners.

Teaching everything from what products to sell, how to go about sourcing those products, branding, creating a limited company plus all the boring stuff like corporate tax legislation, accounting etc.

They even have a private Facebook group with just short of 70k members where you can exchange ideas and pick up great tips.

There are no prerequisites for joining this Facebook group so if you want to get a feel of what the course offers, just head over there and join.

So just who is Jim Cockrum?

Jim Cockrum is an entrepreneur and one of theWhat is the proven Amazon course 2.0 - Jim Cochrum

most successful Amazon sellers online, who decided to create the Proven Amazon Course and pass on his knowledge.

To help people like you and me how to start their first online business selling through Amazon FBA.

He is very well regarded within the online community and thousands have had success through his course.

There is a lot of information about Jim online and all positive to get a better feel of who he is check out his website here.

How does Proven Amazon Course 2.0 Work?

This is an intensive course which you can take in your own time, that claims will teach anybody whether you have experience or are a complete novice.

How to sell on Amazon through the fulfilment business model.

If you are unsure then check this short video.

What you get with Proven Amazon Course 2.0

There is no getting away from the fact that the Amazon FBA business model is extremely popular since it first started way back in 2006.

What comes with popularity is competition so finding just the right course is essential to any success you may have.

With so many courses out there promising success many just fall way short of the mark.

Here is a breakdown of the course and what to expect if you joined today.

The course is spread across 9 categories as you can see below.

    • Getting Started
    • Arbitrage – Low Budget Sourcing
    • Advanced – Long Term Strategies
    • Business Building
    • International Sellers
    • Merchandise By Amazon
    • Support and Resources
    • Live Events
    • Webinars & Workshops

With the courses listed below.

Amazon Selling 101 – A comprehensive step-by-step guide covering the basics of how to create an Amazon FBA business.

Silent Sales Machine – This course covers the importance of creating multiple passive income streams.

Amazon Basics – Learn all the basics of setting up your Amazon account, such as handling inventory

Buy Local Sell To The World – All about sourcing local to cut down on shipping and manufacturing costs and selling to customers abroad for a bigger profit margin.

Most sellers will target places like China and forget about what can be achieved close to home.

Proven Online Sourcing Strategies –  A comprehensive course about arbitrage, and selling across other markets.

Proven Performance Inventory – This course covers how to find products with very little competition that can be sold right away.

Proven Wholesale Sourcing – The basics of what wholesale sourcing is, how to approach wholesalers and how to find legit wholesalers.

Proven Private Label – All about branding and having your own private labels.

Proven China Sourcing – Learn how to approach Chinese companies, and negotiate to keep the product costs down to allow for bigger profit margins.

Proven Book Sourcing – An A-Z about how to start a book sourcing business.

Proven Product Partnering – Is included in the private Facebook group so you can discuss the possibility of partnering.

Proven Team Building – Once your business starts to take off then you are going to want to offload some of the work to a team.

Coffee Masterclass – This is all about adding coffee to your product line focusing on private label and wholesale.

Promotional Company Sourcing – learn how to launch private label products on Amazon in a few weeks for less than $100.

International AZ – This course is for people who are living outside their home countries.

Product Sourcing Master Class – What kind of products to look for, where to source them from and how to negotiate.

Source, Expand, Automate

Trade Show, No Show – Learn how to find profitable products to sell.

Ongoing Support – An accumulation of webinars covering wide topics.

How much does Proven Amazon Course 2.0 cost?

There are currently 2 costs that you can take advantage of right now.

You could either pay on a monthly basis which would cost you $29 or you could cancel at any time, so you are not committed.

Or you could pay a one-off payment of $499 which is a lifetime subscription.

There is a full refund which expires after 30 days.

Are people who are taking this course having success?

Yes, there are many people having success through taking this course.

In fact, there are thousands of people who have gone from knowing nothing about selling through Amazon and zero to earning thousands of dollars a month.

There are many reviews on the Proven Amazon Course website and whilst we don’t normally accept those reviews as legit for obvious reasons.

There are more than enough happy customers around and this can be seen within their private Facebook group.

There are success stories where they started with $1 and are now a couple of years down the road earning hundreds of thousands.

What we will tell you though is that this is not some get-rich-quick-scheme and would require a lot of hard work.

If this isn’t you then you might like to check out this alternative business opportunity here which is a very cost-effective solution and easier to implement.

What we like about Proven Amazon Course 2.0

Amazon FBA is a proven business What we liked about Proven Amazon Course 2.0

model that many are making a lot of money from and this course offers complete beginners a very cost-effective way to earn whilst you learn.
  • The course is a great price which will appeal to most who are looking for a business opportunity.

If you are unsure then join the monthly subscription for $29 and if it’s not for you just cancel your membership.

However, if it is for you then just upgrade to a lifetime membership which is only $499.

  • Perfect for the complete beginner simply because there are no ridiculous costs.
  • A reputable course that was initially created by one of the top earners on Amazon FBA and is respected throughout the online industry.
  • Backed up by experts in their own fields and with a private Facebook group packed with entrepreneurs where you can exchange ideas.
  • Active support through the private Facebook group where you can contact Jim Cockrum himself as well as their own forum MySilentTeam.

What we don’t like about Proven Amazon Course 2.0

  • Tough business model and whilst the product What we didn't like about Proven Amazon Course 2.0owner claims the course is ideal for beginners we think otherwise as the course is not laid out in a format that is easy to follow.

There is no holding hands here and will require a determined individual to take on this type of business.

  • No guarantees with this business and this is the case with any business but there are so many things that you have to get right otherwise the whole thing can just fall down.

You will read some reviews stating that they started with zero costs, but we know to start an FBA business will require a cash injection of between $5,000 and $10,000 and you have to be prepared to lose that as well.

This cash is to keep the business afloat until you hopefully start making some money.

Remember your supplier/manufacturer and Amazon will still need to be paid.

Is Proven Amazon Course 2.0 a SCAM?

The Proven Amazon course is definitely not a scam but a legit training course that anybody can become successful with.

Choosing the right niche/product is key here.

For what you are paying monthly it is worth anybody’s money to at least test the water to see if it is a right fit for you.

Would we recommend this course?

Yes, we would, simply because there is very little in the way of costs that you might lose.

Proven Amazon Course 2.0 Review – Final Thoughts!

Ok, so the actual course that Jim and his team put together might well have been their own compilation when the course first came to market.

But, all the additions to this new version are from other experts in their field, not that this should make a difference.

The overall course is certainly in-depth and we believe might be too overwhelming for complete beginners.

As for structure and where the course is heading there doesn’t appear to be one and could be very confusing for some.

For someone coming to the table with a certain amount of experience, they should be able to work their way through the cause.

I guess joining the Facebook group is a place where a lot of the confusion may well be resolved.

For anybody still interested in a business opportunity that is cost-effective without the complexity then we’d love to share in the next section.

Where do we go from here?

Running an Amazon FBA business takes certain skills in affiliate marketing such as email marketing, keyword research, traffic…

But in this case…

  • You don’t purchase any stocks
  • You don’t handle any customer orders
  • You don’t handle shipping and returns
  • You can market any product or service you like

Wealthy Affiliate can provide you with the training which I recommend above all others and which I have had nothing but positive experience.

Why don’t you try the system for FREE there are no credit card details either.

Get started today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

We hope you enjoyed this review and if there is anything you’d like to ask us or add then feel free to add your questions in the comments section below.

Maybe you have or are a member of this course and would like to share your experience with us. We’d love to hear about it!

Until next time, stay safe

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