Silent Sales Machine Review – A Great Insight Into What’s Involved In Creating An Online Business!

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With building an online business I seldom have the time to spend reading books about how to become a success online.

There are so many of them out there and most of them just seem to be a mirror image of the last one and show you nothing new.

All they seem to do is repeat themselves.

Until we came across Jim Cockrum’s that is, a popular book that has gone through many changes and versions with a new version coming out shortly.

We have known Jim Cockrum, well, for not too long really maybe because he focuses more nowadays on Amazon FBA.

So when we researched just who Jim was then we just had to take a look and we think you should do as well.

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What is the Silent Sales Machine

Product: Silent Sales Machine

Founder: Jim Cockrum


Product Description: What works in online business.

Cost: $8 on Amazon or get the free version above

Recommended: Yes

Summary: If you are new to making money online or looking for some inspiration on what to do next.

Then a good start would be to read the Silent Sales Machine by Jim Cockrum.

There are no excuses here as you have the free copy link above and you can even find the audio version on the same website too which is even better.

Mind you I would take a copy now because we don’t know just how long these freebies are going to be available.

Not too many authors bring out new versions as we see here but this book has gone through a lot of changes since it was first published.

The size of the book has in fact shrunk by around 25% but still, it covers everything you would need to know about starting an online business.

Packed with information for anybody new to making money online but probably wouldn’t appeal to someone with experience.


 Who is Jim Cockrum?

Jim started his online journey with eBay to where he is now as an Amazon FBA expert running several successful businesses.

Prior to him starting an online business, Jim worked for Microsoft in sales and did in fact get sacked back in 2002.

Which opened the door for him to pursue this new business and might not be where he is today if not for his demise at Microsoft.

Since the late 90s, Jim Cockrum has inspiredWhat is the silent sales machine - Jim Cochrum

many thousands of individuals from complete novices looking for a way out of the 9-5 working week.

Through to online entrepreneurs who were struggling and needed guidance.

He is regarded as one of the go-to people in the world of online marketing and is highly regarded by many in that industry as the real deal.

One of the top Amazon FBA sellers and selfless in his approach, he offers his knowledge to anybody who wants to succeed in online business.

Guess what? He doesn’t charge a fortune as you’ll find with all the other so-called gurus.

You can even join his private Facebook group “mysilentteam” without having to purchase anything, not like some who charge $100 a month.

Regarded by the Internet Marketing Report Card ( a company that monitors 1000’s products and marketers) as the most trusted marketer there is.

For further reading about Jim Cockrum and a place where you can sign up for his newsletter just click the link here.

We mentioned briefly his book “Silent Sales Machine” which you can get for free along with the audiobook.

Is a book that all newcomers looking for inspiration should read first.

Before you end up going down the wrong path and getting scammed by the numerous “so-called gurus” that are out there waiting to prey.

Before we Get Into This Book Review…

I was a little sceptical about reading this book and expected it just to be another book that has been written time and time again.

With very little real content that would help you in any way except for the author promoting his or her products.

So, when we did read it we were suitably surprised.

In this recent edition of Silent Sales Machine version 10, Jim does a good job of explaining things in a manner that anybody can understand.

Granted he does promote his other products but not in a way that comes across as pushy.

What is The Silent Sales Machine 10.0?

Silent refers to when you have the mechanics all in place and the business operates automatically 24/7/365.

This particular version of Silent Sales Machine has been stripped and condensed even more than the previous 200-page book.

With this book only containing 152 pages it takes a lot of thought and genius because the book covers so much.

Just one of the subjects he talks about could easily have been so much bigger than the book itself.

Since Jim started his online business journey in the early 2000s things have moved on and strategies have changed somewhat.

This means that over time and through trial and error you learn how to improve and slim down the business processes.

This book is split into 5 sections…

    1. Silent sales machine basics – Laying the foundation, where Jim talks about his journey, the difference going from traditional retail through to online shopping and the 3 basic models for online success.
    1. Selling – The typical ways that online entrepreneurs start and the ins and outs. Finding the right customer base and what products to sell. Where to source products and create your own private label products.
    1. Focus on expansion – How to expand the business and the different ways, from serving single customers to building relationships.
    1. Helping others to do the same – It should be all about sharing and passing your knowledge on to others. Here he talks about how the business can go off at tangents into consultation.
    1. What not to do and how to avoid distractions –  How to stay away from the shiny object syndrome and distractions from other so-called gurus.

It all started for Jim with eBay and what he noticed was the vast number of people who were viewing his products but not purchasing anything.

He asked the question, “What if I could somehow target those people with similar products that I was selling through eBay”.

Without infringing eBay rules.

He already knew that people were interested in his products and all he had to do was grab those persons’ contact details.

He realized that if he had a website that targeted the keywords people were keying into Google to find his products on eBay.

Along with some interesting content, then by adding a landing or squeeze page, he could grab their details and he was onto something.

Those contact details were added to his email list which he could use later for keeping in touch and promoting other products and services.

Once he worked this out his business exploded.

He did this through email marketing.

Once he was adding prospective customers to his email list.

He started writing short eBooks and sold them through various sites and even partnered with other marketers.

This is called a joint venture where they sell his products on his behalf and Jim pays them a commission. A win-win basis!

There are 5 principles that you have to adapt to succeed online.

    1. Serve and create value
    2. Grow an audience
    3. Guard your reputation
    4. Only do what you can do
    5. Avoid online entrepreneur pitfalls.

What is the silent sales machine - 5th Principle

The building blocks of what works for him… 

Email list – How to find that crowd of people looking for a specific product or service and give them what they want and not the other way around.

Creating quality content – Writing great quality content is what he tries to achieve without using “Black Hat” methods. That’s a way to try and beat the search engines because you will be penalized. He doesn’t try to focus too much on-page ranking. 

Joint ventures – Spends a lot of the time seeking out online marketers who are promoting stuff that he has to offer and who have big lists. That way he can do deals with them where they promote his stuff and get paid a commission.

SEO has long been a mystery – Keep it simple because Google is consistently updating their algorithm which is costing millions and what might work one day may not the next. Quality content is key!

eBay was good but Amazon is even better…

To get your business to a state that you can call a “Silent Sales Machine” it has to be automated which eBay doesn’t allow you to do.

There is far too much hard work, like packing and sending the products to the customer and even sourcing and storing the products yourself.

You also miss out on many customers if you are using the auction facility.

Amazon is the obvious place to sell as it is the largest retailer on the planet but it can still be a manual process.

Unless you opt for the Amazon FBA approach which is Amazon by Fulfillment which you would only use if the number of products was extensive.

This is where Jim Cockrum is today and you can find out how that works by checking out a review we wrote about his Proven Amazon Course which is here.

To round, this Silent Sales Machine book review off…

Just a couple of exerts from the closing chapter of the book and whilst these pointers should be obvious to many a lot of people do still get caught out.

What is the silent sales machine - WHat to watch out for

These points below are so obvious but once again so easy to miss but also so difficult to find because most things are a close-shop.

Where you only get access when you have paid your does.

What is the silent sales machine - 4 points to follow before you buy

Finding where there is a community of people having the success that you can look at first before thinking about joining.

You are able to do this with Jim’s private Facebook group that anybody can join here.

What we Like About Silent Sales Machine

The book we thought was extremely What we like about the silent sales machine

interesting and laid it all out in a way that should be easy to absorb.
  • The book is only 152 pages which means it can be read in a couple of nights but if you are a complete beginner.

Then we would suggest reading it a second time a little slower to take in what is bee said.

  • Version 10 is currently free and whilst there is a new version shortly to be released then we would suggest you grab a copy before they take the link down.

On the webpage, there is also the audiobook version which is even better.

Here’s the link again ==> here!

  • The book gets updated pretty regular and this review is about the current version 10 but as we have mentioned earlier version 11 is due out soon.

We believe the original book was published around 2 decades ago and has been through many changes which just goes to show how creditable Jim is.

  • Full of great up-to-date information and a must-read for anybody looking or interested in creating an online business.
  • Jim is a respectable online marketer and comes across as such even if some affiliate marketers don’t think so.

What we Don’t Like About Silent Sales Machine?

We couldn’t really find anything negative to be saidIs Auvoria Prime a scam - What we didn't like about Auvoria Prime

about this book other than maybe one thing and that really is us being a little picky.
  • The book whilst packed with great information for someone new to this industry might feel overwhelming.

Silent Sales Machine Review – Final Thoughts!

Nowadays with so many unscrupulous characters out there selling you all sorts of rubbish, it’s a breath of fresh air coming across someone like Jim.

As we have already mentioned a very respectable online marketer who has helped tens of thousands of people.

Get started with absolutely no experience at all.

We do think you should check out his book especially as it could open up a whole new world for you that you didn’t know existed.

Something That Might be of Interest to You!

Jim’s way focuses more on selling physical and digital products through Amazon FBA which can cost a considerable amount to get started.

You are talking about where to source the products and this can often mean manufacturing as well.

Margins are so important for you to have any success.

Getting an Amazon FBA started is going to cost between $5,000 and $10,000.

However, we have a business solution where there is none of the costs and none of the risks, it’s called affiliate marketing.

The great thing about this business model is that you don’t even own the products or even need to stock them.


        • You don’t have to purchase any stocks
        • You don’t handle any customer orders, and therefore
        • You don’t handle shipping or returns and
        • You can market any product or service you like!

Wealthy affiliate is the company that provides the training and if you are still looking for a business opportunity then has to be worth at least a look.

This is a fully integrated training platform that I would 100% recommend above all others, and personally had nothing but a positive experience.

Here you can join and check out the system for FREE, with no credit card details. If it isn’t for you then just walk away, but you won’t know until you have tried!

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Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you enjoyed this review of “thesilentsalesmachine” and that it gave you some food for thought.

Give the book a read and tell us what you thought.

Any questions, maybe you have already been involved with Jim and would like to share your experience with us. We’d love to hear about it.

Until next time, stay safe

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