HempSMART Review – A SMART Business or NOT? You DECIDE!

HempSMART ReviewWelcome to this HempSMART review.

Since the 2018 farm bill was passed, we have seen an enormous increase in hemp CBD oil-based companies to the point that, can this really be sustained or is it killing the industry?

Not just your straightforward direct sales and distribution businesses, but many MLMs coming online with their own brand of products, attempting to corner the market, not just with sales but offering home-based businesses as well. Continue reading “HempSMART Review – A SMART Business or NOT? You DECIDE!”

is CBD Biocare a Great Direct Sales Business or an MLM in Disguise?

is CBD BioCare a - Great business

Welcome to this review,  is CBD BioCare a Great Direct Sales Business or an MLM in Disguise?

Since the 2018 farm bill was passed and CBD Oil was made legal in all 50 states of the US, CBD Oil has really exploded into a rapidly growing industry.

With sale forecasts predicted to exceed 15 billion dollars by 2025 we are seeing many startup businesses coming on stream to take advantage of this lucrative market, especially in the multi-level-marketing arena.

Due to the nature of this ever-expanding industry, unfortunately, it leaves the door wide open for some unscrupulous behaviour, where products out there are not what they may seem. Continue reading “is CBD Biocare a Great Direct Sales Business or an MLM in Disguise?”

What is an MLM?

what is an mlm - a business opportunity but only 1-3% actually make any real moneySo what is an MLM? Are you new to making money online and thinking of joining an MLM company? At least read this first before making a commitment!

Multi-level-marketing is a legitimate business strategy, although it can be controversial at times.

Not to be confused with a Pyramid Scheme (which we will cover later) although some MLM businesses do tend to operate in this manner by hiding behind products and services and by doing so, this gives the Network Marketing industry a bad name. Continue reading “What is an MLM?”

What is HempWorx CBD OIL?

What is HempWorx cbd oil - An MLM company selling Hemp derived CBD oil productsSo what is HempWorx CBD oil and is Hempworx a legitimate company that you can trust and is it a viable business to get involved with?

If you are struggling to work out what an MLM business is?

CBD Oil is all the rage nowadays and for many, looked at as some sort of “Miracle Product”, but who knows maybe it is for them.

Extreme pain can have an adverse effect on many things regarding our wellbeing, and some people tend to become desperate in times of need for pain relief. Continue reading “What is HempWorx CBD OIL?”

CTFO CBD Oil Reviews – Are their CBDA products the BEST?

What is CTFO - Hemp CBD oil plant

Welcome to this CTFO CBD Oil Reviews

What is CTFO? Are they a legitimate company? Are their products top quality? Can you make a ton of money?  All questions that will be answered in this CTFO review.

In fact, for those who don’t know what an MLM is or are a little unsure you need to read this first.

We are just getting our heads around CBD oil and now CBDA is all the rage, so what is CBDA and what can it do for you?

With CBD oil getting some recent bad press with many suppliers lying about the strength of their products, this coming from some big high street retailers as well. So what is happening? Can CTFO be any different?

Well, for starters, they took the initiative to grow and harvest their own industrial organic hemp plants to avoid getting tangled in any such lawsuits, which is a great start and shows their commitment. Continue reading “CTFO CBD Oil Reviews – Are their CBDA products the BEST?”