My OnePoll Review 2018 – Legit Site and is it Worthy of your Time?

Looking for an online survey site where you don’t have much time to spare, then check out this OnePoll Review as this might be the solution that you have been looking for.

OnePoll Review
OnePoll login

OnePoll surveys work closely with some very high profile clients across a multitude of industries such as Banking, Tourism, TV and News Media, just to name a few and looking for people like you and me to help market their products and boost their profiles, and for our time they are prepared to pay us.

A little different to many other online survey sites is that the surveys are super quick and easy to do, which means you get your precious time back to do other things.

Granted, the minimum payment threshold is quite high, but I found the surveys only took between 2 and 7 minutes so you should be able to knock out a few pretty quickly.

One big plus in my eyes was how quick the helpdesk replied to a question of mine taking around 10 minutes, so does that mean OnePoll is a company to be trusted and worthy of your time?

Let’s see, shall we?

OnePoll Banner

  • Owners: 72Point
  • Product: OnePoll
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% Free
  • Based in: UK
  • Founded: 2002
  • Managed: Mark Hodson
  • Summary: Get paid for taking part in surveys.
  • Recommended: No
  • Reasoning: Simply because I have been there and spent many hours for very little reward. Nowadays I value my time more!

Internal Summary and Links

  1. What is OnePoll About?
  2. How Much Can I Make with OnePoll?
  3. How to Get Started with OnePoll
  4. Other Ways to Maximize Money with OnePoll
  5. How Does OnePoll Pay You?
  6. OnePoll Pros and Cons
  7. OnePoll Review – Final thoughts!

What is OnePoll About?

Join OnePoll

OnePoll surveys are a market research company based in the UK, founded in 2002 with offices that can be found in London, Bristol, and recently in New York, and are owned by the PR and marketing research company 72Point.

They both belong to the South West News Service who is currently one of the largest independent newswire and press agency services in the UK.

One Poll was initially founded to help outline and manage PR surveys within the public relations industry, who worked closely with PR consultancy firms and in-house teams throughout the UK and now the US.

Nowadays they have broadened their business strategy to include companies and organisations from all walks of life, and also to widen the membership audience throughout the world.

OnePoll UK reports that in the past two years from 2016  to 2018 that they have achieved a 30% growth.

How Does OnePoll Work?

OnePoll Clients

OnePoll is employed by their clients to research all different categories across a wide spectrum, from tv and media coverage, banking, through to current trending topics, holiday destinations and dietary habits just to name a few.

Much of the research that is carried out actually gets published online or in the press, and therefore as a panellist, you sometimes get to see just how you are making a big difference throughout the world.

OnePoll gets paid by their clients for all this media attention which helps to better their products and services and you get a portion of this fee for taking part.

How Much Can I Make with OnePoll?

Obviously, the more time and effort you apply to these survey sites the more you can earn, but you aren’t going to break the bank.

The minimum cashout threshold has recently dropped from the usual £40 to £30 which should speed up the earning process somewhat.

Surveys take between 2-7 minutes with some taking a little longer, but on the whole, they tend to be short and quick.

They pay you between £0.10 and £0.20 for every survey completed with a few at £1.00 thrown in, which isn’t bad compared to some other survey sites, where you could be earning a few cents for a 20-30 minute survey.

Check out what is possible 

If we take an average of £0.15 per survey then to reach the threshold limit of £30 would take 200 of these short surveys.

If we took let’s say an average of 4 minutes per survey, then that would mean approximately £2.25 an hour.

£2.25 * 8 (# hours in a working day) = £18.00 for an 8 hour day.

The minimum UK hourly rate is currently around £7.50 which means a days wage would come to £60.00 a day as opposed to £18.00 from OnePoll.

9-5 weekly wage = £300.00

Weekly payout at OnePoll = £90.00

Mind you, to sustain this amount then surveys have to be coming in on a regular basis, but past experience tells me that you won’t be able to maintain this amount.

I haven’t highlighted this to frighten you away. On the contrary, I am just making you aware of how much time and effort these survey sites take for such little reward.

I would always suggest signing up to 2 or 3 similar sites if taking surveys is what you like doing such as Swagbucks and TopCashBack

How to Get Started with OnePoll

That’s easy, just enter your first and last name and a valid email address.

An email will be sent to you in order to activate your account.

Just answer a serious of questions and then you are ready to go.

For joining you are rewarded with £2.50

As a new member, I found that the surveys available are all part of setting up your profile and demographics, and they only take a few minutes to complete. Straightforward but a little personal if you ask me!

OnePoll Survey Panel

Once you have completed your profile then the surveys will get better and more interesting.

I don’t know whether you have noticed in the above image but there are what they call “Competition Surveys” which appear now and then to fill in the times when normal surveys are not forthcoming.

Other ways to Maximize Your Money with OnePoll

Obviously, surveys are the number one way of earning here with a few other ways to take into consideration.

  • Competition Surveys

As well as the normal surveys that you will be taking, now and again survey competitions are thrown in amongst the mix especially when the surveys start to dry up.

Who knows you could be one of the lucky ones winning anything up to £1,000.

  • Social Media Competitions

If you are like me and spend bags of time on social media, don’t forget to join Facebook and Twitter and check in from time to time as they run competitions on a regular basis.

  • Refer a Friend

You can refer a friend or family member with a maximum of 15 people allowed, for which you will receive £0.50 for each person that signs up and completes a survey.

Based on reaching your maximum number of referrals of 15.

Each member for reaching £20.00 you receive £1

Each member for reaching £30.00 you receive £2.50

When a member who you have introduced reaches a threshold of…

£20.00 you will receive a maximum total of £15.00

£30.00 you will receive a maximum total of £37.50

This all comes to a total of £60.00

Every little helps, right? …but that is the maximum amount you can earn!

I know it’s not great because some members on other sites use the referral programs to build up their account balance quickly and in some cases, they are earning quite a lot more than the norm.

  • OnePoll Mobile App

Due in September 2018, OnePoll will be launching their own mobile app which will be available for iOS and Android, so no need to be hanging around at home waiting for surveys when you will be able to catch up when you are out and about.

I know you may have already heard in other OnePoll reviews that this Mobile App has been around for a while, but I couldn’t find any proof of it and besides, I emailed the helpdesk and they replied back within 10 minutes to inform me of this.

How Does OnePoll Pay You?

There are 2 methods of payment. Be aware though that it can take anywhere up to 28 days to receive payment.

  • BACS

Members are able to select BACS for direct bank transfer.

  • PayPal

PayPal is usually the main choice as this is a method we are all familiar with but watch out for additional fees that you may encounter.

For all none UK countries.

Remember to take the currency exchange rate into consideration on both BACS and PayPal transfers for when it hits your current bank account!

OnePoll Pros and Cons

No business is without their problems and here we try and group all the main points both “for” and “against” to help you make a decision whether to join OnePoll surveys or not.


  • Free to join 

It’s 100% free to join and take part in and they give you £2.50 straight off the bat for your troubles.

  • Website 

The website is very basic in its appearance and leaves all the complexity behind which I like because it is simple and easy for anybody to follow and cuts down on system issues. Minimal downtime, hopefully!

  • Abundance of Surveys

I found that there were plenty of surveys available and they didn’t drag on for 20-30 minutes like many survey sites tend to do.

They are quick and you can wrap up a few in no time!

  • Interesting Surveys

The client list is extensive with some very big names covering all different topics across many different niches which include Celebrities, TV, News and trending topics to name just a few.

  • Available in Many Countries

The website is open to most countries throughout the world and the only downside to this with the low payouts is the currency exchange which many members will have to endure.

  • No Pre-Qualification questions

This can be a complete pain on some other sites where partway into a survey ( and sometimes 10 or 20 minutes) without warning you are thrown out and told you didn’t qualify. Here at OnePoll, I have never found this to happen, yet!

  • Referral Program

Whilst there is a referral program albeit not a very good one, There are restrictions in place with the amount you are allowed to introduce, which is 15 people with a one-off maximum payment of £60.

  • Help and Support

My experience with OnePoll support was quick and efficient and I got a reply back within 10 minutes so in my eyes this is a big plus.

  • Minimum Threshold lowered

Recently dropped the minimum threshold to £30 which should help in getting there a little faster providing the surveys keep on coming.


  • Where is the Mobile App?

At the moment OnePoll Surveys doesn’t appear to have a mobile app which means we have to be near our desktop or laptop while taking surveys, which isn’t so good. Saying that though I hear that a new app will be released around September time.

  • Where are my surveys?

I am seeing many complaints where members are just coming short of the minimum threshold, in some cases by £0.30 and find that surveys just dry up, and can take a few weeks to reach the cashout threshold.

  • Minimum threshold high

Although, as I mentioned earlier that they have dropped the minimum threshold, it is still too high in comparison to other survey sites.

  • Payment seems to take forever

It can take anywhere up to 28 days for payment to be transferred into your current bank account, which is not good although this is explained in the terms and conditions.

OnePoll Review – Final Thoughts!

If you have researched many of these online survey sites, then you will know by now that they all work in a similar fashion and all have their faults, but one main fault that they all have in common is that they don’t pay you very much.

Is OnePoll legit, and I have to say yes they are but you are not going to be earning the big bucks any day soon.

Do I recommend them and I have to say no, simply based on the amount of time I have spent in the past doing surveys, but nowadays I found my niche and enjoying it tremendously. You could too!

If taking survey’s is what you like doing then like I mentioned earlier, I would suggest joining one or two more to help keep things moving in the right direction, but these survey sites are renowned for cutting back on surveys that they send out to you, so beware.

If you are like I was when I spent hours taking surveys, with the promise of high earnings only to be disappointed, and that your own time which is precious never seems to be your own, then I may have a suggestion.

Why not learn how to build your very own online business, just like I decided to do a few months ago and never looked back. If that would be of interest, then feel free to check out a review I wrote a while back and see what you think.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask, that’s what I am here for!


Congrats, you made it and thank you for being so patient!

Did you find everything that you were looking for or did you have a question for me regarding OnePoll surveys or anything at all for that matter?

If you are a member, then feel free to share your experiences with us and maybe put us right on one or two things.

If you liked the review then why not share this amongst your friends who are looking for a little helping hand.

Just leave a comment below and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. I reply to all comments, so let’s connect my friend!

Until next time!


MySurvey Review 2018 – Used to be a Great Site, is it Now?

A site that had a great “Rep” a few years back, but are they moving in the right direction or are they just getting left behind, and in this MySurvey review, I hope to show you all the good and bad so that you can decide for yourself.

MySurvey Review
MySurvey Login

The Internet is our best friend and we use it in our everyday lives, literally for everything.

One of the first things we do when we start venturing onto the “internet” is that we look for ways to earn some extra money, right? I know that’s exactly what I did! We could all do with a little help nowadays!

How difficult can it be, with thousands of opportunities out there promising “easy money”, and one of the most searched for are filling in surveys?

I mean, pretty much all of them are free to join, require no skills whatsoever and are normally available to many countries throughout the world.

When I started my online journey, I remember I had a list and just worked my way through it until I found a site I could trust, let’s see if MySurvey lives up to your expectations or not, so without further ado, let’s get right into it and see; what is mysurvey about!

MySurvey Banner

  • Owners: Lightspeed Research
  • Product: MySurvey
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% Free
  • Founder: National Family Opinion or NFO
  • Founded: 2001
  • Based in: US
  • Summary: Filling in surveys
  • Recommended: NO – On the basis that you have to spend many hours for very little reward.

Internal Summary and Links

  1. What is MySurvey About?
  2. How Much Can I Make with MySurvey?
  3. How to Get Started with MySurvey
  4. Other Ways to Maximize Points with MySurvey
  5. How Does MySurvey Pay You?
  6. MySurvey Pros and Cons
  7. MySurvey Review – Final thoughts!

What is MySurvey About? is an online survey site thatMySurvey Checklist can be traced all the way back to the organization, NFO(National Family Organization) which started in 1946, which makes it one of the longest or one of the earliest market research companies.

In 2001, due to the Internet explosion, NFO decided to launch to expand its audience throughout the world.

In 2010, was acquired by Lightspeed Research who is a subsidiary of The Kantar Group, a major player in the market research industry, based in the UK with 30,000 employees across around 100 countries.

According to MySurvey there are well over 4 million members across 40 markets throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia and have paid out around $40 million worldwide.

How Does MySurvey Work?

One of the simplest and straightforward survey websites, with none of the usual additional activities to take part in that you find on many of the other sites.

Once you have registered and activated your account and filled in your demographics then you are ready to start taking part in the surveys.

You may come across some of the surveys where they require you to become a product tester which normally means a higher number of points awarded.

Once you have reached the minimum payout threshold which is $10 then you are allowed to convert it to cash or exchange the points for vouchers.

How Much Can I Make with MySurvey?

Typically you can earn anywhere from 10-600 points for each survey completed successfully.

120 points = $1

1200 points = $10 when using PayPal which works out a little more than exchanging points for vouchers.

Did you know?

There are many more ways to earn money online other than taking surveys like  TopCashBack, Ebates and SwagBucks or maybe you are just frustrated with all the disappointments and looking for a new direction?

How to Get Started with MySurvey is 100% free to join and participate in and all that is required from you is a valid email address and password.

A serious of questions will need to be answered which all goes towards your demographics which enables MySurvey to categorize which surveys are sent out to you.

An email will be sent to complete registration and activate your account.

Other Ways to Maximize Points with MySurvey

Obviously, the main source to generate money is through the different types of surveys on offer but there are other ways which are listed below.

  • Mobile App

Don’t forget that there is a mobile app from Google Play which you can download and be kept abreast of any activities such as notifications to participate in surveys whilst out and about shopping.

  • Product testing

Another way would be to take advantage of and become a product tester when the opportunity arises.

All variety of products, ranging from household goods to cell phones and once they arrive at your doorstep, you test the product, answer questions, and in return, you are rewarded with points that can be redeemed at a later date.

  • Refer a friend

I would normally say that participating in the referral program was a good way to accumulate in this case points, but here at MySurvey all that’s on the table is 150 points which are equal to $1.50 and this is a one-off payment for introducing someone.

There are no recurring points for your referrals continued earnings, which is a  bit of a letdown!

How Does MySurvey Pay You?

Points can be converted to cash through PayPal or you can exchange them for Amazon and various other gift cards or vouchers which are available to you.

Remember, it can take up to 8 weeks for payments to be processed and received which obviously depends on the option you choose.

MySurvey Pros and Cons

MySurvey Review 2 used to be one of the top survey sites around but like many others have made a complete turnaround, and from what I understand, this started around the time that Lightspeed took over in 2010.

I am therefore not going to beat about the bush, but the cons far outweigh the pros here!


  • Free to join 

With so many online opportunities most are free to join and take part in, that’s a plus here at Mysurvey.

  • Referral Program

One of the ways where you can really make these online opportunities work for you is through their referral program, and there are a number of ways to promote such a program. This is not one of the better ones though!


  • Bad website communication 

There is nothing more annoying than a website that keeps grinding to a halt and dropping the line for no reason.

After activating my account, I was met with an error message when I tried to sign in and 3 hours down the road I was still unable to get access to the website.

I can see with reading many reviews this is a major problem.

Coming from a software background I can’t for the life in me understand why problems like these exist. Obviously, the site is dated and needs revamping!

  • Disqualified from surveys

This appears to be a common problem with many of these sites where they give you access to a particular survey, you select and start filling it in, only to be told several minutes into the survey that you didn’t qualify.

When you initially registered you had to fill in your demographics which is “supposed” to ensure they send out the right surveys but I guess I must be wrong!

  • Too many emails bordering on SPAM

When you register for these survey sites what I would suggest you do would be to use a different email address to your main one.

This is to avoid the endless amounts of emails sent out to you.

Mind you saying that, when I first joined and received an endless supply of emails I thought my number had come in and that I was on my way to untold riches. How far off the mark was I?

I wouldn’t mind if a large percentage of them were surveys that you would be eligible to take, but they aren’t.

  • No Better Business Bureau (BBB) 

I know belonging to the Better Business Bureau doesn’t mean that the company is “the bee’s knees” but they have to pay to become a member and therefore a step in the right direction, which gives them some street cred.

  • Don’t forget to sign-in on a regular basis

If you are not active enough no matter how many points you have accumulated, they will close your account with not so much as an email to indicate what they are doing.

Just think about it, you get up in the morning ready for a heavy day filling in surveys with a steady flow of points accumulated, to no access to the website all because you went away on a 2 weeks holiday. Not good eh?

  • Where is support 

As far as I am concerned you get an idea of the credibility of a business by their aftersales and in this case support, but many complaints are out there for the lack of support or more to the point that it doesn’t even exist.

  • Surveys fill up quickly so you better be on the ball

Emails are sent out regular away with selected surveys awaiting your participation but don’t leave it too long otherwise you’ll find that you miss out.

Even if you are quick enough like I mentioned that doesn’t mean that you’ll qualify for that survey!

  • Why points and not cash

I don’t agree with these points redeemed to cash systems because you don’t see any real value.

Although there is a points-to-cash conversion for PayPal, when it comes to vouchers these are varied.

  • Where are those surveys

If you have been lucky enough (yes, I did say lucky enough) to be invited to many surveys and escaped being disqualified, what you will find is that once you have started accumulating points and heading to that minimum payout threshold, surveys will be more and more difficult to come by.

As if time wasn’t precious enough, you will have to be patient!

  • Payout and the length of time it takes

I can understand business terms and conditions when it comes to paying suppliers because usually, we are talking about $1000’s, but here you can wait anywhere from a couple of weeks right up to 8 weeks and beyond in some cases for that $10 minimum payment.

A mix of reviews

MySurvey Review 1

Mysurvey Review 4

MySurvey Review 3

MySurvey Review 2018 – Final Thoughts!

Is MySurvey legit, and on the basis that it is 100% Free and you can earn some pocket change then I believe it is, but all I can do is report the facts and the rest is up to you.

Would I recommend and the answer to that is a resounding NO I wouldn’t, simply because of the length of time it takes to accumulate any reasonable amount!

You will find many reviews indicating the opposite which I can’t understand why because the facts are there right in front of you. Not only through my personal experience but checking the likes of TrustPilot and SurveyPolice should be more than enough.

I’d like to say that finding a few of these online opportunities is a good way to accumulate more money but as you can see there aren’t enough hours in the day to do just that.

If taking part in surveys is something you still want to pursue, then maybe you could give TopCashBack, Ebates or SwagBucks a try?


Learn how these Affiliate Marketing businesses operate and turn the tables.

That’s exactly what I did, nothing ventured and all that and it won’t cost you a dime or your credit card details. Check it out, what have you got to lose?


Are you a member and what do you think or maybe you just have a question for me about

Tell me what you thought about this review and if you found it helpful why not spread the word and help others?

I’d love to hear your thoughts, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you.

All comments are welcome and I reply to them all.

All the best


OK, so what is InboxPounds About: Everything You Need to Know!

We are all looking for ways to earn a little extra money and the Internet is the number one “go to” place so what is InboxPounds About and is it a place to “go to” and worthy of your time?

What is InboxPounds About
InboxPounds signup

The Internet is heading towards 4,000,000,000 (that’s 4 Billion) users and slowing down for nobody.

Is it no wonder that everybody is looking for ways to make some extra money online?

As you will have noticed the Internet isn’t short of make money opportunities and as you probably already know survey sites are one of the most popular.

In this InboxPounds review, I show you everything that you would need to know in order to make the right decision, so let’s get right into it.

InboxPounds Brand

  • Owners: InboxDollars
  • Product: InboxPounds
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% Free
  • Founder: Darren Cotter
  • Founded: 2012
  • Based in: Cheshire, UK
  • Summary: Surveys and taking part in other activities.
  • Recommended: NO – Only because you have to spend far too much time, for very little reward.

Internal Summary and Links

  1. What is InboxPounds About?
  2. How Much Can I Make with InboxPounds?
  3. How to Get Started with InboxPounds
  4. Ways to Maximize Cash with InboxPounds
  5. How Does InboxPounds Pay You?
  6. InboxPounds Pros and Cons
  7. What is InboxPounds About – Final thoughts!

What is InboxPounds About?

InboxPounds How They Operate

InboxPounds is the sister or brother (whichever way you look at it) of that other popular survey/rewards site InboxDollars and has been around since 2012.

A rewards site that pays its members for taking surveys, answering emails, playing games and a host of other activities which we’ll get into a little further on.

How Does InboxPounds Work?

The website works on the premise that it links the advertisers with the consumers which in this case are the InboxPounds members.

The advertisers who partner and pay InboxPounds UK for displaying links to products and or services, and for doing so InboxPounds pays the consumer, in this case, you the member for taking part in offers, surveys and other activities associated with the advertiser.

How Much Can I Make with InboxPounds?

For joining you receive £1 and an additional £0.50 for acknowledging the email sent out to complete registration along with setting up your profile.

The amount paid for taking part in the surveys varies from £0.20 to around £1.50 and can take from a few minutes up to 30.

Like all these survey/rewards sites there is money to be made but in small amounts, and therefore if you are thinking that this could be a great way to start earning online, and maybe replace your weekly job then you may find yourself a little disappointed.

Obviously the more you put into this opportunity the more you will get out of it, but don’t expect to be filling in survey after survey because you will find yourself not qualifying for many, which is extremely annoying and very frustrating!

The best way to earn with these sites is to introduce people you know through their referral program.

Great if you have a big enough following, such as an email list or social media following, and there are various ways to promote this online opportunity and if you need a helping hand I will go into that a little later on.

How to Get Started with InboxPounds

Many sites charge a fee whilst InboxPounds is 100% free.

just click here and enter a valid email address and password, and don’t forget to accept the terms and privacy policy.

An email will be sent to you to complete the registration. This should only take a few minutes!

Then once you are signed into the site you will be asked a number of questions (these are your demographics) which are important because your answers have a direct bearing on what type and how many surveys you will receive.

Ways to Maximize Cash with InboxPounds

Like many of these sites they started primarily as a survey site and a few years back you could earn a decent amount, but over the years many similar sites have appeared and made it extremely difficult.

Everybody is fighting for the same business and the way forward was to expand their websites and to add additional activities to keep you focused and stop you signing out.

  • Surveys

With InboxPounds surveys, they are the main source when it comes to earning money here at InboxPounds, but trying to get any momentum going will be difficult.

Yes, there will be surveys available but typically what happens is that you will select a  survey and several minutes into the survey you will be thrown out and told that you didn’t qualify.

InboxPounds Survey List

Take for instance the top survey for £1.50 and estimated time of 26 minutes, I spent 5 minutes filling in this survey only to be thrown out with the below message.

Inboxpounds did not qualify for survey

Unfortunately, this happens a lot of the time!

  • Offers

To complement the money you earn with InboxPounds surveys, there are a number of Cash Offers, such as

  • Becoming a product tester.
  • Trial offers.
  • Competitions, with the chance to win £1,000s.
  • Share your thoughts on what you watch on TV and listen to on the radio.
  • Playing games.
  • Playing bingo.
  • Downloading Apps.

With the chance to earn anything from £0.20 up to £75.00

Some of the offers will be 100% free but some will require your credit card details, and remember that if you do give your card details that there normally will be a trial period, and once that expires unless you have cancelled the offer, then you will be charged.

  • Searching the Internet

Another way to make a few pennies would be to use the InboxPounds search bar instead of Google or Bing.

We are always using Google so why not, just bear in mind that the most you can make on a daily basis are £0.70.

The searches have to come naturally and the amount awarded is based on every 4 legitimate searches.

Any earnings that aren’t natural will be deducted from your account with the possibility of getting banned.

  • Reading Emails and acting upon them

The more active you are the more frequent you will receive emails from Inbox Pounds UK. With a maximum of around 3-4 in any one day.

All that is required of you is that you click on the Confirm PaidEmail™ which you can find at the bottom of the email.

Any offers within the emails that you complete will also earn you more money.

I know the amounts will be small but it all adds up, right?

  • Refer a friend

A great way to build your balance is through the InboxPounds referral program.

This works best if you have a big enough following such as friends on social media, such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube etc.

I have seen some interesting results from members and it pays to look at the many different ways of promoting such a program, from the basic methods such as emails through to more passive ways if you are interested?

By getting others to join you can earn 10% of everything they earn and that is for life or until they decide to cancel their membership.

  • Games

You can register for World Winner Games which means a totally separate account to your InboxPounds account, and get between 1-4% of every £1 that it costs you for entry into one of the games, a little like the Casino sites that you see knocking about.

Personally, I would stay away from this activity.

The whole point of you even considering sites like InboxPounds UK is to earn yourself a little money and not give it away, right?

How Does InboxPounds Pay You?

Once you have reached the minimum threshold payment which is £20 then you are allowed to withdraw.

You must agree that the most convenient payment method is PayPal, and that’s what most people online use and are happy with, but unfortunately, this is not available at InboxPounds.

The only 2 methods are Check and Prepaid Mastercard and/or Merchant eCards.

Checks are the only method of payment for members outside of the UK.

Checks will take around 7 weeks to get processed, posted and cleared at your bank and when we are talking about £20 pounds is it really worth all the hassle.

For countries outside of the UK, it would take longer but not only that you have to take into consideration the currency exchange rate too.

InboxPounds Pros and Cons

Here we are and one of the most important sections of the review where you get to know all the good and the bad, well I’m sorry but there will be more bad than good here.


  • Free to join 

With most make money opportunities they are free to join which is a plus here.

  • Referral Program

This is a great way to earn money for doing nothing other than getting others to join and a way that many don’t capitalize on.

To make some reasonable money you would really need to get 100’s or even 1000’s to join which is not as easy you may think.


  • Disqualified from Surveys

This is a major problem, not only with InboxPounds but many other similar sites where you end up wasting time on a survey only to be told several minutes into it that you didn’t qualify.

InboxPounds Trustpilot Review

  • Payments have gone astray

Members are complaining that they never received their checks and when InboxPounds is confronted nobody seems to know why which leaves the member no alternative but to either ignore this and carry on or cancel their membership. I know what I would do, right?

  • Can you really get paid £5 for surveys?

I have been a member of InboxPounds for a while now and whilst I have earned small amounts, and I mean small amounts, I have never managed to hit a £5 survey.

The most I have managed is £0.40 so I guess where they indicate £0.20 to £0.70 this is obviously in the right ball-park.

  • Are these so-called offers really free?

We all like free, right but how many times have you seen an offer that is 100% free?

Many of the free offers require your credit card details, and when you hit the expiry trial offer period unless you have cancelled the offer then charges will apply.

InboxPounds partners with advertisers who send out “Free Stuff” for your participation but to get this a charge will apply for shipping costs and postage, normally inflated. Many will suggest misrepresentation!

  • No PayPal

The most popular way of handling payments online is through PayPal and everybody has come to accept this method. It’s quick and reliable which is what everybody wants.

Checks are slow, they get lost in transit but not only that, they also take several business working days to clear when they reach your bank.

What is InboxPounds About – Final Thoughts!

People are asking the question, “is InboxPounds a scam”?

A term that I don’t like, and I wouldn’t label this opportunity as such because it is 100% free and you can make some money although in small amounts.

I wouldn’t recommend InboxPounds for many reasons which I have tried to highlight and at the end of the day the final decision is up to you.

There are other similar opportunities which are better and ones that you might want to check out such as TopCashBack, Ebates or SwagBucks 


If you have just had enough of bouncing from one survey site to the other earning the pittance that they pay, and would like a totally fresh outlook, where you can turn the tables and be the “earner” just like InboxPounds, then check out this review and see what you think.

This is also free to join and no credit card will be asked for and one more important thing, no upsells either!


Thinking of joining InboxPounds? Are you a member? Had any bad experiences?

What did you think about the review? Why not share and spread the word around to your friends?

I’d love to hear your thoughts or maybe you have a question about InboxPounds or anything for that matter.

All comments are welcome and I reply to them all.

All the best, till later


What is Cashcrate About? Legit or One to Stay Away From?

So what is Cashcrate about, and with so many similar sites around, are we looking at a legit business where it is possible to earn some real money or are you just wasting your time?

What is Cashcrate About
CashCrate login

The Internet is the place “to go to” nowadays for pretty much anything, especially when it comes to searching out ways to make money online, but 2 major factors stand in your way, where do you look and who can you trust?

There are hundreds and thousands of new ways to make a living online but most are just not worth your time and effort, but is Cashcrate one of them?

You are probably here after already reading one or two Cashcrate reviews, and if you are then hopefully this will be the last review you will need to read before making a final judgement call.

Cashcrate banner

  • Product: Cashcrate
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% Free
  • Founders: Patrick Clochesy & Joe Coleman
  • Founded: 2006
  • Based in: US
  • Summary: Market research / Surveys and Rewards
  • Recommended: NO – Only because you have to spend far too much time, for very little reward.

Internal Summary and Links

  1. What is Cashcrate About?
  2. How Much Can I Make with Cashcrate?
  3. How to Get Started with Cashcrate
  4. Ways to Maximize Cash with Cashcrate
  5. How Does Cashcrate Pay You?
  6. Cashcrate Pros and Cons
  7. What is Cashcrate About – Final thoughts!

What is Cashcrate About?

Cashcrate is a GPT(Get Paid To) or reward site that was founded in 2006 by Patrick Clochesy and Joe Coleman and based in Las Vegas.

As of this review, there are currently well over 7,000,000 members throughout the world who get paid for completing tasks such as surveys, offers and playing games amongst others things, which I will go into more a little later on.

How Does Cashcrate Work?

You will see major companies associated with market research companies like Cashcrate, which is one of the quickest ways to promote their products and to get customer feedback.

This all comes under affiliate marketing and they pay companies just like Cashcrate to do all this for them.

Cashcrate will then pay their members from the earnings received from their clients for taking part in surveys, promotional offers or even shopping online.

Other activities such as watching videos, playing games, entering contests or answering emails, whilst you can still earn money, albeit small amounts, are really there to keep you active on their website.

Cashcrate Videos and More

How Much Can I Make with Cashcrate?

This is entirely up to each individual and how much time and effort you put into this online opportunity. Pretty much like any business venture!

The best way to earn with these sites is through their referral programs if, in fact, they have one, but don’t worry because the majority do and they certainly do here at Cashcrate, and a good one it is too!

There is even a “Payment Wall” where members (if you want) can upload their proof.

Cashcrate Payment Wall

But wait and Check this out!

With currently over 7,000,000 members and paying out $3,910,841 since Cashcrate was founded in 2006.

That equates to each member making $1.79 but hopefully, this hasn’t frightened you away, well, not just yet anyway!

I know this is an average and a little unfair because some will be earning and many will have cancelled their membership, but hopefull you see where I am going?

How to Get Started with Cashcrate

That’s pretty straightforward, just click here and it should take a couple of minutes to complete registration and remember this is 100% free to join and take part in.

Just enter a valid email address along with a password.

You will then receive an email which you will have to acknowledge to confirm and activate your account.

Once you have confirmed who you are then there are a number of questions which have to be filled in. These questions are important and determine what type and how many surveys you receive.

Once you have fully completed registration you are rewarded with $1.50.

Ways to Maximize Cash with Cashcrate

Cashcrate ways to earn

  • Surveys

Obviously, surveys are the main way to earn here at and the number of surveys you receive are down to a few things but mainly demographics, that’s the information you gave when you first registered.

I guess like me as a new member you will be hoping to sit at your laptop filling in survey after survey and creating that 2nd income, right?

Wrong, let me explain!

What you will find is that you won’t qualify for above 90% of the surveys that you select, and you won’t find this out until you are a few minutes into the survey.

Take me, for example; I selected my first 10 surveys and spent 20 minutes only to be told that I didn’t qualify. For me, that’s 100% that I didn’t qualify for! Could it be a fact that I wasn’t a US citizen? Maybe!

If you can manage $3 an hour at best you are doing great, but most of the time you will be left scratching your head trying survey after survey after survey. Patience and perseverance here is the key, but I’m afraid I lost the plot very early on.

  • Offers

You will find many offers available where you can sign up for products and/or services.

A very important thing to watch out for here is that many of these offers even though they initially are free will ask for your credit card details,  but what happens then is that once the free offer period expires then you will be charged a fee.

If you have many of these so-called “Free” offers on the go then it is so easy to forget to cancel the membership before the trial offer period expires.

Getting billed for something you didn’t want will just eat at your balance!

  • Shopping

At Cashcrate they have teamed up with some of the top retailers that you already use when shopping online so why not check them out here at “Get Cash Back”

Just purchase as you would do normally but through the Cashcrate links and once the retailer has verified your purchase, a few weeks later you will see cash back and added to your account balance.

I would still research the product or service elsewhere first because in most cases you will find a better offer!

  • Refer a friend

A great way is to get Cashcrate referrals!

Always a great way to boost that account balance of yours, especially if you have a big enough crowd, such as an email list or a big social media following.

At they have 4 different membership levels that you can achieve, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Elite

The higher the level the more you will earn on your referrals earnings which are for life or until the member decides to leave. This starts at 20% for Bronze all the way up to 30% for Elite status!

To find out more and the breakdown of each level just click here.

  • Create a Free Blog on Cashcrate

A great way to get more referrals is to create a blog or website and at Cashcrate once you have received “Silver” status, which is at least 25 referrals then you have access to a free blog or website.

If you can’t wait and would like to get this started first and haven’t a clue what is involved then you can check out this training platform, where they teach you everything you would need to know, and it is 100% free too.

No credit card details and no upsells either!

  • Games

Get a little peeved with filling in surveys or just aren’t getting enough of them then why not chill out and play a few games tournaments where you can accumulate points which can be redeemed through vouchers.

  • Videos

Watching videos is another way to accumulate some extra cash or should I say pennies. Yes, we are talking anywhere from 1 cent upwards!

  • Contests

Another way would be to take part in a number of Cashcrate contests to get that balance soaring, with daily, monthly and other types of contests on offer on a regular basis.

Cashcrate contest winners

How Does Cashcrate Pay You?

Once you have reached the payment threshold which is $20 then you are allowed to withdraw.

Any earnings you make for the current month are sent to you either at the beginning or middle of the month, which is dependant on the payment method you select and also your current membership level, which is either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Elite.

Bronze – (Less than 25 referrals)

Only 2 payment methods are allowed.

Dwolla, which is similar to PayPal but only available to US members.

Checks sent to US members should take around a week, and none US can take between 2-3 weeks and of course, remember that it will also take around 5 business working days for the check to clear too.

At this level, non-US members can only be paid by check and don’t’ forget the currency exchange rate too!

Silver – (25-99 referrals)

Dwolla and Direct Deposit is available to US members only.

Checks and PayPal are available to all members.

Weekly Payments

Are available to Gold and Elite members who have 100+ referrals or lifetime earnings of $250+ with a minimum payment of $100.

Cashcrate Pros and Cons

All businesses come with a certain amount of baggage because nobody is perfect. If it sounds too good to be true, you bet it probably is!


  • Free to join 

Many opportunities will cost you a fee before you get to know whether it is legit or not, here at it is 100% free.

  • BBB (Better business bureau) 

They are currently showing an A rating


  • Disqualified from Surveys

This does appear to be a big problem here where you end up wasting your time taking a survey only to be told that you didn’t qualify a few minutes later.

Your demographics should identify whether you qualify or not, therefore there is absolutely no reason why the correct surveys can’t be distributed to the right members first.

  • Have to reach a membership level before you can use PayPal

This is quite annoying, because it sort of forces you into referring people, which isn’t a bad thing because that is the way to go to get that balance moving, but you will have to work your arris off to get those 25 referrals unless you have a big enough following who might be interested.

  • Be aware of spamming

Might be a good thing to create an independent email because you will be bombarded with junk mail on a daily basis.

I have even seen complaints from members where it would appear their personal information had been passed onto third party companies as they were pestered constantly with sales calls.

  • Are Free offers really Free?

Many offers require your credit card details and once the offer period expires unless you cancel the offer you will be hit with costs.

What is Cashcrate About – Final Thoughts!

As you can see, is a legit company but one I would not recommend.

The amount of hours you have to put into these survey sites just to get a few extra dollars is just ridiculous and I find my time is just too precious and can be spent in a more constructive way. Yours can be too!

If all you are looking for is some pocket money be rest assured that’s exactly what you will be getting taking online surveys, but if you are serious and looking for a real business opportunity, where you are taught everything you would ever need to know, where in 1-2 years time it could very easily replace your current job then check out this review.

I should know because I’m doing just that! Nearly forgot to mention that it is also FREE to join and No Credit Card details will be asked for either and of course a major plus no damn UPSELLS!

But, if you are looking for similar opportunities to, then you might like to check out TopCashBack, Ebates or SwagBucks


Are you a member of Cashcrate? Are you happy with the site? Thinking of joining?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and what you thought about the review.

Why not share this review amongst your friends, it could save them a lot of time!

All comments are welcome and I reply to them all, so don’t be shy and tell me what you thought.

All the best,


My Clixsense Review 2018: Legit GPT Site or Another Lost Cause? has gone through some major changes recently, coming from one of the top PTC (Paid To Click) sites, with a foothold in many countries, to a complete switch of their business model to a GPT (Get Paid To) site, and in this Clixsense Review 2018, I identify the key changes, but are they heading in the right direction?

My Clixsense Review
Clixsense login

This review probably isn’t the first and certainly won’t be the last one you read on your way to trying to find reputable ways to make some extra cash online.

I know we all probably spend far too much time on the Internet especially looking for ways to make some extra cash, but are you looking in the right places? Are survey sites really worth your time and effort?

Some people think they are and some have earned several thousand dollars, but the amount of time and effort that goes into getting there is enormous.

There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of GPT sites out there. Some good, some ok and some really bad but they all have one thing in common.

They all have various ways (additional activities) for you to earn money from, but are these activities just there to keep you entertained and to stop you from signing out of their website?


Clixsense Banner

  • Product:
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% Free
  • Founders: Steve Girsky and John McConnell
  • Founded: 2007
  • Current owner: Jim Grago
  • Based in: US
  • Summary: Market research / Surveys and Rewards
  • Recommended: NO – Simply because you have to spend far too much time, for very little reward.

Internal Summary and Links

  1. What is Clixsense About?
  2. How Much Can I Make with Clixsense?
  3. How to Get Started with Clixsense
  4. Other Ways to Maximize Cash with Clixsense
  5. How Does Clixsense Pay You?
  6. Clixsense Pros and Cons
  7. Clixsense Review 2018 – Final thoughts!

What is Clixsense About?

Clixsense survey invites started its life back in 2007 by Steve Girsky and John McConnell as a PTC (Paid to Click) website where as a member you could earn money by just clicking on advertisements.

Since 2011 went through a change in ownership to James Grago who at the time was the CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

A few major issues that have taken place in the last few years which have dictated some radical changes in the way they now operate their business.

In August 2016’s data was hacked with around 6,000,000 members personal data compromised with account balances set to zero.

In February 2017 PayPal put a hold on Clixsense’s business account stating that they were in breach of PayPal’s user terms and agreement procedures, and as a result, stopped processing all payments, both incoming and out.

The reasoning PayPal gave was based on the number of PTC (Paid To Click) sites that were cropping up all over the Internet, even though Clixsense had been operating that business model since 2007 and with no issues.

In July 2017, they changed from a PTC website and removed the ability to make money from clicking ads, also removing Clixgrid, the 2 membership levels as well as the 8 level affiliate referral program.

Clixsense now operates as a GPT  (Get Paid To) site where you the member get paid for taking part in a host of different activities, such as surveys, daily tasks, completing offers, watching videos, playing quizzes etc which I will go into in more detail later on.

What is Clixsense Forcibly doing?

Thought that might grab your attention!

Well, a little strong maybe, but let’s see if I can explain what I mean.

At the beginning as a PTC (Paid To Click) site, and incidentally one of the better ones, members were happy just clicking on ads and earning a little cash, along with advertising their own stuff too.

Since the problems with the data hacking and PayPal pulling the plug many have gone elsewhere. Seriously, who can blame them?

Only time will tell moving to a GPT site if PayPal will renew their relationship with, but it looks like the new owner is trying extremely hard to revitalize the business and hopefully heading in the right direction.

Online Help

Major changes to a business model such as moving from a PTC to a GPT site take many man hours with software changes that are required and I see that the “online help” documentation is not in-line with those new changes. Something to be aware of!

How Much Can I Make with Clixsense?

Clixsense payout

In the grand scheme of things that isn’t a great amount considering how many members have been involved.

Like with any business you get involved with and how much money you make, it is all down to the dedication, and the amount of time that you put in.

Like a real job where you know just where you stand with the hourly rate and the number of hours worked, with online opportunities it is just impossible to gauge how much you can earn and how long it will take.

The potential to earn a lot of money online is there if you know how and survey sites are just not going to cut it, they really aren’t.

At Clixsense there are too many parameters to take into consideration, such as …

  • How often you login to the website.
  • Your demographics.
  • Availability of surveys and whether you qualify or not.
  • The amount of tasks and offers you need to participate in.
  • Referrals and how often they partake in the system.
How to earn at Clixsense

Here I would like to show you the main 2 different ways (there are others) of how to earn money from Clixsense.

As you can see here “Piddles” has been a member since 2007 and managed to accumulate a whopping $11,610.19 by completing tasks and offers that accumulate 67,911.  No referrals!


Clixsense earnings 3

dsbe” has been a member since 2009 and earned $17,540.42  mainly by introducing referrals.


Both have earned through the 2 main methods Task and Offers along with Referrals, but as you can see to get to that total it has taken a lot of time and effort. Sure, there is money to be made but time spent in the right manner will serve you in the long run. More on that later!

How to Get Started with Clixsense

That’s pretty straightforward, just click here and it Read this before you start Clixsenseshould take around 10 minutes to complete the full registration and remember this is 100% free to join and take part in.

Just enter, your first and last name, a valid email address and a unique user id, and don’t forget to read the terms and click the 2 boxes.

An email will be sent to you to respond to and fully activate your account.

Then all you have to do is fill in the “surveys profile”, which are your demographics covering 21 questions and you are ready to go. This is important and determines the type and amount of survey’s that are sent out to you.

Don’t forget to download the ClixAddon extension for your browser. A great way to keep abreast of things at the touch of a button.

As of this review, there is currently no app for the mobile phone!

Please note, only one Clixsense account can be registered from the same household!

Other Ways to Maximize Cash with Clixsense

Clixsense partners

  • ClixSense Daily Checklist Bonus

Completing the daily checklist will give you a bonus of up to 16% that will be credited to your account at the end of each day. Further details can be found here.

  • Figure of eight tasks

Earn by completing simple tasks where you can also earn additional bonuses and there are weekly contests for you to participate in also.

  • Clixsense Cash Offers
  1. Clixoffers
  3. Trialpay
  4. Peanut labs
  5. OfferTorro
  6. Wannads
  7. Adscend
  8. Adgate
  9. Kiwiwall

Here you are met with a whole host of different ways to accumulate “clixcents” (which are converted to dollars) from taking surveys, joining casino sites, offers, through to entering competitions and playing games.

Just bear in mind that most of these offers require you to signup and in many cases, you will be asked to add your credit card details.

Offers usually exist for a period of time so don’t forget to cancel the offer otherwise you could be hit with costs debited to your card. So be careful!

  • Refer a friend

This is a great way to boost the amount you can make.

Why not refer a friend or family member and reap the benefits and watch your account balance grow. Earn up to 30% recurring commissions on anything your referral makes and that’s for life. They have some great banners and splash pages available for you to promote your campaigns.

Referral signup commission of $0.30 for 1st tier countries and $0.10 for all others and a one-off payment of $2.00 when your referral earns their 1st $5.00.

Continued commissions for life which is 20% of everything your referral earns as a member of Clixsense.

Top Tier Countries

Clixsense toptier countries

How Does Clixsense Pay You?

There are a number of methods excluding PayPal.

Clixsense payment methods

Remember all funds are in US Dollars and therefore will be subject to a currency exchange rate fee.

All electronic payments are processed daily and usually take up to 5 business working days depending on where you are in the queue.

New accounts, which are registered within the last 30 days may be delayed by up to 15 days.

If you require payment by check then you must request your payment before the 5th of every month for the check to be processed before the 10th of the month. Remember that checks are valid for 60 days, and that once received at your bank will take a further few days to clear!

Clixsense Pros and Cons

For a company that was one of the top PTC sites and has been operating for over a decade, I was a little surprised to not find many reviews about them. You can check out Survey Police, Trustpilot and Sitejabber to get some idea for yourself.


  • Free to join 

With so many, work from home opportunities that charge you monthly fees to earn yourself some extra cash,  here at Clixsense it is 100% free to join and participate in, so really nothing to lose except your time.

  • BBB (Better business bureau) 

The first port of call for many when checking out an online business’s trustworthiness and Clixsense is currently showing an A- rating

  • Professional looking website

Coming from a software development background I can see the amount of time and effort not to mention the cost that has gone into the Clixsense website.

  • Available Worldwide

Clixsense was once one of the top PTC sites online which has helped to establish the site worldwide, which covers many of the major countries. Just remember to check out which tier your country belongs to.


  • No PayPal

PayPal has been for a long time the main method for handling finances whilst on the Internet and most people recognize this as their number one choice.

PTC sites have been getting a bad rep and for good reason too so I see a switch from a PTC to GPT site a change in the right direction, and hopefully just a matter of time before PayPal come back.

  • Disqualified from Surveys

This seems to be the norm with these survey sites, that you click on a survey and start filling it in only to be told a few minutes down the road that you didn’t qualify.

Once I’d registered and set up my demographics I was met with 20+ surveys and I thought great, and I went straight to the highest paying and found 1 by 1 that I wasn’t qualified. I had just filled in 21 questions regarding myself so why were they even listed? 10 surveys selected and 10 I didn’t qualify for!

  • Very low earning potential 

On average for the bigger paying surveys which are around $1.25, and they take about 20 minutes to complete.

$1.25 * 3 = $3.75 an hour

That’s if you manage to qualify for the surveys! As you can see I didn’t and I am from a tier 1 country!

Clixsense Review 2018 – Final Thoughts!

I remember a few years back when Clixsense was a PTC site, I spent many hours trying to earn some extra cash, but the rewards were not worth it for me.

However, would I recommend  Clixsense and I have to say NO, but that is simply on a basis that the amount of time it takes to earn some decent money is enormous?

It really all depends on who you talk to and whilst I have come across members that have earned several thousand dollars, the amount of surveys, tasks and offers to get to that point have taken many hours.

If survey and reward sites are what you are looking for, why not check out SwagBucks or Ebates but if you really want to learn how all these sites operate and start earning some real money then check out what I do for a living here.


Are you a member of Clixsense? Are you happy with the changes from a PTC to a GPT site? Thinking of joining?

Tell me what you thought of this review or maybe pass on some love and share with your friends.

I’d love to hear your experiences not just with Clixsense but survey and reward sites in general.

Just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.



What is Toluna: A Legit Survey Site with a Difference or Not?

Survey sites are up there at the top when it comes to people looking for ways to make money online, with promises of earning great amounts of dosh, so what is Toluna and can it deliver?  Let’s see, shall we?

What is Toluna
Toluna login

You are here because you have heard the stories that filling in surveys is easy and that you can make a good living, but are those stories believable?

The amount of money that you can make on these sites is usually over exaggerated and the reality is that you have to spend many hours online for very little reward.

I started my online career just like many others filling in surveys and after a while, you quickly get to know if a site is worthy of your time or not!

Take for instance.

When I registered my details and received an acknowledgement email which I responded to, I tried to sign into the site and my password wasn’t recognized, and when I tried to recover my password details and entered the same email address I didn’t even receive a response after many attempts.

More on that later!

What do they say about first impressions?

Toluna brand

  • Owners: ITWP Acquisitions Limited
  • Parent Company: Toluna Group
  • Product: Toluna Influencers
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% Free
  • Founder: Frederic-Charles Petit
  • Founded: 2000
  • Based in: Toluna Group is registered in the UK, Headquarters in Paris
  • Summary: Market research / Surveys
  • Recommended: NO

Internal Summary and Links

  1. What is Toluna Surveys About?
  2. How Does Toluna Work?
  3. How Much Can I Make with Toluna?
  4. How to Get Started
  5. Other Ways to Maximize Points with Toluna
  6. How You Get Paid?
  7. Toluna Pros and Cons
  8. What is Toluna – Final thoughts!

What is Toluna Surveys About?

Toluna Inspire share gain

Founded by Frederic-Charles Petit back in 2000 and part of the Toluna Group who are registered in the UK at companies house with headquarters in Paris.

Toluna Influencers (as they are known now) are located throughout the world with near to 10 million members from many countries and work in the market research niche.

They cover 30+ countries worldwide which makes them one of the biggest online survey sites out there. is a market research platform which is a little different to other survey sites I have come across.

Members are part of a community who are able to create their own content and take part in discussions with other members about anything, by creating polls and topics, and getting feedback in real-time for which you are rewarded points.

How Does Toluna Work? act as a go-between, a sort of middleman, where Toluna members are connected to companies to take part in market research by way of filling in surveys.

Passing on your comments and feedback has a direct impact on how companies market their products and services to consumers just like yourself.

How Much Can I Make with Tuluna?

Really, this depends on a few parameters suchToluno survey as demographics which is the information you give the site when registering.

Availability of the surveys is all down to how quickly you respond to emails which are sent out. These surveys come on a first come first served basis and if you are not quick enough you will miss out!

Toluna works on a points system or a virtual currency that they like to identify with, which you are rewarded for taking part in surveys along with other activities and once you have reached a minimum threshold those points can be redeemed for cash.

Currently, the points to cash ratio is…

3000 points = $1

In order to redeem your points, you need at least 30,000 points which equates to $10.

In theory, the longer the survey the greater the number of points awarded but in reality, it all depends on a number of factors.

Such as the client and the length of the survey and providing you actually do qualify for that particular survey. Sometimes you will find this out 15 minutes into the survey. I know, a nightmare isn’t it?

How to Get Started

It’s free to join and to register, you simply click which will take you to the Toluna login display and the “Sign-up” is in the top right corner of the screen.

Just enter a few particulars and you should be ready to go.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Password
  • Mobile number

Once you have signed up you will need to respond to an email that is sent out to complete the registration.

Just for signing up Toluna rewards you with 500 points which gives you a bit of a start. This is around $0.16. Not much but every little count!

Once registered, don’t forget to install the mobile iPhone App. This way you won’t miss anything when you are out and about!

Other Ways to Maximize Points with Toluna

Toluna share something

  • Creating quality content within the community forum can boost your points total by up to 1000 points. Around 33 cents!
  • Earn points for participating in contests run by the Toluna team.
  • You are also encouraged to go ahead and create your own contests within the community and for that, you could be rewarded with a 5,000 points bonus as an incentive. That’s around $1.66
  • Why not create new topics and polls within the community allowing the members to take part in the discussions where you will be rewarded for your time.
  • If you can’t decide on 2 options then create what they call a Battle between the 2 and let the community decide.
  • If you are on the fence about something then create a Thumb It and let the members decide, whether thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • There is a daily millionaire sweepstake which you can take part in but the tickets will cost you 500 points, and to qualify, you must have a profile image and be an active member within the 30 days prior to the sweepstake.
  • Profile surveys come up all the time and can be found by clicking the “survey” tab at the top of the site and here you can find the “Profiles survey” option. These are there for your benefit and to improve the number and type of surveys you receive. Each profile survey is worth 100 points!
  • What about referring a friend which is always a good way to get rewarded for doing nothing. You will receive 500 points for a referral when the interest surveys are completed.
Rewards for comments – “Replies” to “points” to “cash equivalent”

These are the points rewarded for taking part in the community forum for replying to discussions.

  • 20  =  500    = $ 0.16
  • 30  =  1000  = $ 0.32
  • 40  =  2000 = $ 0.64
  • 50  =  3000 = $ 1.00
  • 75   = 3500 =  $ 1.16
  • 100 = 5000 = $ 1.64

These are known as popularity points and could reach a maximum of 15,000 points in a month

That’s 300 comments within the forum for $4.92. That’s certainly a lot of work there for very little reward don’t you think?

You can also earn points for leaving 80+ word replies on other members opinions, 100 for each reply to a maximum of 5,000 a month.

How You Get Paid?

Depending on which country you are in determines just how you can be paid. There are 3 ways to get paid.

  • Electronic vouchers 

Toluna rewards

Which will be sent to your Toluna account or in some cases directly to your email account.

  • Bank transfer

Check out your country of origin as some allow direct bank transfer whilst others don’t.

  • PayPal

Remember that there will be fees when transferring money through PayPal and to allow up to 4 working days.

Toluna Pros and Cons

This is the part of the review that most people will go straight to without reading all the gory details.

Here I will highlight what I believe to be the positive and negative aspects of becoming a member of, but what I am not finding are many positive reviews in TrustPilot or SiteJabber. You can see for yourself!



  • Mobile app

When you are away from your laptop and using the mobile app, I have noticed a number of complaints with the app crashing or throwing you out part way through a survey with everything lost.

  • Not qualified for a survey

This seems to be a problem with many of these survey sites where you can be taking part in a survey for several minutes (in some cases 20 minutes) then all of a sudden the survey will end and you will be told that you didn’t qualify.

I can’t for the life in me understand why this happens because they should know all this before they send you the survey. I guess they just want the survey filled first.

Many are arguing that maybe they still use the data in order to get paid by the client!

Whilst I have seen some survey sites that offer you points as a way of compensation here at this isn’t the case, so I guess you have to grin and bear it.

  • Long wait for  your cash

Another annoying thing is the time you have to wait for your rewards to be redeemed. Anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks depending on the country.

Remember to ensure that everything is filled in correctly otherwise you may lose those points as many members have reported.

  • Very low hourly rate!

These surveys take between 15 and 20 minutes and for this, you are paid anywhere from 15 and 50,000 points which all depends on which client the survey comes from and the length of time it takes.

  • Points expire

If you are like many members who hang onto their points hoping to buy something of value later then remember that those points start to expire after a 12 month period.

Meaning that not all your points will expire at once, for example, if you were rewarded 10,000 points on the 6th June 2018, then only those 10,000 will expire on 6th June 2019.

Not at all happy with this, because to get those points in the first place will have taken many hours, but lose them and will be saving money.

  • Not able to sign back into the website

Within 10 minutes of registering I found that I could not sign back into the site even though I copied and pasted the exact same email and password.

When I tried to recover the password I received no email from Toluna and this wasn’t the 1 time, it was several times and 2 days down the road.

I have received no response to my email either.

  • Survey’s don’t come quick enough

Like many of these survey sites, they work on a first come first served basis, meaning that you have to respond to the emails sent out by as quick as possible otherwise the survey’s fill up.

Sitting around waiting for the odd survey turning up is not my idea of fun!

Many members who come into these survey sites expect to be filling surveys in constantly throughout the day which isn’t the case!

What is Toluna – Final Thoughts!

You will find many people stating that Toluna is a scam but in my eye’s it isn’t and the reason for that is simple. It is free to join and you can make some money albeit in small amounts.

Granted, I wouldn’t think about jacking your full-time job in just yet and that goes with many of these survey sites.

Would I recommend this business? Absolutely not!

Yes, I have tried and tested many of these sites in the past but nowadays I have very little spare time on my hands since I found this training platform where I can now earn real money, but hey, if earning a little cash here and there is what you are looking for then who am I to question it.


Are you a member of Toluna? What do you think? Are you happy with the service? Thinking of joining? How much time do you spend on surveys? What is the most money you have earned filling in surveys?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this survey site or why not spread the word and share this information with your friends.

Just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Until next time!


Learn How to Create a Website using WordPress from within the Site Rubix Application

Want to know just what Site Rubix is all about, and want to learn how to create a website using WordPress from within the Site Rubix Application, then follow me on this journey.

It’s extremely important nowadays for anybody running a business, whether established or just starting out to have a website.

You just have to look at how fast the Internet is growing, to see that if you don’t move with the times then you will lose out on a lot of business. With around 3.8 billion who has access to the Internet, that’s around half the world population and growing at such a rapid rate.

There are many providers out there you could go to, to create your websites, like Wix, Site123, Sitebuilder and many others. The list is endless, but my recommendation and number one choice, along with many thousands of professionals and online marketers out there would be WordPress.

WordPress is a free and the most supported open source content management system (CMS for short) which is perfect for our needs, seeing as the content is key to creating a great business online, and much more than just your typical website builder.

When you create a website, what you are doing is promoting your brand, and its only right that you want everything to look professional, like it was developed from an external source. WordPress allows you to do that!

What are the benefits of using WordPress

What sets WordPress apart from all the others in my opinion is

  • Ease of use.
  • Over 40,000 plugins you can use to personalize your website.
  • No programming skills required, not like 5 or 10 years ago.
  • You are in complete control.
  • Extremely customizable.
  • It’s mobile, where you can manage your website anywhere in the world.
  • Literally thousands of themes you can choose from, and change them whenever you like.
  • Responsive and great looking sites.
  • Search engines love WordPress websites.
  • Great content platform.
  • Highly supported

You see a few years ago when I was looking for a website builder I did get my feet wet with WordPress so I am quite familiar with the product, but back then it wasn’t easy to figure it all out.

You needed to have some skills in a programming language such as HTML and CSS to be able to do simple tasks, where today this is all taken away and done for you, especially with the enormous amount of plugins available for you to do those tasks, in turn taking your business to higher levels and making you stand out above the rest.

Easy and Fast Steps to Build a website using Site Rubix

With WordPress as our chosen content management system, how can we possibly improve and make it better?

By using a product called Site Rubix!

Developing a website from the ground up is now a breeze, and Site Rubix makes it even simpler and quicker.

Site Rubix was launched in 2007 and was originally a drag and drop editor, and over the years it has been developed into a first class website builder, and at the forefront of technical innovation leaving its competitors way behind.

The platform takes away all the fundamentals you needed to know in the past and provides a newbie-friendly environment which is a complete pleasure to work with.

Everybody I have spoken to who use Site Rubix, and with many knowing absolutely nothing about building an online business or creating a website for that matter, have told me that the one thing that held them back, was the fact that they thought this whole thing about developing a website was going to be beyond them.

How wrong were they, I mean I was too!

Now with all the techie stuff been taken care of, it means that you can get down to learning how to build an online business quicker and with more confidence.

When I say quicker, I actually mean lightning fast!

Let’s take a look at the Site Rubix Application?

Site Rubix makes it extremely easy and takes website development to a completely new level, by allowing you to turn your interest or passion into a thriving Internet business.

All the technical aspects that a software developer uses are completely removed, which will enable you to have your website up and running in literally minutes. In fact, the training video shows you that this can be done within 1 minute.

Site Rubix is powered by Wealthy Affiliate which provides you with training, support, and all the tools you would ever require in-order to become successful on the Internet.

Don’t take my word for it, you have to try it to truly believe in what I am saying is 100% correct!

Not only is Site Rubix a truly remarkable tool, it is free and you get access to 2 websites along with hosting too.

Let’s take a Quick look at the features within the Site Rubix Menu

Site Manager:

Site Rubix - Site Manager
Site Rubix – Site Manager

At a glance, you have all your website fundamentals. I won’t go into details as it should be self-explanatory.

This is also your direct link to your WordPress dashboard.

A new addition to the Site Rubix manager as of October 2017 that you have access to, from the “Details” button in the lower right corner is a tool called Page Speed Insights. 

Site Rubix - Page Speed Insights
Site Rubix – Page Speed Insights

At a glance, it highlights possible issues with web page speeds when the reader clicks on your site.

A great tool that forces you to optimize your site as you go along.

Site Builder: 

Site Rubix - Site Builder
Site Rubix – Site Builder

Gives you control of whether you want to create a website on a free Wealthy Affiliate domain, a domain that you own or whether you wish to create and register a new domain.

As a FREE member, you have access to 2 free sites and as a PREMIUM member, you have access to 25 free sites!

Site Domains:

Site Rubix - Site Domains
Site Rubix – Site Domains

Maintain all your domains in one central location.

Search for your great domain, add sub-domains and transfer domains that are external to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate allows you to have everything in one location and you’ll find it hard to beat on price too.

Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Chart
Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Chart

Site Content:

Site Rubix - Site Content
Site Rubix – Site Content

This is the ultimate writing platform for content marketers, authors, and webmasters, full of features that will help to simplify your writing experience, with available stats that will improve accuracy and increase efficiency.

Just added for October 2017 is access to over 1,000,000 FREE images which in its own right will save you a ton of money!

A writing experience and once again all in one central location.

Site Comments:

Site Rubix - Site Comments
Site Rubix – Site Comments

Site Feedback:

Site Rubix - Feedback from Wealthy Affiliate members
Site Rubix – Feedback

Is a way which you can forward constructive criticism and also allow other authors to return the favor. A great way to improve your business, but it has to be used in the correct manner.

Site Support:

Site Rubix - Site Support
Site Rubix – Site Support

A facility which enables you to create support tickets for technical issues relating to your business amongst other things.

Whilst there are many other ways to get your answers within the Wealthy Affiliate community, such as, through direct messaging, live chat, blog posts, questions posted or through a dedicated classroom, It is always nice to have dedicated support which covers the technical aspects.

Not convinced yet?

Why not try it out, I mean what have you got to lose?

If you are interested in learning about building an online business from the grassroots up, with everything there at your fingertips on one platform, then I can assure you there is no better training on the Internet.

I know what you are thinking, just another load of “BS” right?

I’m not here to try and con you into anything. That is not my intention at all!

If I have managed to at least give you some insight into what is available, and that I have at least opened up your eyes to other opportunities, and given you food for thought, then as far as I am concerned I have done my job.

You certainly don’t have to take my word for what I am telling you, but just think, what if, what I am saying is 100% correct?

FREE membership with absolutely NO up-sells at all, and wait for it – NO CARD DETAILS will be asked for either; well not unless you are serious and like what you see and would like to take this experience to the next level, but that is entirely up to yourself.

You can stay as a Free member, that is entirely up to you but when I joined as a Free member, it took me literally between 1-2 hours to decide that this was the real deal, because I had never come across anything like it on the Internet before, and that was with plenty of research too.

Why not try Site Rubix yourself and you can be the judge!

What about the Community?

The Wealthy Affiliate community is more than just that, it is a family that cares and provides you all the support you would ever need along with coaching and any other help.

If ever you are stuck no matter how trivial you think it is, no need to Google your problem, just create a question and before you have made a coffee the answer will be there in front of you with alternatives to choose from.

Whilst researching various training programs prior to Site Rubix and Wealthy Affiliate, I looked at many options on the Internet, but nothing was fully right for me, somethings were good but other things not so good.

There was never the right balance.

Where else can you approach the co-founders with questions and get answers?

You simply can’t!

Through your development, what better way to give you confidence than to get feedback from experienced Internet Entrepreneurs that are already there and doing it.

Having a friendly community who are available and willing to help you every step of the way.

With Site Rubix and the Wealthy Affiliate community, you can’t fail to succeed.

If you would like to read the full review of Wealthy Affiliate, Click here!

Final thoughts

Hopefully, you found this article of interest and that I have been able to give you another option, another direction for you to get even more confused with.

No joking aside, that was not my intention!

If you have time please feel free to leave comments below, negative as well as positive, I would love to read them both, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience and answer them to the best of my ability.

I would like to thank you for stopping by and reading this review and maybe I will see you on the inside, but if not, then I would like to wish you the best in your research into how all this is done.

All the best in whatever you undertake


Owner –








Want to Learn How to Start up a Business on a Tight Budget

Who doesn’t want to learn how to start up a business on a tight budget?

That’s surely something we have all asked at some point in our lives, and probably more so today especially with advancements in technology, and of course the Internet Boom!

With around half the world population who has access to the Internet through some type of media, that’s around 3.8 billion and counting!

Google alone has a grip on around 67% of the search engine market and people are searching for anything you could think of, and with over 65,000 searches entered every second.

That’s currently over 5.6 billion searches every single day. That is some crowd don’t you think?

That’s 86 with 8 noughts stuck at the end (8,600,000,000)

Just think if you could get a small piece of that crowd. Just a minuscule amount, then the possibilities are endless!

There is absolutely no reason why this can’t be possible.

Everybody is looking for answers and hoping and wishing for the day that they are able to tell their boss that they have had enough and want to call it a day!

I know because I did just that!

The best online business model as far as I am concerned is Affiliate Marketing, and if you don’t know just what this entails you can read an article that I wrote here.

Wouldn’t you love to be able to get up in the morning at your own pace, completely chilled out, relaxed, and with a smile on your face, and actually looking forward to doing something worthwhile, and getting an enormous amount of enjoyment in doing so?

Building an online business the right way is very rewarding, enjoyable and fun.

Nowadays with the rapid advancement of technology, there is no need to have any technical skills whatsoever when it comes to building an online business.

Everything is pretty much point and click. That’s how far we have come from let’s say about 10 years ago.

The Internet was created in 1989 at Cern so that scientists could freely pass information around amongst themselves, and they saw an opportunity to expand this worldwide, exactly what Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook.

OK, Zuckerberg is an exception!

So really the Internet is in its infancy but expanding at a rapid rate.

Everything is there at the tip of your fingers and in the comfort of your home, you just need a little guidance in the right direction.

How do I Start an Online Business at Home – 4 Basic Steps

Yes, there are only four steps required to learn, in order to build an online business, and we are going to break this down into a little more detail because far too many people are under a misconception that you need to know…

  • How to become a Programmer
  • How to become a Web designer
  • How to become a Graphic Designer
  • How to become a Writer
  • How you need a Business Qualification, a degree of some description

This just isn’t true nowadays!

Whereas it would be great if we had all the above skills, and if we had then I wouldn’t be here and you wouldn’t be here reading this post. Right?

OK, so now I am letting the cat out of the bag!

Learn the 4 simple steps to becoming a success at Wealthy Affiliate
The 4 simple steps to success to how to start up a business
Step 1 – Choose an Interest, a Niche

If you are not sure or want some clarity on what a niche is, how to find one and a profitable one at that check out this article here.

It can be literally anything you want. Take a look at what people are searching for on Google and you could have your Niche right there!

Every one of those daily 8.6 billion Google searches has the potential to become a niche

We all have interests and hobbies, don’t we?

These can be your Niche!

A niche is a focused, targetable part of a market. You are an authority providing a product or service that focuses on specific client group’s needs, which cannot or are not addressed in such detail by mainstream providers.

However, it is important to understand that there is a difference between your niche and your target market.

Your target market is the specific group of people you work for e.g. dog owners, dog groomers, smart tv purchasers, collectors of artworks, book collectors, make money online etc etc

Your niche is the service you specialize in offering to your target market.

For example, finding paintings or antique furniture for a collector of artworks. Someone could offer paintings and someone could offer antique furniture.

It is the combination of a target market and specific service that creates a niche market.

In a nutshell, you offer a service or a solution to a problem!

It really is that simple!

Step 2 – Build a Website

Around 5-10 years ago building a website was considered a specialized skill, and that you required skills in in a particular area, and that you were required to learn programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, PHP, HTML, DHTML, CSS. web-design, but nowadays you could not be further from the truth.

Believe me, when I say that it literally can take you between 1 – 2 minutes to create a professional looking website, in fact, I have seen it done in the training in less than 1 minute, seriously.

You can take a look here and see just how easy it is.

Step 3 – Get Traffic coming to your site

You can have the most professional website in the world, but if you don’t have traffic then all your efforts will be in vain!

There are 2 ways to get traffic. Paid Traffic and Free traffic.

There are arguments to be made here on both fronts.

Use Paid or Free or a combination of both. I know which method I would go for every time!

Both methods are taught but the main method of traffic taught is the FREE method which is SEO (search engine optimization).

Nowadays with the changes in the Google algorithm is not as difficult as you may think, in fact, done right and you can be ranking high in Google very quickly, and saving thousands in PPC(Pay per click) fees.

Step 4 – Earn revenue / commissions

All your hard work has paid off and you have managed to rank well in Google, and you have a good stream of traffic coming to your website.

Now it is time to earn some revenue from affiliate marketing, in the way of commissions, through the vast amount of affiliate programs, such as Amazon Associates, Clickbank, Ebay, just to mention a few, but the list is endless.

Some commissions are extremely high, as much as 75% and some you can find much more.

How to start up a business: Interested and want to know more?

Those are the 4 building blocks to building a successful online business!

What really brought my attention to Wealthy Affiliate was the fact that there are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get and an important factor in why I chose this training platform over others was simple!

There are only 2 memberships, a Free and a Premium Membership, and they DO NOT ask for your CARD DETAILS.

The FREE membership comes with restrictions which is what we’d expect right?

If you’re serious about creating an online business that will be around for years to come, then you need to take that leap of faith.

I would always advise anybody who is interested to join the free membership first, and check out the training for yourself and see what you think.

I’m not going to say I think you’ll be surprised because I think you will be amazed, I really do, but I’ll leave that for you to decide!

Nothing to lose, but so much to gain, take it from me!

Check out the FREE Membership below.

Wealthy Affiliate Membership Options
Comparison of the FREE and Premium Memberships

If you are serious about learning how to build an online business, from the very best, who will be there for you all the way, then this could will be the best decision that you ever make.

Take it for a test drive and see for yourself. You won’t regret it!

Start learning now for FREE. You have nothing to lose!

If this has given you food for thought, and you want to check out my full review of the Wealth Affiliate Training Platform, then feel free to click on the link below!

My number 1 recommendation for Affiliate Marketing Training

How to start up a business: My Final thoughts!

Hopefully, I have given you food for thought but please don’t take my word for it, try it for yourself.

If you decide to give it a whirl, I will have your back every step of the way and will help you as much as I can.

It’s great that you stopped by and checked out this article and hope it has opened your mind a little to the possibilities that are out there.

Nobody said it would be easy. Building a business takes time!

I know it’s hard to believe anything that you are told on the Internet nowadays with all the “BS” and scam artists that there is, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down either, but every now and then you will come across genuine people who are there to help and guide you on the right path.

Leave any comments you have below and look forward to reading them.

Both negative and positive are welcome, along with any ideas you may have.

I will get back to you at my earliest convenience and answer them as best I can.

Wishing you all the best in your future ventures


Owner –

Learn How to Earn Money Online for Free in the Comfort of Your Home

Learn and earn from the comfort of your home
Achieve success from home

Hey, who doesn’t want to learn how to earn money online for free in the comfort of their home, whenever they want and with no boss hanging over them?

Who doesn’t want to say goodbye to that 9-5 job, and be their own boss?

That’s a dream that pretty much everybody would love to be able to do, wouldn’t you agree?

If you answered Yes to all the above, please read on

I remember when I was at a loss for something to do a few years ago, in between jobs I think it was or maybe I was looking for my next daily grind.

I used to spend hours on the Internet looking for ways to become rich or ways to become a millionaire. I listened to every training sales video going, and was thinking this can’t be difficult, can it?

I found out pretty quickly that it wasn’t going to be easy, or was it?

You see, there are literally thousands of products out there promising you wealth by many individuals who are claiming that their product is the next big thing, and it can be an absolute nightmare which I found out early on in my quest to work it all out.

Internet Marketing is a complex area that you could never master in its entirety. There are so many sub-portions or Niches within Internet Marketing that you can learn and thrive in, but which one do you get involved with?

Everybody tells a different story, and before you know it you are back to square one, and no wiser for your efforts.

I learned, well I thought I’d learned from many so-called gurus who never give you the full picture, and it’s up to each individual to try and decipher what is being told, and this can be extremely frustrating, time-consuming and expensive.

The Internet is literally full of “Garbage” with probably something in the region of 95%+ that you should be staying away from, but when we are sometimes desperate then we will listen to pretty much anybody.

I spent quite a while trying to work it all out and managed to not get involved with any of the MLM (pyramid schemes) where you have to con people to get involved. A sure quick-fire way in how to lose friends and make enemies in the process.

I would like to think of myself has been an extremely cautious person, who researches everything before I make a decision one way or the other, well, I have certainly learned to do that through my trials and tribulations whilst researching.

You must have heard the saying,”Nothing is free in this World”?

That’s a very good question, but it doesn’t have to be like that, not if you look far enough and do your research.

If you are a newcomer to Internet Marketing, and you really want to learn how to build an online business, then you have to find a training platform and one you can trust.

Wouldn’t you agree?

There are thousands of individuals searching for that elusive magic button, or a piece of software that will do everything for you.

Unfortunately, there is nothing at all like that available!

Sadly many people looking for a way out, end up following these so-called gurus and learning absolutely nothing but losing plenty of hard-earned cash in the process.

Many don’t find the answer and end up calling it a day, with their confidence in tatters, and what you do seem to find is that through all this bad advice, you put up the shutters and don’t believe anybody, and a sure way to miss out on opportunities that you thought never existed.

Wealthy Affiliate FREE starter membership

Assumptions that we all make

When we are talking about creating an online business or working from home, people make a few assumptions. As the internet is so huge and billions of pounds are spent on it, people naturally think there must be a very simple way to cash in and make some easy money, and they would be right, if only they knew where to look.

Unfortunately, there are lots of things that can go wrong when we search for methods of making money online. If you have ever searched online for ways to make money then you will no doubt have run into some pretty shady looking websites that simply seemed too good to be true. And yes, if you had doubts then you were probably right.

Trust your instincts!

I’ve been making money on the Internet now for the last three years since my initial chosen career path in IT suddenly ground to an abrupt standstill.

I’m not one of those so-called gurus promising you instant wealth, with pictures of me standing next to my mansion and Ferrari; or me on the beach topping up my tan or traveling the world living the so-called Lap-top lifestyle because I am not and I don’t.

I don’t even class myself as any sort of guru. I hate that term!

I’m just a normal person who learned how to make money online, and here to give you some sort of insight and to hopefully lead you on the right path.

Making a living online isn’t easy, but when you get it right and see results it is very rewarding, and being taught by people who have and are successful is the only way to learn.

Anybody can do this if they are serious, but it is not going to happen overnight. If you put in the time and effort and take on board what you are being taught You Will Succeed, without doubt, it’s just a matter of time.

There are some pretty good training platforms out there on the Internet, it’s just finding the right one that is the problem!

The heading of this article “Learn how to earn money online for free in the comfort of your home”, is not “BS” and it can be done if you put your mind to it.

When I research Affiliate Training Programs I always look for incentives, and an important one I always look for is the ability to have a trial run and one that I can try out until I am ready to make that commitment.

The trial or free membership has to come with me not having to enter any card details. If I have to enter my card details I stay well away from the product. Something doesn’t seem right!

I also don’t get involved if there are any upsells at all too!

Just think about it!

If there was nothing to hide and the training was first class, why wouldn’t they give out a FREE membership option?

A FREE membership here means just that!

By signing up for the FREE account here, there is absolutely no obligation to buy anything at all, and there will be no CARD details required, and there will be no UP SELL either.

You can take it for a trial run as a FREE member for as long as you want, and that doesn’t happen very often with like-minded programs, if at all.

There are two memberships as you can see from the image below, and if you are interested in seeing what this training platform is all about then why don’t you check it out for yourself?

You have nothing to lose and if you like what you see and are serious about developing a new skill in Affiliate Marketing, and learning to build a successful business from the ground up, then maybe you would like to take full advantage of becoming a Premium Member. The choice is yours!


Stop falling for all those scams and jumping from one shiny object to the next shiny object. All you will do is create more frustration and lose more money.

You can sign up for a FREE Membership Here!

Learn how to build an online business the right way and from people who have been successful and who are prepared to help you.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please leave them below in the comments, and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

If you are interested and would like to know more of what I do and how I built my business from the ground up, then please click on the link below!

Wealthy Affiliate Review, you can read about it here!

Thank you for stopping by and hope to see you inside.

We are only here for a short while and therefore I would like to wish you all the best in whatever you do in your chosen path!


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What is a Keyword Research Tool, you may ask yourself?

For all you budding internet marketers out there who are trying to work it all out, and are forever thinking, where do I turn to? The Internet is full of miss-guided information and so daunting, to say the least. I mean come on, Google, Bing, traffic, keywords, search engine optimization, Long Tail Keywords and what is a keyword research tool, just to name a few.

The list goes on and on and on, just where do you go to learn all that stuff?

I guess then as you are here that you are new to all this and just doing a little research and trying to get an insight into what internet marketing is all about?

When I started researching ways to make money online, I thought surely this can’t be too difficult, can it?

Just look at all the information out there available for free, with all those experts offering their knowledge. This is amazing, and won’t be long before I can tell that boss of mine what he can do with his job!

No more getting up at 6.00am and driving 100 miles a day to that boring hell-hole, with a boss that I couldn’t stand, well, I’m sure the feeling was mutual, with all that “BS” and not to mention “Politics”. It was driving me round the bend!

I remember thinking, surely I don’t have to put up with all this until retirement, do I?

Well, my quest had begun, to become the only millionaire in my family!

There were experts coming out of the walls, coming from under the floorboards, they were literally coming out from every orifice I could think of or imagine. Sales pitch videos everywhere!

With their massive mansions, holiday homes, tanned bodies and top of the range sports cars, well as you can imagine I had planned and mapped out my entire life right there and then.

My list, consisted of “the” mansion in the country, with a really long sweeping drive,  oh, and don’t forget about the swimming pool too. What about a fishing lake to chill out on, do a bit of fishing and to have a bit of fun with the jet skis. Ups, nearly forgot about the Ferrari, and what about a Bentley to go down to the shops in? Well, that’s just about sorted for the main house!

I literally could not write down my list fast enough!

I thought to myself, “Is that everything”?

Oh, wait a minute, Nah I know what I’ve forgotten!

What about the house in the sun?

Just as I got there I had to shake my head. Hang on a minute, just stop what you are doing, but I haven’t got any money yet have I? Ups, silly me!

So here I am sulking and thinking to myself, well I’d better get this Internet Marketing stuff sorted out first.

Sound familiar?

This was me three years ago before I realized it wasn’t going to be straightforward after all.

You see, it took me quite a while to work it out because of all the “BS” and con artists out there.

Who could you really believe?

As I found out; you know, those experts with their mansions, fancy cars and holiday homes in the sun, waving their money about, are the biggest “BS’rs” and con artists out there, scamming budding internet Marketers like you and I, who are only trying to learn a new skill, and ways to make money online.

Really difficult to work it all out and know who you can trust, it really is.

Anyway, let’s try to give you some sort of clarity. An insight, and try to clear up a few issues, and maybe put you on the right path.

Where does it all start?

It all starts with what people are searching for within the various search engines, with the main ones, being Google, Bing and Yahoo.Breakdown showing who commands the Internet

The Internet is expanding at such a rapid rate with around half the world population who have access to a device of some description, which is estimated to be around 3.8 billion users, and they are literally searching for anything and everything that you could ever imagine, and all these keywords that are entered into the search engines are stored away in a database repository, along with statistical data that defines the keyword(s) to the masses. To anybody who needs to research them further.

To anybody who needs to research them further like you and me.

There are literally millions upon millions of keywords, that tell us what people are looking for, and in order to assemble that data in a format that we can research, we need to interrogate that data, and to be able to do that we need a Keyword Research Tool, but we’ll get to that a little later on.

What is Traffic?

Traffic is the flow of data across the Internet which we are trying to get hold of, in other words, we are trying to place our websites that we are developing in front of what people are searching for so that they can click on our websites and we get paid.

There are two forms of traffic.

There is free organic traffic normally known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and then there is

Paid traffic which is known as PPC(Pay Per Click)

Free Traffic: SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

Free organic traffic is what is generally known as SEO, Search Engine Optimization.

SEO would be the one to master, simply because it is FREE, but many Internet Marketers stay away from SEO for various reasons, but get it right and you will save yourself a ton of money.

Paid Traffic: PPC (Pay Per Click)

With paid traffic, there is literally 100’s of organizations, agencies that you can go to, but this can be a nightmare, simply because there are too many scam artists out there, unless you get someone to show you, and pretty much every so-called guru are reluctant to disclose that “Secret” piece of information, even if you pay for their training products.

They will never give you the full picture!

The best PPC sites are normally a closed shop and so-called gurus keep that information amongst themselves.

Many people, especially newcomers use Bing,  simply because it is well known as it is owned by Microsoft, very reasonably priced and is the 2nd largest search engine there is.

Bing and Yahoo merged some years ago!

Many use Google Adwords and the #1 search engine, but this route is more expensive, and normally used by the big boys who have all the money.

There are many others out there who just rip you off and take your money and can’t be trusted. A difficult choice!

Paid traffic has to be tweaked until you get it right and if you don’t get it right, then that’s when it can become expensive.

What is a Keyword?

In the context of SEO (search engine optimization), it is a particular word or phrase (usually made up of more than one word) that describes the contents of a Web page. Keywords are what are used to link to a website page and form part of a web page’s metadata, which also helps search engines match a page with the appropriate search term.

What is Metadata?

Just data that provides information about other data on the website.

There are three distinct types of Metadata that exist:

  • Descriptive metadata,
  • Structural metadata
  • Administrative metadata.

The role of keywords used to be very central to the function of search engines. Search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo) could crawl sites, and if the keywords were accurate, then those sites would be displayed in the search results. However, people began abusing the keyword metadata in their attempt to rank higher in Google and to rank in completely unrelated searches. For this reason, the importance of keywords in search engine optimization has been reduced somewhat, but still play an extremely important part of an online business.

Nowadays, A lot has changed in the world of search engine optimization, and Google has come along way, with their constant development upgrades to their algorithm.

What worked in SEO then doesn’t now!

However, certain fundamental principles remain unchanged.

For example, targeting keywords with the sole intent of improving organic rankings no longer work with search engines, but keywords are still extremely important, and therefore you need the right tools for the job.

Long Tail Keywords, and what are they?

There are two types of keywords, one is a general keyword or a broad term keyword, and the other is a long tail Keyword.

A general or broad keyword term, such as “Make Money Online” as an example is a keyword that you should avoid at all costs.

In the above example as you can see we have

Avg      = 174607   (Average number of searches per month. People                                              searching for that exact search term keyword)

Traffic = 29684    (Number of visitors that could click on your website if                                    you managed to rank on page one of Google)

QSR      = 306        (Quoted string results, is the number of competing                                       websites that are ranked in Google for that exact                                           keyword)

These keywords are far too competitive. In other words, they have plenty of traffic but also far too many websites are trying to rank for that same keyword term, and the chances of you getting ranked in google will be zero.

The big companies will be competing for those broad term keywords as they have all the money!

Basically, long tail keywords are the type of keyword that we are generally looking for, and these are derived from the broad term keywords. This is just a keyword with words added to the beginning and the end.

Long tail keyword wrapped around the broad term “Make Money Online” keyword.

(prefix) How do I Make Money Online

See how the figures drop considerably and less competitive?

This allows you to drill down into the broad term, in other words, control a sub-portion of the broad term keyword.

Pretty much like a family tree, where the broad term sits firmly at the top, and below are the different levels which are our long tail keywords, which are extending each time we go down a level.

By finding longer keywords this enables you to avoid competition and in SEO that is exactly what we are trying to achieve.

Long tail keywords are keywords that don’t get searched as much as other more popular broad term keyword phrases, usually because there are more specific to a sub-portion of a broad term. Most long tail keywords are at least three words long, however, the length itself doesn’t dictate whether a keyword is considered a long tail keyword or not.

Long tail keywords are generally regarded as much easier to rank for than broad keywords, as they tend to be classed as a low competition keyword.

How do we find and determine a low competition keyword?

Now we have determined that what we need to find when searching for keywords are “Long Tail Keywords” as these are less competitive.

There are two factors to take into consideration which determines a “Low Competition Keyword”

A low competition keyword is where we have a considerable amount of traffic.

That is where the exact keyword phrase that is keyed into a search engine over a monthly period.

Avg = 48+ People searching for the exact keyword

QSR = Below 100 but not greater than 300

I would always look for a QSR = 0-50

A great low competition long tail keyword to use would be something like.


A few broad and long tail keywords.

Broad keyword

Make Money Online

Long-tail keywords

How do I Make Money Online

How do I Make Money online from home

By targeting less frequently searched terms, you can get ranked on Google’s first page much more easily.

What is Search Engine Optimization and how does it Work?

SEO or search engine optimization is a technique which is used to maximize the number of visitors to a website or web-page by ranking higher on Google pages, which is known as organic search engine results

SEO is the process of improving the rankings of a website or a web page for free, with what is generally known as “organic” search engine results. SEO combines creative and technical aspects that influence search engine rankings and can be broken down into two main areas: On-Page-SEO and Off-Page-SEO.

You won’t be able to improve your search engine rankings by focusing on and optimizing only one area of SEO, as they are interconnected and affect one another. As a marketing strategy, SEO focuses on optimizing all elements that influence search engine results, including keyword research, content, HTML, site architecture, link building, and so on. It’s also important to note that SEO can target different kinds of search: image search, video search, local search, news search, academic search and vertical search that focuses on a specific industry.

What is Keyword Research and Analysis?

The object of keyword research is to generate numerous keyword terms that are highly relevant, yet not obvious to the given input keyword phrase. This involves brainstorming and the use of keyword research tools. To achieve the best SEO results, it is important to optimize the website as well, for the most relevant keywords.

It is good practice to search for related keywords that have low competition (QSR=0-100) and still a high number of searches. This makes it easier to achieve a higher rank in search engines which usually results in a lot more traffic.

What is a Keyword Research Tool?

An important aspect of doing keyword research and doing it well is choosing the right Keyword Tool for the job, and this can be a daunting task, as there are so many to choose from and at various costs.

A keyword tool is something that pulls the data stored in a Data Repository which would be maintained by Google and produces the data in a manner that we can understand clearly.

There are too many Keyword Tools on the market today that is vastly too complex for the task at hand, and try to convince you that you have the best keyword tool on the market.

The Keyword Tool will display which keywords are being searched for the most. and which have the least competition, these are vital for finding Traffic that your website can be seen by when trying to rank in Google.

I have tried several Keyword Tools in the past with various amounts of success, and if you would like to know what a great keyword research tool looks like with an in-depth review explaining things in more detail then please click the below link.

A Great Keyword Research Tool Explained in more Detail.

My Final Thoughts

Anyway, hope I brought a bit of humor to the table and helped in some way, but if you really would like to know what all this “making money online” is all about in greater details then feel free to look at my #1 Recommendation.

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All the best and have a great life!


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