Profit Fix Formula Review – A Short Course Teaching You About Sales Funnels!

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Profit Fix Formula Review - A product that teaches you all about sales funnels

Product: Profit Fix Formula

Founder: Stefan Georgi


Product Description: Sales funnels

Cost to join: $47

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: When it comes to online marketing and using paid traffic, sales funnels play a very important role.

They help automate the whole sales process.

Whether it is to grab your prospective customer’s details to add to your email list so that you can communicate at a later date.

Or to put to them an offer which you are promoting.

You can get Profit Fix Formula for $47 which is low and suggests to us that you can expect several upsells.

That you will have to purchase to get the product to work as it should do.

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Profit Fix Formula Review – TOC

    1. Who is Stefan Georgi?
    2. How it Works And What You Get With Profit Fix Formula
    3. What we Like About Profit Fix Formula
    4. What we Don’t Like About Profit Fix Formula
    5. Is Profit Fix Formula a Scam?
    6. Profit Fix Formula Review -Final Thoughts!
    7. How we Make Passive Income Online
    8. Profit Fix Formula FAQs
    9. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

Who is Stefan Georgi?

Stefan Georgi is the owner of ProfitProfit Fix Formula's product creator Stefan Georgi

Fix Formula which teaches you how to create great sales funnels amongst other things.

He is pretty well known within online marketing as a copywriter who started way back in 2011.

How it all started was playing a poker tournament in Las Vegas when he was wishing this girl would be allocated to his table.

She was and they spoke and it was then that his future wife told him that she was a copywriter which he had no clue about.

It was only when they moved in together and whilst he worked away from home and his girlfriend would work from their home.

Was the time that he’d come home to find that his girlfriend (now his wife) was making 6 times what he was doing.

You see his girlfriend at the time was a copywriter and decided that was the route he should be taking.

He’s tried various roles, even in Fiverr and Upwork but eventually found his niche writing scripts for infomercials.

Where he can easily charge $50k.

Stefan is probably more known for the RMBC Method which is a copywriting course.

He comes across as a genuine person who is not your typical internet guru bragging about his wealth.

He is very professional in his approach to passing on his knowledge and we think his products are definitely going to be of a high standard.

How it Works And What You Get With Profit Fix Formula

The Profit Fix Formula program takes you through the entire process of a sales funnel and the different types of products that you can promote.

Its focus is on landing pages and how to make the most and get the best conversions.

When you are paying for traffic which can be costly it’s the landing page that helps you to redeem those costs quickly and efficiently.

These landing pages can come in different forms, such as the sales page, opt-in page, upsell page, and checkout page…

There are a number of videos from different marketers passing on their expertise.

It touches base on email marketing and a number of specific emails that you would require to make the whole process run efficiently.

You also get a number of different landing page templates as well as email templates.

If your affiliate marketing campaigns are going to be based on running paid ads then this course is something that you are going to want to see.

Profit Fix Formula is broken down into 5 sections which are listed below…

#1 – Landing pages…

The main focus of the course is on landing pages the different types there are and the different approaches that you need to adopt.

This is all broken down by the various instructors and the example are based on various e-commerce products.

    • Landing page formula
    • Landing page breakdown to include multiple products – 3 videos
    • Landing page breakdown of one product – 7 videos
    • Landing page breakdown consulting – 3 videos
    • Landing page breakdown courses – 2 videos
    • Landing page breakdown lead – generator – 2 videos
    • Landing page templates

#2 – Check out landing pages…

This section shows you how to create the various types of checkout landing pages based on the type of landing page you are about to create.

    • High converting checkout checklist
    • Checkout breakdown for physical products – 4 videos
    • Checkout breakdown for courses – 3 videos
    • Checkout breakdown for free and shipping – 3 videos
    • Checkout breakdown information e-book
    • Checkout landing page templates

#3 – Landing page upsells…

Upsells play an important part in the sales process and here this is all broken down and explained thoroughly.

    • Checklist for high converting upsell landing pages
    • Upsell breakdown
    • Upsell templates

#4 – Facebook Ads…

Facebook Ads is a big subject and we can see that the Profit Fix Formula course doesn’t go into great detail.

    • Checklist Facebook Ads
    • Facebook Ads Training – 1 video
    • Facebook Ad templates and how to use them

#5 and #6 Power emails…

Email marketing plays a big part and this section goes into detail about the different types of follow up emails.

    • High converting email checklist
    • Urgency
    • Last chance
    • Discount
    • Testimonials
    • FAQ’s
    • Forgot something
    • We saved your bag
    • How to use the email templates

What we Like About Profit Fix Formula

  • Decent training comes with this course and as we have already mentioned will benefit a complete beginner.
  • There is a 60-day money-back guarantee that you can take advantage of if you need to.

Having a guarantee gives the course and its owner more credibility.

  • Stefan Georgi is a respectable person who is highly regarded within the marketing world.

What we Don’t Like About Profit Fix Formula

If we had to make a criticism about Profit Fix Formula then we’d have to say that because of the low cost you can expect there to be a few upsells.

Is Profit Fix Formula a SCAM?

No, Profit Fix Formula is not a scam but a legitimate course that teaches you all about sales funnels.

The course whilst not too involved, meaning not that in-depth, is more than enough for a complete beginner who is just starting in affiliate marketing.

Stefan Georgi in his short career has achieved a lot and helped clients to make $1 billion in sales.

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Profit Fix Formula Review – Final Thoughts!

We hope the information that we provided in this review is more than enough to suggest that this course is legit and one that we would recommend.

If you need any help moving forward with an online business then we’d love to share with you this training platform in the next section.

How we Make Passive Income Online

This profit Fix Formula is a short course in sales funnels and is just one aspect of affiliate marketing.

If you are a business owner or looking to become one then this training platform from Wealthy Affiliate is definitely worth looking at.

It’s a company that I have nothing but praise for and would recommend 100%.

Check it out and see what you think. It won’t cost you a dime and there are no credit card details required!

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Profit Fix Formula FAQ

  1. Is Profit Fix Formula Worth The $47?

We think it is and anybody looking at learning affiliate marketing is going to want to know what a sales funnel is.

With that said, the information within the course is not going to appeal to someone with experience because the course is pretty basic.

  1. Is There A Refund Policy?

Yes, there is and it comes as a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  1. Is Stefan Georgi A Trustworthy Person?

We believe he is because you will not find any negative stuff written about him and this is not the first course he has brought to market.

There are several other courses which come highly recommended.

A course that he brought to market in 2014 is the RMBC Method which is extensive and teaches you how to create sale pages which is worth a look at.

  1. Do I Really Need To Know About Sales Funnels?

A sales funnel and how one works is important in whatever route of affiliate marketing you end up going down.

More so though, when you are paying for your ad campaigns.

Simply because you have money going out and need to find a quick and effective way to recoup those costs.

  1. Do You Have Any Recommendations?

We would like to recommend a training course that will allow you to expand on what you learn with the Profit Fix Formula.

You can check it out here

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

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