Design Beast Review – A 6 in 1 Software Solution for all your Graphics!

Design Beast Review

Hey Guys, welcome to What is the Design Beast

Technology nowadays moves at such a rapid pace it is just impossible to keep up with.

With so many software products promising so much but delivering so little so how does Design Beast stand amongst them?

An all-inclusive 6 in 1 graphics software solution that claims to be up there as one of the best amongst its competitors.

If you are looking for a full rundown of this graphical design application then you are definitely in the right place.

With so many well-established products in this arena, you would think there would be too much competition.

But hey this does come with a one-off price which should appeal to many.

We are sure you have come across a number of Design Beast reviews but one thing you will not get there.

Is that they are all going to be biased as they are trying to sell you the product and make a tidy commission along the way.

We are different, for one we aren’t affiliated with the Design Beast and therefore what you will get is an honest unbiased review.

With all the facts, along with the pros and cons, as well as a look at the product owners and a full explanation.

That way you can decide whether Design Beast is for you or not.

[Affiliate Disclosure: The Design Beast Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!] 


Design Beast Review – Summary

Product: Design Beast

Founder: Paul Ponna and Sid Diwar


Product Description: A 6-1 graphics software solution tool

Cost to join: $49 as of this review

Recommended: Yes

Summary: The internet is literally teeming with software products promising you this and that.

But most of them do not deliver on their claims and are here today and gone tomorrow, so it’s important that you do your research.

Like you are doing here, that is the only way to ensure you aren’t about to get scammed and only find legit products.

What you do have to watch out for with software products that claim they can help on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

Initially, they may do what they claim but let it be known that the authors of Facebook and others will make changes to hinder the software useless.

Mind you there is nothing to fear here with the Design Beast.

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Design Beast – Table of Contents

    1. What is Design Beast About?
    2. Who are the Creators of Design Beast?
    3. Design Beast Features?
    4. How does Design Beast Work?
    5. Design Beast Pricing
    6. Who is Design Beast for?
    7. Is Design Beast a Scam?
    8. Design Beast FAQs
    9. What we like about Design Beast
    10. What we don’t like about Design Beast
    11. The Design Beast Review -Final Thoughts
    12. How we make a Living Online
    13. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Design Beast about?

What Design Beast will provide for you

Design Beast is a multi-purpose graphics software solution that has recently come onto the market and caused a bit of a stir.

The software was launched in August 2021 by 2 Canadian guys and is just one of many products that they have brought to the market.

If you are an online business owner then you will know how important graphics are to a website.

It’s what gives your website substance and more readability, that people want to come back to time and time again.

There is nothing more boring than clicking on a website where all you get is a load of content with no images.

Nowadays, creating graphics that are going to make your site stand out will only take you a matter of minutes.

With so many software solutions that you can choose from, more than often these come with a membership fee which can cost hundreds over a year.

Here, with Design Beast, there is only one fee to pay which is extremely affordable for everybody.

The beauty of Design Beast is that it encompasses six modules to cover all eventualities, saving you money on purchasing separate systems.

Those days have gone when you would outsource work to freelancers and besides nowadays doing it yourself is so much more enjoyable.

Just think of all the money you will save but let’s not get too hasty until you have read the rest of this review.

Check out the video below for a full Design Beast presentation by Paul Ponna himself.

Who Are The Creators of The Design Beast?

The two guys responsible for Design Beast are Sid Diwar and Paul Ponna who reside in Canada and have been working together now for over two decades.

They are both experienced internet marketers, with extensive knowledge in software development and worked on many projects, including…

Video Creator, Avatar Builder, Doodle Maker, Video Dashboard, Chatter Box, Video App Suite, Video Builder, Video Robot, Video Pal…

With Design Beast their next incarnation.

According to what we hear, there is nothing on the market like Design Beast and we know just can’t be beaten on price.

Sid Dawar…

Is an internet marketing consultant that Design Beast Review - Sid Dawar

has helped many businesses by promoting products and services through his marketing campaigns.

Which has helped these companies generate millions in revenue.

He is also an experienced software developer which was brought to the forefront when he decided to join forces with Paul.

Paul Ponna…

Is an online entrepreneur who started in the business Design Beast Review - Paul Ponna

when he was 16 years of age with $20 when he created his first website in the news niche.

He quickly learned how to monetize his website through paid marketing ad campaigns and eventually sold the site to pay for his university tuition fees.

Whilst at university he started a software company in his spare time and devoted many hours to designing and creating software solutions.

in 2007 he decided to focus his attention on putting out to-market software tools to help others, which is where he is now.

They both launched products on Clickbank and Jvzoo and have become very popular in the online community.

Design Beast Features

Design Beast six in one application

This graphics software platform is full of high-tech wizardry that will elevate your business to greater heights.

So much so that we purchased the product ourselves.

Listed below are just a few of the features with a brief description but we would recommend you watch the Design Beast demonstration above first.

  1. All-in-One Design and Mockup Engine

This design and mockup engine app features a huge database giving you access to over 7,000 customizable designs.

Perfectly sized to accommodate all the social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Snapchat…

You’ll find things like brochures, posters, flyers, book covers, banners, t-shirts, infographics, Youtube thumbnails,  plus many more.

This could be the only graphic stool that you would ever need which will accommodate all the different applications you could ever think of.

  1. 3D Live Motion Pictures

This is a groundbreaking technology that will transform any boring 2-D photo in seconds into professional eye-catching 3-D photos.

That will make any application stand out amongst the crowd.

With the internet moving more towards video, these 3-D effects are stunning and can be done in the blink of an eye.

Just think how long it would have taken just a few years ago not to mention the cost.

These special- effects which are what they really are, will totally transform engagement amongst your readers and increase sales.

With the current technology, just a click of the mouse will transform any photo with dazzling effects.

Such as smoke, rain, fire, wind, clouds, and many other effects all with the click of a button.

  1. Magic Object Remover Tool

With this app in just 2 simple steps, take any photo and instantly remove any object or element just by highlighting whatever it is you want to remove.

Once removed there is no distortion or blemish to suggest an object or anything was even there in the first place.

To get the same effect with other software, you might be looking at paying several hundred dollars.

It’s really hard to imagine that a piece of software for so little money can produce such impressive results.

  1. 1-Click Background Removal Tool

This app instantly removes any background in any photo and can be replaced by any background available in the database.

All you have to do is to pull and drag by clicking your mouse from right to left to remove and vice versa to undo.

No need to select the object that you want to keep, the software knows where the object and the background are through AI.

In just a matter of a few seconds, you will have results that are so professional anybody would think you’d outsourced the work.

I already have a tool for removing backgrounds but this tool is far superior; remember this is all packaged in one piece of incredible software.

  1. Slick Image Editor

This app allows you to use multi-layered image technology to edit, resize and add filters to turn boring photos into stunning end results.

That you can upload to websites, social media or print for the family photo album.

  1. Design Automation App – Logo Creator

Last but not least is the Logo Creator which allows you to key in your brand or business with a click of a button.

Just select the logo and let the software generate 50 variations for you to choose from.

From there you can customize the logo further by changing fonts, colours and shapes.

With hundreds of fonts and icons available to you in the database, it would be very easy to turn this into a business for your clients.

Everybody wants a logo for their business and often trying to come up with an idea can be almost impossible until now.

To re-iterate what you get with Design Beast

    • 6 Apps for the Price of 1
    • All-in-one Mockup Design App
    • Artificial Intelligence Mogo Maker App
    • 1-Click BAckground Remover App
    • Live Motion Photos App
    • Slick Image Editor App
    • Unlimited Usage of all the Apps
    • Magic Object Remover App
    • 7000 + Ready to use Templates
    • Millions of Royalty-Free Images
    • Copyright Free Vectors and Icons
    • Hundreds of Fonts
    • Multi-Lingual Support
    • Step by Step Training Videos
    • Commercial License
    • Sell The Designs For Profit
    • Facebook Group Access
    • Skype Mentorship Group Access
    • 8 Week Training Webinars

How Does Design Beast Work?

There is really no requirement for us to explain in detail how all the functions work because it really is that easy.

Just take a look at the Design Beast presentation which is brief, all the same, it will give you the feeling that the software is easy to learn.

There is no learning curve required but for some who might get a little stuck, there are plenty of training videos that come with the software.

That will take you through the whole process from start to finish.

There are also live webinars to expand your knowledge.

Design Beast Pricing?

When we first came across Design Beast and saw the actual price we could hear ourselves thinking here we go again.

Simply because products that are cheap tend to be of poor quality.

We’ve all heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”.

Well, it would appear not in this case and it will save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

There is only one plan and that’s for commercial use which is great because that includes the license so that you could make some money.

As of this review, the one-off fee is $49 which gives you access to the private Facebook Group.

Skype mentorship is a great addition along with training webinars.

You can purchase here and remember we don’t make a dime.

Who is Design Beast for?

Who the Design Beast is for

Design Beast is a very comprehensive graphics application tool that is streaks ahead of its competition.

Both, on technology and above all price which will save you a ton of money.

No more having to purchase individual software apps as Design Beast gives you pretty much all you would ever need when it comes to creating graphics.

If you want to add animation then in just a few clicks you have amazing graphics or change 2d photos into 3d with amazing features.

OK, some might disagree with what we are saying and stick to their trusty Photoshop or similar that takes an age to master.

With Design Beast there is practically no learning curve and no matter whether you are technically minded or not, it doesn’t matter.

So, who would be best suited to use Design Beast?

Well, pretty much anybody, who is looking for something easy and practical without the price tag.

    • Authors
    • Teachers
    • Business Owners
    • Web Developers
    • Software Developers
    • Graphics Designers
    • Digital Marketers
    • Affiliate Marketers
    • Bloggers
    • Content Creators

The list goes on and on.

Is Design Beast a Scam?

Design Beast is definitely not a scam but a very well highly advanced software tool for all your graphic needs.

Some might be put off by the low price as that often indicates a poor-quality product but we can’t see that here with Design Beast.

Well, we haven’t found any issues yet but given time and I’m sure some issues or bugs will raise their ugly heads.

It goes without saying that it can be the best software product in the world but you are sure to find some issues somewhere.

It is our understanding that Design Beast has taken around 2 years to complete but software systems are never complete.

Not if they want it to be around for a long time, so hopefully what you should find.

Are software upgrades to iron out issues and enhance the product further and if that happens then it could be a great product.

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Design Beast FAQs

  1. Is Design Beast worth the money?

We think it is more than worth the current $49 one-time payment.

I mean, where are you going to get a piece of software like this that will do so much for so little?

  1. Does Design Beast Support my Language?

Yes, you can create graphics, designs and animations in any language as the app supports text in any language.

  1. Does Design Beast come with a refund policy?

Yes, there is a full 30-day money-back guarantee.

If for any reason you are not satisfied with Design Beast, send an email to within 30 days.

  1. Why do we get so much value for such a low price?

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority with the hopes of a lifetime customer-vendor relationship.

But the price of Design Beast could change at any moment.

  1. Is it a one-time payment or does it come as a membership?

There is currently a one-off payment for Design Beast although it may go to a monthly membership at some point.

  1. Is there Step by Step video training included?

Yes, DesignBeast does come with step-by-step training which walks you through the entire system from creating the design through to the end result.

  1. Is there a better alternative that you could suggest?

We currently use 3 apps to do what Design Beast does but that is going to change now.

Canva is one of those apps that we currently use and will continue to do so which is a very popular app but comes with a monthly membership.

What we Like About Design Beast

There was a lot that we liked about What we liked about Design Beast

DesignBeast and far too much to highlight in this section, so we have made it brief.
  • A comprehensive product for such a low cost:

Design Beast has 6 built-in apps which makes it a product where you can do away with those individual apps that you used.

As for the extremely low cost of the product, there is sure to be no other product on the market to compete with.

What might put some people off is the low cost which often indicates that the product is not very good.

Let me tell you, up to the press we think this product is pretty good.

  • There is Absolutely no Learning Curve:

You heard that right, there is no learning curve which means anybody can use this software tool no matter how young or old.

If at all you did require a nudge in the right direction there are plenty of training videos to take you through the various steps.

  • Design Beast is Multilingual:

According to the product creators, you can create your designs in any language that your heart desires.

  • DesignBeast Comes with Millions of Royalty-Free Images:

Finding the right images to use can often be expensive but here you have access to a database with millions to choose from which could save you hundreds of dollars.

What we Don’t Like About Design Beast

There wasn’t really anything bad that we had What we didn't like about Design Beast

to say about this product but maybe this section will change after we have used the product for a length of time.
  • The Addition of Upsells when you Purchase:

Something that you will never get away from upsells.

There are a few upsells that come with the product but you don’t have to purchase them because what you see in this review is what you get.

  • We Couldn’t find any Reviews from People using Design Beast:

This is always an issue with us when we are reviewing products where we can’t find real reviews telling us how great the product is.

Instead what you get are always reviews from affiliates trying to sell you the product which is not what we are looking for.

The Design Beast Review – Final Thoughts!

Business is constantly changing especially in the online marketing arena and the competition is high.

Technology nowadays has seriously moved to heights that we could never have dreamed of 10 years ago.

Software that we see today would have cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars and we are including Design Beast in there too.

We are all looking for that edge that will make us stand out amongst the crowd and this product will give you that edge.

We have already mentioned earlier that a website with no images can be off-putting and boring.

Instead of spending a few minutes to get that professional look which incidentally Google loves and will help rank.

There is no need to pay for graphic designers which will save you a ton of money when you can do it yourself which is so much more enjoyable.

How we Make a Living Online?

If you are interested in creating a passive income for yourself that allows you to promote products like Design Beast.

Or maybe you have an interest or a hobby that you would love to make a living from.

Then affiliate marketing has to be one of the best ways to build an online business.

It’s a simple process that anybody can learn with almost zeros costs and you don’t even have to own or purchase a product.

All you have to do is connect people to products and services and that’s it, once they purchase you make a commission.

This business works 24/7 and once you have your business up and running there is very little work required.

This means you have all the time in the world to do what you want to do.

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Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

We hope you enjoyed this DesignBeast review and that we did it justice.

If you like the review feel free to spread the word.

Any questions at all add them below and someone will get back to you.

Thank you for being so patient and reading to the end.

Stay safe!

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