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Hey Guys, welcome to the Le wagon review

A training platform that specializes in web development and data science technologies.

So if you are looking for a change of career as a web developer or data analyst then you might like to check out Le Wagon.

Before we get started with this review, we’d just like to mention that we are not associated with Le Wagon in any way.

That means we are not getting paid for this review but we promise to give you an honest unbiased account of who Le Wagon really is.

With all the facts and whether this training platform is as good as they say it is.

In the next few minutes, you will know all there is to know so that you can decide on your own merit whether to pursue Le Wagon further or not.

Let’s get started.

[Affiliate Disclosure: Le Wagon Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!

Le Wagon Review Product: Le Wagon

Founder: Boris Paillard, Romain Paillard and Sébastien Saunier

Website: www.lewagon.com

Product Description: IT training platform

Cost to join: $6,000+ but depends on the location

Recommended: Yes

Summary: Le Wagon is regarded as one of the top boot camps if you are looking for a way into the IT Industry.

As a web developer or data scientist.

There are a few things we like about Le Wagon which we will go into a little later.

But the fact that these boot camps are in over 43 cities makes them ideal for most people.

For students who can’t attend these courses, a remote solution is available which offers the same course.

The courses are not cheap but that doesn’t appear to be putting people off.

My number one recommended training platform for creating an online business

Le Wagon Review – Table of Contents

    1. What is Le Wagon About?
    2. What do They Teach at Le Wagon?
    3. Who is Le Wagon For?
    4. How Much Does it Cost Le Wagon?
    5. Le Wagon’s Registration Process
    6. Lee Wagon Student Feedback
    7. Is Lee Wagon a Scam?
    8. Le Wagon PROS and CONS
    9. Le Wagon Review -Final Thoughts
    10. How we Make Passive Income Online?
    11. Le Wagon FAQs
    12. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Le Wagon About?

Le Wagon offers a way for anybody to start a high-earning career in the IT industry as a software developer.

Founded in Paris in 2013 by 3 experienced software developers, Boris Paillard, Romain Paillard and Sébastien Saunier.

As you can see Le Wagon only specialize in 2 main courses, web development and data science.

This isn’t an issue with us, it means that the courses should be top class.

They come as full-time 9-week intensive courses, or you can spread it out over a 24-week period for students who don’t have the time to devote.

The boot camps are based in major cities in over 24 countries for anyone who prefers the classroom environment.

What do They Teach at Le Wagon?

There are two main courses that are offered at Le Wagon, web development and data science courses.

Whichever route you decide to go down there is prep work to do before you actually start the course.

Web Development Course

    • Phase 0 – This prep-work and getting you up to speed
    • Phase 1 – Learn the core concepts of programming
    • Phase 2 – Web development
    • Phase 3 – Design, create, code, deploy and pitch projects in teams

Development skills, you will learn, Front end, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, SQL, Git, Rails, Ruby and Sinatra

For a complete breakdown of the web development course, you can read about it here.

Data Science Course

    • Prep-work
    • Data Analysis
    • Decision Science
    • Machine Learning
    • Deep Learning
    • Data Engineering
    • Final Projects

For a complete breakdown of the Data Science Course, you can read about it here.

Both courses come as an intensive 9-week course or you can spread the course over 24-weeks on a part-time basis.

For ones who are not able to get to one of the cities to take the boot camp, they do provide remote courses.

Both courses are intensive and spread across 400 hours.

Who is Le Wagon For?

Leading companies hire Le Wagon students

Le Wagon is for anyone looking to branch out into the IT Industry or for anyone currently working in that industry who wants to advance their careers.

There is always going to be big demand within the IT industry but that industry is a little like the fashion world.

Technology is always changing so what was the flavour a year ago may not be in 2 to 3 years.

I should know, I spent many years as a freelance software developer where there was a lot of retraining involved.

Le Wagon is teaching current high-demand skills so nothing to worry about there.

The courses are expensive but if you look at the number of jobs available then it is a small price to pay.

Just to give you some sort of idea of the demand out there in the US alone.

Web Development

Data Science


These roles are based on the last 7 days.

You are looking at the long-term benefits and if you want to get on in life it is imperative that you invest in yourself because nobody else will.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Le Wagon?

The courses vary in price from country to country and city to city.

An example would be a course in London would be more expensive than a course let’s say in Mexico.

Remember there would be no help with accommodation if your choice of city was not local to your home.

Taking that on board then expect the course fees to be between $6,000 and $7,000.

Le Wagon’s Registration Process

The Le Wagon’s registration process starts with filling in the short application form.

Once you have submitted the form, a member of Le Wagon will get in touch with you and schedule an interview.

Either in person or via the internet.

The whole point of the interview is to ensure that this is the right path for you and that you aren’t taking on more than you can handle.

It’s at this point that you will find out if there are any prerequisites such as other skills.

But with talking to people who work at Le Wagon the one thing that the assessors are looking for is motivation.

If you are selected you will have to go through a testing phase.

Students going for the Web Development Course are assessed over 8 to 15 hours which cover basic programming concepts in Ruby on Codecademy.

For the Data Science Course, you will have 1 week to complete an assessment to check if you have the required maths and programming skills.

Once you have passed the assessment then there are 40 hours of pre-work that you’ll have to complete before the course starts.

All sounds great to us, what do you think?

Le Wagon Student Feedback

There are hundreds of training platforms, offering first-class courses but if you have been doing your research.

Then you will know that most of the courses on offer tend to be mediocre at best.

With Le Wagon, they have an almost 5-star rating from past and current student reviews.

Just for clarification that you aren’t joining some Mickie Mouse outfit, you can check out the reviews on…



Is Le Wagon a Scam?

Le Wagon is definitely not a scam but a legitimate business, offering courses that are current and in big demand.

Web development and data science command big rates but remember once you complete the course expect rates to be around $25k – $30k.

If it wasn’t for training platforms like Le Wagon majority of people just wouldn’t be able to advance their careers.

I remember a number of years back trying to find a specific IT course.

It meant going on a waiting list and the course costing thousands just for a 5-day course.

We have a lot to thank the internet for otherwise courses like these just wouldn’t be available.

Through your research into retraining, do not disregard sites like EDX, Udemy and Coursera.

For a web development career where you are your own boss and not part of the 9-5 regime, the link below might be of interest.

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Le Wagon PROS and CONS


  • The Interview Process:What we like about Le Wagon

The registration process is no different to applying for a course at university but won’t be as stringent at Le Wagon.

All the same, it shows that they are making sure that people aren’t wasting their money by them not being the right kind of candidate.

  • It’s Great That They Offer Boot Camps in Over 40 Cities:

For some people, you might look at these boot camps as a way to holiday at the same time due to some of the locations being holiday destinations.

Remember, you won’t be working and the cost of living will probably be expensive and there is no help from Le Wagon either.

Remember that these are intensive courses and you need to give yourself the best possible chance.

  • Possibly A Career At Le Wagon:

There are always looking for lecturers at Le Wagon and we can see that some of the students have actually secured roles there.

Who knows, once you have completed the course and excelled then maybe this could be something that you’d like to do.


  • Is A Nine-Week Course Long Enough:What we don't like about Le Wagon

There are no surprises when they say the course is intensive and all this would come out at the interview stage anyway.

You are going to learn a little about a lot and with a boot camp, you are always going to need to put in a lot of extra time.

Le Wagon Review – Final Thoughts!

What did you think?

Well, we thought that Le Work had a lot going for itself and we can see this by the 5-star rating based on over 3000 reviews that we looked at.

Obviously, you are going to have to be very serious that this is something you really want to do.

But that is what the interview process is all about.

From a freelance software developer with many years of working overseas, it can be a great way to work and enjoy life.

The skills that they teach you at Le Wagon are currently in-demand skills so you are definitely starting off on the right footing.

However, don’t expect to be securing that high-earning job just yet.

But eventually providing you get your head down and learn are sure to be on the right path.

If you are interested in what we do now for a living then please continue to read on as we’d love to share it with you.

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Le Wagon FAQs

In this section, we have highlighted what we believe are the questions that you would probably find yourself asking.

  1. Is The Membership Fee Worth It?

The course fee varies from city to city and is quite expensive but we don’t see students complaining.

In fact, according to student feedback, Le Wagon is the most acclaimed Bootcamp worldwide.

Expect to pay somewhere between $6,000 and $7,000 with the remote course slightly cheaper.

  1. How Do I Apply For One Of The Le Wagon Courses?

It’s a simple process, you just fill in the application form.

    • Which course, web development or data science
    • The format, 9-week full-time or 24-week part-time
    • The city that you want to take the course in
    • Reasons for wanting to take the course with any other information

You will then be contacted to schedule an interview either in person or online.

  1. Can The Course Fee Be Paid In Installment?

Once you have been accepted onto one of the courses there is a down payment fee to be paid, this is to secure your place.

The rest of the balance can be paid over several payments which are dependent on that city’s policies.

  1. What If I Can’t Take The Course Because Of The Distance To The City?

You can apply for the remote course which for all intents and purposes is just like being in class as the courses are live.

The course fee is slightly cheaper as well.

  1. Is There Any Help To Secure A Job Was I Have Completed the Course?

Once you have completed the course you can benefit from the careers service that is included in the course fee.

There is plenty of experience within Le Wagon to put you on the right track.

  1. Are There Any FREE Courses Available?

You have access to a number of free courses where you can learn the basics of JavaScript, SQL, APIs and what and how to use them, and Python.

There are a number of free courses specifically for women too.

You can check for yourself here.

  1. Is It Hard To Get Into Le Wagon?

The Le Wagon boot camps are intense, demanding and fast-paced and that’s why you need to explain exactly what you want from this.

Entry will be given to the most motivated students and this will become apparent at the interview stage.

  1. Is Le Wagon Bootcamp FREE?

There are a number of free courses available with coding boot camps that are run globally in Web Development and Data Science.

  1. Is Le wagon A Good Boot Camp?

You can check out the feedback from past and present students and they all seem to be extremely happy with the courses and the support they get.

  1. Is Le wagon Recognised?

Trusted by students all over the world and whilst you do receive certificates they aren’t recognized as such by governing bodies.

Having said that eLearning has become the way to study and companies are recognizing this.

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Anyway, guys, if you are here then we thank you for your patience but more importantly, we hope you got some benefit from this review.

If you have anything to add feel free to add your comment below.

Once again thank you and stay safe.

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