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What is the Power MBA – A business course brought to you by top Executives!

What is the power mbaWelcome to what is the Power MBA

It is an in-depth look at a business training school where you are taught by top CEO’s.

Online learning has become extremely popular nowadays and we can see why because of costs and the flexibility it gives you.

So what will the Power MBA give you and is it going to be compatible with the traditional MBA that will cost you 1000s and mean a year off work?

Before we get started we’d like to mention that we are not associated with ThePowerMBA and therefore won’t be pitching to you.

But what you will get is the full lowdown on this training website and whether something you should maybe consider.

So, let’s get started.

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What is the power mba - LogoProduct: The Power MBA

Founder: Uri Levine, Borja Adanero Guinea, Rafael Gozalo Corral, Hugo Arevalo Alveraz-Arenas

Product Description: Online business course

Price of product: $995

Recommended: No

Summary: eLearning has become very popular in recent times and allows everybody no matter who you are to educate themselves.

With a student debt near to $1.6 trillion in the US alone is it no wonder why traditional training methods are changing.

MBA’s alone can cost upwards of $100k and unless this is funded by your employer then they are pretty much out of everybody’s reach.

That’s why training platforms like PowerMBA are becoming so popular.

You might like to check out this training platform that was developed by ex-Harvard graduates where it is possible to study for an MBA online.

Alternative opportunity tha might appeal to you

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    2. PowerMBA versus traditional MBA
    3. What you get with the Power MBA
    4. PowerMBA FAQs
    5. What we liked about The Power MBA
    6. What we don’t like about The Power MBA
    7. Is The Power MBA a SCAM?
    8. The Power MBA Review: Final Thoughts!
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What is the PowerMBA?

What is the power mba - TPMBA Login
The PowerMBA Login

The PowerMBA is a training platform that was founded in 2017 for the Spanish speaking community and is based in Madrid.

It wasn’t until June 2020 that they decided to bring out an English version.

You will notice there are a few people responsible for TPMBA which is headed by an Israeli entrepreneur by the name of Uri Levine.

For further clarification, you can read an article in Forbes magazine here.

PowerMBA or TPMBA bases the strength of this course on top executives who are giving their time to explain what is required in the real business world.

They teach you all about digital marketing and the various steps it would take to start your very own online business.

The course is marketed as a traditional MBA but in reality, there are no comparisons.

So, as long as you are aware of this then let’s continue.

PowerMBA versus Traditional MBA

The course fees are within everybody’s reach and whilst it is a self-study course you have a limited time for completing the course.

PowerMBA is put together by real business people in the real business world which should appeal to people.

Which is a far cry from professors and teachers who normally come to the table with little or no real-world business experience.

A traditional MBA usually takes 12 months to complete in most cases taking a leave of absence from work meaning loss of pay to add to costs.

The PowerMBA course is split into 15-minute classes and therefore should be easy enough to fit into anybody’s working week.

The downside with the PowerMBA course is the certification will not be recognised as a traditional MBA.

What you get with the Power MBA

What is the power mba - Why instead of traditional methods

The course is spread across 15 months with a 15-20 minute lesson 5 days a week, Monday to Friday.

In its entirety, the actual course is something like 50 hours long which in the grand scheme of things is not that long for a course.

A summary of what you get with the PowerMBA program…

    • Over 300 classes from top business people from major companies
    • The curriculum has similarities to a traditional MBA
    • The course is constantly updated
    • The course is non-accredited
    • It works on a self-assessment after each class
    • Available through many devices
    • Able to download the course documentation from each class
    • There are discussion forums within each class
    • Support through the live chat facility
    • Theoretical classes from some of the best instructors
    • Many business cases are available from the top executives

The actual course curriculum is spread across 9 modules…

Module #1 – Business Model Innovation – This module goes into the various business models and stages that exist which are covered by…

    1. Busine model analysis
    2. Engines of growth
    3. The power of platforms
    4. Understanding customers
    5. Value propositions
    6. Blue ocean strategy

Module #2 – The Lean Startup – Where you are taught that it doesn’t have cost the earth to start a business

    1. The lean startup method
    2. The lean startup in practice

Module #3 – Business Fundamentals and Strategies – Learn the various marketing strategies, competition and business growth.

    1. Industry analysis
    2. Competitive strategies
    3. Marketing basics
    4. Corporate growth strategies

Module #4 – What it Takes to Become a Real Marketer – The steps it takes to become a true leader.

    1. Power selling
    2. Digital marketing
    3. Customer experience

Module #5 – Entrepreneurship – Learn everything you need to know about how and what it takes to become an entrepreneur and fundraising.

    1. Real life-changing
    2. Who’s who in the ecosystem
    3. Fundraising and investment

Module #6 – Leadership – 

    1. Leading yourself
    2. leadership and culture

Module #7 – Management Skills and Tools – What it takes to become management and the tools that are available to help you achieve this.

    1. Agile and project management
    2. Managing people and teams

Module #8 – Finance and Accounting – A taboo subject for many but something you are going to have to get to grips with.

    1. Accounting fundamentals
    2. Financial statements analysis
    3. Valuation, investments and companies

Module #9 – Disruptive Tech in Business 

What you hope to get out of the course on completion…

    1. Understand the present-day digital world better than an MBA graduate
    2. Fully understand business and management in the real world
    3. Discover the business models that work across all industries
    4. Learn what it takes to start a business from the grassroots up
    5. Get the most metamorphic knowledge for business owners
    6. Develop the skills further to lead, inspire and scale teams

PowerMBA Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do I apply for the course and are there any prerequisites?

There is no application as such, you just join the waiting list and pay your fee and there are no prerequisites as you would expect on a traditional MBA course.

  1. How long is the course?

The course length providing you follow the training 5 days a week could last around 15 months.

You are of course only able to continue with the course as the classes appear meaning you can’t speed up the training and complete the course sooner.

  1. What is included with my fee?

For your payment of $995, you get access to the 9 modules, all the videos, all the downloadable resources, forums, job boards, become part of the community plus much more.

  1. Do I have to pay the full amount of the course upfront?

No, you don’t if you are on a budget.

There are several payment options that you can take advantage of.

    • Two instalments of $518 totalling $1,016
    • Three instalments of $354.67 totalling $1,064.01
    • Six instalments of $184.50 totalling $1,107
  1. Does the PowerMBA come with a refund?

You have up until the 15th day of joining to decide whether the PowerMBA is the right course or not.

Make sure you don’t leave it till the final day and to exercise your right you will have to email

  1. Is there a better alternative? 

There are many better alternative courses out there that can teach you how to build a business.

Here’s one that we would recommend and you can check it out here.

What we liked about The Power MBA

TPMBA brings to the table a lot of extremelyWhat we liked about the PowerMBA successful executives at the top of their game.

Who are willing to share with you their real-life working experience which you ain’t going to get from a traditional MBA.

  • Low costs compared to the traditional MBA course however the course is not an MBA.
  • Full refund which is redeemable no longer than the 15th day of starting the course.

What we don’t like about The Power MBA

  • The course is not accredited and therefore not the right choice if you are looking to add this to your resume to improve your career prospects.
  • Marketing of the PowerMBA we didn’t agree with which implied that the course is equivalent to a traditional MBA.

Is The Power MBA a SCAM?

The PowerMBA course is a legitimate course that business professionals will benefit from but this is not to be confused with a traditional MBA.

Traditional MBA’s are where you are going to find top executives, whereas PowerMBA will be suitable and available to anybody.

The training comes from high-flying executives at the top of their game but we are not sure just what a 15-minute course will offer.

We don’t like how they market this course and the use of the term “MBA”.

Other than that, the PowerMBA is not a scam and if you needed further recognition of this just check TrustPilot.

The Power MBA Review: Final Thoughts!

We thought the course offered good value for money as long as you are not going into this course thinking you are going to be getting an equivalent MBA.

Unfortunately, that would require a bigger commitment on your part.

If it’s a business opportunity that you are looking for, have you ever considered affiliate marketing?

Here is a better alternative to The PowerMBA

At the end of the day, the PowerMBA will give you a certificate that most companies aren’t going to recognize.

It will teach you about business on a theoretical level and don’t get me wrong you are certainly going to benefit from taking the course.

Check out this cost-effective opportunity where you can study and earn at the same time. What have you got to lose?

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you enjoyed this review and that we answered most if not all of your questions.

If you have questions at all please add them below and we will get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe.

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