Pinwizz Review – Just a Front-end application that gives you more flexibility than Pinterest!

PinWizz reviewWelcome to the Pinwizz Review

If you aren’t already using Pinterest and you have an online business venture going, then you are probably missing out.

It’s free and it will help in getting your word out there and finding tons of traffic that will help grow your business.

But, this review isn’t directly about Pinterest, but a product that can help you to automate the Pinterest functionality.

Now, the owner is making some big claims that you can earn up to $442 per click, but we thought that was strange and why that figure?

It’s good to see you doing your due diligence and the only way to save time and money and to ensure that you find legit make money opportunities.

I’m sure this is not the first review that you have come across.

However, many of the positive reviews you will be reading are from people trying to sell you the product and make a commission in the process.

As we are not associated with PinWizz in any way you won’t find us pitching, but we will give you an unbiased review.

That way, you will have all the facts to decide whether PinWizz is the type of software you should be buying or not.

That said, let’s dive right in and see what you think.

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Pinwizz review - Logo

Product: Pinwizz

Founder: Rudy Rudra

Product Description: Affiliate marketing


Price of product: $17.00 plus 5 upsells totalling $265.00 @ discount

Recommended: No

Summary: PinWizz is an automated piece of software that claims to be able to help you make as much as $442.00 per click.

But, that is not what the software helps you to do at all.

What it does is give you some nice to have information that Pinterest doesn’t give you.

Allows you to search and connect to boards and create pins.

Ok, the information it gives you is nice to have but all the developers of Pinterest need to do is modify the software to include this and PinWizz becomes obsolete.

Sorry, but do not think that this software is going to improve the amount of traffic that you see because it won’t.

If you are looking for more traffic then these people in the link below will show you how.

pinwizz review - Join wealthy affiliate

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    1. What is Pinwizz About and who are the Founders?
    2. How does Pinwizz Work?
    3. Pinwizz Pricing
    4. Can you Make Money With Pinwizz?
    5. Who is Pinwizz For?
    6. What I like about Pinwizz
    7. What I don’t like about Pinwizz
    8. Is Pinwizz a SCAM or LEGIT?
    9. Pinwizz Review: Final Thoughts!
    10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Pinwizz about and who are the Founders?

Pinwizz review - Pinwizz gets you unlimited traffic

PinWizz is an automated software that claims to help build your business through Pinterest.

Created by a software developer, Rudy Rudra and can be found amongst several other products on the WarriorPlus affiliate network.

Claims to be the worlds first Pinterest automated traffic software which helps to improve the amount of traffic that you receive.

That may be true about the first, but you have to understand that Pinwizz is nothing more than a front-end interface to Pinterest.

Which produces a few interesting figures that Pinterest doesn’t and can search and share things a little easier.

As for getting you more traffic, this isn’t what Pinwizz does because it’s Pinterest that gets you the traffic.

I have seen similar products with Facebook and it didn’t take long for them to implement something which stopped the product from working.

This could quite easily happen with Pizwizz because Pinterest will see this as somebody making money on their product which many do not like.

When this happens the people who will be missing out will be the ones who have purchased the product in the first place.

What we found though was the owner’s original name of the product was to be called Pinterest Traffic which was created in August 2019.

This can be clearly seen on the product video as indicated below which should have been changed to the current name PinWizz.

Pinwizz review - Pinterest traffic

Obviously, the reason why it was changed from “Pinterest Traffic” to “Pinwizz” was probably down to the threat of been sued by the owners of Pinterest.
So who is the owner of Pinwizz?

The guy responsible for PinWizz Pinwizz review - Rudy Rudra

is Rudy Rudra who we have already mentioned.

He’s a software developer and affiliate vendor who has brought several products to market.

If you go to WarriorPlus you will see several products promoted there.

How does Pinwizz Work?

Pinwizz review - 3 easy steps

Just three steps, log in to Pinwizz and link your Pinterest account to the software.

Although the third step will apply to Pinterest and not Pinwizz.

Instead of dragging this out and telling you exactly how it all works, we’ll let the product owner Rudy Rudra tell you in this short video.

What did you think, worth the $12.5k price tag?

Pinwizz Pricing 

For what Pinwizz actually does and we have seen it in action in a video that was only a few minutes long.

Anybody could master it in a few minutes because there really isn’t anything to it.

just because someone throws a number of products into the mix with a fictitious price of over $12k does mean the product is any good.

However, I checked out the product and did like some features and it might speed up your Pinterest development a little but won’t find you traffic.

That is for sure.

Anyway, we have listed what you can expect to get with Pinwizz and I’m sure many will get excited and ready with their cards.

But, wait and see what the Pinwizz review unveils.

The main bulk of the product bungle are these first 5 products, but we think all you will need is the first product.

    1. Pinwizz software valued @ $1,164.00
    2. Video tutorials valued @ $297.00
    3. Quick start guide valued @ $197.00
    4. Pinterest training valued @ $997.00
    5. Live chat support valued @ $497.00

Followed by 5 bonuses

    1. Step by step guide how to make $100.00/Day valued @ $997.00
    2. Pinterest marketing cheat sheet valued @ $637.00
    3. 80% discounts on all upgrades valued @ $297.00
    4. Step by step “From 0 to profit” valued @ $997.00
    5. Facebook group valued @ $997.00

Followed by 5 surprise bonuses

    1. 100+ WordPress premium theme valued @ $1497.00
    2. Millions of stock images valued @ $1997.00
    3. 24/support valued @ 497.00
    4. Mastermind access valued @ $997.00
    5. Get money training valued @ $497.00

That’s $12,562.00 worth of products for the handsome price of $64.24

I come with 30 years of software development experience and I’d seriously be questioning just what these products actually are and where do they get their prices from.

Can you make money with Pinwizz? 

Well no you can’t if you want the real truth.Pinwizz review - can you make any money

Pinwizz only gives you the ability to search boards and pins and allows you to share the boards and comments on pins, that’s it.

You would still have to create your pins manually either on Pinterest or the tool I use, Canva.

Pinterest is the mechanism that allows you to get the traffic and it is up to the individuals within that crowd of traffic whether you make money or not.

Who is Pinwizz For?

I’m sure there will be many eitherPinwizz review - who is it for

interested in Pinwizz or maybe already you have already purchased it.

Remember it will not get you traffic because that is down to Pinterest and whether you make any money or not is based on whether someone clicks on your link and purchases.

Whether you think you need this product or not is down to each individual, but I for one will not be purchasing it.

Just a matter of time before give you the details that Pinwizz gives you then the money you spent purchasing the product will be to no avail.

What I like about Pinwizz

There were a few things we liked, whichPinwizz review- What I like about Pinwizz

were some stats the product returned that Pinterest didn’t and it was quite slick and helped speed up the process somewhat.
  1. Money-Back Guarantee

I always like to see a money-back guarantee although with WarriorPlus this is only over a 30 day period.

One thing to notice with a refund is, is it a partial one or a full one.

Remember if you do want a refund to get it in very early because many miss out due to the vendor saying things like you didn’t get it in early enough.

What I don’t like about Pinwizz

We thought Pinwizz talked the big talk but didn’tPinwizz review - Things I don't like about Pinwizz

live up to expectations.

The software was very basic and apparently comes with an upgrade cost which we didn’t like.

  1. False claims 

Earn up to $442.00 per click which doesn’t make sense at all.

Pinwizz is an interface for Pinterest nothing more nothing less and any mention of making money is just a lie.

Pinterest is a social media platform that uses graphics to attract people to your pins, so it’s a traffic generator.

It is all down to each individual with the content that you write and the way it is portrayed by your prospective customer and whether they purchase or not.

  1. Pinwizz claims to be fully automated

Pinwizz will not speed up the process because you have to create the pin manually anyway.

All Pinwizz does is help you find pins and allow you to comment which you can do on Pinterest anyway.

  1. Where are the great reviews

The only reviews I see about Pinwizz are from affiliate marketers trying to sell you the product which are all going to be positive anyway.

  1. What is the point of the image editor?

Not sure just what the image editor is all about, maybe something to just pad out the dashboard and make it look more impressive than what it is.

The editor was pretty basic so why bother.

All my pins are created within Canva which can’t be beaten and besides you can upload them straight from Canva.

Is Pinwizz a SCAM or LEGIT?

Pinwizz is definitely not a scam but Pinwizz review - Scam or Legit

we do not like the way the owners portrays this to be some special piece of software that will make you money.

We have mentioned there were a few things we liked but certainly not enough to want to go out and buy it.

All that was required as far as we could see was the interface, that’s it.

All the other stuff that they have cobbled together is just fluff there to make the product look better than it is and show to us that they weren’t sure whether the product would sell or not.

When we see a valuation of the entire package of $12.5k that is sold for $64.00 then you have to question why?

We have mentioned that the owner initially tried to call the product “Pinterest Traffic” which was absolutely ridiculous if he thought that he was going to get away with it.

All it would take is for the software developers at Pinterest to make a few relatively simple modifications and then Pinwizz will be obsolete.

Pinwizz isn’t a scam but we certainly would recommend it either.

Pinwizz Review: Final Thoughts!

Overall, we thought the product was Pinwizz review - Thoughts

poor but that’s down to each and every person who will have their own ideas about the product.

We are aware that there is already a product out there that works closely with Pinterest and Instagram named TailWIndApp which does everything and more of what Pinwizz does.

All these social media platforms are, are tools for finding traffic.

At the end of the day if your content is not up to scratch then nobody is going to purchase from you anyway.

Something that was never mentioned in the Pinwizz presentation.

If traffic or content is an issue then I can highly recommend an excellent training platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

They have been going since 2005 and helped thousands to become successful affiliate marketers.

Just click on the link below to see what 30 individuals have to say.

Pinwizz review - Check out what these people have to say

If something like this interests you, where you take a passion of yours and turn it into a thriving business, then it is free to join, no strings.

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Well, guys, I’m sorry if we didn’t give you what you wanted to hear but this software isn’t worth bothering with.

But, hey who are we, if you have it in your mind that something is good it doesn’t matter what anybody says because you’d probably ignore it anyway.

Don’t take this the wrong way but that’s the reality of some people they don’t want to be told even if the advice is good. I used to be that person!

However, if you did enjoy the review, then why not share it amongst your friends, that way they will be better informed.

As always. if you have any questions for us then put them in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe.

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