Ogdollars Review – After you have read this review, you will know this is not a legit make money site!

ogdollars review

Welcome to the Ogdollars Review

If you are familiar with social media networks then you are sure to have come across OG Dollars and their marketing campaigns.

Another make money opportunity that is claiming to be the #1 influencer in the world whatever that means.

If you haven’t heard of Ogdollars and just come across this website by chance, then stay with us because in a few minutes you will know all there is to know about OG Dollars.

They are making big claims that just for signing up they will give you $25 and for every new member that you refer, you will get an extra $10.

I don’t know about you but to us, this seems a little too good to be true so we thought we’d do a little digging.

First off, it’s nice to see that you are researching these opportunities first before jumping in, which is the only way to save time and money.

Not to mention the only way to find legit make money opportunities.

So, let’s dive right in.

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Ogdollars review - Logo

Product: Ogdollars

Founder: Unknown

Product Description: GPT Site

Website: www.ogdollars.com

Price of product: Free

Recommended: No

Summary: OG Dollars or Ogdollars is just one of many “Get-Paid-To” sites that promise to pay you very well for taking part in activities.

Like, filling in surveys, creating and submitting videos on social media and referring others to join.

If you look at some of their members on their site, you’d be surprised to see that some of them are earning as much as $75k.

Ogdollars review - 72k-side

But you already guessed that must be a fake testimonial, right?

The big thing all these sites have in common is that they do not payout!

Sites like, Stackpay, CloutShout, Sharetoearn, EarnBucks, MoneyGuru

They are all from the same mould!

But read on because we have much more evidence that Ogdollars is one of many cloned sites aimed at stealing your personal details.

However, if you really want to make a big impact in your life then we would suggest finding some proper training.

ogdollars review - Join wealthy affiliate
   Just check out the review and see what you think. It’s not for everyone though!

If you are sick and tired of SCAMS, Pyramid schemes, MLMs, recruiting, having to purchase stocks, haggling family, friends and customers. Looking for a proven method of making money online, then check out my #1 recommendation

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    2. How does Ogdollars Work?
    3. Ogdollars Pricing
    4. Can you Make Money With Ogdollars?
    5. Who is Ogdollars For?
    6. What I like about Ogdollars
    7. What I don’t like about Ogdollars
    8. Is Ogdollars a SCAM or LEGIT?
    9. Ogdollars Review: Final Thoughts!
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What is Ogdollars about and who are the Founders?

Ogdollars review - ogdollars login

Ogdollars calls itself the “#1 influencer in the world” but we have seen this very same phrase across many of these supposed make money sites.

They promise to pay ridiculous amounts of money just for doing some very basic tasks.

Even as much as $1,000 as can be seen in the above image.

All this for just completing simple tasks like filling in questionnaires, subscribing to free trial offers, uploading videos to social media and referring others to join, amongst other things.

So who is responsible for Ogdollars?

Unfortunately, we tried all avenues but couldn’t come up with one person who is claiming to have any involvement with Ogdollars.

This is often the case with these money-making schemes, I mean would you want people to know who you were if you were responsible?

That, in its own right, is a big red flag and should straightaway put you on your guard.

In fact, what you should do when you can’t find out the owners to any opportunity is to just turn around and move on.

How does Ogdollars Work?

ogdollars review - who is it for

Ogdollars works within the affiliate marketing business model and if you didn’t know what this was then you can check out a review here.

They work as a middle person connecting people like you and me to client offers that are displayed on their website and get paid for doing so.

Their marketing campaigns that can be seen on social media trigger the attention, by the claims that you can earn as much as $1000 a day.

Why wouldn’t it, earning as much as $1000 is a life-changing amount, right?

For anybody who is new to making money online, you will not know any better and think that you have just hit the jackpot.

Before you know it you have got your $25.00 sign up bonus which is going to excite you as this goes straight into your account.

So you’ll be anxious to start doing the tasks and posting on social media.

Introducing all your friends because you think you are getting $10.00 for each person that signs up.

Now, if making money online was that simple, then I would be giving up what I do and join a few of these sites myself.

These are the current amounts they say you can make.

    • Someone clicks on your affiliate link you get $2.00
    • Someone joins through your referral link you get $10.00
    • Task Wall offers, between $50 and $100
    • Post submissions on social media and you get $50.00 each time

Take a look at the offers below that you can find on your task wall.

Do you really think that you will earn $100+ just for signing up for the 30 days free trial to Amazon Prime?

Ogdollars review - TAsk wall offer

We have reviewed many of these sites and take it from me that is never going to happen.

If you want to check out a similar site that is legit and has a big following and does pay out then take a look at Swagbucks.

By checking that site you will get a more realistic feel of what these GPT sites do actually payout.

Take it from me the amounts are minuscule in comparison.

I mean, where do Ogdollars get all their money from because the amount they do get from their clients is not that great and the reason why there are so many of these sites around.

Let’s take a look at the below image which can be found on the Ogdollars website.

Ogdollars review - number of members

It’s the very same image that you can find on the StackPay website as well.

Take a look if you don’t believe me here.

Ogdollars Pricing 

OG Dollars is 100% free to join, but in the long run, it could end up costing you.

Let me try to explain!

You will find that some of the tasks on your task wall require that you subscribe to free trial offers for you to get paid a certain amount.

These offers say they’ll pay you from $50.00 to $100.00 but what you have to be aware of is that these are trials offers.

This means you will have to enter your credit card details.

Once the trial period is over if you haven’t already cancelled the offer then you will be charged automatically at least for the first month.

Just think, there will be many of these offers that you will be subscribing to because they offer the most money that you will get paid.

Take for instance the Amazon Prime trial offer according to Ogdollars will pay you $100+ for subscribing.

Now, just look at the math here.

Amazon Prime costs around $7.99 a month which equates to $95.88 for the year.

How is it possible that Ogdollars can pay that amount out? Absolute BS!

Now, if you are filling in many of these which I’m sure you will be doing then it would be so easy to forget about cancelling them and could end up costing you several hundred dollars, maybe more.

You have to keep track and make sure you cancel them, but that doesn’t matter because this whole website is a complete scam.

Hopefully, you will not go anywhere near it after you have read this Og Dollars review.

Can you make money with Ogdollars?

Sorry, but I’ll stick my neck out and og dollars review - can you make any money

categorically state that you will not make a dime with Ogdollars and this can be seen by all the complaints you can see.

They prey on people who are new to making money online by their ridiculous signing up fees and claims that you can earn as much as $1000 a day.

You will see the figure credited to your account and then you’ll start doing tasks that say they will pay as much as $100 per task.

Then you’ll be spreading the word on social media and getting all your friends involved who will do the same.

I have even read that some members have had as much as $9000 in their account but come to withdraw that amount and that’s when the problems arise.

They make an excuse to delay paying you but that is just to keep you on the site doing other crappy tasks and inviting more people.

When you get in touch to see when you are getting paid they will make up some BS excuse about fraud on your account then they will delete your account.

I’m sorry but no, nobody gets paid.

You will a lot of annoyed friends though who have wasted a lot of time.

What you really need to do is find some excellent training in affiliate marketing and turn the tables.

Who is Ogdollars For?

Ogdollars is literally for nobody and we Og dollars review - should I join?

do not recommend this so-called opportunity to anybody.

They steal your personal information and sell it to third-party companies, who package it and sell it on to other companies for marketing.

In fact, what we have found is the use of Trojan Viruses which also help in stealing personal details.

What I like about Ogdollars

There is absolutely nothing we liked about Ogdollars and you shouldn’t either, but hey who am I.

All we can do is produce the facts as we see fit.

What I don’t like about Ogdollars

We had to draw the line here with the number of negative things we found and that was without really looking.

Listed below are the most important issues we thought.

  1. Fake Testimonials

As you can see in the first testimonial, they claim that this person earned $72,000 but many are going to believe these ridiculous claims.

Simply because you want to believe that what you are seeing is the truth.

Ogdollars review - Fake testimonial #1

We even found a match to the same person in a Forbes article.

Ogdollars review - Fake testimonial #2

In both instances, we believe the photos to just be stock photos that can be picked up all over the internet.

  1. Cloned site

As you can see by the image Stackpay and Ogdollars are cloned sites but there many more.

Stackpay review - stackpay and ogdollars

  1. Fake payments

As you can see by the payment date of June 2019, the site wasn’t registered until the following month.

Ogdollars review - Fake payments

Further clarification with a reference to the year 2016

Ogdollars review - Terms

  1. We have to mention Passwords

I know most people tend to stick with the same password and with the vast number of scams and people stealing personal data you should avoid doing.

There some clever viruses out there that slip onto your hard drive and report back to the sender and if you don’t have a good virus software like MalWareBytyes then you will be caught out.

If you are using the same details for most things even online banking or purchasing from Amazon you are making it too easy for them.

If you are intent on trying these sites then use a dedicated user and password.

Is Ogdollars a SCAM or LEGIT?

I can categorically state that Ogdollarsog dollars review - Scam or Legit

is a scam and that you should not go anywhere near them, that’s if you value your personal details.

As we have already mentioned, they prey on people who are new to making money online.

We have highlighted more than enough issues with Ogdollars and that was without trying.

I can’t stress enough about researching thoroughly any so-called make money opportunity and don’t stop at the one review.

Check out several because some reviews aren’t dated like ours is which means it could be 1 or 2 years old and not current.

What we have found with these scam artists is that they are obviously reading these reviews themselves.

We know this because they are using these reviews to eradicate problems that affiliates are reporting.

This way they can try and make their sites look more legit if at all that was possible.

Ogdollars Review: Final Thoughts!

I remember a few years back trying these GPT sites but the one I do remember using was Swagbucks.

It was mind-numbing and I nearly lost the will to live but they paid out which was something.

However, don’t expect to be earning mega-bucks because the only way to do that is to get some training and do it yourself.

I realized that I was not going to replace my full-time job filling in these crappy surveys and clicking on videos.

I either had to find a way to really make some money or give it all up as a bad job and continue with my boring 9-5 job.

I did however find a way just like these individuals in the review below and you can see what they have to say by clicking on the link.

Ogdollars review - Check out what these people have to say

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Anyway Guys, hope you enjoyed the Ogdollars review and that you found it helpful.

If we can stop one individual from joining this site then we have done our job.

If you did enjoy it, then why not spread the word by sharing on social media and ensuring other people are informed of this site.

If you have any questions at all please don’t hesitate and add to the comments section below.

Until next time, stay safe.

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