MTI Trading International Review – A Crypto Trading SCAM?

MTI Trading International review - pyramid scheme

Welcome to this MTI Trading International Review.

Don’t confuse MTI Trading International with Mirror Trading International but be very aware that “” may well have been created in preparation for some underhanded scheme.

Maybe you were approached by an MTI Trading International affiliate trying to pitch to you a business opportunity?

Or maybe you just came across their marketing campaigns or that you just came across the business quite by chance.

Whatever the reason welcome and in the next few minutes you will know all there is to know about this company.

I’d like to point out that I am not in any way associated with MTI Trading International and rest assured you will not find me trying to pitch or sell you anything.

That been said, let’s get right into this MTI Trading International review.

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MTI Trading International Review

Product: MTI Trading International

Location: Panama, Central America

Founder: Unknown

Founded: June 2020


Product Description: MLM in the Cryptocurrency and Forex trading industry

Cost to join:  $20 – $200,000

Best For: Nobody

Recommended: No

Summary: Whenever you review a business opportunity, no matter what it is, always do your own research thoroughly that way they will be no surprises.

Pay particular attention to the people running the business.

If the company is not openly upfront about the basic information like who owns or runs the business, then be very careful when making your final decision to join or not. In fact, I would walk away!

MTI International Review - Wealthy Affiliate

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MTI Trading International Review – Table Of Contents

    1. What is MTI Trading International and who are the Founders? 
    2. Is MTI Trading International a Pyramid Scheme
    3. Success is Unlikely with MTI Trading International
    4. Let’s look at the MTI Trading International products
    5. MTI Trading International Business Opportunity – A need to know
    6. What I like about MTI Trading International?
    7. What I don’t like about MTI Trading International
    8. Is MTI Trading International a Scam?
    9. MTI Trading International Review -Final Analysis
    10. How I make a Living Online?
    11. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is MTI Trading International about and who are the Founders?

MTI Trading International review - Investment levels

MTI Trading International is a Multi-level-marketing company that offers a business opportunity.

We could not find any information on their website such as who are the founders or who runs the company, not even where they are based.

We did, however, find out that the domain was registered in June 2020 in Panama, although the website falsely claims that the company was registered in 2012 and 2016, depending on where you look on their website.

They claim to have been registered at Companies House on the 24th April 2012, but I couldn’t confirm this and another red flag.


Is MTI Trading International a Pyramid Scheme?

So what exactly is a pyramid scheme?MTI Trading International review - pyramid scheme

According to the Federal Trade Commission, a pyramid scheme is any MLM that pays its affiliates for recruiting others into their business opportunity without a product or service of any recognisable value.

An MLM could offer a product or service that offered value although a close look would tell you otherwise. This would be deemed a pyramid scheme in disguise.

MTI Trading International have no retailable products or services to offer then under the FTC guidelines would constitute MTI Trading International as running a pyramid scheme.

As you are probably aware that pyramid schemes are totally illegal in most countries and even if they are still operating that is only because the authorities are very slow to act.

I would strongly suggest you stay away from MTI Trading International.

You can take a look at what Pyramid Schemes are all about in this short video.

Success is Unlikely with Mirror Trading International

It is a known fact that all Multi-level-marketing companies are extremely difficult to succeed in if you are thinking of pursuing this route.

What happens before the company is available to the public is Pre-launch which allows the founders to invite usually big investors, to join.

These big investors usually bring large followings which is great for the owners.

These are the top 1% and where all the real money tends to go.

Once the top of the payment structure or pyramid is in place then the doors are opened for you and me.

It’s a known fact that around 90% actually lose money in these ventures.

With around 50% to 65% that do not stay around long enough to see in their 2nd year.

Let’s look at the Mirror Trading International products

MTI Trading International have no products or services to offer and the only way is for affiliates to market and promote their affiliate program.

MTI Trading International Business Opportunity – What you need to know

Is there a business opportunity at MTI Trading International?

Let’s see, shall we…

How to Become an MTI Trading International Affiliate

It’s free to join MTI Trading International.

However, to partake in the business opportunity you would have to find a sponsor with a minimum investment of $20.

Mind you, if you check the FAQ on their website it clearly states that a minimum deposit of $500 is required.

MTI Trading International review - Review #2

How to Make Money with MTI Trading International

Recruitment is the main source of income just like all MLMs.

The second way is through investment, which can be from $10 all the way up to $200,000.

With daily promised returns of either 10, 15 or 20 per cent.

We are talking about trading which is risky at the best of times, but crypto is even riskier, and therefore nobody can make these ludicrous claims, not even Warren Buffet.

MTI Trading International Compensation Plan

Whilst they claim daily ROI of 10, 15 and 20 per cent, this is based over a 10 day period.


    • Between $20 and $500 and over a 10 day period ROI of 110%
    • Between $501 and $5000 and over a 10 day period ROI of 150%
    • Between $5001 and $200,000 and over a 10 day period ROI of 200%

MTI Trading International pays out referral commissions to its affiliates down 3 levels within the payment structure based on the investments.


    1. 5%
    2. 2%
    3. 1%

As well as the usual affiliate program commissions there is an extra motivation for representatives.


    1. 10%
    2. 3%
    3. 2%

We couldn’t find any additional information to determine whether there was a ranking system that normally comes with these compensation plans.

Are MTI Trading International Affiliates Actually Making Money?

There is no evidence at all that any affiliate is making any money with MTI Trading International.

However, we do know that the top 1% is where the real money goes.

With around 90% of the affiliates that actually lose money, and 99% do not earn enough to replace their existing jobs.

Some staggering facts but still people seek out these MLMs in their droves.

What I like about MTI Trading International

There is nothing I like about MTI Trading International.

In fact, we can’t tell just what this business actually does or whether it was set up just to play a part in some unscrupulous business, although we can’t prove any of this of course.

What I don’t like about MTI Trading International

  1. Not sustainable

Once affiliates and people looking in for a business opportunity realize there isn’t a business then recruitment will dry up and affiliates will leave.

Once this happens then the business will close leaving many affiliates out of pocket.

  1. MLMs are extremely difficult to succeed in

I have tried them and never earned a dime but that is not to say that you won’t, but to succeed takes a lot of experience, especially in recruiting to a cold crowd.

  1. Pyramid Scheme

With no retailable products or services to offer and the only way of making money is through recruitment, constitutes that MTI Trading International is running a pyramid scheme according to the FTC.

  1. Not regulated

There are not regulated which deems that they are committing securities fraud.

  1. 100% lack of transparency

Their website offers no business information, such as basic things like, who the owners are, where they are located or even when they were registered?

Is MTI Trading International a SCAM?

It’s hard to tell what this business is about as we can see so many red flags.

By stating that they were officially registered at companies house in 2012 and trying to back those claims up with a blank certificate, when the website states June 2020.

We still can’t understand why they would create the company as MTI Trading International which is so close to Mirror Trading International.

Who has recently been closed down by the FSCA(Financial Sector Conduct Authority) with liquidators brought in to try and recover over $600 million?

A little cliche, but it would seem that MTI Trading International are “Mirroring”  Mirror Trading International on many levels.

Using any new investment that comes from recruited affiliates states that MTI Trading International is running a Ponzi scheme.

MTI Trading International Review – Final Analysis

There are so many red flags that we could find without even trying and this just screams, stay away from MTI Trading International.

Everything is stacked against you with an MLM, but that is not to say you couldn’t make it a success. Of course, you could but that would be highly unlikely.

However, affiliate marketing is a proven business model that does work but like anything new, it will take time and a lot of hard work, but very rewarding.

The business model couldn’t be any easier…

    1. Interest or hobby
    2. Create a website
    3. Write content
    4. Make commissions

With hundreds of millions of products to choose from to promote and not restricted like you are in an MLM.

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Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you found this MTI Trading International review helpful.

If you have any questions regarding MTI Trading International then please let me know below in the comments section.

Do you have experience with this company or any other similar company?

Would you like to share your experience with our readers?

Until next time, stay safe.

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