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Which is a real estate investment and finance training platform brought to you by 2 business colleagues, Rashad Bilal and Troy Millings.

EYL University Review - Training platform teaching finance and real estateYou might have seen their marketing campaigns on YouTube and Facebook which are causing a bit of a stir lately so we thought we’d take a look.

Before we get started though, we would like to inform you that we are not affiliated with Earn Your Leisure University.

Neither are we associated with Rashid Bilal nor Troy Millings.

So, rest assured that what you will get from us is an honest account of who EYL University is and whether it lives up to its claims.

That way you will know whether to pursue this training platform further or not.

So if you are wondering…

Is EYL a scam? Is EYL University Legit? Is Earn Your Leisure worth the investment? Can you trust Rashid Bilal and Troy Millings?

In the next few minutes, this EYL University review will have your answers and more so let’s continue.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This EYL University Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

EYL University logo and brand

Product: EYL University or Earn Your Leisure University

Founders: Rashid Bilal nor Troy Millings.

Website: https://eyluniversity.com

Product Description: Finance and Real Estate training platform.

Cost to join: $999/year or $199/month

Recommended: No

Summary: Earn Your Leisure is a brand that brings together 2 websites offering a multitude of things relating to sports, finance, real estate, attire, education…

EYL (Earn Your Leisure) University is their newest rendition that offers real estate and finance training.

Two very important disciplines that most people tend to gloss over and put to one side and don’t pay too much attention to.

This comes as a refreshing change when we first came across this product.

The cost of the course is a little steep for our liking but you might think otherwise.

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EYL University Review – TOC

    1. What is The EYL University?
    2. Who Are The founders of EYL University?
    3. What do They Teach You at EYL University?
    4. What do You Get With The EYL University?
    5. How Much Does it Cost to Join EYL University?
    6. Is EYL University a Scam?
    7. EYL University Pros and Cons
    8. EYL University Review -Final Thoughts
    9. If Trading Crypto Isn’t For You?
    10. EYL University FAQs
    11. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is The EYL University?

EYL is not a university which is very misleading and implies that it’s going to deliver more than what it actually will.

However, if finance or real estate investment really interests you then maybe EYLU could be what you’ve been looking for.

It’s a course that includes both entities and came onto the scene in 2019.

We hate to bring this up but this is the reality of this course, and it is mainly geared toward the black community.

What we like about their way of teaching is that they try to make the videos appealing by including a certain element of humour which appears to work.

This video goes into a little detail about real estate.

Who Are The Founders of EYL (Earn Your Leisure) University?

Troy Millings and Rashad Bilal are the owners of EYL (Earn Your Leisure) University.

Two friends have brought their resources together to bring to you the Earn Your Leisure brand across 2 websites with EYL University their newest.

Rashab Bilal, has a background in finance and is the co-founder of the  Bilal Group LLC.

Whereas Troy Millings is experienced as a physical education teacher in elementary school.

They are very popular with their YouTube channel with over 600k subscribers and over 800 videos.

With everything about entertainment, sports industries, entrepreneurs, breaking down business models and the latest trends in finance…

What do They Teach You at EYL University?

At EYL University, they provide training in finance and real estate investments.

This is split into EYL content and the Home Buyer’s Blueprint.

More in the next section…

What do You Get With Earn Your Leisure University?

The membership is actually called EYL University Graduate School and is broken down into two courses.

    • EYL University
    • Home Buyers Blueprint

Here’s what you get with EYL University…

    • Over 100 webinars covering everything about financials
    • Webinars added weekly by other financial experts
    • Private Facebook community
    • Monthly group financial planning calls by Rashad Bilal
    • Book and movie club discussions by Troy Millings
    • Monthly group chat
    • Quarterly group sessions with finance professors
    • Coming soon is the EYLU trade school

With well over 6000 members on their private Facebook group, it’s a great way to expand your knowledge with like-minded people.

Here’s what you get with the Homebuyers Blueprint…

This training course is brought to you by Mathew Garland who has over 17 years of experience in Real Estate.

This course covers the A-Z of mortgaging.

    • The pre-approval process
    • Federal housing administration loans
    • Conventional loans
    • Service member loans
    • Now its time to go house hunting
    • Home inspection
    • The purchase sales agreement
    • Plus more…

What else is included, is the mentorship webinar where he discusses everything about the industry with a Q&A.

How Much Does it Cost to Join EYL University? 

EYL (Earn Your Leisure) University is a membership site that can be paid in one of two ways.

Either on a monthly basis at $199 which over the year would cost $2,338.

Or you could pay upfront for the year which as of this review would cost you $999.

The second option is a bit of a no-brainer if you are seriously considering this training with a saving of $1,389.

There does appear to be a money-back guarantee but there are quite a few stipulations regarding whether you will get a refund or not.

We would suggest going through the terms and conditions first because it is not very clear at all.

Is EYL University a Scam?

We are unsure just what to think and a little surprised that we couldn’t find any reviews from past or existing members.

It looks like EYL University is just another addition to the range of products that they market within the brand, Earn Your Leisure.

Finance is a taboo subject for many and that’s probably down to the way so-called experts try to overcomplicate things.

Real estate is something that we all strive for, especially as we will all own property at some point in our lives.

Although buying and selling property for a living requires a lot of investment which most people just don’t have.

If it’s real estate then you might like to check out…

Most of us are on a budget and that sort of restricts us to what we can do.

There are many more cost-effective ways to make money online that require practically no risk at all.

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EYL (Earn Your Leisure) University Pros and Cons


  • There is an extremely large community which clearly shows that people are listening to what they have to say.

With over 800 videos on their YouTube channel and a private Facebook group of over 6,000 members speaks to us volumes.

Not to mention their Facebook page which has over 75k likes.


  • The membership fee is far too expensive
  • There are no verifiable testimonials or reviews
  • There are no reviews on Trustpilot
  • If you want to get into real estate then you are going to need plenty of capital and it can be risky
  • Not registered with the Better Business Bureau
  • This is not a university which is very misleading

EYL University Review – Final Thoughts!

In closing with EYL (Earn Your Leisure) University review we would just like to recap.

Real estate is not that simple and requires a lot of investment and hard work and so easy to lose your entire investment.

There are many ways to conduct a real estate business and not just your traditional method which the Homebuyers Blueprint teaches.

Below are some great ideas for real estate investors that might be of interest.

The Land Geek

Land Profit Generator

Investment Denominator

RNB Riches

Real estate is something that takes a lot of time and you need a team behind you which takes time to get established.

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Then continue reading.

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EYL University FAQs

  1. Is EYL University Worth The Money?

The course has had several price changes in recent times with it currently a lot more expensive than say a few months ago.

These two are excellent marketers and this can be seen by checking out their YouTube videos which we would suggest you do first.

  1. Is There A Refund Policy?
  1. There is a money-back guarantee but as we have already mentioned there are a few stipulations and whether you get a refund or not.
  1. Is based on each individual person and circumstances.
  1. Is Troy Millings And Rashad Bilal Legitimate?

It is clear that they both know what they are talking about and both bring different strengths in teaching and finance.

We get the feeling that there is more focus on the actual brand “Earn Your Leisure” and just waiting for the next product or service to be launched.

  1. Where Are The Great Reviews From Past And Current Members? 

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any through the normal channels and the one we could find is on the sales page

However, this couldn’t be verified either.

This we do find strange especially as they have such a big following.

  1. Is There A Better Alternative For Making Money Online?

There are plenty of alternative solutions for making money online and the one that we choose was affiliate marketing.

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

OK, Guys, hope you enjoyed this review and that it answered most of your questions.

If there is anything you need to add then feel free to enter your comment in the section below.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.

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