Steve Courtney – Crypto Crew University Review. Legit or Scam?

Crypto Crew University ReviewHey Guys, welcome to the Crypto Crew University Review

But before you get too excited and believe that you have landed onto a review of an actual crypto university, let me tell you that you haven’t.

What we have here is some crypto and stock trading education that is packaged but comes at a hefty price and there are no refunds.

With the increase in momentum for Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain, many so-called gurus are offering services to educate people like you and me.

Which opens the door to unscrupulous behaviour and the potential to become one of the statistics that get scammed.

However, we are here to hopefully help you to avoid the scams and direct you onto a prosperous path.

But before we get started, we’d like to make it clear that we are not associated with Crypto Crew University in any way.

Rest assured that what you will get from us is an honest, unbiased account of who CCU is, so that you can decide whether this is a good move or not.

In the next few minutes you will have your answer, so let’s get started.

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Crypto Crew University Review - Logo

Product: Crypto Crew University

Founders: Steve Courtney


Product Description: Crypto and trading education

Cost to join: $3,279.90+

Recommended: No

Summary: The first impression when you enter the website is of some low-quality sales page and not some sophisticated software tools.

Steve Courtney claims that they have some winning formula to becoming successful at trading both stocks and crypto.

The reality of this is that there are no winning formulas but a lot of research and a certain element of luck.

Considering 90% of traders do not make any money which leaves you fighting to get into that remaining 10%.

We have noticed that this software has changed many times over the years and is currently at its cheapest which tells you what?

That the product isn’t doing very well and with no actual verifiable reviews, leaves us guessing whether what we are told is actually legit or not.


Ivan On Tech Academy – Contents

    1. What is the Crypto Crew University?
    2. Who is the founder of Crypto Crew University?
    3. Can you make money with Trading?
    4. What do they teach you at Crypto Crew University?
    5. What do you get with the Crypto Crew University?
    6. How much does it cost to join Crypto Crew University?
    7. Crypto Crew University FAQ’s
    8. Is Crypto University a Scam?
    9. What we like about Crypto Crew University
    10. What we don’t like about Crypto Crew University
    11. Crypto Crew University Review -Final Thoughts
    12. If Trading Crypto isn’t for you?
    13. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is the Crypto Crew University?

Crypto Crew University is a product that offers training in trading stocks and crypto that came onto the scene in 2018.

Over the years the website and products have had a few changes, but there is nothing wrong with that if a product is worth developing.

Some of the major changes we have seen have been with the packaging of the products that were available.

Where it might have cost you over $10k for the training, nowadays it is somewhat cheaper but still heavily overpriced.

If you listen to any of the reviews on his website they are all positive but that’s to be expected and therefore we suggest viewing is not recommended.

Who is the founder of Crypto Crew University?

Steve Courtney is the owner of Crypto Crew Crypto Crew University Review - Steve CourtneyUniversity and a product he has been developing and selling since 2018.

He is also very busy with his Youtube channel with over 212k subscribers and over 366 videos of content all related to trading.

We can see that he receives hundreds of thousands of views with some videos that were created just 2 days ago getting 50k views.

A lot of the stuff is clickbait and the comments are mostly positive.

Therefore can we assume that he knows what he is talking about because people are listening?

Mind you his listeners on a whole are newcomers to trading and crypto which is what Crypto Crew University is aimed at.

What we have noticed in our research, is the total lack of any real information about Steve Courtney which leaves us thinking.

Is he a real trader and has he had any success, or is his success mainly down to selling Crypto Crew University?

If he is such a great trader then why isn’t he focused on trading and the reason for this is that there is more money in selling your own product.

Can you make money with Trading by using Crypto Crew University?

Ok, I think we’ll all agree that you can make money with trading through learning from CCU, but how much and how successful can you become?

We all know that people just wet their appetites first before getting more involved.

Trading, no matter whether stocks or crypto is extremely difficult and volatile but you already know this right?

Statistics tell us that around 90% of traders whether experienced or not lose money and that is on the conservative side.

Those figures are probably a lot higher.

Take my brother for instance who is an IT project manager, he has been trying to crack forex trading for years and lost thousands.

But would he listen, hell no because he is stubborn and wouldn’t believe anybody because he knows better?

So, to have any success you need to be in the top 10 and probably 5 per cent.

We are not saying it’s a no go, we are just highlighting the facts.

Trading is all about keeping your emotions in check and that’s why all hedge funds have psychiatrists.

What do they teach you at Crypto Crew University?

Crypto Crew University or CCU teach you various methods of trading using crypto.

Either as a Day Trader, Swing Trader or Long Term Investing.

If you are new to crypto and thought it was never here to stay, you need to think again because it is very much here to stay.

With over 14,000 cryptos that are currently available with most of them that you wouldn’t go anywhere near but it just goes to show.

How incredibly popular this cryptocurrency is.

Day trading crypto we would not advise because you really need to have a bucket load of cash to benefit from and the swings are too great anyway.

You should be thinking longer-term and looking at some of the currencies that are coming through like Ethereum.

Bitcoin, if you got in early like 5-8 years ago, you would be sitting nicely now but the fluctuations are so great.

If Bitcoin is where you are heading, then we’d suggest waiting for the next crash because they happen all the time.

Research which coins have sustainability and are going to be around for a long time and invest wisely.

What do you get with the Crypto Crew University?

There used to be two bundles, the Diamond and the Gold but they have done away with the Diamond bundle and incorporated everything in the gold.

In the Gold bundle, you get…

Beginner Courses

Which consists of 3 courses and nearly three hours of content.

Which include…

    • How to set up a Bitcoin chart and how to use it
    • Learn the terminology and how to explain it to others
    • Learn what TradingView is and how to use it
    • Learn the biggest lesson to share with new students
    • Discover altcoins and which ones to use and which to stay away from
    • Learn the best techniques to safely send and receive Bitcoin
    • Learn why support and resistance are the most critical skills to master
    • Learn how to set up an investment strategy

Intermediate Courses

In the intermediate, there are 5 powerful courses and over 5 hours of content.

Which includes…

    • Learn the most powerful strategies when to buy and sell
    • Access to Steve’s list of alternative coins and how to develop them
    • Privy to Steve’s investment strategies
    • Learn what to buy using techniques to evaluate good v bad
    • Master support and resistance by becoming confident in charts
    • Steve shows you 7 skills that you need to master to become an expert
    • Learn how to determine whether a market is in an uptrend or downtrend
    • Learn top tips and best techniques on how to use TradeView
    • Discover what crypto pairings are and that they are incredibly important
    • Uncover secrets to key indicators
    • Questions to test your skills

Advanced Courses

Contains 7 courses and over 7 hours of content.

Which includes…

    • Understand strategies and indicators Day, Swing, Long-term trading
    • Learn Steve’s advanced tips for using TradingView
    • Learn what candle patterns are and how to use them
    • Take Steve’s hybrid strategy to the next level
    • Master how to use trend reversal  chart patterns
    • Learn the best secrets of continuation chart patterns
    • Learn how to use indecision chart patterns
    • Learn which indicators and tools Steve uses most on charts and why
    • Learn the step by step process Steve uses on charts daily

Pro Courses

Crypto Crew University Review - Pro courses

Which also includes…

    • Stock and Crypto Courses
    • Steve’s famous HYBRID strategy
    • Strategies for Day Traders, Swing Traders and Long term investors
    • 13 powerful bonus modules
    • Unlimited email support

How much does it cost to join Crypto Crew University? 

The actual course has been upgraded from the silver bundle and is now called the gold bundle.

There are 3 products available…

    • Gold Bundle, Indicator Bundle @ $3,277.90
    • Steve’s Custom Hybrid Indicator @ $3,277.90

Paid for separately they would cost you $6,555.80 but as of this review, you can purchase all 3 products for $3,277.90.

There is a payment plan which stretches your purchase over 3 months which would bring you back $3,458.

However, there are no refunds so you’d better be sure before you part with your money.

Crypto Crew University FAQ’s

  1. Is Crypto Crew University Worth The Money?

Absolutely not but that isn’t a reflection on whether this course is good or bad.

As of this review, the course is a little over $3k but prior to that, the course was priced at over $10k.

We are seeing mixed reviews about the course and I guess the positive reviews we are seeing are from complete beginners.

The course seems ok but there are much better courses out there for a fraction of what it will cost you for CCU.

To pay over $3k for any course is absolutely ludicrous especially as there are many courses out there offering the same level of teaching for a fraction of the cost.

  1. Is There A Refund Policy?

Unfortunately not, which is a big red flag in our eyes and will put many people off purchasing this product.

  1. What Is A Drip Feed Payment Plan?

If you go with the payment plan which is over 3 months.

Then you will receive a number of courses each month until you have paid the full amount.

  1. Is Steve Courtney Legit?

We honestly do not know but he does appear to be a likeable person and many are giving him praise for what they have learned from his YouTube channel.

With well over 200,000 subscribers and over 366 videos to date then he must be doing something right.

However, we couldn’t verify anything about his trading experience.

  1. Realistically How Much Money Would I Need To Start Trading?

If you are going to start trading cryptocurrencies then there isn’t a minimum trading amount.

Not like day trading stock where the SEC stipulated a minimum investment of $25,000.

  1. Is There An Affiliate Program?

Yes, there is and if you decide to promote Crypto Crew University then for every person who joins through your link.

You will receive 20% which would be between $600 and $800

  1. Is There A Better Alternative For Making Money Online?




Is Crypto Crew University a Scam?

I guess then that many are going to see that the Crypto Crew University is a scam so what do you think?

It is certainly borderline with the exorbitantly expensive courses and even more so when you hear that there are no refunds.

We have no way of verifying the claims of anyone on the CCU website, with everyone claiming they are profiting we just can’t see it.

The whole point of giving a review is to be objective but that’s not happening here.

Especially as over 90% of traders lose money!

What we like about Crypto Crew University

We couldn’t really find anything positive to say about the course and that is really down to extortionate costs.

Ok, we may be a little unfair because you will get benefit from the course but seriously, who is going to fork out that much?

As of this review, we are seeing this course at its cheapest and even $3,500 is far too expensive.

Just think a few months ago the same course would have cost you over $10k.

Much better to check somewhere like Udemy, or maybe RockzFX.

What we don’t like about Crypto Crew University

  • The Course Is Far Too Expensive:

As we have already mentioned the cost of the course is ridiculous.

  • There Is No Money Back Guarantee:

What’s even more ridiculous is that there is no refund either.

  • Member Reviews Are Not Verifiable:

There is no way to verify members testimonials on the website.

  • We Could Not Find Any Information On Steve Courtney:

Just who is Steve Courtney, with no real information about him online except for a YouTube channel.

Mind you the way to make real money is to get a big enough following then you create a product like he is doing here.

We are not knocking this, but if I was going to spend that sort of money on a course then I need to make sure the course creator is genuine.

  • No Better Business Bureau Rating:

A place to look for verification on a product or service in the US is to check the BBB and it didn’t have a rating.

  • Crypto Crew University Review – Final Thoughts!

It’s obvious that Steve Courtney knows about trading crypto by the number of subscribers and the vast number of videos on his YouTube channel.

We couldn’t quantify his experience as a trader but that doesn’t appear to matter to people who are trying to work it all out.

The current fee of $3,500 we couldn’t justify, not when there are so many other options out there.

If you are seriously considering trading, whether stocks or crypto then you should consider other educational platforms that carry a better reputation.

  • If Trading Crypto isn’t for you and you are looking for a make money Opportunity with No-Risk!

  • then check out affiliate marketing.

Wealthy Affiliate is probably the best affiliate marketing training platform there is online today.

I am still part of the training platform that has an amazing community feel and we have enclosed some resources for you to read.

If this is something that might interest you take a look and see what you think.

Ivan On Tech Academy Review - Wealthy Affiliate


Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Anyway, Guys, we hope you enjoyed this Crypto Crew University review and that you got some benefit from it.

As always, if you want to add anything then you can in the section below and we will get back to you.

Thank you for reading and stay safe.

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