Zmartbit Review – A 10-Level Outright Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme

Zmartbit review

Welcome to this Zmartbit Review. [Updated 16/7/2021]

As the name suggests, it’s related to the Crypto revolution.

Anything related to Cryptocurrencies should be looked at with extreme caution. Especially an MLM!

Cryptocurrency MLMs are ten a penny and flooding the make money online market, and believing what someone tells you without any proof is a very risky business.

We have already seen in April 2021 where Bitcoin peaked at around $63k  and now as of July 2021 around half that value with a lot of people losing a lot of money.

Not only that but we are seeing many Crypto MLMs closing down and leaving investors high and dry.

We couldn’t find any relevant information about ZmartBit on their website, such as who are the founders or who runs the show and that straight away is a big red flag.

There are around 7,000 cryptocurrencies as we speak which should show you that everyone wants to get in on the act.

Where you can’t find any information about a company then you should walk away or tread very carefully before parting with any money.

Before we get into this Zmartbit review we’d like to disclose that we are not associated with Zmartbit in any way.

Therefore we will not be pitching or trying to sell you anything.

However, what you are going to get from us is a no holds barred account of just who Zmartbit really is.

So, let’s dive in and see what we can make of this opportunity.

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zmartbit review - Logo

Product: Zmartbit

Location: Not Known

Founder: William Flores is the only person I can see associated with Zmartbit.

Founded: The domain was registered in September 2019


Product Description: MLM in the Cryptocurrency niche

Cost to join: $260.00 with incremental (upsells if you wish) and will cost you a staggering $42,210.00.

Best For: People who are interested in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology, like to take massive risks and have a wealth of knowledge as Network Marketers.

Recommended: NO

Summary: With no product or service to show for this business drops straight into the Ponzi / Pyramid style schemes.

With no information about this company at all on their website, this is certainly a business opportunity I would stay well away from.

Wealthy affiliate

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Zmartbit Review -Contents

    1. What is Zmartbit about and who are the Founders? 
    2. Is Zmartbit a Pyramid Scheme
    3. Let’s look at the Zmartbit Products
    4. Zmartbit Business Opportunity – What you need to know
    5. What I like about Zmartbit
    6. What I don’t like about Zmartbit
    7. Is Zmartbit a SCAM?
    8. Zmartbit Review – Final Analysis
    9. How I make a living
    10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Zmartbit about and who are the Founders?

zmartbit review - Take the risk

Zmartbit has no products or services to show of, and the only way of making money is by introducing others to become part of your team or downline.

The website is very unprofessional and coming from a software development background this stands out like a sore thumb.

It definitely looks like they were in a rush to get this business off the ground.

There is no information at all on their website to give you the slightest hint of who they are.

At the basics, you should see an “About” page.

Zmartbit review - Blockchain transactions

The image above is what is on the Zmartbit website and has never changed for the last few months, and considering everything is supposed to be done in “Real-Time” then not sure what to think except for a big red flag.

The only person I can see involved or responsible for Zmartbit is this guy called William Flores who’s the International Sales Manager and he is a real person as I have just watched an interview with him on YouTube.

Unfortunately, the video has been taken down and that speaks volumes.

Who is William Flores?

Considering this guy is the only person I see associated at the top level with Zmartbit, and the only one who has been interviewed about this opportunity then it would look like the buck stays with him.

Mind you listening to him trying to explain about Zmartbit and the compensation plan was a no show for me.

He even admits by saying, “I’m not a numbers person so please help me out”.

Give me strength, this is a financial system that is all about numbers and for a person to be fronting such a company I find it highly irresponsible.

That been said, I would suggest he is some sort of frontman and the real founders are somewhere lurking in the background.

Is Zmartbit a Pyramid Scheme?

Multi-level-marketing businesses are notoriouslyIs First Fitness Nutrition a pyramid scheme

bad, and for many reasons which are all over the internet, but people either do not do their research or just fall for the BS that members pass on.

For a business to be exempt from being associated as a Pyramid or Ponzi scheme it has to have a service or product and Zmartbit has neither.

It is always the top 1% who make all the money in MLM’s and going into a business blindfolded which is what you are doing here, be sure to expect to lose money.

I can’t see any other way to describe Zmartbit other than a through and through Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme, whichever you prefer.

It is only a matter of time before the authorities close them down and considering everything you have earned will be in a Bitcoin wallet good luck when it comes to getting your money back.

Let’s look at the Zmartbit Products

Unfortunately, there are no products or services that I can see associated with Zmartbit.

The main source of income with this business is introducing others to join as members and become part of your team.

So, unless you are an exceptional salesperson and great at recruiting others to join then you are not going to make much money.

Zmartbit does promote Crypto University, which is supposed to educate you in Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technologies.

However, this is not associated with the income opportunity at Zmartbit.

To be honest, if I were venturing into Cryptocurrencies, I would already have a wealth of knowledge prior to investing and I certainly wouldn’t be joining without that knowledge.

It does look like this so-called education is just there as a smokescreen to try and help keep the SEC and FTC away.

Zmartbit Business Opportunity – What you need to know

Zmartbit review - Risks

Zmartbit pays out commissions based on a 4*10 matrix

A standard 4*10 matrix places the affiliate at the top of the matrix with 4 positions directly underneath, with 10 levels.

The business opportunity is about recruiting others to join at a starting cost of $260.00 and to progress up the ranks and there are 10 of them, will cost you a total of $42,210.

The higher you go the more risks you take.

However, you should already know that anything related to crypto is a massive risk.

How to become a Zmartbit Affiliate

  • The only way to become an affiliate is to be approached by a Zmartbit affiliate or seek one out.

You would have to seek one out on social media, like YouTube or Facebook.

  1. There are 10 levels in total and to rise the ranks will cost you considerably
    • White – Signup and pay $260,  earn $156 per position filled, 4 positions
    • Green – Pay $260, earn $156 per position filled, 16 positions
    • Yellow – Pay $530, earn $156 per position filled, 32 positions
    • Orange – Pay $1060, earn $156 per position filled, 64 positions
    • Blue – Pay $2100, earn $156 per position filled, 128 positions
    • Pink  – Pay $4200, earn $78 per position filled, 256 positions
    • Bronze – Pay $8300, earn $46 per position filled, 512 positions
    • Silver  – Pay $8400, earn $23 per position filled, 1024 positions
    • Gold – Pay $8500, earn $11 per position filled, 2048 positions
    • Platinum – Pay $8600, earn $6 per position filled, 4095 positions

Take Platinum, which will cost you $8600 to unlock, it will take 1433 new members that you will have to recruit just to break even.

Notice how the earning potential per member drops the higher you go up the ranks and that you have to work harder?

Take a look at the earning potential from Blue all the way up to Platinum

From Bronze to Platinum you would have to recruit 3,583 more members for almost the same potential income value.

    • Blue                      $19,968
    • Pink                      $19,968
    • Bronze                 $23,552
    • Silver                    $23,552
    • Gold                      $22,528
    • Platinum            $24,570

The higher you go the more members you have to recruit, the harder it gets and the more risks you take.

Can you see where all the money is going?

All the surplus cash that you have ploughed into Zmartbit is sitting nicely in the top 1%.

Better have some impressive recruiting skills and a massive following with deep pockets.

Here you can check out the Zmartbit Compensation Plan for yourself

A fairly short video but doesn’t go into great detail and leaves some important stats out as far as I am concerned.

Are Zmartbit Affiliates actually making money?

This is hard to say because the business is new, and all we have to go on is what the Zmartbit affiliates are telling us on Youtube, besides they are hardly going to tell you that they weren’t having success, now would they?

What I like about Zmartbit

There is absolutely nothing I like about Zmartbit and I’m quite astonished that this business hasn’t already been closed down.

What I don’t like about Zmartbit 

Everything is just wrong about thisWhat we didn't like about Zmartbit

opportunity and for me to come out and say this takes a lot I can tell you.

I don’t really know what we have to do to convince people to stay away from businesses like Zmartbit.

  1. Lack of information

The website is very unprofessional with no information about Zmartbit, who are the founders, where based etc.

Not even an “About” page or contact information.

A sure sign for me that they are hiding something.

  1. Will Flores who has the role of International Sales Manager

After watching a Youtube video interview it would appear this person does exist although listening to him explain Zmartbit and the compensation plan I was more convinced that he is probably a frontman and not the actual founder.

When someone who is supposed to be responsible for a finance system says he’s not a numbers person, then that just doesn’t instil confidence.

  1. Cryptocurrencies are notoriously volatile and very risky and as of this review, there are around 7000.

Cryptocurrencies will only go up in value based on whether people buy into the scheme and when they stop the value drops, people get out and the currency fails.

  1. Blockchain

The direction as moved over to Blockchain which is supposed to handle all the transactions and supposed to be secure.

Coming from a software development background I see this Blockchain technology as ideal for hiding so-called transactions and a minefield for money laundering.

Zmartbit review - Crypto money laundering

Is Zmartbit a SCAM?

As far as I can see Zmartbit is a throughIs Zmartbit a scam

and through a scam.

You join and pay your $260.00 fee and for that you get nothing.

No service or product, just the knowledge that you have unlocked the White Level.

If you do not recruit anybody and to be honest this will be difficult then you don’t make any money.

So, you are paying your money and in return you get nothing. In my eyes, that is a typical scam.

Zmartbit Review – Final Thoughts!

Zmartbit is an out and out pyramid scheme.Zmartbit review - should I join?

New members signup through a sponsor and pay a fee, in this case, $260.00 and get paid to recruit others who replicate the same.

There are no products, just the moving around of money and everything is just tied into recruitment.

The payment structure just doesn’t make any sense at all and is designed to only benefit the top 1%’ers

I have seen this a few times before and have a friend it happened to, where the company closes and the owners run off with the money.

I would definitely not recommend this as a business opportunity, but that decision is down to you to make

How I Make a Living

I am not a big fan of multi-level-marketing systems and that’s not because they are not profitable because they are for some people.

Or that they tread a thin line between legal and illegal activities, but because of all the unnecessary costs that are involved with consent pestering from sponsors to meet targets.

Without a doubt, my top recommended business model is affiliate marketing for anyone who is looking for a way to make money online.

The reason for this is simple…

    • No recruiting like you have to in an MLM
    • No pressure from your sponsor to meet targets
    • You have the freedom to promote anything you like
    • No purchasing of stocks because you don’t own any
    • No order processing
    • No delivery of stocks
    • No handling of returns
    • No going to events, which will be expected
    • No selling to family and friends
    • No restriction on which products you can sell
    • No marketing costs because you will be learning SEO
    • It’s free and your credit card details will not be asked for

If you are seriously interested in building an online business then I can recommend 100% a training platform that I have been a part of for the last 3 years and it certainly works.

Wealthy affiliate

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this Zmartbit review and, to be honest, it opened my eyes a lot.

If you did enjoy this review the please share it with your family and friends to better inform them.

Any questions at all just add them in the comments section below and we will get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe.

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Author: Mick

Hey Guys and Gals, great to meet you and hope you enjoyed this post. We created this site to help people like you avoid the pitfalls of making money online and hopefully steer you onto the right path. ENJOY!

10 thoughts on “Zmartbit Review – A 10-Level Outright Cryptocurrency Pyramid Scheme”

  1. I haven’t heard of Zmartbit so far. Based on reading your excellent summary of all the information about Zmartbit, I agree that it is a scam, and it is really best not to get involved in their system.
    Unfortunately, in these times, there are more and more suspicious and shady service providers who promise fabulous riches, quick earnings, and comfortable life. Therefore, it is really advisable, before you plan to get involved in anything, to review the opinions, reviews, and experiences of individuals to get a broader picture of whether the system is fair or not.
    Thanks for the great review.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Since 2008 when Bitcoin took off we have seen many cryptocurrencies come and go, obviously like anything new, many try to get in on the action which unfortunately means you are going to come across some very bad opportunities.

      If I was investing in crypto, I certainly wouldn’t be going down this route.

      Just another so-called opportunity which attracts people with little to no knowledge thinking they are going to make a killing.

      Unfortunately with all MLMs, it is only about .22% that make any real money.

      Why people can’t see this is because they don’t do their research first. They believe what they are been told by members trying to get them to join, through their lies because they aren’t making a dime.

      Unfortunately, that is the reality of an MLM

      Thank you for your support

  2. Hello Mick, I liked your review on Zmarbit, and I agree with you that anything to do with cryptocurrencies should be approached with care.

    I noted that it is a pyramid or Ponzi scheme and the 10 levels one has to pay into it extremely high. You would want to be earning money very early in the piece to be able to afford entrance to each level.

    Thank you for writing this blog and sharing it.

    1. He Yvonne, nowadays through big investor involvement people are seeing Bitcoin as a way to invest but most of them have missed the boat.

      The time was in the early days when $100 you could afford to lose when Bitcoin was something like $0.003.

      Not now since the value is around the $20k mark.

      Thank you for your support.

  3. Oh, goodness, I hope people read your view of zmartbit before making any rash decisions! It sounds horrendous that such scams exist. I personally don’t know much about crypto cuurency, but I can see that zmartbit is definitely something to avoid. I’ve never been a fan of mlm, but this is a pyramid scheme that will serve to make those who join penniless or in debt. Your suggestion for making money online is genuine and can help anyone create a profitable online business.

    1. Thank you, Kathy, for stopping by and commenting on this Zmartbit review.

      There were far too many red flags with this opportunity.

      If I was to invest in Bitcoin, then it certainly wouldn’t be through an MLM.

      Once again thanks.

  4. Hi Mick,
    The lack of company information on the website seems a huge red flag to me, so it’s wise not to join Zmartbit to make extra bucks online. And, people who join the platform only get membership products. To recoup their investment, they need to recruit people to join the same as they do to get some money back. Scam victims inevitably become scam promoters…which is a bad sign.
    I believe only the founder(Will Flores) or those who sit on the top 1% of affiliates can get the most benefits from this pyramid scheme, so there is no way I would like to join it. Thanks for sharing this informative article to help me understand what it is.


  5. They will succeed in convincing you with their tricks to believe them and put your hard earned sum by promising you 100% guarantee and at the end you will end up getting nothing and they keep demanding high fees when you ask for a withdrawal they can never keep to their promise after convincing you to invest a huge sum amount with them. I went ahead to seek help to claim my money back. Luckily for me I came across a testimony of a victim who was able to recover back his stolen asset online with the help of a binary option recovery expert, Mr. Micheal Christopher who is an expert in recovery of any online stolen asset, and to my greatest surprise, i reached out to him and laid my complain, and he took my case and him and his team was able to recover back my money and get it refunded back to me via an online banking platform which was reliable and trusted for funds withdrawal service, and my life was restored. I barely share my problem with anyone, because i thought i lost it all. I am sharing this because I did not believe I could recover my money back, and also to serve as an opportunity to anyone who has fallen victim. If you have already had an encounter with them, you can feel free to seek help from the recovery team through his private email address,, if you have similar issues withdrawing your funds, you still stand 100% chance of getting your money back, likewise me.

    1. Thanks for passing on your experience Linda and showing that there is hope, if someone, unfortunately, finds themselves in a similar position to yourself.

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