Hashfinders Review – A Bad MLM Pyramid Crypto Investment.

Hashfinders review

Welcome to this Hashfinders Review.

Since Bitcoins inception way back in 2008, there has been a lot of controversy as to who was responsible for the idea and to this day still, nobody knows.

In the last few months, Bitcoin has really shot into the ionosphere, and many are trying to grab a piece of the action and as of this review, there are somewhere in the region of 7,000 cryptocurrencies currently active.

When you look at any website you should be able to find the basics, like who are the founders and contact details but this is something that is missing from the Hashfinders website.

This alone should tell you that something is not right about this opportunity.

People who are knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies aren’t going to waste their time with so-called opportunities like Hashfinders.

So without further ado, let’s see what this Hashfinders review will unravel and see if it’s a business that could be of interest to you.

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HashFinders Review - Logo

Product: Hashfinders

Location: Korea

Founders: Unknown

Founded: The domain was registered in 2016 and laid idle until 2019 when it was reintroduced as an MLM

Website: www.hashfinders.com

Product Description: A multi-level marketing business in the Cryptocurrency niche.

Cost to join: $100 minimum investment

Price of products: Then incremental up to level 10 for $50k

Best For: Experienced network marketers interested in Cryptocurrency and Blockchain and prepared to take risks.

Recommended: No

Summary: We see so many of these businesses trying to get in on the act but with no information on their website to validate this business opportunity you would be wise to tread carefully.

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Hashfinders Review - Wealthy affiliate

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Hashfinders Review – Contents

  1. What is Hashfinders about and who are the founders? 
  2. Is Hashfinders a Pyramid Scheme
  3. Let’s look at the Hashfinders products
  4. Hashfinders Business Opportunity – What you need to know
  5. What I like about Hashfinders
  6. What I don’t like about Hashfinders
  7. Is Hashfinders a scam?
  8. Hashfinders Review -Final Analysis
  9. How I make a Living Online if you are Interested?
  10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Hashfinders about and who are the founders?

HashFinders Review - Speeding up th

Hashfinders is a multi-level marketing company that trades Bitcoin.

According to the website, Hashfinders is a Korean company formed by a group that specializes in blockchain technologies, cryptography, trading and mining algorithms and develop software and tools to accelerate Bitcoin transactions.

The domain was first registered way back in 2016.

Since that period up to September 2019, there has not been any activity with the domain.

Just why there has been no activity over this period is not known but maybe it has taken them that amount of time to get their house in order.

It could be that “they” decided upon a domain name and just wanted to make claim to it.

After all “hashing” refers to terminology within Blockchain technology.

There is very little information on their website regarding owners etc and therefore you are sort of going into this opportunity blind.

Cryptocurrencies are a risky business anyway, but in recent months Bitcoin has been on the rise considerably and people are seeing this and that’s why the interest in Crypto, especially Bitcoin has gone through the roof.

Whenever I see a company that is not being transparent about its business structure I tend to switch off because you need to trust the business first before you even consider investing.

Is Hashfinders a Pyramid Scheme?

The term pyramid scheme refers to a Is Hashfinders a pyramid scheme

business where the members are paid for recruiting others into the scheme or business without any product or service to show.

That is exactly what we are seeing here with Hashfinders.

The promise of a 200% (ROI) return on investment sucks people into this business which is completely wrong.

Nobody can guarantee returns like this, in fact, nobody can guarantee returns period!

The only way this business can stay afloat is because of the members who are joining.

As soon as Bitcoin turns and starts to fall which it will because big investors know just how to drive the value up and know exactly when to get out.

Then people like you and me will be left with their bits in their hands.

You might like to check out this short video…

Let’s look at the Hashfinders Products

Unfortunately, you are not going to find any products or services coming from Hashfinders.

This is in fact a membership site that you can join for a minimum of $100.

What they offer here instead is membership into their investment program that will allow you to take part in their MLM compensation plan.

There’s no retail activity here, so any profit generated comes from investment from new members joining.

Hashfinders Business Opportunity – What you need to know

HashFinders Review - Hash levels

Since Bitcoin started way back in 2009, people have seen just how volatile crypto can be, but in recent times big investors are really getting involved, as we can see by the current value of Bitcoin trading at $20K.

So much so that the total allocations of 21 million Bitcoins will have to be exceeded to cope with demand.

Check this out…

If you’d purchased $100 of Bitcoins in 2010 @ their current value of $0.003, that would have bought you 33,333 BITCOIN.

At today’s current market value rounded up to $20,000 you would now be worth…Wait for it…Drum roll, please…A whopping $666+ million

Hindsights a wonderful thing, right.

That been said…

How to become a Hashfinders Affiliate

You will need to seek out a Hashfinders affiliate or sponsor as this is required to join the program.

You can find a few Hashfinders affiliates on Facebook.

How to Make Money with Hashfinders
  1. You can make money through Hashfinders by recruiting others into the scheme and becoming part of your team for which you will get a commission…

…and by purchasing a number of Hash packages that will be traded on your behalf.

There are 1o levels of investment defined as HASH1,2,3… that start at the minimum of $100 all the way up to HASH10 which will cost you $50K.

Hashfinders members invest Bitcoin or fractions of Bitcoin with a promise of a daily return of between .5% and 2.9%

    • Hash1 – $100 receive 1 free accelerator/month
    • Hash2 – $300 receive 3 free accelerators/month
    • Hash3 – $500 receive 5 free accelerators/month
    • Hash4 – $1000 receive 10 free accelerators/month
    • Hash5 – $2500 receive 25 free accelerators/month
    • Hash6 – $5000 receive 50 free accelerators/month
    • Hash7 – $10,000 receive 100 free accelerators/month
    • Hash8 – $20,000 receive 200 free accelerators/month
    • Hash9 – $40,000 receive 400 free accelerators/month
    • Hash10 – $50,000 receive 500 free accelerators/month

There is something called accelerators which are supposed to increase returns on your investment and the more you invest the more accelerators, the more commissions you get.

I’m sorry but that doesn’t sit right with me!

Hashfinders Compensation Plan 

The Hashfinders compensation plan is of a binary structure that can be seen below. A typical payment structure that you see often with MLMs.

HashFinders Review - Binary payment structure

In order to qualify for bonuses, you need to have recruited 2 members and they have to do the same and for that, you will be paid 10% of your investment fund on the weaker teams side.

No member can be rewarded a binary bonus greater than the hash package you are currently on.

So if you accumulated 50,000 points from your downline and you were at Hash3 = $500 the system would only pay you $500 and the rest of the points would be deleted. 10% of 50,000 = $5,000

A potential loss of $4,500

As you can see the system forces you to invest more money by purchasing further Hash packages otherwise you will miss out.

Within the compensation plan, there are nine ranks with a points system.

As you can see below…

    • Finder Elite – 2000
    • Finder Premier  – 3000
    • Finder Bronze  – 18,000
    • Finder Silver  – 50,000
    • Finder Gold  – 120,00
    • Finder Platinum – 300,000
    • Finder Diamond  – 1,200,000
    • Finder Blue Diamond – 3,000,000
    • Finder President Diamond – 10,000,000

For a more detailed explanation, you can check out this pdf here.

Are Hashfinders affiliates actually making money?

As always this is a difficult one as MLMs tend to hide this information and besides this business hasn’t been active very long.

However, with any multi-level marketing business, the ones who actually earn real money is within the top 1%.

What I like about Hashfinders

There is absolutely nothing I like about Hashfinders.

What I don’t like about Hashfinders

  1. They are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  1. Google Trending

HashFinders Review - Google trending

As you can see there will always be some activity at the very start but as you can see over a yearly period the interest has dwindled somewhat.

This is typical when companies first start trading but over time people realize that they have got themselves in to and then start leaving.

  1. MLM’s Are Extremely Difficult

To earn any real money you need to be extremely good at recruiting and you need to be in at the very start.

It is a known fact that between 50% and 65% leave before completing a year, which means that you are forever recruiting more to replace the ones that have left.

  1. Cryptocurrencies Are a Risky Business

Really, no different from trading stocks and shares but with massive returns if you can get out at the right time.

Bitcoin has been doing really well and this is due to big investors coming in and taking a big slice of the pie.

Better keep an eye on your investment because Bitcoin will only be on the up whilst people are buying, and it’s just a matter of time before the big investors decide to cash in.

We have seen Bitcoin peak on the 15th April 2021 at $63k and now 15th July 2021 it has levelled out at $32k.

Is Hashfinders a SCAM?

Hashfinders is definitely not a businessIs HashFinders a scam

opportunity that I would recommend.

Whilst researching this business we came across far too many red flags.

With a lack of transparency on their website regarding owners and contact details, this tells me they are hiding something.

Using the MLM business model will only help certain people and these are normally the founders of the company.

With an MLM, the business cycle is all about recruiting, and whilst many may join, just as many will be leaving after a short period of time and eventually this will dry up and the business will fold.

Just who in their right mind is going to invest $50k in this business?

The fact that this company is Korean just doesn’t sit right with me.

All said and done you can make some money so I guess I just wouldn’t put them into this category although it is very close.

Hashfinders review - Wealthy Affiliate

Hashfinders Review – Final Analysis

I’m sure you’ll agree that trading, in general,Hashfinders Review - final thoughts

is a risky business and you do need to know what you are doing.

Financial trading systems have to be extremely quick and the further you are away from the action, such as a trading floor the slower they are.

Hashfinders know this because they talk about accelerators which you are having to pay for. Just how this works is anybody’s guess.

Remember that Hashfinders trades with Bitcoin only, which is currently trading at around $20,000, so unless you have a lot of capital then you are only going to be investing in fractions of a Bitcoin, meaning returns are going to be small.

Don’t forget they will be administrations costs for handling too.

It is reported that there is still some value in Bitcoin nearer to $30,000, but when the time comes and big investors will know this, then they will sell which will bring the value right down into the lower thousands.

You need to be out before this happens unless you are just going to let your Bitcoin ride.

How I make a Living Online if You are Interested

Hashfinders review - Passion lead you to this point

I have never been a fan of Multi-Level-Marketing for many reasons but the main ones are recruiting others, restrictions and mounting costs that you incur all the time.

I have however tried MLMs in the past and had no success whatsoever.

This business is not going to be around long and therefore the best suggestion would be to cash in your investment and start a proper business.

For me, affiliate marketing is my number choice when it comes to making money online. A business model that anyone can learn.

A very straightforward and simple business model that anyone can learn…

    • No recruiting others
    • No pressure from sponsors like you find in MLMs
    • No purchasing of stocks
    • No handling of orders, deliveries or returns
    • You can promote anything you like, not restricted as in an MLM
    • You own the business
    • A business that you can pass down to your kids
    • It’s FREE to start

Just check out these success stories for yourself…

    1. Ralph reached his goal of a six-figure business in 2018. Check his story here
    2. Check out how Eddie earned over $9k in a month here
    3. See how Dylan sold his site for $40k here
    4. Darren and 11 sales on Amazon in 1 day here
    5. Michael’s progress with Wealthy Affiliate referrals alone here
    6. John’s new commission record exceeds $2k in 1 day here
    7. Nearly $5k for the month of December for Deborah here
    8. Michael’s first $30k month here
    9. How Stephen bought his Lamborghini here
    10. Kenny says it’s hard to really fail at Wealthy Affiliate here

That list above was chosen at random because there are so many success stories.

If you are serious about building an online business and need help and guidance then my number one recommendation would be, Wealthy Affiliate and you can read about this training platform here.

Hashfinders Review - Wealthy Affiliate

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you enjoyed this review and if you did then why not share it amongst your family and friends to better inform them of this business.

If you have any questions at all whether it’s about Hashfinders or something entirely different, just put it down in the comments section below.

Until next time, stay safe.

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