What is Send Out Cards – A great company but hard to make an income!

Hey Guys, welcome to this Send Out Cards Review

Most of us live busy lifestyles and often don’t have the time to search out greeting cards for our friends and loved ones.

Even when you make the time how often can you just not find the right greeting card because that happens to me all the time?

Well, Send out Cards might just have the answer that you have been looking for.

So if you are here trying to find out whether Send Out Cards is a scam or pyramid scheme, then you are definitely in the right place.

But before we get started, we would just like to mention that we are not associated with Send Out Cards in any way, shape or form.

So, what does that mean?

It means that you will get an honest unbiased account of who this company really is and whether you should pursue it further.

With so many scams out there, research (like you are doing) is the only way to avoid them and to find legit make money opportunities.

With that said, let’s get right into it.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This Send Out Cards Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

what is send out cards

Product: Send Out Cards

Founder: Kody Bateman

Website: www.sendoutcards.com

Product Description: MLM Greeting cards business

Cost to join: $37 – $247

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: SendOutCards is first and foremost an app that allows you to create your very own messages on greeting cards.

What about sending your loved one a personal message not only once but how about every day.

One thing is for certain and that is there aren’t many businesses competing in this greeting cards niche which is great.

But in this day and age new generations are opting for mobile and social media messaging.

Which is only going to make this type of business all the harder to succeed in.

There is a business opportunity that you could take part in but the income potential is low but as a side hustle, then it might work.

Like always, with this type of business, recruitment is key to any success and this is not for everyone.

However, this is a great site to build relationships and is certainly worth a look.

That said if what you are looking for is a make money opportunity where recruitment isn’t the focus then you might like to take a look at the link below.

My number one recommended training platform for creating an online business

Send Out Cards Review – TOC

    1. What is Send Out Cards about and who is the founder?
    2. Who is Kody Bateman?
    3. Is Send Out Cards a Pyramid Scheme
    4. Send Out Cards Products Line
    5. Send Out Cards Business Opportunity – What You Need to Know
    6. Is Send Out Cards a Scam?
    7. What Others Have to Say
    8. What we Like About Send Out Cards
    9. What we Don’t Like About Send Out Cards
    10. Send Out Cards Review – Final Thoughts
    11. Is There a Better Alternative to Send Out Cards?
    12. Send Out Cards FAQs
    13. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Send Out Cards About?

Send Out Cards is a network marketing or multi-level marketing company that was founded in 2003 by Kody Bateman.

The vision of Send Out Cards is to bring people together one card at a time!

This business has been going for a number of years tells us that this is a legit business which often isn’t the case with an MLM company.

The company operates out of Utah in the US employing around 120 people

With over 150 million greeting cards that have been sent worldwide and with over ten million gifts.

Since 2003, generated $100s of millions of dollars not only for the business and affiliates but a number of charities.

Send Out Cards operates as a print on demand business where the cards can be printed and posted at an additional cost.

Who is Kody Bateman?

Kody Bateman is the CEO and founder of Send Out Cards and also the author of several books.

MLM Blueprint, Promptings, and The power of human connections.

So you could say that he’s an authority to what is send out cards - Kody BAteman

some degree on relationship building in some shape or form.

His system has been used by over 700k people which has helped to strengthen relationships.

What is interesting to note is that he doesn’t use his personal website to promote Send Out Cards which we find commendable.

Is Send Out Cards a Pyramid Scheme?

It doesn’t matter which MLM business is auvoria Prime a scam - - pyramid scheme?

we are talking about they all come under the same scrutiny.

This is unfortunate because some MLM businesses operate in a manner that could be acceptable.

Recruitment is the main focus here because without it the business would not survive.

With between 50% and 65% of members not sticking around for longer than 12 months those ones leaving need to be replaced.

So it’s a constant battle.

The whole purpose is to create a team which means passing on your knowledge and keeping them motivated.

So recruitment becomes the main focus and often the products and services that they sell have no real value.

This is what you might call a pyramid in disguise.

So is Send Out Cards a pyramid scheme in disguise?

Absolutely not!

Send Out Cards has been operating for a considerable amount of time, is well regarded and has a product catalogue that is extensive and legit.

Just for clarity on what a Pyramid Scheme is…

The consensus is that a company may be declared a pyramid scheme where the affiliates or representatives are paid a commission for recruitment only.

Where there isn’t a product or service with an intrinsic value, which is a product that is useless and has no meaning.

In most countries this is illegal and in some countries, people go to prison for a very long time, an example would be China.

What normally happens nowadays is that companies hide behind products which makes it all the more difficult for the FTC to prosecute.

Why aren’t these MLMs getting closed down?

There are so many MLMs that operate as a pyramid scheme and because there are so many it takes time for the FTC to get their act together.

After all, they only have a limited resource of people to investigate and by the time they get around to doing anything about it.

The company under investigation usually closes down and reopens as some other company probably doing the same thing but using a different name.

You might like to check out this short video…

Send Out Cards Products Line

There are a number of memberships option available to you which we will be discussing in the next section.

What you need to know is that Send Out Cards have 2 different categories.

    • Automated send
    • Heartfelt cards

Automated send cards are where you can set up a batch of cards to be automatically sent out throughout the year.

These are the type of cards that you could have set up to send to a loved one on a daily basis if needed.

Either via the internet or with a more personal touch and through the mailing system.

Heartfelt cards are sort of special cards that you would send out to individual persons at fixed dates and times.

With the Heartfelt category because these are not sent out too often the postage is included in memberships  2, 3, and 4.

The different categories that the cards are placed in…

    • Holiday
    • Thank you
    • Well wishes
    • Build your own card
    • Love
    • Celebrations
    • Birthday
    • Just because

Please Note: Postage is to be paid for the “Send Cards” category.

what is send out cards - Card #6

Send Out Cards Business Opportunity – What you need to know

We have briefly discussed what Send Out Cards is and a little about the founder but I’m sure it’s the business end of it that interests you more.

How much does it cost to become a member?

To become an affiliate of Send Out Cards it will cost you $59/year and you will need to find a sponsor.

If you don’t know a sponsor one will be provided.

There are 4 different memberships.

  • Membership #1 ($37/month) which includes…
    • Relationship Manager System
    • 30 monthly cards sent, including both Heartfelt and System send
    • $1.75 for each card sent over 30
    • 20% discount on gifts
    • Enhanced storage
    • Postage not included on any card sends
  • Membership #2 ($97/month) which includes…
    • Relationship Manager System
    • Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting cards (postage included)
    • 30 System Sends
    • $1.50 per additional System Send
    • Premium discounted shipping on top-selling gifts
    • 30% on gifts
    • Premium storage
  • Membership #3 ($147/month) which includes…
    • Relationship Manager System
    • Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting cards (postage included)
    • 100 System Sends
    • $1.25 per additional System Send
    • Premium discounted shipping on top-selling gifts
    • 30% on gifts
    • Premium storage
    • Unlimited Campaign Store downloads
    • Postage not included on and System Sends
    • Expense account required on this membership plan
  • Membership #4 ($247/month) which includes…
    • Relationship Manager System
    • Unlimited Heartfelt Prompting cards (postage included)
    • 250 System Sends
    • $1 per additional Automated Send
    • Premium discounted shipping on top-selling gifts
    • 30% discount on gifts
    • Premium storage
    • Unlimited Campaign Store downloads
    • Postage not included on and System Sends
    • Expense account required on this membership plan

The most popular membership as of this review is membership #2.

Something to take into consideration is the postage

How to make money with Send Out Cards…

There are 2 ways that you can make money with Send Out Cards.

  • Purchase the stock for yourself and sell it to family and friends
  • Recruit others into your team and make a commission from their sales

If you want to excel in a business like this then recruitment is key.

Send Out Cards Compensation Plan

Are Send Out Cards affiliates actually making money?

The greeting cards business is still a big market even though most people would rather use social media.

As for as, are Send Out Cards affiliates making money, then you would think for a business operating for nearly 2 decades.

That there would be evidence everywhere but there isn’t.

In fact, Send Out Cards had an income disclosure on their website but it was taken down because the numbers are extremely depressing.

Anyway, after a little bit of digging and I found this income disclosure.

what is send out cards - Income disclosure

0.03% earns between $10k and $75+k, now if that doesn’t make you run to the hills then I don’t know what will.

Like I just mentioned this chart has now been removed from their website!

They obviously felt the need to take it down.

These are not some figures that we have pulled from the thin air, these are facts that come straight from the Federal Trade Commission.

Is Send Out Cards a SCAM?

Send Out Cards is definitely not a scam.

They are a legitimate multi-level marketing company that has been operating for well over a decade.

The products are genuine and the reviews that we see are positive.

Whilst everything you might say is positive we still wouldn’t recommend this business.

We are not MLM haters, far from it because we do have a couple of years of experience in that business model.

However, we didn’t have a large following and recruitment just wasn’t our thing.

Cold calling is no fun and the number of rejections can really get to a person. You have to be able to take rejection!

In this current climate, generations dictate how a business like Send Out Cards performs.

Sending greeting cards for many is just not there, especially as more and more people use mobiles and social media to express their opinions.

You have to weigh up the cost of the goods which are minimal and will take a hell of a lot of cards to sell.

That’s the problem here because people don’t send out many cards, do they?

Think about it, how many cards do you send in a year?

What Others Have to Say  

send out cards review #1

What we Like About Send Out Cards

  • A legitimate company that has been operating for near on 2 decades.
  • Very niche, meaning that there are not that many MLM companies operating in the greeting card industry.

This is normally a good thing but many people nowadays would rather use their mobile phones or social media which is a little sad.

In fact the last count we found just 2 companies, this company and Flamingo Paperie.

  • Better Business Bureau is a place that you should check for clarity of a company especially if they are based in the US.

As of 2020, Send Out Cards is accredited but it has taken them 17 years to get to that point.

What we Don’t Like About Send Out Cards

  • People who join an MLM have a tendency to fail. In fact, those figures are quite alarming at around 98%.

These numbers are not set by us but by the Federal Trade Commission which is a US governing body.

  • Recruitment is key here and trying to get friends and families involved like what they will teach you is just not going to be enough.

You will need a constant stream of new people coming into your team and quite frankly because the products are cheap then you will find it hard.

People are looking for a quick return and selling $2 products is just not going to cut it.

  • The products are not cheap when you compare them against the high street retailer.

Granted paying a little more gives you that all-important personal touch.

Send Out Cards Review – Final Thoughts!

I know you are probably here because of your interest in Send Out Cards and prior to reading reviews like this, you might have joined.

We won’t apologise for this because we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t give you the facts.

On the surface, you probably thought this was a great opportunity but it’s always the business end that lets it down.

Send Out Cards is not a scam but a legit multi-level marketing company.

All the same, we won’t recommend this as a way to earn money online because there simply is no money there, well not enough to make a living from.

If it’s an online business that you are looking for where there are no restrictions with 100% flexibility.

Which is extremely cost-effective where you are 100% in control then we’d love to share with you an opportunity in the next section.

You are under no obligations but something to seriously consider.

Is There a Better Alternative to Send Out Cards

After a couple of years of trying to succeed and failing with MLM businesses, we decided that affiliate marketing was best suited for us.


    • You don’t have to recruit
    • You aren’t constantly pestered by your sponsor
    • You don’t have to go to events which you will be expected to at cost
    • You don’t have to purchase any stocks
    • You don’t handle any order management at all
    • You don’t handle shipping
    • You don’t handle returns
    • You can market any product or service you like
    • You own the business which you don’t in an MLM

If you are looking for a cost-effective solution then I would seriously consider Wealthy Affiliate or at least take a look.

A fully integrated training platform that I would recommend above all others with which I have personally had nothing but a positive experience.

Here you can join and check out the system for FREE, with no credit card details. If it isn’t for you then just walk away, but you won’t know until you have tried!

Get started today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

Send Out Cards FAQs

  1. What Is The SOC Pro App?

This is an App that helps the Send Out Cards affiliate build their business through resources, tutorials and training videos.

It is basically what many would call the back office.

  1. Does It Cost Money For The SOC App?

The App is free for the first 90 days but then it becomes a monthly subscription.

  1. What Videos Are There Available On The SOC App?

There is a whole bunch of training videos that are constantly been updated but expect to see…

Marketing videos, Tutorials, Testimonials, Heart of SendOutCards and many more…

  1. What Videos Are Available In The Learn Section Of The Website?

This is separate from the SOC App and can be accessed from the home page on the official website.

Welcome by the founder, Getting started, Your future and getting motivated, How to invite, How to build the business, Making lists…

  1. Is There A Threshold That I Have To Meet To Stay Active?

Like with all MLMs there is a monthly requirement for you to stay active as an affiliate and that is currently $97 in personal sales volume.

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you guys enjoyed this Send Out Cards review and that we answered most of your questions.

Maybe you have or are still a member of Send Out Cards in which case we’d love to hear about your experience.

Until next time, stay safe

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