The Money Looper Review – Money Loopholes Just Do Not Exist. Not in the sense that The Owners of Money Looper Insist!

The Money Looper ReviewWelcome to The Money Looper Review

We all dream of making money by pressing a few buttons, but in reality that is not going to happen.

Money Looper is just one of the many products that you can find on affiliate networks like WarriorPlus, ClickBank etc

They promote wealthy lifestyles that we all want and the way to do that is through hard work, which is not what most people want.

So, let’s get this out of the way first.

We are not associated with Money Looper in any way shape or form so you won’t find us pitching or trying to sell you anything.

What you will get from us, is a thorough unbiased review so that you can make up your own mind as to whether this product is for you or not.

Another thing I’d like to point out is doing your due diligence is the only way to ensure you don’t waste your time and money and that you only find legit make money opportunities.

So let’s dive right in see what Money Looper has to offer.

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Product: Money Looper

Founder: Mike Dee or Mike Thomas

Product Description: Affiliate marketing


Price of product: $37.00

Recommended: No

Summary: Money Looper came about through money loopholes on the internet or that’s what the product owner claims anyway.

Although he doesn’t actually what these loopholes are or how this amazing software finds them.

I’ll cut to the chase here and tell there aren’t any, not that this software finds anyway.

The product is all hype and even the actual owner isn’t his real name either.

What you’ll receive is not some fancy piece of software that is going to change your life but some realy poor videos and books that you can find anywhere.

I don’t know about you but I would hate to think that I have just wasted $37.00 only to be shown how I can make money online through doing surveys.

If it’s online survey’s that you are looking for then Swagbucks is one of the best although you’ll be lucky if you can earn $10-$15 a day.

You won’t find this out until you have purchased the product either.

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    5. Who is Money Looper For?
    6. What I like about Money Looper
    7. What I don’t like about Money Looper
    8. Is Money Looper a SCAM or LEGIT?
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What is Money Looper about and who are the Founders?

the Money Looper review - Copy his success

Money Looper is a product that used to be found on ClickBank but now can be found on ClickBetter.

You can also find this and other similar products on the owner’s website,  “copy his success” which as you’ll see is an unsecured site.

Mike talks about money loopholes on the internet as though he has magically stumbled upon them.

That, in the next few minutes he is going to expose how you can exploit these loopholes.

He shows us evidence of his account on Clickbank and how well he is doing, but forgets to mention just what Money Looper is or what it can do for you.

But what you do get is a nice story of how Mike fell on hard times and the struggles to pay for bills etc.

If his story is actually true then I commend him and I think we’d all like to wish him well.

Then as if by magic he came across a loophole to making money online and decided to create a piece of software that would exploit those loopholes.

I guess the only thing to do now would then be to purchase the product yourself to find out what the actual system would do for you.

One thing I do like about his whole approach is that he is not promising to make you instantly rich overnight as many others do.

What we did notice on the “copy his success” site is a disclaimer…

the Money Looper review - Not endorsed on ClickBetter

Where they are endorsed or sponsored by ClickBetter, although they are endorsed on ClickBetter.

We couldn’t determine who was the owner of Money Looper, whether it is Mike Dee or Mike Thomas or just 2 aliases?

What we will reveal is that Money Looper is not some automatic push-button system but a series of videos and e-books.

The sort that you can find all over the internet as PLR products.

Just who is responsible for Money Looper?

Well, we couldn’t find out who the real owner was except for a couple of names that we have already mentioned.

However we did notice a mention of using a pen name.

the Money Looper review - Pen name

Using a pseudonym seems to be a common practice with make money online opportunites.

They obviosouly do not like to make claim to being responsible for their own products which is understandable sometimes.

How does Money Looper Work?

Once you have purchased the product you will see straight away that the product isn’t some wiz piece of software but a series of videos and pdf documents.

That are hardly going to blow your mind.

Video #1 Finding and selling on domain names

This is not some loophole as indicated but a tried and tested way which can be affective but you aren’t going to earn a ton of money with.

Where you come up with new domain names which others are going to want and sell on.

Video #2 Signing up to survey sites

I remember a few years back signing up to a few survey sites thinking I was going to coin it in, but I was luck if I could make a few cents on each survey.

Mind numbing stuff that gets you to question your sanity after a while.

Video #3 Using the Nielsen App

Mike talks about installing the Nielsen app where apparently you make a few bucks over a period of time

There is also 3 pdf documents…

These are downloadable books which briefly goes into details about affiliate marketing.

All of which are dated and besides the information is readily available all over the inter and for free.

So, what you have here are 3 videos and 3 books which do not hold any value whatsoever and after you thought you’d be purchasing some freaky piece of software, altogether dispointing.

Money Looper Pricing 

The owner whoever it is ensures that for a oneoff fee of $37.00 that you have access to this garbage for life.

Another thing you may like to know is if you did purchase this product, then by going into pay and coming out you are sure to get it at a discounted price.

What I found amazing was that there were no upsells with this product either.

Can you make money with Money Looper?

If you ask this question about any make money online opportunity, yes you may make a few bucks.

You certainly aren’t going to make the type of money that the owner claims.

However, I will stick my neck out with Money Looper and state categorically that you will not make a dime with this product.

Who is Money Looper For?

MoneyLooper is literally for nobody and seriously do not waste your money.

What I like about Money Looper

I sincerley like nothing about this product and even if you could purchase Money Looper for a few bucks I still wouldn’t waste your money or your time on it.

The only good thing about Money Looper is the refund.

  1. Money Back Guarantee 

You can get a full 60 day money back refund through ClickBetter so that’s at least something.

  1. No Hidden Costs

This did surprise me, as it’s not often that you can purchase a make money  opportunity and not be met with a number of upsells.

I guess this vendor missed an opportunity here.

What I don’t like about Money Looper

Money Looper is definitely not a product that we would recommend to anybody and this can be seen by the problems that we found.

  1. Who’s The Product Owner?

It does appear to be common practice nowdays that we sometimes can’t find out who the product owners.

I would say for obvious reasons too.

That in its own right is a big red flag.

  1. Over-Hyped Sales Presentation

The sales presentation like we see often with similar products is all hype and trys to warm to you with his hard ship story.

We see far too many of them and whilst some may be geniune most are not.

With Money Looper the guy who idd the talking didn’t fill our heads with the wealthy lifestyle which was a welcomed change.

However, the sales pitch did not cover what you would be buying into which is always a bad thing.

  1. Products Are Outdated

After our total disapointment that we hadn’t bought into some nifty software we found some poor quality videos and books all of which were outdated.

Is Money Looper a SCAM or LEGIT?

If you base something as a scam purely on misguided information then Money Looper is a scam.

The sales presentation was all hype based around a hardtimes story which indicated that we were buying into a piece of software that was going to help us.

Even though the presenter didn’t explain just what Money Looper actualy was or what we could hope it would do for us.

To find out, we had to purchase the product ourselves, only for us to find out that the product wasn’t what we were told.

Just a few crappy videos and e-books which had pretty much no value to them at all.

There aren’t “any” secret loopholes which the owner suggested.

Not if you call joining survey sites which is what Mike suggests.

Who wants to be dragged down the route of survey sites where the best you could do is maybe earn $10 a day and that’s if you were lucky.

If it is surveys that you are looking for then you might like to check out Swagbucks but do not expect to be earning big.

I can’t even say that Money Looper was a get rich quick scheme, because you could purchase the product for only a few bucks if you came out and back into the purchase process.

Here’s a customer where things just didn’t go right for them.

The Money Looper review - review

The Money Looper Review: Final Thoughts!

The best thing you can do is what you are doing now, research and thats the only way to avoid scams.

I think you will agree that Money Looper is not some get-rich-quick scheme although thats exactly how they portray themselves.

I think you will also agree that there are no Loopholes to be exploited as well.

Affiliate marketing is not some close guarded secret business strategy that is difficult to master, it really isn’t.

However, it is not something that can be executed and within a month you are earning loads of dosh.

Doing affiliate marketing the right way is very rewarding and when I say very lucrative too, it can be if you are prepared to work hard.

If you read any of the other reviews on this website you will see that these done-for-you systems do not work.

Take a look at these 30 people who all started trying to make money online exactly how you are doing now, but they choose to find a training platform and execute it the right way.

The money looper review - Join wealthy affiliate
It’s Free to Join, No Credit Card Details, No Upsells, Great Community and No BS!

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Well guys, hope we answered most of your questions and that you enjoyed the review.

I you have any questions regarding this review or anything in general then please add them in the comments sections below.

If you need any guidance or are interested in learning about affiliate marketing then give me a shout.

Until next time, stay safe.

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