The CB Profit Sites Review – Authority sites take time to build and Content Spinners are just awful!

The CB Profit Sites ReviewHey Guys, welcome to The CB Profit Sites Review

With the endless supply of make money online opportunities, you’d expect there to be something for everyone.

The internet is literally full of products and systems that promise you untold wealth but many of these claims fall short of expectations.

Today we are going to take a look at Clickbank Platinum member, Glynn Kosky and his CB Profit Sites System to see if there is any merit in what he claims.

So, if you are here to find out the lowdown on this product.

Then stay with us because in the next few minutes you will have all the facts to decide on your own terms whether this system is right for you or not.

Doing research like you are here is the only way to ensure you don’t waste time and money and the only way to find legit make money opportunities.

I’m sure you have read many positive reviews of this product which will be coming from affiliates trying to sell you this product.

We are, however, not associated with Glynn or his products and therefore won’t find us pitching or trying to sell you anything.

That said, let’s see what this product has in store for you.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links which means I may earn a small commission if you purchase anything through one of the links. However, this will not affect what you pay!]

The CB Profit Sites Review - Logo

Product: CB Profit Sites

Founder: Glynn Kosky

Product Description: Affiliate marketing


Price of product: $22.97 plus upsells

Recommended: No

Summary: CB Profit Sites is a done for you affiliate marketing system which promises you an easy solution to making money online.

Something that everybody is looking for.

Whenever we hear fast and simple mentioned, it gets us a little suspicious so we’d thought that we would see what all the fuss was about.

In reality, done for you systems tend to not work as indicated and we find that there is always a lot of additional work involved.

Glynn provides, what he calls “Authority” websites with Clickbank product reviews already for you to promote.

The problem we have here is that there could be possibly hundreds, maybe thousands of duplicate websites all competing for the same space.

He also talks about monetizing these websites with “Google Adsense“, but to do that you have to have a lot of traffic and thousands of people clicking on your website before Google will even entertain you.

To give you some idea, roughly you need 100k visits daily to your site to earn around $100k/year in AdSense commissions.

So for you to see any AdSense commissions you need traffic and plenty of it and besides, pop-up advertisements are not for everyone.

If you really would like to know what is involved and how to go about doing this then you need some real training.

The CB Profit Sites review - Check out what these people have to say

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    1. What is CB Profit Sites About and who are the Founders?
    2. How does CB Profit Sites Work?
    3. CB Profit Sites Pricing
    4. Can you Make Money With CB Profit Sites?
    5. Who is CB Profit Sites For?
    6. What we liked about CB Profit Sites
    7. What we don’t like about CB Profit Sites
    8. Is CB Profit Sites a SCAM or LEGIT?
    9. The CB Profit Sites Review: Final Thoughts!
    10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is CB Profit Sites about and who are the Founders?

The CB Profit Sites Review - Steal our profit website

There are many ways to do affiliate marketing but one of the most popular and rewarding ways is as an authority in a particular niche or subject.

Even if you aren’t initially an authority in a particular subject over time you will become one.

With CB Profit Sites they provide you with “Authority”  websites already loaded with product reviews, something like this site you are on now.

However, there is one small problem here!

The website you and possibly hundreds of others will be purchasing will be duplicated which means every member will be promoting the same website, same product reviews and identical content.

OK, your domain will be different and you can change a few other things, but it takes time for Google to start ranking a new website and Google hates duplicate content.

They mention using a content spinner to change your content so it looks more unique but we are not a fan of content spinners.

There are some bad ones and there are some very bad ones and you can only spin the same piece of content a certain amount of times.

They certainly do not give you a professional feel and you don’t learn anything about research and writing content by using them.

Ok, the websites are hosted on their servers and you might find this a good thing, but what happens if they decide to pull the plug and call it a day.

You are left with nothing to show for all your hard work and you have to move on and find some other product or system.

Wouldn’t you be better off investing your time and money in some real training and being in full control?

Just think about it, 6-12 months down the road with some great training and you’ll wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place.

So who is responsible for CB Profit Sites?

The CB Profit Sites Review - Glynn Kosky

Glynn Kosky is a serial product creator who can be found on affiliate networks, like Clickbank, Jvzoo, and WarriorPlus under the pseudonym of “superwarriors”.

Where you probably can find 1-2 product launches every month, which if you think about it should get you to ask the one big question, why?

If a product was so good he wouldn’t have time to focus on developing other products because all his time you’d think would be spent on developing what he had further and improving the software.

But, it would appear that they are not interested in providing a great service, something like Wealthy Affiliate.

However, what you are going to find because they create so many products is similarities or for a better word duplication.

Products in the future you think you have seen before in the past and to some degree, you won’t be wrong either.

How does CB Profit Sites Work?

The CB Profit Sites Review - How it works

Typically, CB Profit Sites provides you with an authority review website that you can modify to give it a more personal touch.

By adding a logo, images, and a bio to make you stand out more and give it a more unique look.

You get professionally done for you product review articles which everybody else who purchases this product will have.

Now, these product reviews are related to Clickbank products and according to Glynn, some of the best-converting evergreen products to date.

Well, my experience with the Clickbank affiliate network tells me that the products that come from there are not the best.

You have to ask questions like…

How old are there and are they still producing sales or are they even still on Clickbank because many move to other affiliate networks like Clickbetter?

A few years ago maybe, but nowadays Clickbank has got a lot of competition and now has to fight for its place as a top affiliate network whereas before it didn’t.

Just some of the claims made by Glyyn Kosky…

    • 100% done for you, plug and play review websites
    • Keep 100% of the commissions
    • 100% free traffic which is supposed to be built into the system
    • 100% hosting taken care of by Glynn and his team
    • 100% cloud-based software solution. Nothing to install
    • 100% beginner-friendly so you do not require previous knowledge

The 3 easy steps that you need to take…

  1. Sign in to the system making sure you enter your Clickbank affiliate ID so that any commissions made go to your Clickbank account.
  1. Customize by entering your details, such as logos, images, bio and then select the products from the 15 you have to choose from.

Also, 1 of the 100 or so free bonuses that you can add to the webpage to entice people to subscribe to your list.

  1. Use the built-in free traffic source and as it is free then we can only assume this will be posting to social media

The CB Profit Sites Review - Hands free commissions

That’s pretty much it according to Glynn and his team but in the real world, there is always something to do.

This is where you find out just what support is like because there will be problems and because there isn’t that much flexibility not a lot you can do about it.

Support is key and what you most probably will find is that this will not be forthcoming.

CB Profit Sites Pricing 

As of this review, the cost of CB Profit Sites is going to be $22.97. Looking at the upsells and I don’t see that you would need any of them until you have at least seen some returns.

  1. Unlimited websites priced @ $97.00 – $47.00

The initial cost that you pay for CB Profit Sites allows you access to just one site however this upgrade will allow you multiple sites and therefore the possibility of multiple streams of income.

  1. Done for you upgrade priced @ $97.00 – $67.00

You need to customize the sites to make them stand out amongst the other sites, but if you don’t want to do this yourself then this upgrade will pay for Glynn’s team to do this for you.

  1. Traffic flow automation priced @ $97.00 – $67.00

Not sure what this upgrade is because the system is supposed to already come with a free automated traffic source.

  1. Conversion tools priced @ $67.00 – $47.00

Here you’ll receive a bunch of tools to help your campaigns and hopefully boost conversions.

  1. Page builder priced @ $67.00 – $37.00

To give your campaigns a boost you will be adding freebies or bonuses which will hopefully help in conversions.

This add-on will help to build better and more attractive bonus pages.

  1. License rights priced @ $167.00 – $67.00

Once you have tested CB Profit Sites and found that it actually worked then purchasing this upgrade would allow you to promote the product and keep 100% of any commissions that you made.

Can you make money with CB Profit Sites?

An experienced marketer with a lot of hard work will probably be able to make some money with CB Profit Sites.

However, a complete beginner to making money online will struggle because these done for you systems always require a certain amount of knowledge.

What normally happens is the newbie will purchase the product thinking that the money will come rolling in, and when it doesn’t as the owner of the product claims they will ask for a refund and move on to something else.

Who is CB Profit Sites For?

The internet for some strange reason The CB Profit Sites Review - who is it for

is a place where many think they are going to make their wealth by pressing a few buttons.

If only life was so simple, but you know what, it isn’t.

These products are supposed to be for people who don’t want to learn how it is all done and people who are just testing the water.

As it is, these products are only aimed at the complete newbie and therefore is not going to have a big following, like an email list.

Building an online business is no different than building any other business and it is not for everyone, but it isn’t difficult, it just takes time.

These products, if they are going to work, its right at the beginning when they are launched and that’s why you see so many affiliates promoting them.

They might be a short term solution but they don’t last long and that’s why learning affiliate marketing properly is the right thing to do.

Especially if you are looking for long-term success.

You have to remember that the key element in all of these systems is TRAFFIC and without it, you are not going to make anything.

Free traffic works if you have a big following such as an email list.

Other than that these systems require paid traffic for them to work as the product owners claim.

Paid traffic is a whole new ball game that you have to know what you are doing.

What we liked about CB Profit Sites?

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a lot we liked about the CB Profit Sites except for the money-back guarantee.

In principle the idea seemed good one.

  1. Money-back guarantee

Always a good thing to see and it will at least give you confidence that your investment is safe.

However, I would check to see if the refund covered the upsells because normally they don’t.

What we don’t like about CB Profit Sites

Although the theory behind CB Profit Sitesthe CB Profit Sites review - Things I don't like about CB Profit Sites

seemed like a good one, when we drilled down into the mechanics we saw far too many issues.
  1. Website hosting by CB Profit Sites

When you are purchasing products like CB Profit Sites and you see that website hosting is paid for, you might think this is a good thing.

But think about it, all the product owners have to do is pull the plug and close the system down and you are left with nothing.

Especially when product sales slow down and hosting still has to be paid for.

  1. Quality of the websites

The lack of quality is evident with the websites that are provided which is only going to add to poor numbers when it comes to visitors.

You need to stand out amongst the crowd and to be seen the web pages have to get ranked by Google and if the quality of the content is poor will only add to a high bounce rate.

That’s if anybody see’s your campaigns in the first place.

  1. Duplicate content

Duplicant websites and duplicate content, a recipe for disaster and won’t get ranked by Google which means no visitors and no sales.

They talk about using a content spinner in the hopes that your content is going to be unique and make you stand out.

My experience with content spinners is they often make the content unreadable and a bad habit to get into.

  1. Disclaimer say’s it all

Glynn and his team are obviously busy getting their products to market that they forgot to change the website from a previous product…

The CB Profit Sites Review - Disclaimer

Love how they make out that this product is for everyone, even people with absolutely no knowledge at all and here they are telling us…

“The level of success you reach employing these techniques is entirely dependent upon your skills”

The CB Profit Sites Review - Disclaimer #

Once again here with and there’s nothing like wiping your hands on any earning potential.

  1. Free traffic methods

Free traffic works great if you have a big following but a complete nightmare if you haven’t.

Using SEO to find traffic takes time and you have to get a lot of things right for you to have any success and this product is beyond that scope.

People are purchasing CB Profit Sites because they want to see results quickly and sharing your links within social media just isn’t going to work.

However, Solo Ads are discussed in the training even though the sales page insists this is to be used with free traffic.

Something we just would not recommend especially to anyone who is new to making money online.

  1. What about the subscribers?

It’s all very well if you manage to get subscribers but they don’t go onto your own autoresponder they are stored within the CB Profit Sites system.

Let’s say hypothetically that you managed to get 1000 subscribers and they decided to close CB Profit Sites, you will have lost all those leads.

Just like you will have lost your websites.

Is CB Profit Sites a SCAM or LEGIT?

If you listen to the sales presentation or read the sales page there is a lot of misleading information with unrealistic claims.

This in its own right according to Wikipedia could be classed as a scam although we leave that for you to decide.

They are always over-hyped and for anybody new to making money online easy to convince especially with their low initial fee.

As they do come with a money-back guarantee then you really aren’t or shouldn’t lose your investment.

By all means, give it a go but I wouldn’t spend too much time trying and don’t feel that you need to purchase any of the upgrades.

The product owners are prepared to allow you access for a minimal fee because the real money to them is on the inside when they try and get you to purchase the upsells.

The CB Profit Sites Review: Final Thoughts!

We think you should have more than enough information to make that all-important decision, whether to buy or not.

You know how we feel about these done for you systems, simply because we have been there and tried them.

Most people after a few of these products decide to not bother trying to find out how to make money online but persistence is key and if you are serious then we may have a solution.

However, this is not a walk in the part and will require some investment but this would be minimal.

But, you can check out the training platform for free and see what you think but you’ll never know one way or the other if you don’t try.

The CB Profit Sites Review - Wealthy Affiliate
 It’s Free to Join, No Credit Card Details, No Upsells, Great Community and No BS!

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Well, hope you guys enjoyed this CB Profit Sites review.

Any questions at all just add them in the section below and we get back to you at our earliest convenience as we read and reply to all our reader’s comments.

Until next time, stay safe.

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