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edx review - e-learning home study coming from MIT and HarvardLooking for alternative ways to study online then welcome to this edX Review 2020.

{Online learning platforms are all the rage nowadays with many to choose from. Some good! Some bad!}

Over the last decade, many are getting in on the act to provide anyone with a cost-effective way of learning in the comfort of their home and at a pace that suits.

Nowadays, you can find many colleges and universities offering online courses, but they usually come at a price, with many costing hundreds or thousands each. Since 2008 massive open online classes or MOOC came into fruition to help everybody and that’s where edX is currently at.

Education is key when it comes to careers, and without a degree then many will find they struggle to secure the right career path.

Edx comes with a lot of street cred and was developed by professors from both MIT and Harvard and therefore it would seem a right-fit for anyone wanting to advance their careers?

or maybe you just want to stimulate the mind.

With many of these online learning platforms to choose from, coming from a person who as first-hand knowledge, we’ll be taking a close look in this edX Review to see if it really is as good as they make out.

Product: edX

Founders:  Anant Agarwal, Gerry Sussman, Chris Terman, Piotr Mitros

Founded: 2012

Website:  www.edX.org

Video Channel: YouTube   (Why not check out their channel)

Product description: Online education/training platform

Price: Free to signup with many of the courses free to audit. A small fee to be paid if you require a certificate. Costs vary from around $50-$300

Recommended: Yes

Synopsis: At edX, they offer top-ranked, affordable quality courses developed by some of the best universities throughout the world, along with some really big names in the business world.

With MIT and Harvard involvement, has to be one of the better online learning platforms especially as its a MOOC provider.

A non-profit organisation simply means that the dedication towards online learning is or should be their number one priority.

Internal Summary and Navigation

  1. What is edX?
  2. Who is edX for?
  3. The Core Elements at edX
  4. Let’s take a look inside edX
  5. How to select the Best edX Courses
  6. Why not become an Affiliate
  7. What I like about edX
  8. What I don’t like about edX
  9. Is edX Worth It?
  10. edX Review – Feedback, Follow and Subscribe!

What is edX?

EdX is an online learning platform, founded in 2012 by several scientists from MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and Harvard University with Anant Agarwal still taking an active role. EdX is a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) provider and prides itself as a nonprofit organisation that runs on a free open-source software platform.

{mooc.org is an extension of edX.org}

What this means is that edX provide free online courses to anybody to enrol in, and offer an affordable way to learn new skills.

Millions from around the world use MOOCS for many reasons, such as college preparation, career advancement, change of careers, lifelong study, corporate training, and more.

The course content is offered for free to anyone to audit and only if and when the student feels the need to acquire a certificate as proof of course completion are they required to pay a nominal fee.

So what does “Non-profit” for edX actually mean?

After the company was formed back in 2012 and after a $30 million injection of cash to get things rolling, universities and colleges alike started to get on board and became partners, to fully support the platform on all levels.

They are very different from other online learning platforms like Skillshare or Udemy since they have the backing of world-renowned colleges and universities from around the world.

For students requiring a degree in comparison with “on campus” learning you will find considerably reduced. We shall be covering costs a little later!

With over 2,900 courses available covering a wide array of subjects which are run by 140 leading colleges and universities from around the world, such as Harvard, MIT, Berkley, Oxford and Stanford just to name a few.

As of 2020, there are over 70 million students who have enrolled at some point since founded.

You can hear what one of the main founders of edX has to say by clicking on the video below.

Who is edX for?

As a MOOCS provider, this opens up a vast number of opportunities to countries or areas of countries that don’t have the support of their governments and the backing of local services. Poverty-stricken areas in places like Africa, India and Pakistan to name but a few.

You can see teens in these areas enrolling on edX courses, qualifying as IT techies and Engineers alike and raising their families and taking them out of poverty and to better lives.

Although courses are limited when you compare to the likes of Udemy having well over 100,000 to choose from, at edX the courses really do reach out to everyone on the planet. All that is required is a mobile device which pretty much everybody has on them nowadays.

Career-minded people who are looking to progress the ladder are learning from edX, either brushing up on what they already know or extending their knowledge to put them in better positions.

Students who just didn’t reach the required number of academic qualification or just didn’t have the funds to go to university, edX opens up a whole new ball-game.

For anybody who just likes to learn new things and improve their knowledge base and with most courses free then a no-brainer.

You could be an ex graduate recently entering the job market and just feel that a few additional courses in a particular area you could benefit from and would give you that edge when it comes to the interview selection. With key subjects in business, marketing and communications available then sure to set you out amongst the crowd.

If you are a freelancer and between contracts, what better way than to spend that spare time expanding your knowledge and becoming more marketable.

For a minimal cost to back up your resume, there are certificates available to confirm the courses that you completed.

If I am looking for some knowledge in a particular area, rather than waste time on youtube checking out what is viable and what isn’t, then providing edX has that course then I’m likely to enrol.

The Core Elements at edX

At the core of edX, there are currently six programs that you can choose from.

All the programs and courses are tailor-made to suit people from all walks of life, from students looking for their first job to career-minded people looking to advance.

MicroBachelors Program

This program was primarily created with the adult learner in mind who are looking to advance their careers.

Created by world-renowned universities and colleges and influenced by Fortune 1000 companies.

These MicroBachelor programs are a path to a Batchelor’s degree and make you job-ready with accompanying certificates.

The programs are extremely affordable due to top universities and colleges along with major businesses on board, who help cover the education costs which allows the student access and to start courses with little or no costs to themselves.

Check out what is on offer here!

MicroMaster Program

A series of graduate-level courses developed by some of the very top universities like MIT, Columbia, Berkley etc to focus on advancement in your chosen career, and are accepted in the business world.

Forward-thinking students can approach the universities responsible for the course and apply for credits and if you are approved then you are able to pursue a less expensive master’s degree.

Recognized by industry leaders such as IBM, Microsoft, Walmart, Volvo, Ford, etc

At last count, there were 57 micromaster programs to choose from, covering subjects,  science-related, business management, accounting principles, economics etc.

With new ones always becoming available, it’s worth setting up your email address as an alert so that you can be informed by edX of any new ones that become available.

Professional Certificate

These professional certificate programs were developed by some of the top universities, in partnership with industry leaders like IBM, Microsoft, Harvard, Delft and Berkeley to name but a few, to help professionals already with careers to build and enhance their skills and take them to the next level.

With around 131 programs to choose from, with many in IT and new technologies like solar energy and Blockchain…

Online Masters Degree

We all know just how difficult it is to get the required academic qualifications for the degree of choice and that normally comes with a financial burden, which students end up paying for many years into their careers.

With edX, the costs are around half what it would be staying on at school and going to university.

Many just might not have the luxury of being able to stay on at school with a view to taking a degree, and therefore online training platforms just like edX offer a great alternative.

{It was found through a study that someone who holds a Master’s degree earned around $20,000 more yearly than a person in the same field with a Bachelor’s degree.}

EdX has currently 11 Master’s degree programs covering top business career paths such as IT, Sciences, accounting, supply chain management, marketing with many new degree programs in the pipeline.

Global Freshman Academy

These Global Freshman Academy courses are courses taken through ASU (Arizona State University) and are for anybody and from all backgrounds who may be academically inadmissible.

The course structure allows the learner to take a series of credit-bearing courses to determine if you are ready for a degree program at ASU.

Through these programs, anybody can earn credits which are transferable and only pay for the tuition if you pass the grade needed.


Created by top experts in their field along with the very best colleges and universities, XSeries programs provide a deep understanding of some very exciting and in-demand fields. Rewarded with a certificate of achievement to pass on to your employers to demonstrate the knowledge learnt.

Let’s take a look inside edX

Just go ahead and signup, it’s free  and straight forward

Once you have signed up an email will be sent to you from edX Support to confirm your email address.

Once done you are free to wander and check out.

Just go ahead and log in.

The interface has been designed very well and is extremely easy to find what you are looking for

but, if you need a little help…

Why not enrol on your very first course and let the instructor show you around the learning platform? Just click on the image for further details

How to select the Best edX Courses

Credibility is key when selecting the right training platform and it doesn’t get any better than MIT and Harvard, with many lecturers coming from these establishments and other top universities and colleges alike.

I find that the number of courses on edX is limited compared to other platforms, but what you are going to get with edX are top-quality courses, run by professors from some of the best establishments and at the very top of their field, including close involvement by huge corporations.

You are not going to get a sub-standard course with the likes of Microsoft or IBM on board, that is for sure.

Just take your time and don’t assume anything and always do a little research first, like how many have enrolled on the course and check out some of the reviews.

Why not become an Affiliate

If you are looking for a little extra cash then why not join the edX affiliate program. Could be a help in finances. For additional information check out what edX has to say.

For a small fee of $5 which is redeemed on the first sale or enrolment through your link. This is part of the affiliate marketing process!

Not sure what affiliate marketing is, then you can check out an article I wrote which describes all about affiliate marketing.

What I like about edX

Does the involvement of Harvard and MIT set this unique online learning platform apart from the rest?

  1. Well established within the online learning niche.
  1. Masters and degree courses available.
  1. A MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) provider, meaning that there are many free online courses for anyone to enrol in. You only have to pay for a certificate if its recognition you are after to go on your resume.
  1. They are accredited and certifications are recognized throughout the business world.
  1. Professional looking software platform which is easy to navigate.
  1. Access to a mobile app so that you can study on the move.
  1. They are a non-profit business which means that dedication to developing top high-quality courses should be their number one priority.

What I don’t like about edX

Unfortunately, there are always going to be issues, with any product, no matter how good they are, but these were really minimal.

  1. I found the number of courses was limited.
  1. Now edX has installed a Paywall, what that means is that students have limited-time access to course material unless you pay for a certificate.
  1. I am reading that support is not good.
  1. Courses aren’t always available.
  1. Lack of engagement.
  1. Platform issues.
  1. Some of the courses are of poor quality and not advanced enough.

Is edX Worth It?

I think you’ll agree that edX is an extremely creditable and one of the very top online learning providers, which is brought to you by several MIT and Harvard scientists.

As a non-profit business, this should indicate the enthuses on producing the very best courses available online today and less on the financial side. I like this a lot!

Big businesses like IBM, Google, Microsoft and many more who are involved are in an ideal position to single out exemplary students with a view to possibly offering students jobs. A win-win situation for the student and the corporation.

EdX promoted themselves as a nonprofit organisation and MOOC provider which meant courses were available to anybody, anywhere in the world for free.

Due to a paywall installed this may have changed somewhat meaning that if you need access to the course material then unless you pay for a certificate,  access is for a limited period only. For me, that wouldn’t be a problem though!

You can check the reviews from students and on the whole, they seem to be more than delighted with the courses. See for yourselves here!

Overall, I think we can agree that most students have had a good experience with edX, but what they should be doing is ironing out all the issues that have been reported.

Looking at TrustPilot, they do appear to be responding to people’s bad experiences, let’s hope they are not just words but actions.

I use these sites all the time for brushing up and expanding my knowledge and the reason I started this website, “achievesuccessfromhome”.

To show people how you can build a very profitable website and live the life you really deserve.

The training platform I use and would wholeheartedly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. I personally haven’t come across training like it anywhere, but these are my words. You would have to see for yourself! 

100% FREE and NO CREDIT CARD asked for! What have you got to lose?

You could, of course, check out a review I wrote about Wealthy Affiliate if you like, but to appreciate this training platform you really need to join to see what is on offer.

Remember, it’s free to join and no credits card details will be asked for.

edX Review – Feedback, Follow, and Subscribe!

Many courses are free at edX but you might struggle to find the exact course match and if its quantity you are looking for then I can recommend Udemy with thousands of free courses available and well over 100,000 courses to choose from.

I think for anyone looking for a first-class course then edX has to be up there as one of the best online providers. Saying that though I would always check out other similar sites before making a final decision.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the review and that it helped in any way.

Your support is very much appreciated. Need a chat or any advice just stick them down in the comments field below. I reply to all comments on a very frequent basis.

If you liked this review, why not show some love and share it amongst your friends.

Thanks for reading

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  1. This is a very thorough and detailed overview of edx. They sound like a great organization for those looking to expand their education. I have looked into getting my MBA, I notice you discuss the MicroMasters, I am going to look into that further. Thanks again. Cheers

    1. Hi Robb, nowadays there are so many online training platforms covering everything, with sites like Udemy and they’re vast database of courses that are affordable and not so in-depth and more for the beginner, through to companies like edX who offer degrees at around half the cost of going to campus, right the way up to companies like Wealthy Affiliate who specialize in Affiliate Marketing. For anybody wanting to get on in life, there is an abundance of everything and the beauty of it all is you can study at your own pace in the comfort of your home with none of the stress of getting to campus. Thanks for your comment. Your support is very much appreciated.

  2. Thank you Mick,
    What a great platform. I love to see how technology is helping to level not only society, but also the whole world. Instruction is becoming more accessible for everybody and I love that opportunities are available to everybody. I love it!
    I saw your cons to this program, but I think that it’s impossible to engage with such an amount of people and give good support. Maybe in the future, they will find a way to provide assistance and offer a larger number of courses.
    Thanks for sharing and giving your feedback.
    I wish you the best and I hope this program will help many people who are hungry for knowledge.
    God bless you.

    1. You are absolutely right Andy, a business with 50+ million students coming through can’t all be satisfied, and sometimes people just complain for no reason at all. If you think just where technology as gone since 1989 when the internet was introduced to the world from CERN. Learning has just become available to anyone, no matter whether you have a degree or not. Thanks for your comments

  3. Hi-I was very surprised with all the courses that edX offers. I had not ever heard of them. My daughter is attending a Master’s course Online, so I remember how she researched Online Colleges to find the best fit for her, but she didn’t have edX on her list to review.
    To have “Big businesses like IBM, Google, Microsoft and many more” as a foundation for course study and for after Graduation first job option, is truly advantageous to the students.
    This is impressive… “With over 2,900 courses available covering a wide array of subjects which are run by 140 leading colleges and universities from around the world, such as Harvard, MIT, Berkeley, Oxford and Stanford just to name a few. edX offers both Bachelor’s and Master’s courses, this is a great option for those students that have to work while attending upper education for better career opportunities.
    Your article covers pros and cons, very courageous! With 70 million students since creation, there are always people that don’t get what they think they should, and some people clash with instructors, so that is just part of life.
    I’m very glad to know about edX and will definitely keep them in mind for the future.

    1. Hi Nancy, online learning has become so popular nowadays, accessible and affordable for everyone. The choice you have is unlimited and whether they come with a recognized certificate or not, it’s gaining that knowledge that you didn’t have in the first place that matters. We can all buy books and learn that way but courses are set out in a certain format to make things easier and more enjoyable. It does help with an MIT and Harvard connection though. Another training platform I can highly recommend and is free to join is Wealthy Affiliate. They specialize in Affiliate Marketing and this platform is a one-stop-shop. All the training and the community has to be seen to be appreciated. Thanks for the support, it’s very much appreciated.

  4. Dear Mick
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website. It is amazing that you show people where to start and what steps to take towards their dream-like education and exciting future. I hope more people will know about your website and follow your guidance.
    Kind regards,

    1. You are so kind, Andrey. So glad you liked the site. It is my intention to help others in any way I can and if it is coming across that way then I’m on the right path.

      Learning is such an important part of our lives and with the internet, it makes learning so much easier for everybody no matter where you are.

      I personally use these sites and the reason I decided to learn how to build and run a business from home, hence the website name “AchieveSuccessFromHome”.

      I learned everything about affiliate marketing online and anybody can, you just need to find a great training platform like Wealthy Affiliate.

      Once again thank you for your support.

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