The Mariah Coz Review – Could you benefit more spending that $30k elsewhere?

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But, before we get started we’d just like to point out that we aren’t associated with Mariah Coz in any way shape or form.

That way you know we are not going to try and pitch to you or try and sell you one of her courses.

We will, however, give you all the facts about Mariah Coz and her training courses so that you are in a better position.

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Product: Mariah Coz Training

Founder: Mariah Coz


Product Description: Accelerator and High Ticket Hybrid courses

Cost to join: $10k and $20k

Recommended: No

Summary: There are many ways to make money online and one of those is to sell your own product which is what we all strive for.

In this case, an online course or coaching program.

The big problem for most people is that they wouldn’t have a clue where to start.

These two courses that Mariah Coz provides is to help you cut through all the confusion and put you on the right track.

However, these courses do come with a hefty price tag which is going to require you to have deep pockets.

Nobody in my mind is going to pay out $10k and $20k for training without already having some sort of success.

Whilst we do believe you’ll get a lot of value from Mariah Coz’s training courses we do think they are well over-priced.

Especially for a beginner who is just looking for a cost-effection solution.

An Alternative Solution: If it’s an online business opportunity that you are looking for which is extremely cost-effective.

Check out the training below as it’s one of the better training courses online that we have reviewed.

Wealthy affiliate

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    1. Who is Mariah Coz? 
    2. What is the Mariah Coz Accelerator
    3. What is the Mariah Coz High Ticket Hybrid
    4. Mariah Coz Training Courses FAQ
    5. What we like about Mariah Coz
    6. What we don’t like about Mariah Coz
    7. Is Mariah Coz a Scam?
    8. Mariah Coz Review -Final Thoughts!
    9. Where do we go from here?
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Who is Mariah Coz?

Really, there is not a great deal about The Mariah Coz Review - Mariah CozMariah Coz that you can find online other than what is on her website and reviews from current and past pupils.

We know that her first course that she was promoted was in December 2018 which was called “Your first 1k VIP Bundle” but we are not sure how this went.

But since then Mariah has created 2 training programs and her courses do appear to attract other women.

Women, it would seem that have already had a certain amount of success.

Mariah Coz does have a Youtube channel with just over 9k subscribers but there has been no new content added for over a year.

The same with her Instagram and Twitter accounts

What is the Mariah Coz Accelerator?

Mariah Coz Review - The Accelerator ProgramThe Accelerator course is for anybody who wants to learn how to create and launch their very own online course.

It is a comprehensive course that covers everything from choosing your niche to creating emails, webinars, sales pages,  weekly coaching plus a lot more.

Here is a breakdown of what comes with the Accelerator course…

How to launch your signature course…

This is a comprehensive guide showing you everything you need to know from starting with an idea through to all the steps required for the product launch.

This will take anyone from having no experience through to launching their own professional course.

From pre-selling, creating the course content, to how to launch your course.

With access to many templates and tools that are provided plus a lot more…

Evergreen engines…

Once you have launched your online course then you are going to want to ensure sales come in on a daily basis.

This can be done by using an automated sales funnel provided.

Webinar Rockstar…

Webinars are great for grabbing peoples contact details.

One of the most successful sales methods is through webinars and this course goes into great detail showing you how to create high converting webinars.

This course will cover joint ventures which help to grow your business faster.

Weekly Q&A calls with Mariah Coz…

These weekly Q&A you are going to not want to miss.

Any questions at all ensure you have made a list.

Weekly assessment calls from coaches…

These weekly assessment calls in a group setting will be invaluable as you’ll be able to work on improvements to your business.

Map your model planning system…

This advanced training is available quarterly and yearly and is all about scaling your business.

Exclusive upsells training…

Upsells are part of the sales funnel process and a very effective way to increase your revenue without really having to do very much.

This course will show you how to implement upsells in your launches and sales funnels.

Giveaway sales promotional email templates…

This sequence of emails will help you to convert a freebie into a profitable sale.

Sales page template…

Use this 26-page document which outlines everything you will need to say on a sales page.

Access to tickets for live events…

Your invitation to a two day live event where you can mix with like-minded entrepreneurs with additional training.

Private Facebook group…

Inclusion into the private Facebook group where you can exchange ideas and get answers to questions, even pair up for joint ventures.

What is the Mariah Coz High Ticket Hybrid?

Mariah Coz Review - High Ticket hybridThe High Ticket Hybrid course will take your business to the next level where the online course with the addition of coaching becomes your next step.

Here’s what comes with the Mariah Coz High Ticket Hybrid course…

Access to the 12-month program…

This course is stretched over a 12-month period to help put in place all the changes that would be necessary to take your high-ticket coaching program to the next level.

Weekly group coaching calls with Mariah Coz…

Every week there are high-level group coaching calls where you can discuss everything about your current situation.

Here you will have Mariah Coz at hand to help answer all your queries.

Weekly assessment of your business…

Every week you would submit your business progress and get accessed to ensure that you are on the right path.

This weekly assessment is going to help make sure that you don’t stray too far.

Private Facebook group…

Mix amongst 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs and see what works for them.

Exchange ideas and ask your questions too.

Access to all resources that are currently available…

You have access to every resource which includes things like training videos, templates, emails, manuals, plus so much more.

Mariah Coz Training Course FAQ

We thought that we’d add a few answers to questions that you might find yourself asking.

  1. Is Mariah Coz a trustworthy and reliable person?

Mariah Coz is relatively new to this industry only coming to the forefront since around 2019 with her courses Accelerator and High Ticket Hybrid.

So there really isn’t a lot of information about Mariah but what we did find was pretty much all positive with very little negativity said about her.

She does come across as someone who knows her stuff so yes, we think she is a legit and trustworthy person.

  1. Why are the courses so expensive?

The courses after all teach you to create “High-ticket” courses online so I guess she is doing what she preaches.

These courses are only going to appeal to people who are already having some form of success.

Some people may think that because of the high costs that they are getting quality. You know the saying “You get what you have paid for?”.

Well, there are many courses out there that offer you quality and don’t cost anywhere near as much.

I could never see a $30k value in taking these courses because it would put far too much pressure on me wanting success.

Besides these costs that are additional costs on top that have to be taken into consideration.

  1. Where can I find testimonials from people who have taken the courses?

Unfortunately, this can be tricky because most testimonials you will find on Mariah Coz’s website are all going to be positive.

Even the ones that you can find in places like social media are all going to be positive because they are trying to get you to join.

  1. Do these courses come with a full refund policy?

As of this review, we couldn’t see any mention of a refund policy but this may change from time to time.

  1. Is there a payment structure in place?

Once again you will have to apply for the course to find out like this has been known to change.

  1. Are there people who are making money with these courses?

If you have been doing as much research and reviews as we have then you have a tendency to take things with a pinch of salt.

As we can’t see any real negative feedback about the courses then we can safely assume that people are making money.

After all, you ain’t going to be spending $10k and $20k on a course and only be half committed, now are you?

Take a look and see what this person thought about the Accelerator course and see her results.

  1. Do you have any alternative recommendations?

We do have an alternative recommendation that is extremely cost-effective which you might like to take a look at here.

What we like about Mariah Coz

  • Mariah Coz is a successful business person and this can be seen by the amount of positive feedback that she gets.

This is mainly from women although you can find a few guys amongst them.

What we don’t like about Mariah Coz

  • The courses are very expensive and are only going to appeal to people who are already seeing success, after all, who is going to be able to afford them?
  • Not recommended for complete beginners because you are going to want to have a certain amount of knowledge first before risking so much money.

One of the biggest mistakes for a complete newbie is believing everything that is been told to you which is a big mistake we made a few years ago.

You need to learn how to walk first!

What you will notice with people who have paid for these courses is that creating a course and online coaching was already on their agenda and they already had a list.

Is Mary Coz a SCAM?

Mary Coz is definitely not a scam although many are going to questions the costs of these courses.

We see several people who have enrolled on the Accelerator course getting to a point with their business where they can’t see any further progression.

Move onto the High Ticket Hybrid course which as you know teaches all about creating a coaching course.

That is some serious money with it going to cost you $30k.

We couldn’t find any negative feedback on the internet and the positive feedback we did find was only on Mariah’s website.

According to Mariah, these courses are for both experienced and complete beginners but we don’t see beginners benefiting from these.

Might like to tread water first before getting involved with a high-ticket training like this.

Mariah Coz Review – Final Thoughts!

What we deduced from our findings was that people who join either of these courses obviously joined the Accelerator course first.

Those people were already at a stage where they wanted to create an online course and they already had a big enough following.

They would then make enough sales to pay for the Accelerator course and some not all would be ready to ramp up their business.

Taking it to the next stage which is coaching and the High Ticket Hybrid course.

I think you should realize that neither course should be taken by complete beginners.

If it’s a business opportunity that you are looking for then we’d love to share with you our recommendation.

Where do we go from here?

This is a stage that Mariah Coz would have started at and not straight into creating an online course or coaching.

This training platform is fully integrated, meaning everything is under one roof, so to speak.

The company is Wealthy Affiliate and one I have no problem in recommending above all others.

Here you can join and check out the system for FREE, with no credit card details. If it isn’t for you then just walk away, but you won’t know until you have tried!

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you guys enjoyed this review and that it answered most if not all your questions.

If you have anything to add then please feel free to add whatever it is in the comments section and we’ll get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe

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