Jorge Contreras Review – How To Leverage Airbnb Using The R.E.A.L System.

Jorge Contreras Review

Welcome to this John Contreras Review. and “The Real System” which is a real estate coaching and mentoring program.

That teaches you how to make money without even owning a property, which sounds great I’m sure you will agree.

The training program was developed around Airbnb, an agency or brokerage that you can use for short-term rentals.

With around 5.5 billion people who have access to the internet, there is no better time than the present to seek out an online business opportunity.

The problem you are going to encounter, (that’s if you do not know what you want to do) is which business to go with.

It’s not a matter of choosing a new career path (if you want) but it’s finding the right type of training.

Since there are so many out there, the Internet is used as a breeding ground for scams.

That’s where we come in, since we did create this website you are on now to help people like you find your way.

With over 450 reviews, we have covered many business opportunities where some were really bad, some ok, some good and a few extremely good.

When you have finished this review maybe you’d like to check out some of these. You never know we might even give you some better ideas!

But you are here today to see if John Contreras and his coaching program The Real System is any good and whether it lives up to expectations.

But before we do, we’d like to be completely transparent with you and say that we are not affiliated with John Contreras or his coaching program in any way.

All that means is that we are not getting paid for this review and forest assured what you will get is an honest, factual and unbiased review.

So if you have questions, like is The Real System legit or a scam then we will address those queries and more.

So that you can have a better understanding and whether real estate is the business path you want to go down, more importantly, is John Contreras a legit and trustworthy person?

What I would suggest is to not take this review as gospel (even though it is factual) but to look at a number of others so that you can get an all-around picture.

Right with that said, let’s get started.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This Jorge Contreras Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

Jorge Contreras Review – Summary

Product: The Real System

Founder: John Contreras


Product Description: A real estate coaching and mentoring program based around Airbnb.

Cost to join: $1,659

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: You might be asking how can I make a living in real estate without owning a property but more importantly is it legal?

Well, that is why you are here today because it is just one of many different types of businesses you can do in real estate.

But in a nutshell, you find a property in the ideal location and preferably by the sea, a lake or even in a great city.

Then you approach the owner and you try to do a deal with them.

A deal where you draw up a contract where you rent the property from the owner and you sub-let it out for a higher fee.

Is it legal? Absolutely because this is an agreement between you and the owner.

Would you as a property owner allow this?

That is the big question, but many people are making a ton of money doing it and that’s what you are about to find out here…

Jorge Contreras Review – TOC

    1. What is Jorge Contreras’s The Real System?
    2. Who is Jorge Contreras?
    3. What do You Get When You Purchase The Real System?
    4. The Real System Costs
    5. Is it Possible to Create Financial Freedom With the R.E.A.L System?
    6. Who Could Benefit From The Real System And is it a Viable Business?
    7. What do The Students Think About The Real System?
    8. PROS And CONS
    9. Verdict – What we Thought – Is The Real System Worth it?
    10. Is Affiliate Marketing a Better Way to Make Money Online Right Now?
    11. Jorge Contreras Review – FAQ
    12. Feedback, Follow And Subscribe

What is Jorge Contreras’s The Real System?

Jorge Contreras Review - Main

The Real System or “The R.E.A.L System” as it is often called, is a 90-day coaching and mentoring program devised by Jorge Contreras in 2018.

It’s a program that teaches you all about short-term rentals where you don’t even need to own the property yourself.

Obviously, if you had the money then you could purchase the property and let it out your self and then you really wouldn’t need his help.

Jorge and his team will help get your business up and running within that time period without you having any prior knowledge.

So if you are a complete beginner and know nothing about real estate this could be a great way for you to make a very good living from.

This all seems too good to be true, right?

But there are many people using this same method to improve their lives and to give them financial freedom.

Wouldn’t it be great to have your own luxury homes on the coast or near the ocean that would provide great experiences for others?

You could even rent the property yourself.

This is all 100% legal and all you need is the owner’s permission.

But we see the conversation to be challenging but The Real System has you covered and shows you exactly how to approach this.

But before we get into the crocks let’s take a look at who Jorge Contrerea really is…

Who is Jorge Contreras?

Jorge Contreras is a real estate entrepreneur who started in real estate back in 2010 and after having, success decided to start his coaching business The R.E.A.L System where he hopes to improve many people’s lives.

Like many of these entrepreneurs, he didn’t have the ideal upbringing.

With immigrant parents who came from Mexico, when he was 5 his brother was murdered as a result of gang involvement.

At 7 years of age, he was selling drugs on the streets with his father and by the time he was 10, he was trafficking people across the border to the US.

That is what some people had to do coming from underprivileged areas and how they put food on the table.

He lost his father when he was 12 to alcohol poisoning.

Failed miserably at school and even dropped out of college in the first year.

So, it was just a matter of time before he either ended up like his brother or in jail.

That’s when he realized he had to do something before things got evermore worse than they were.

In 2007 he started his first business which didn’t go to plan but instead of calling it a day, he picked himself up dusted himself down and continued and that is where we are today.

What do You Get With The Real System


The basic layout of The Real System can be summed up in three straightforward steps.

In a nutshell…

Step #1 – Jorge and his team will show you exactly what to do and how to find the ideal properties which you never have to pay for.

Step #2 – You are taught and shown where to find people who are looking for these properties that you are going to sub-let.

Step #3 – Then they use an automated system where you input all the required information and it does everything else for you without you having to do anything.


Access to Airbnb templates…

You’ll get access to Jorge’s private Rolodex which is a system for that store’s preferred suppliers used when you are fixing the property up with furniture and appliances…

Access to legal representatives such as attorneys as well as accountants to help in bookkeeping issues and keeping you on the straight and narrow track…

Access to their own bespoke system to avoid re-inventing the wheel when creating information on additional properties…

Direct access to the founder Jorge Contreras and weekly live questions and answer sessions by the team…

Lifetime access to a private Facebook group to communicate with like-minded individuals…

Able to network and communicate with students and coaches who have similar goals as yourself…

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The R.E.A.L System Cost


It is happening more and more nowadays.

Where you have to schedule a telephone call and until you have had your call you really haven’t a clue about costs.

It could be $500 or it could be $5000 and that’s the problem with this method of marketing.

Once they get you on the call they can tell whether you are going to be easily influenced by price or not, because that’s what they do for a living.

I mean why would they highlight the fact that the course is going to cost thousands on the website?

They wouldn’t now would they because people would not be interested.

We have seen this method of marketing on a vast number of programs that we have reviewed and a method we are not happy with.

But after a little digging, we did see the cost of the program as of this review at $1,659 and that apparently is a lifetime membership.

Can You Pay With Instalments?

We are not sure of this but maybe this is something you could bring up on your scheduled telephone call.

Are There Any Upsells?

There aren’t any upsells as such, however, there will be other expenses to pay for so you would need some additional cash for those.

Is There A Free Trial?

Unfortunately, there is no free trial.

Is There A Refund?

There is no refund.

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Is it Possible to Create Financial Freedom With the R.E.A.L System?


According to Jorge, he already has students who have successfully completed their first Airbnb property within 30 days.

But those would be exceptional circumstances, all the same very possible.

However, “The R.E.A.L System” is based over 90 days and if you do successfully secure a property within that time period then that’s great.

The biggest issue which we have already mentioned is not only finding the right property in the ideal location that is going to appeal.

Remember, the more appealing the easier it will be to rent.

But you have to convince the property owner of your intentions and get him to agree to allow you to sub-let.

Let’s say you succeeded and you rented the property off the owner for let’s say $2,000/month and did various things to it like furniture etc.

To spruce it up and make it look more appealing.

Then put it on Airbnb for $3,000/month.

That would give you $12,000 over the year.

Just repeat this process with additional properties so you would need 10 properties to make $120,000.

Obviously, there would be taxes and fees to deduct but you could be looking at $50k – $65k profit for the year.

You can see how it could be extremely beneficial but this is not going to happen overnight so you would need something like a 5-year plan.

The money you are making you would use to purchase properties yourself and cut out the middleman so the property you rented for $3,000 would be making you $36,000 for the year.

That’s when you really start making money.

Who Could Benefit From The Real System And is it a Viable Business?


Everybody is looking for a way to make money online and most people just do not have the funds to get started.

Even a course like The Real System is going to cost you money and there is additional money required for other things.

Like furniture and decorations, Airbnb fees etc

Jorge talks about getting started for zero money which is possible.

But, that would require you to have a  good credit rating which you would need in order to get a credit card.

Then you could start it for a zero amount.

Yes, it is a viable business solution as there are thousands doing it.

Remember, unless you have the funds then in the interim, you are using other people’s money.

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What Are The Students Saying About R.E.A.L And Are They Having Success?

We couldn’t really find any third-party reviews and testimonials on sites like Trustpilot.

All the same, we couldn’t really find any negative feedback from past or present students.

There are however a number of reviews and testimonials on the Real System website.

Jorge Contreras Reviews #1

Jorge Contreras Reviews #2

Jorge Contreras Reviews #3

These reviews obviously can’t be verified but you can check them out here.



  • Jorge Contreras is a successful real estate investor and does appear to know what he is talking about, who become a millionaire by the time he was 30:
  • The program is reasonably priced when you look at similar programs offering the same type of service:
  • There are weekly question-and-answer sessions where you can approach both Jorge and his team to answer any of your queries.
  • You have access to the private Facebook group where you can discuss things with other like-minded people:


  • This training isn’t unique and can be found all over the internet for free, however, it will take time to work out what you need to know:
  • Unless you have the cash to invest then we foresee issues with trying to convince the property owners what your intentions are:

Not impossible because all you need is a couple of properties to get you going and then once you have the capital then buy your own properties.

Verdict – What we Thought About Jorge Contreras And The Real System


You have to commend Jorge for what he has achieved considering how his life was panning out when he was younger.

He could easily have ended up imprison or even end up the way that his brother ended up when he was 5.

All these program creators make it sound very easy but it isn’t and to make this work you really need cash if you don’t have any cash then unless you are a great communicator then we think you might struggle.

Since the virus and lockdowns, there have been changes to many businesses with additional restrictions added by governments.

You should check this out first before making a commitment to purchase this training program.

Maybe 5-10 years ago then building a business through Airbnb was a lot easier but you will find this with all businesses.

Nowadays with the economy it is might not be the best time to get into this type of business.

Money is always going to be an issue with any business so why not look at something like affiliate marketing?

It’s a simple business model which can be started for almost zero costs where you do not have any restrictions.

If that might interest you then please read into the next section.

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You get access to a high-paying affiliate program that can provide you with a great income and even get invited to a fully paid 5-day Las Vegas trip.

You have access to all the tools and education you would ever need and only you can fail.

If you are looking for a 100% passive online business where you can work when you want then this is it.

Just check out the reviews on Trustpilot.

Wealthy Affiliate member reviews24 Trustpilot

The training platform is a fully integrated one-stop-shop meaning that everything you need to succeed is in one place.

Education and trainingWeb development, Hosting your website, and a community that cares and is full of experience on many levels…

Get started today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

The Real System Review – FAQ


When we were doing our research we found a number of questions that people were asking in the search engines.

Her a few of those questions and hope they help.

  1. How much does the Real System by Jorge Contreras cost?

If you do your research you will see this program at various prices but today if you want to join it is going to cost $1,659 for lifetime access.

  1. Who is Jorge Contreras and why should I trust him?

He is the founder of The Real System who started out life with immigrant parents living in Mexico, whose brother was murdered when he was 5 years old.

He has sold drugs with his father and has even been involved in trafficking people across the Mexican border.

However, he did sort his life out and learned his craft and now teaching others to do the same.

  1. Is it possible to build a real estate Airbnb business without money?  

It is but you will need a good credit rating so that you can either get a loan or purchase a credit card.

  1. What kind of support is there if I join The Real Estate program?

You will have access to the private Facebook group and also there is the weekly Q & A sessions which are run weekly by Jorge and his team.

  1. Is there a refund policy if I am not satisfied with the program?

Unfortunately as of this review, there is no refund policy in place.

  1. Do you need permission to host properties on Airbnb?

Yes you will need a permit to host a property on Airbnb

  1. Is it possible to Airbnb your home with a mortgage?

You would have to check with your mortgage provider but it is highly unlikely that you can.

Feedback, Comments And Subscribe

Thank you for your time and for reading The Real System review.

If you have anything to add then please leave a message in the comments section below.

Maybe you are a current or former student and would like to share your experiences without readers.

Take care and stay safe!

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