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Is Max International a scam

Hey guys, welcome to the Max International Reviews

Maybe you have been approached by one of the Max International Associates telling you about their amazing products.

Or could it be one of your friends or maybe a family member that has tried to get you involved that has sparked an interest?

Whatever the reason, you are here to find out if these products are legit but more importantly, is there an opportunity here to earn some extra cash.

Before we get started we’d just like to set the record straight, Max International is not a scam.

They are a legit business with legit products that have been operating a number of years now but is this right for you?

In this Max International review, we hope to address all your questions and set you on the right path but before we do.

We would just like to mention that we are not getting paid for this review, rest assured of what you will get from us.

Is an honest thorough unbiased review, with all the facts that you could ever want.

So that you can decide on your own merit whether this business is worth pursuing any further.

In the next few minutes, you will know all there is about Max International so let’s get started.

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Max International Logo

Product: Max International

Founder: Steven K. Scott


Product Description: Health and Wellness MLM

Product price: $20 – $1025

Cost to join: $25 one time fee for business activation, plus an annual fee of $25

Best For: Experienced network marketers and for people who are prepared to go that extra mile and work extremely hard to learn how to build a team

Recommended: Not for complete beginners to the make money online niche

Summary: Health and wellness are certainly one of the biggest niches out there that continues to expand at such a rapid rate.

Valued at over $4.5 TRILLION.

People are living longer and the older we get the more help some people need.

With so many nutritional health products out there it’s so difficult in determining which products are legit and which ones aren’t.

If your interest in Max International is primarily because of the home business opportunity.

Then there are a few hard facts that you need to know first.

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Max International Review – TOC

    1. What is Max International About?
    2. Who is the Founder of Max International?
    3. Is Max International a Pyramid Scheme
    4. Max International Products Line
    5. Max International Business Opportunity – What You Need To Know
      1. How much does it cost to join Max International?
      2. How to make money with Max International?
      3. Max International Compensation Plan
      4. Are Max International Distributors Actually Making Money?
    6. Is Max International a Scam?
    7. Max International PROS and CONS
    8. Max International Reviews -Final Thoughts
    9. How we make Passive Income Online
    10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Max International About?

Max International or “The Glutathione Company” that they so often like to be referred to.

Is a network marketing company or MLM that manufactures and promotes nutritional health products all based around Glutathione.

They came onto the MLM scene in 2007 and are based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As of this review, they are conducting business throughout many countries such as…

Australia, Canada, Columbia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Fiji, Ghana, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Ivory Coast, Malaysia, New Zealand, Nigeria, Philipines, Singapore, USA

With over 200,000 Max International distributors.

They are regarded as one of the leading companies doing research into Glutathione.

Which is regarded as an amazing substance produced by the liver which helps to repair body tissues and supports the immune system.

They also through their foundation, Max Gives Back, support needy charities across the globe.

Here’s a video by the current CEO telling you more about the business…

Who is the founder of Max International?

That accolade belongs to Steven K. Scott who is an author of many best selling books as well as a successful entrepreneur.

Although his business career didn’t start well with the first 9 businesses flopping.

Steve is the co-founder of the company ATP or American Telecast Products established in 1975. He’s a bit like an angel investor!

Their job nowadays is to find new products and turn them into successful direct selling businesses.

These can range from life and health insurance, skincare, makeup, weight loss, fitness products, education plus many more…

Up to the press, they have helped build over two dozen businesses like Jane Fonda Treadmill, Total Gym, Gazelle, Deal-a-Meal, Ab Dolly…

What is unique about the way they bring these businesses to market is that they use celebrities from the film and music industry to promote the products.

The same here with Max International and Chuck Norris and his wife.

This all happened due to a meeting with Steven and Dr Robert H. Keller a renowned research scientist at Chuck Norris’s home in 2007.

The discussion was about his breakthrough in a formula that he had devised in cellular rejuvenation based on Glutathione.

The product he had developed had been used on his patients for over a decade with amazing results.

As a result of this meeting, Steven agreed to fund a business to take MAX GXL (glutathione accelerator) to market and that’s where we are now.

He used Chuck Norris and his wife to promote the product through TV.

As of today, the current CEO is Joe Voyticky who is a Harvard Law graduate who has worked for some top law firms.

Representing many international banking institutions and fortune 500 companies.

He is also an avid marathon runner with some impressive results.

Is Max International a Pyramid Scheme?

Is Max International a pyramid scheme? Is Max International a pyramid scheme

Absolutely not and let me tell you why.

Members do not have to partake as a Max International business associate to make money.

You can join as a preferred customer and purchase the products yourself and sell them to people like family and friends.

That means you do not have to recruit other people into joining which means you are not part of the affiliate program.

But if you want to give yourself a better chance of making some real money then you will have to join as a Max International Associate.

This is when it can be a bit of a grey area where some say it could in fact be a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Just for clarity on what a Pyramid Scheme is…

When an affiliate or distributor is paid only for recruiting with no product or service.

You can often find companies trying to disguise the fact that they are operating an illegal scheme and this does happen often.

By hiding behind a product or service which really has no purpose, no value at all.

In most countries this type of business is illegal and many people can go to prison for many years, just take a look at China as an example.

The  Federal Trade Commission spent some time producing a report regarding the MLM business model which you can read about here.

Why aren’t these MLMs getting closed down?

It’s no secret that the life expectancy of an MLM is between 5 and 10 years with many not even reaching the 5 year period.

That’s why you have to be very careful when choosing a business that you want to work with.

There are so many MLMs that operate their business on the fringes of being declared a pyramid scheme.

Which takes time for the FTC to get around to them and besides, by the time they do get around to investigating a company thoroughly.

They have usually closed down and reopened as some other company probably doing the same thing but using a different name.

You might like to check out this short video…

Max International Products Line

All the products that are manufactured are based on enhancing your glutathione levels which should help every cell in the body.

There are plenty of studies ongoing and completed which you can find on the PubMed website which accesses Medline that shows its importance.

There is enough feedback to suggest these products are as good as they say they are,  but it is you that has to be certain and 100% confident.

Let’s take a look at the 4 best selling products at Max International…

The current best selling products at Max International

  • MaxGxl

Max International MaxGxl Documentation

    • Wholesale – $75
    • Autoship – $60
    • Retail – $90
  • MaxAtp

Max International MaxAtp Documentation

    • Wholesale – $75
    • Autoship – $60
    • Retail – $90
  • CellGevity

Max International CellGevity documentation

    • Wholesale – $93.75
    • Autoship – $75
    • Retail – $112.50
  • Maxn-Fuze

Max International Maxn-Fuze documentation

    • Wholesale – $75
    • Autoship – $60
    • Retail – $90

Obviously setting the order as an auto-ship for 3 months is going to give you bigger discounts.

For more details about the entire product range head over to the Max International website here.

There are many other companies offering similar products with similar business opportunities that might interest you here…

Max International Business Opportunity – What You Need To Know

For all the people who are thinking entrepreneurial and looking to take Max International to the next level, this section is for you.

How much does it cost to join Max International?

To become a Max International Associate there is a 1-off activation cost of $25 plus an annual fee of $25.

This doesn’t seem bad but you will have to purchase products to show to your prospective customers.

Which can cost anywhere from $20 to $1025.

Plus if you take out the auto-ship, remember that will have to be paid for on a monthly basis.

How to make money with Max International

There are 2 main ways to make money with Max International.

    • Buy the products yourself and sell them to your customers
    • Recruit other people into your team and make commissions from what they sell

How you find your customers are all down to your imagination which could be at fairs, conventions, boot sales, concerts, online etc

There are other incentives that come as part of the compensation plan which we go into in the next section.

Max International Compensation Plan

Compensation plans are how you get paid when you become a distributor but most of them are complex and the one at Max International is no different.

One thing we don’t do is attempt to explain the compensation plan because it can change at any minute and confuse the matter even more.

However, Max International does provide the plan on their website and if you are interested then you can check it out here.

Otherwise, sit back and listen to a Max International associate explain it in this video.

Are Max International Associates Actually Making Money?

It’s difficult just to know how much associates at Max International are earning even with an income disclosure.

There are people making money but most are not even making minimum wage whilst some are earning ridiculous amounts.

If you take a look at the first part of the income disclosure that is accessible from the Max International website which is for the 2011 period.

Not sure why we don’t have an earlier report, maybe the figures are even more depressing to read, who knows.

Max International Income disclosure part 1

There is 99.16% that earn an average of as much as $806 a month.

If you take a look at the second part of the income disclosure below which shows the very top 1%.

Max International Income disclosure part 2

You can understand where all the money goes and to achieve those ranks will take many years of extremely hard work.

As you can see those figures are based on 32 Max International Associates which are out of thousands of associates in total.

You can see for yourself by clicking here.

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) compiled a report that you can read about here.

Is Max International a SCAM?

Max International is not a scam because the company is legit and they pay their associates exactly what they say they do.

However, what we do not like is the way that current associates market the business and the underhanded tactics they adopt.

As long as you take what they say with a pinch of salt and do your research like you are doing now then you should be ok.

By all means, check out the products first by becoming a preferred customer and see what you think.

You have just seen the income disclosure earlier in this Max International review and that alone should make you run a mile.

If you are not convinced that we created those images ourselves then you can read the original document here.

It is only after months of trying to succeed with Max International that most members leave and label Max International as a scam.

This, however, is not true because the opportunity is there, it’s just not a very good one.

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Max International PROS and CONS

As we are coming to the end of this review, we would just like to highlight what we believe to be the important factors.

Which will hopefully help you to decide whether to pursue this business venture further or not.


  • The Business Has Stood The Test Of Time:What we like about Max International

Most multi-level marketing businesses hardly ever go beyond the 10 years of trading, mind you most do not even reach the 5 year period.

Max International has survived and gone beyond 10 years since they were founded in 2007.

That should tell you that they must be doing something right.

  • Original Founder Came With Years Of Experience:

Steven K. Scott who is the original founder has many years of experience taking startup companies and making them successful.

Before he handed over the reins to the current CEO, Marc Wilson.

  • Backed By A Company That Is Successful In Direct Selling:

The company American Telecast Products, which Steven K. Scott helped to found in 1975 is the backing behind many successful startup businesses.

Through the backing of celebrities like Chuck Norris and through TV commercials they put Max International on the map.

  • Many Studies To Back Up Their Claims:

There have been tens of thousands of research studies undertaken about glutathione which can be found all over the internet.

It is clear then that Max International are definitely onto something here and who knows where they can take their own research in the future.


  • Competitive Industry:What we don't like about Max International

The health and wellness industry is massive and whilst it continues to expand and what else that brings is competition and plenty of it.

  • Low Income Potential:

Many people join this type of business as preferred customers so that they can enjoy, it along with their family and friends the products.

This is usually about 70 – 80 per cent and that is fine because you can earn some money however it isn’t going to be great.

Some of those preferred customers do in fact upgrade to the associate level to try and earn more and in the progress, hopefully, grow a business.

As you can see by the income disclosure the number of people who succeed is pretty small.

  • Not Accreditated With The The Better Business Bureau:

The BBB is an organisation that monitors businesses and grades them accordingly.

This is a place where you can go to see how a business is performing and a place where people make their complaints.

Max Int is not accredited as of yet but they do have an A+ rating which is heading that way.

Max International Reviews – Final Thoughts!

If you are here then thank you for reading this Max International review but before we wrap things up we’d just like to give you a few more insights.

The products are great and people love them however they are expensive but you are always going to find that with an MLM.

The products are backed up with thousands of research reports so we are happy with the products.

It’s the business side that concerns us because when people are approached by Max International associates.

They are not given the whole facts and how difficult it is to succeed.

But, when you look at it, these MLM businesses are no more difficult to succeed in than in any other business.

Hard work, consistency, persistence but with an MLM you have to know or learn how to recruit and if you don’t come from sales then you will struggle.

You need to be able to build a large team and some of these network marketers who are earning real money have massive teams.

What is against you is competition because with Max International you can find their products all over the internet at various prices.

Like on eBay and Amazon…

So now you know what it is going to take to make success not only from Max International but MLM in general.

Is it worth the risk or would you like to know a better way where the risks are zero in comparison and are not restricted like with an MLM?

If you are then we’d love to share with you what we do for a living which can be found in the next section.

How we make Passive Income Online?

After a couple of years of going down the MLM route, we decided that this wasn’t for us.

We hated trying to recruit people and getting refused time and time again but that is cold-calling.

We found affiliate marketing to be a much better business model because the benefits far outweighed an MLM’s.

It is also a much better way of creating multiple passive income streams which is really what everyone is trying to achieve.

Where your website runs 24/7 with very little intervention.

  • Here are just a few benefits…
    • Promote any product or service you like
    • No business conventions to attend
    • No pressure to maintain your ranking status
    • No pestering from a sponsor
    • No having to train your team
    • Extremely cost-effective to start and run
    • No marketing costs
    • This business is yours and something you could pass on
    • No order management to handle

All you have to do is basically connect the customer with the merchant and your job is done. They make a purchase and you get paid.

If you want to know where you can learn all this, it’s provided by Wealthy Affiliate.

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Don’t worry we are not trying to sell you anything as it’s free to look with no credit card details and no commitment, so what have you got to lose?

If this is not for you then just call it a day but you won’t know unless you try.

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Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Well, guys, we hope you enjoyed this Max International review and that you got some benefit from it.

Hopefully enough information to be able to make up your mind whether to pursue further or not.

Anything to add just add it to the section below.

Until next time, stay safe

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