Auvoria Prime Review – Are people actually making money with this Forex Trading Platform?

Is Auvoria Prime a Scam

Hi, I’m Mick and welcome to this Auvoria Prime Review.

It might be that you saw their marketing campaigns on social media, received a personal email or was even approached by one of their representatives.

Telling you this is the best way to invest your money in a safe and reliable system where returns are astounding?

Sounds too good to be true and we all know what that usually means, right?

But, before we get started we’d like to address a few things!

That we are not associated with Auvoria Prime in any way and rest assured we won’t be pitching or trying to sell you anything.

However, we will be going deep and looking at what Auvoria Prime has to offer and besides you’d like to know, is Auvoria a scam or not, right?

All will be revealed in the next few minutes, so sit back and enjoy!

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Is Auvoria Prime a Scam - Logo

Product: Auvoria Prime

Founder: Sal Leto


Product Description: MLM in the Forex trading

Cost to join: $99 – $396/month

Best For: Experienced network marketers with an interest in trading

Recommended: No

Summary: Auvoria Prime claims to be a Forex trading platform that provides the tools and education to help investors make money in the foreign currency markets.

If you are new to investing and it doesn’t matter whether it’s currencies or stocks and shares, you should know that trading is a  very risky business.

Where you have to be prepared to lose everything!

Now considering Auvoria Prime is an MLM then the real reason anybody would join in the first place is to recruit, build a team and make commissions from them, right?

Otherwise, you would find a good broker who wasn’t part of the MLM business model, YES?

If you joined Auvoria Prime to take advantage of the MLM side then you’ better bring your A-game.

Because recruitment is key and that’s why MLMs, in general, are notoriously difficult to succeed in.

If you are not one of the chosen few at the launch date and don’t have a big enough stake or don’t have a big enough following then forget it!

It ain’t going to work!

But hey who am I, because it might work and you might have success but the odds are stacked against you.

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    1. What is Auvoria Prime about and who are the Founders? 
    2. Is Auvoria Prime a Pyramid Scheme
    3. How does Auvoria Prime work
    4. What you get with Auvoria Prime
    5. Auvoria Prime Business Opportunity – What you need to know
    6. What we like about Auvoria Prime
    7. What we don’t like about Auvoria Prime
    8. Is Auvoria Prime a Scam?
    9. Auvoria Prime Review -Final Analysis
    10. How we make a living online if you are Interested
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What is Auvoria Prime about and who are the Founders?

Is Auvoria Prime a Scam - Auvoria Prime Login
Auvoria Prime Login

Auvoria Prime is an MLM or multi-level marketing business operating in the Forex trading markets and is based in the UK.

That’s trading foreign currencies for anybody who didn’t know.

They are however based in Utah to take care of the US market.

Are a relatively new business that came on the scene in 2020.

They offer a business opportunity for anyone who is interested, with all the tools to help you succeed in this very risky marketplace.

Along with training, a professionally looking software platform amongst many other things.

According to our research, Auvoria Prime is not a broker or investment advisor and therefore do not handle your investment.

Is Auvoria Prime a Scam - Auvoria Prime compliance

They provide all the tools and education but you the sole investor handles the trade.

So who is Sal Leto?

Ok, now there has been a lot said about Is Auvoria Prime a Scam - Sal Leto

the people who are heading Auvoria Prime, coming from shady pasts.

Such as connections to Ponzi schemes, money laundering, fraudulent dealing amongst many other things.

You will read about connections to…

    • Silver Star Live was closed with a fraud settlement.
    • OneCoin and Sal’s involvement with a $4 billion Ponzi scheme and front for a money-laundering operation even with police involvement.
    • Eacomony and Sal’s involvement, that lead him to launch Auvoria

If you are interested then you can read more about what has been going on here.

These are the type of things we are accustomed to when we are talking about MLMs and the reason why they come with baggage.

Auvoria Prime does come with plenty of baggage and that is something you should be made aware of because there are a lot of crooks in this industry.

So where does Sal Leto fit into all of this?

An early venture that Sal Leto was involved in was with OneCoin that was fronted by Ruja Ignatova which ended up turning not only into a $4 billion Ponzi scheme.

But a money-laundering scam that had police involvement.

Ok, so Sal Leto was an affiliate but he was one of the top affiliates and according to court documents had close connections with the founder, Ruja Ignatova.

I find it extremely difficult to believe he didn’t know about what was going on or that he wasn’t involved.

So, what are we supposed to do here?

Give the guy another chance or does a leopard never change its spots?

If it was me I just wouldn’t get involved and move onto something else.

But, some people won’t listen and end up joining anyway!

Is Auvoria Prime a Pyramid Scheme?

Well, MLM businesses are cagey at best of times and are always bordering on whether it could be a through and through Pyramid Scheme.

Or a pyramid scheme in disguise which most MLMs operate under.

Let’s take a look at just what a pyramid schemeis auvoria Prime a scam - - pyramid scheme?

is which is sometimes referred to as a Ponzi scheme.

Basically what happens is that you get paid by the business for recruiting others to join where there is no product involved.

The pyramid refers to your involvement and where you sit in the grand scheme of things where your sponsor would sit above you as your upline.

Your referrals would sit below you in your downline.

A pyramid scheme in disguise is basically the same but there are products involved but have no intrinsic value.

What we see here with Auvonia Prime is that there are products involved and they are legitimate and they do have an intrinsic value.

So, is Auvoria an out and out pyramid scheme and we have to say no it isn’t.

They do have a number of products that members use in some cases to successfully make money without recruiting.

To determine whether an MLM is a pyramid scheme you really have to sometimes look deep and unfortunately most people don’t do this.

They believe what they are been told because some of these affiliates can be pretty convincing.

That very thing happened to me once but at the time I hadn’t a clue one way or the other, but you live and learn and is all part of personal development.

What tends to happen is that all the focus is on recruitment which normally leaves referrals to fend for themselves not knowing what to do.

They leave because they can’t recruit and their sponsor isn’t teaching them anything so it’s imperative that others are recruited to take their place.

At the end of the day, MLMs are all about recruitment and without new members joining then the business eventually closes down.

When this happens you had better have withdrawn any cash that you made otherwise that will disappear too.

Guess what normally happens then, the same people start up a new business, in some cases, they replicate the old one and give it a fancy title.

Why aren’t these MLMs getting closed down?

Well, they are but very slowly and why is this?

Simply because there are so many of them about and the FTC has only so much in resources.

By the time the FTC has caught up and focused their attention on the specific companies, most have closed and started up again as something else.

You might like to check out this short video…

How does Auvoria Prime work?

Auvoria Prime offer 2 ways to make money, by becoming a customer and taking part in the business opportunity through their affiliate program.

If you come with plenty of experience then you will know what is involved, what to look out for and how to make money.

However, if you are new to all this then the education that comes with Auvoria Prime will be what you require before you start trading.

What you get with Auvoria Prime

Auvoria Prime is a membership site which means you will have to pay a monthly fee.

The products that we now see in the Auvoria Prime marketplace supersede products like Ainstein and Alexandar which is covered with the product “GEARBOX”.

Each subscription comes as an “Access Pass” and these are graded and you can select 1 to 4 tools dependant on which access pass you purchase.

The tools were are talking about is…

    • Airo
    • Gearbox
    • NEO the Legend
    • Veribull

You can find a full description of what they are and what they do here.

Is Auvoria Prime a Scam - Access passes

Bronze – With one active tool

    • Monthly – $99
    • Quarterly – $289, Discount $8
    • Bi Annual – $559, discount $35
    • Yearly – $1,109, discount $79

Silver – With two active tools

    • Monthly – $198
    • Quarterly – $569, discount $25
    • Bi-Annual – $1,119, discount $69
    • Yearly – $2,229, discount $147

Gold – With three active tools

    • Monthly – $297
    • Quarterly – $849, discount $42
    • Bi-Annual – $1,679, discount $103
    • Yearly – $3,349, discount $215

Platinum – With four active tools

    • Monthly – $396
    • Quarterly – $1,129, discount $59
    • Bi-Annual – $2,239, discount $137
    • Yearly – $4,459, discount $293

Airus – Addon which gives you access to AP Academy

    • Monthly – $59
    • Quarterly – $177
    • Bi-Annual – $354
    • Yearly – $708

Auvoria Prime Business Opportunity – What you need to know

s Auvoria Prime a Scam - Access when becoming an affiliate

If you are interested in joining Auvoria prime and has you are here then we can assume that you are.

Then it is always best to take small steps and not jump straight in and Auvoria Prime allow you to do this by becoming a customer first.

That way you can test the products and besides, you are going to want to know whether this works or not.

So that (if you decided) might move up to the affiliate program with the confidence that you can pass onto referrals.

However, MLMs are not for everyone and require a different mindset.

Tried them and they weren’t for me because I was terrible at recruiting!

How to Make Money with Auvonia Prime

There are 2 possible ways that you could make money with Auvoria Prime.

    • You could join and become a customer, use the tools and the training that is provided and invest your money and hope that you make some money.
    • Do the above but in addition, join the affiliate program and recruit other people to join your team known as your downline.

This way you stand a better chance of really making some big money, however, the key element here is recruitment.

You have to be really good at it and having a big enough following helps, that’s why top network marketers are invited at the launch date.

I know it might seem that we are rambling on about RECRUITMENT, but we can’t stress enough how important this is!

Trading is not easy, period!

If it was then everybody would be doing it.

You will hear people talk about how great Forex trading is but you need to know what you are doing, which takes time and even the experts get it wrong some of the time.

If you are looking for a shortcut to instant riches, then you should know there aren’t any other than hard work and trading markets is like doing the lottery.

If you look at the actual traders, their software and hardware costs millions and in some cases billions and is all in real-time whereas something like Auvoria Prime isn’t.

You need to have confidence in the software and I’m afraid that is something I wouldn’t have with any online Forex trading business.

The owners are always going to take a cut no matter what they tell you and MLMs come with a lot of baggage so I’ll leave that for you to work out.

Auvonia Prime Compensation Plan

We won’t be discussing the compensation plan as they are often over complicated and for good reason too.

They often make you believe that what you are getting is a better deal than what you actually get.

You can find out more about the rewards here.

Are Auvonia Prime affiliates actually making money?

This is a hard question to answer because talking to people involved with Auvonia Prime you aren’t going to get a true answer.

What I mean is that they are not going to tell you that they aren’t making money, now are they?

After all most of them are going to want to try and get you onboard, right?

Take a quick look at the income disclosure below which never read well!

Is Auvoria Prime a Scam - Income disclosure

However, we get the feeling that many people are happy with just been a customer and using the tools that are provided.

As for the members who joined and became affiliates, we know through extensive research in many other MLM businesses.

That it’s only the very top 1% that do actually make the real money and you can tell by looking at the above income disclosure.

Between 50% and 65% of people who join an MLM do not see in the 2nd year and most leave with serious debts.

Those are some serious depressing facts and does make me wonder just why people who go down the MLM route think they can crack the code.

Having said that, I did once myself to drastic effects!

What we like about Auvoria Prime

There were a few things we liked aboutIs Auvoria Prime a scam - What we liked about Auvoria Prime

Auvoria Prime but that does not mean that we would promote this business.
  • The business and website was very professionally done and gave a good impression, in fact, that was what we noticed first.
  • You can join as a customer leaving the business to one side and educate yourself and start trading and if you come with experience then that’s even better.
  • There is a vast array of products that come with Auvoria Prime which claim to help with investing along with education.

To what extent these products work or whether they do produce results is a little unclear.

What we don’t like about Auvoria Prime

Unfortunately, we did find more than enoughIs Auvoria Prime a scam - What we didn't like about Auvoria Prime

issues about Auvoria Prime and we’ve tried to highlight the important ones.
  • Trustpilot reviews did look a little suspect in that a major part of the 80+% of reviews were submitted around the same time.

We’d expect reviews to be spread out a little more but who knows, maybe these are genuine.

  • This is really not for beginners as this subject is vast and can take years to become proficient but we see beginners jumping on board thinking they know better and whilst this isn’t a bad thing this often turns out bad.

They are relying heavily on the software to produce the results and as we have already mentioned the software is only as good as the programmer.

  • Investing online in any trading platform is going to be slow, it’s the traders on the floor that get real-time data and by the time it gets to the Auvoria trading platform it is already too late.
  • Noticed people losing vast amounts and why is this because there should be some safety mechanism built into the software to stop you trading and from losing your whole investment.

Is Auvoria Prime a Scam - Trustpilot review #1

  • People promised returns of 10-12 per cent which is ludicrous, nobody knows whether the trade is going up, down or in circles.

If this is the information coming from Auvorian Prime affiliates and it seriously looks like it is, then this type of behaviour is extremely unethical.

  • Recruitment is the key element in any MLM and we see many tactics the affiliate deploys just to get a sale unethical at the best of times.

The only way an MLM can keep sustainability is through new referrals coming into the business and in most cases to replace the ones that left.

  • Involvement in shady businesses is something you aren’t going to get away from with an MLM.

For some, this doesn’t appear to matter but these are the building blocks of what makes a successful business because most MLMs are not around for very long.

Is Auvoria Prime a SCAM?

Many people are just so quick to judge is Auvoria Prime a scam

and declare a make money opportunity as a scam with not so much as a second glance.

They read a review that starts the ball rolling and instead of checking their facts they practically copy other peoples work.

In our eyes, for something to be declared as a scam.

It has to be 100% obvious, and you do get that sometimes, where businesses just don’t give a damn but gladly not too often.

Having said that we are only here to report the facts and the rest is up to you to decide and if we have reported the facts well enough.

Then you will know one way or the other.

Overall we are seeing people making money by the number of comments we have found on the reviews we have seen.

Auvoria does operate within 2 industry sectors that are renowned for having its fair share of scams.

Online forex trading platforms and multi-level marketing.

Connections to other dodgy past businesses or current members with shady pasts don’t necessarily mean this opportunity is a scam.

Would we say that Auvonia Prime was a legit business and would we recommend them to you?

Absolutely not because we couldn’t live with ourselves if we did.

Auvoria Prime Review – Final Analysis

To make any real money in the Forex markets you need to have plenty of it because the returns (if any) are going to be so small.

There are never going to be massive returns unless something drastic happens in the world.

Which happens from time to time because certain people/groups control this, no matter what you think.

However, you and I will be the last to know about this!

Reading through many of the forums and I see people who know nothing about trading hoping to strike it lucky.

These are people who unfortunately don’t have the money to invest so if that is you then this would not be a wise move.

Having said that, who am I to give you advice but trading with money that you do not have will not be fun, that is for sure.

However, this may not be the right time to become a Forex Trader but in the near future, this may well be possible.

How we make a living online if you are Interested

We know you are here because of your interest in Forex trading opportunities but at the end of the day, it is money that is driving you to these opportunities.

If it’s an online business that you are still looking for then have you not considered affiliate marketing?

This was the method we turned to after a couple of years of trying to make it work with multi-level marketing.

Where you…

    • Don’t have to recruit
    • Don’t have to put up with your sponsor
    • Don’t have to go to events which is what you will be expected to do
    • Don’t have to purchase any stocks
    • Don’t handle customer orders
    • Don’t handle shipping
    • Don’t handle returns
    • Can market any product or service you like
    • This is  your business which an MLM business isn’t

If you are looking for a cost-effective way that isn’t going to break the bank then I would seriously consider Wealthy Affiliate or at least check them out.

A fully integrated training platform where everything is under one roof which I would recommend above all others, and personally have had nothing but a positive experience with it.

Here you can join and check out the system for FREE, with no credit card details. If it isn’t for you then just walk away, but you won’t know until you have tried!

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hey Guys, well we hope you enjoyed this review and that we answered most of your questions.

If however, you would like to add anything then please add your question in the comments section below.

Until next time, stay safe.

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