All in one Profits Review – SCAM and Total Lack of Profits! My Honest Review!

Hey Guys, welcome to the All in One Profits Review

If you are looking at starting an online business then it goes without saying that you will need help with growing your business.

All In One profits can provide you with the tools to help and in the process maybe make yourself some money.

The only problem is that the software platform is well dated and could do with a lick of paint so to speak.

It certainly doesn’t compare or come anywhere near the software platform that I currently use and have been using for several years now.

But who am I am and why should you believe anything that I say?

I am Mick and have been affiliate marketing full-time since 2021 when I left my job as a successful freelance software developer.

To eventually end up having success with my online business, where I earn 5 figures and I would like to help you do the same.

But, before we get started with this review you need to know that we aren’t associated with “All In One Profits” in any way.

That means we aren’t getting paid for this review but what we will promise you is an honest review of what this platform can offer.

That way you are in a better position to decide whether this might be worth looking at further.

Let’s get started.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This All In One Profits Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!]

all in one profits reviewProduct: All in one profits

Founder: Johan Van Geffen & Isabela Capsuna


Product Description: Marketing system

Cost to join: $11.50 – $59.00 a month memberships

Summary: AIOP is an education platform that will show you how to create an online business with the tools that you would need.

Whilst they say that AIOP isn’t a multi-level marketing business or a pyramid-type scheme.

Although when you look into this system further it has all the hallmarks of an MLM.

Which we will be looking at a little later.

If you are looking for a platform that provides the tools and mentorship to start an online business.

You might like to check out my number one rated training platform that I have no hesitation in recommending below.

My number one recommended training platform for creating an online business

All In One Profits Review – TOC

    1. What is the All In One Profits About?
    2. How does All In One Profits Work?
    3. What do you get with All In One Profits?
    4. Who is the All In One Profits for?
    5. How much does it cost to join All In One Profits?
    6. Join the Affiliate Program and Make Some Money
    7. Is All In One Profits a Scam?
    8. What we like about All In One Profits
    9. What we don’t like about All In One Profits
    10. All In One Profits Review – Final Thoughts
    11. How we make Passive Income Online?
    12. All In One Profits FAQs
    13. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is All In One Profits About?

All in one login display

All In One Profits or AIOP came onto the market in 2012 and is the responsibility of Johan Van Geffen & Isabela Capsuna.

Strangely enough, there was no mention of the creators of AIOP on their website which is not too much of a surprise nowadays.

But you have to ask the question, why?

I know if I brought a product to market I would want everybody to know who I was.

This type of behaviour (if you can call it that) usually means that the owners have had a sketchy past and don’t want it to put people off.

All In One Profits markets itself as a one-stop-shop for all your marketing requirements and it does to a certain degree.

There is also a way to make some money by introducing other people to join and become part of your team.

At All In One Profits, they offer a range of products like web hosting, autoresponder, Landing page builder plus more…

You know what they say about first impressions.

When I first took a look at the system, straight away I noticed that it could do with bringing it into the 21st century.

How Does All In One Profits Work?

This online marketing system was designed with the complete beginner in mind simply because you ain’t going to find experienced marketers there.

Having said that though, if you are on a tight budget then AIOP could quite possibly save you a ton of money.

So, what can All In One Profits do for you?

They offer guidance and education on how to get started with your online business.

With tools like landing page creators and autoresponders to help you build a profitable online business.

Landing page creators are used for creating small websites often called squeeze pages.

Which you would use to collect data from subscribers to build a list that at a later date could market products to.

The autoresponder would be where you store all that information.

Just these 2 products alone could cost you well over $100/month.

Now if you took each individual component out of the equation and matched it up with an alternative tool.

You could find yourself paying a small fortune.

So for a minimal fee, you get access to tools that you would require for your online business.

The only issue we have is that we have no clue as to whether these products that are provided at AIOP are any good.

Furthermore, as this system isn’t that popular then what happens if/when they decide to close it.

You are left with nothing.

What do You Get With All In One Profits?

When you start an online business you are always going to be using tools like what AIOP provide.

There is no getting away from it but as we have already mentioned you have to question the validity of these tools.

How good are they?

But they do offer a solution and it might be a good way to get started with your online business without paying a fortune.

Anyway, let’s take a look at what tools you can find at AIOP…

  1. AIOP Web Hosting

A very famous person once said “If your business is not on the internet, it won’t be in business very long”

The person was Bill Gates and how true he was!

If you are wanting to start a business your first priority is a website and at AIOP they provide premium web hosting.

With over 320 website solutions to choose from, such as unlimited email, domains and hosting applications.

  1. AIOP Email Marketing and Autoresponder

They always say that the money is in the list and it is but that takes time and is not a number one priority.

All the same, AIOP provide these tools to allow you to build your list so that you can communicate with and build a rapport.

Outside of AIOP, there are many autoresponders that start off for free but go up in stages.

This means the more subscribers you can get to sign up to your email list, the more money you will pay monthly.

At AIOP one of the features they have is to allow for an unlimited number of subscribers.

  1. AIOP Lead Capture Page Builder

Software tools for creating capture pages can cost upwards of $100 a month.

At All In One Profits, they provide a capture page builder that allows you to create unlimited squeeze pages and video squeeze pages.

With great awesome graphics to really make you stand out.

  1. AIOP Website and Landing Page Builder

Create amazing websites and landing pages using a drag and drop feature.

This tool will allow you to create entire websites, landing pages, sales pages, video pages and more.

  1. AIOP Ready Made Sales Funnels For Your Business

Time is always a problem when you are creating a business, especially when you are doing it by yourself.

AIOP provide a number of ready-made sales funnels, and capture pages where all you will have to do is select and edit to your requirement.

  1. AIOP Blogging and Article Publishing Platform

The main part of building an online business is creating content which is normally called blog posts.

Writing content and targeting the right type of crowd is where your bread and butter is.

At AIOP they provide a blogging platform which is called

  1. AIOP Video Hosting and Sharing Platform

You have to admit that those ads that are forever popping up on YouTube are extremely annoying.

Here at AIOP, you don’t have to worry about this with their own sharing platform as

  1. AIOP Link Tracker

Tracking your campaigns is very important as this is one way that you will know how they are performing.

You are privy to a lot of stats like clicks, location, traffic sources plus more.

  1. AIOP URL Rotator

With this tool, you can promote several URLs at the same time.

This can be an extremely useful tool in the context of marketing by showing multiple sites from a single user.

  1. AIOP Lead Magnet Bundle

Part of your campaigns when targeting leads for an offer “lead magnets” can help trigger the thoughts of visitors to your website.

So they are in a position to purchase from you at a later date.

  1. AIOP WP Plugin Bundle

WordPress is the number one open-source content management system and it comes with thousands of free and paid plugins to help you.

These are small programs that take away the complexity of having to write computer code.

AIOP provide a plugin bundle that will save you a lot of time in the long run.

AIOP E-Learning Academy

All In One Profits provide you with education to guide you through the various stages of building your online business.

This is apparently updated on a regular basis but we would have to question that.

  1. AIOP E-Library

In this library, you have access to all sorts of marketing material which we understand are PLR products.

Private Label Rights tend to be out-of-date articles that are available because they have exhausted their use.

Who is the All In One Profits For?

All In One Profits is for anybody who is interested in building an online business, primarily for newbies.

Although, you might find some experienced marketers however it is unlikely.

Unless they join to promote AIOP and make some money through commissions.

When I was first looking for a mentor and training platform prior to starting my own online business.

I might have even tried AIOP if I’d known about it at the time, that’s before I found Wealthy Affiliate.

As we said earlier, the system is dated and doesn’t give us much confidence, mind you the system is legit and it could be a good place to start.

How much does it cost to join All In One Profits?

There are 3 memberships at All In One Profits…

This image shows the 3 membership types at All In One Profits

    • Basic – $11.50/month
    • Pro = $21.76/month
    • VIP = $59.00/month

The different memberships don’t mean you are restricted with the number of tools that you can use.

For a full explanation regarding the memberships.

Join the Affiliate Program and Make Some Money

We mentioned this earlier but the different levels of memberships don’t affect which tools you are allowed to use.

All memberships have access to the same number of tools.

These membership fees are what dictate how much commission you get from your team.

Remember that unless you want to take part in the affiliate program then there is no need to join as a PRO or VIP member.

If you are interested in the various plans then you can below…

AIOP Basic membership

AIOP Pro membership

AIOP VIP memberships

Is All In One Profits a Scam?

Is AIOP a scam? Absolutely not!

We couldn’t find any real negative feedback which is a good thing!

It’s an all in one marketing system that as far as we can see is legit and provides everything a newcomer would require.

To get your online business up and running.

Costs are always an issue for people starting an online business, at least those costs here at AIOP are down to a minimum.

Could be a great way to test the waters and in the process maybe make some money on the side.

Furthermore, you will probably want to leave when you have little experience and use more advanced tools.

Affiliate marketing is, without doubt, one of the best ways to make money online but if you aren’t confident with All In One Profits.

Then an all singing and dancing “All-in-one” platform we have used for several years might be what you have been looking for.

This is my #1 recommended training platform that allows me to earn $100s per day.

Is All In One Profits a scam - Take action today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

What we Like About All In One Profits

  • An Affordable Solution:

AIOP is an affordable solution for anyone who is on a tight budget or anyone just starting out and trying to find their way.

  • All In One Shop:

They do provide a full range of tools that you will need to build your online business.

  • Affiliate Program:

There is a way of making some money through the AIOP affiliate program which is an added bonus if you can learn how to recruit.

What we Don’t Like About All In One Profits

  • The Website Could Do With Updating:

It doesn’t give us much confidence when we first signed into the system.

The system was created in 2012 and it looks like nothing has been done since then.

  • Outdated Marketing Strategies:

As the website doesn’t appear to have been updated we see that the strategies taught don’t appear to have been either.

  • Is It An Multi-Level Marketing Business:

MLMs are not something we would recommend and even though they claim it isn’t an MLM all the signs are there to indicate otherwise.

  • Owners Don’t Appear To Care about Their Business:

This is something that doesn’t sit right with us and it shouldn’t with you either.

It should tell you that something just isn’t right!

  • Lack Of Third Party Reviews:

We couldn’t find any 3rd party reviews from past and present members except for the ones that we could find on the AIOP website.

  • Lack Of Help And Support:

It can be the best product in the world but without the proper help and support, you have nothing.

It does look like this important feature is lacking somewhat.

  • There’s A Emphasis On Marketing AIOP:

We have seen this before with other systems that we have reviewed where tools were provided.

But the main goal was to get members to promote the system to others.

You can head over to their youtube channel for confirmation of this.

The All In One Profits Review – Final Thoughts!

Most people are turning to the internet for answers to making money online and it’s not too long ago I was one of those people.

With no clue as to what I was doing and listening to every YouTube video, I could get my hands on.

The hardest thing is finding information that you can trust because there is so much bad information out there.

Unfortunately, it will probably end up costing you a lot of money trying various products and tools.

Before you find the right path and even that may not happen.

If I had come across All In One Profits back then, then because I didn’t know what I was doing then I may have become a member.

But knowing what I know now after reviewing AIOP, I do think it could help but I’m not convinced it is the right product for complete beginners.

How we Make Passive Income Online?

Finding the right mentor is critical if you are thinking of building an online business.

At AIOP, help and support are just not there as far as we are concerned.

If you are looking to learn how to build an online business, without question we would recommend Wealthy Affiliates.

They have been providing affiliate marketing training since 2005 and have seen well over 2 million members with many success stories.

But why not take a look yourself, it won’t cost you a dime and there are no credit cards required.

If you have a passion for anything whether a hobby or interest and want to turn it into a business there is no better place.

Get started today and join Wealthy Affiliate for free

All In One Profits FAQs

  1. What Is All In One Profits?

AIOP is a fully integrated training platform for anybody who wants to build an online business.

With all the tools that you would need to help you build and expand your business.

Individual tools that we all need could end up being quite expensive but that wouldn’t be a problem here.

  1. Is It Worth The Membership Cost?

We think it is worth the money and could be a good way to get started.

There are 3 monthly memberships

Basic = $11.50/month,,,Pro = $21.76/month,,,VIP = $59.00/month

Obviously, the higher the membership level the more access you get but the basic membership should be more than enough to get started.

You can always upgrade at a later date if/when you have decided that this is what you really want to do.

  1. Realistically, How Long Could It Take To Start Earning Money?

This is a hard question because it all depends on each individual and how much time and hard work you invest in your business.

It depends on whether you go down the paid marketing route or the free SEO or search engine optimisation route.

SEO is best because it will save you thousands on marketing costs but it takes time for search engines to rank your website.

Once you have your business up and running then you can leave it and just continue to add content to your site.

There’s a big learning curve for both methods.

Paid would be quicker but would end up costing because you are continuously adding money to your campaigns.

SEO is best for longterm results.

  1. Is There A Better Alternative?

There are plenty of similar training platforms teaching affiliate marketing and the one we use is Wealthy Affiliate.

Which is cost-effective and you can join for free to evaluate the system.

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

If you are here then thank you for your patience and we hope that you got some benefit from this review and that we manage to answer most of your questions.

Thank you and stay safe.

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