Ride to the Future Review – Not Another Bitcoin SCAM?

Ride to the future review

Welcome to this Ride to the Future Review.

Since 2010 when Bitcoin first started there as been a lot of ups and downs as to whether this new currency would ever work.

There has always been an issue with government regulations and the fact that Bitcoin has always been volatile, but in recent times we are seeing many high-profile billionaires getting involved.

What we are also seeing is a vast number of businesses set up to try and exploit this new technology and Ridetothefuture is just another one of those businesses.

I’m sure you will have noticed that Ride to the Future has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately and especially in social media.

It could be that an affiliate from Ridetothefuture has been in touch to try and get you to join and the reason why you find yourself here.

Whatever the reason I’d like to welcome you to this site and I’d just like to set the record straight that I am in no way associated with ride to the future.

You are here because you want to know more about this company and whether it is worth investing your time and money so without further ado let’s get right into it.

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Ride To The Future Review – Summary

Product: Ride To The Future

Location: Panama City, Panama, South America

Founders: Unknown, although Nair Segura is the person who seems to be the spokesperson for the company.

Founded: Unknown

Website: www.ridetothefuture.com

Product Description: A multi-level-marketing business in the Cryptocurrency and forex niche.

Cost to join: $49 initial fee followed by investment packages $99 – $19,999

Best For: Experienced Network Marketers who are willing to take a risk.

Recommended: No

Summary: All a little cloak and daggers with very little history of who Ridetothefuture really are and the fact that they are based in Panama City, a country with very little in the way of regulation.

Ride to the future review - Wealthy affiliate

Ride To The Future – Table Of Contents 

    1. What is Ride To The Future about and who are the founders? 
    2. Is Ride To The Future a Pyramid Scheme
    3. Let’s look at the Ride To The Future products
    4. Ride To The Future Business Opportunity – What you need to know
    5. What I like about Ride To The Future
    6. What I don’t like about Ride To The Future
    7. Is Ride To The Future a Scam?
    8. Ride To The Future Review -Final Analysis
    9. How I make a Living Online?
    10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Ride To The Future about and who are the founders?

Ride to the future is a multi-level marketing business that operates in the Cryptocurrency and Forex niche. Currently 2 very popular niches.

As of this review, Nair Segura is the CEO and the spokesperson who can be seen across the company’s Youtube channel.

The main office location is based in Panama City, Panama but a closer inspection and we found that the office space was in fact of a virtual nature which was rented from a company called Regus.

Panama City should open up a few questions especially as it is a tax haven for companies who want to operate in a way that they won’t be noticed and something that should stop you in your tracks.

When it comes to Nair Segura, we couldn’t find any real history behind the woman and up to recently did have an account on Linkedin.

Check out this short promotional video…

Is Ride To The Future a Pyramid Scheme?

All multi-level-marketing businesses operate under a pyramid-style structure and people are quick to point this out.

In order for an MLM business to expand their business, recruiting others to become affiliates is key and they have to have a product or service of value.

Many countries are extremely strict about this.

With a cryptocurrency MLM, they don’t have a product as such but do offer a service so that would appear to be ok, right?

You can check out what Wikipedia has to say about Pyramid Schemes below in this short video.

Let’s look at the Ride To The Future products

Ridetothefuture has no products as such to show off as many MLM businesses do.

The only thing that is offered is membership to become an affiliate and to become part of a team.

Ride To The Future Business Opportunity – What you need to know

Many people take part in these opportunities without any research at all which I find ludicrous.

There is very little what I would call real information regarding this company and you just can’t rely on what others say especially affiliates of Run to the Future.

That being said, let’s continue…

How to become a Ride to the Future Affiliate

You will need to click on the “Backoffice” tab and the signup option is under the login word.

What you will need is a “Sponsor Id” before you can continue.

From there you need to select one of the 8 investment packages which are listed below.

How to Make Money with Ride to the Future

Like all MLM businesses, the main way of making money is through recruitment because the trading of Cryptocurrency is volatile and returns are always going to be on the low side.

The second way of making money is of course through you purchasing one of the 8 products listed above.

There are 8 investment packages, from $99 all the way up to $19,999.

    • Bronze1 – An investment of $99/Bitcoin, then $2/month
    • Bronze2 – An investment of$249/Bitcoin, then $5/month
    • Bronze3 – An investment of$499/Bitcoin, then $10/month
    • Silver1 – An investment of$999/Bitcoin, then $15/month
    • Silver2 – An investment of$2499/Bitcoin, then $28/month
    • Silver3 – An investment of$4999/Bitcoin, then $50/month
    • Gold1 – An investment of$9999/Bitcoin, then $100/month
    • Gold2 – An investment of$19,999/Bitcoin, then $200/month

Ride to the Future Compensation Plan

The promise of returns daily of a maximum of 1.25% ROI but this can be less, in fact, a lot less.

Any returns will be paid to the affiliates of Ride to the Future from Monday to Friday and capped at 500%.

There are of course 10 ranks to climb within the compensation plan.

    • Milestone – Generate $1000 from downline/volume
    • Consultant – Generate $2500 from downline/volume
    • Senior Consultant – Generate $7000 from downline/volume
    • Ambassador – Generate $20,000 from downline/volume
    • Senior Ambassador – Generate $70,000 from downline/volume
    • Ruby – Generate $200,000 from downline/volume
    • Diamond – Generate $600,000 from downline/volume
    • Black Diamond – Generate $2,000,000 from downline/volume
    • Vice President – Generate $4,800,000 from downline/volume
    • President – Generate $9,600,000 from downline/volume

I’m not going to go into any more detail about the compensation plan because they are complex in nature and besides there isn’t any documentation available, so I would suggest spending a little time listening to this video.

Are Ride to the Future affiliates actually making money?

Well, this is the million-dollar question.

If you talk to a Ride To The Future affiliate then they will all tell you that they are doing great and earning money.

As there is no income disclosure then you are pretty much in the dark.

However, it is well documented that only the top .5% is where all the money goes and what you will find is that some of those top earners are actually paid to join the business.

What I like about Ride To the Future

There is absolutely nothing I like about Ride to the Future.

What I don’t like about Ride To The Future

  1. Lack of transparency

There is not a lot of information regarding this company and even the CEO who I suspect is just a frontwoman, in this case, has no business history which I find strange, to say the least.

  1. Head offices are in Panama City, Panama

The website does mention this, however, we did find that this office block was owned by the company Regus and Ride to the Future rented virtual office space.

Panama is a tax haven and exempt from proper government regulation and should be treated as a “Red Flag”

Many MLMs operate in unregulated countries and just a matter of time before they fold the company and take your money.

  1. MLMs are a tough cookie to crack

Newbies seem to flock to MLMs because they believe there is easy money but find out very quickly this is not the case.

Hence the reason why between 55% and 70% do not stay around long enough and end up leaving before their 12 months is up.

You need to be good at recruiting others but more importantly, you need to recruit others who do not know you. Cold calling just doesn’t work.

Even experienced network marketers are going to struggle.

  1. Crypto is extremely volatile

Ride to the future review - Bitcoin volatility

Cryptocurrencies, in general, are unstable with Bitcoin actually holding its own but just look at today’s graph.

In 18 hours Bitcoin has gone from around $39,000 down to around $31,000.

There is no way to know but I guess some wealthy investors have been selling some of their stock.

With 21 million Bitcoins available then to keep the uptrend then additional Bitcoins will need to be added.

Is Ride To The Future a SCAM?

I have seen many reports that affiliates are having issues when it comes to trying to withdraw their money.

Excuses like the servers are down and ignoring emails.

Even read from an affiliate that they believe they aren’t even investing the money and that they are just moving it around.

What you have to be aware of is that it would be very easy to scam off the top and with no or very little in the way of regulations then there is absolutely nothing you could do about it if they did.

Measures are currently underway to try and protect the small investor in the US and UK which you can read about here, but that obviously doesn’t cover these tax havens.

MLMs are sprouting up all over the place, and it is very easy to avoid the law as can be seen with Ridetothefuture and links to Panama.

Proving whether Ride to the Future is a scam or not is not what this review is about, but giving you some insights for you to be aware of.

Ride To The Future Review – Final Analysis

I hope you have enough information to make an educated decision as to whether this is an opportunity to take on.

This, for me, is not a business opportunity that I would recommend to anyone; in fact, I would stay well away from it.

There are plenty of red flags that I have highlighted.

Just looking at the website and it tells me a few things.

What have Green energy, Recycling, Technology and Education got to do with Ride to the Future and trading Bitcoin?

Absolutely nothing!

This is just a load of “BS” to make the business look legit.

If you are interested in learning what I do for a living then please read on.

How I make a Living Online

I have never been a fan of Multi-Level-Marketing, not to say that you can’t make some money, but what money you do make will be minuscule.

I hate recruiting and a sure way of losing friends, many restrictions and mounting costs that are incurred and basically you are not in control, and if/when the business comes to an end which many do then you’ll probably be out of pocket with no business to show.

Tried them and got the tee shirt and had zero success.

Affiliate marketing for me is a much better business model and if you are unfamiliar with the process then if you have time you can take a look at a post I wrote here.

Such an easy and simple process that anybody can learn…

    • No recruiting others
    • No pressure from sponsors like you find in MLMs
    • Not having to go to events
    • No purchasing of stocks
    • No handling of orders, deliveries or returns
    • You can promote anything you like, not restricted as in an MLM
    • You own the business

Just check out these success stories for yourself…

    1. Ralph reached his goal of a six-figure business in 2018. Check his story here
    2. Check out how Eddie earned over $9k in a month here
    3. See how Dylan sold his site for $40k here
    4. Darren and 11 sales on Amazon in 1 day here
    5. Michael’s progress with Wealthy Affiliate referrals alone here
    6. John’s new commission record exceeds $2k in 1 day here
    7. Nearly $5k for the month of December for Deborah here
    8. Michael’s first $30k month here
    9. How Stephen bought his Lamborghini here
    10. Kenny says it’s hard to really fail at Wealthy Affiliate here

If you are serious about building an online business and need help and guidance then my number one recommendation would be, Wealthy Affiliate you can read about this training platform here.

If you are ready for this amazing journey then you can join here for free.

See you on the inside!

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you enjoyed this Ride to the Future review and that I covered most of what you would need to know, and if you did why not spread a little love by sharing amongst your friends on social media?

Any questions you would like to ask me then feel free to write them down in the comments sections below and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Until next time, stay safe.

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Author: Mick

Hey Guys and Gals, great to meet you and hope you enjoyed this post. We created this site to help people like you avoid the pitfalls of making money online and hopefully steer you onto the right path. ENJOY!

4 thoughts on “Ride to the Future Review – Not Another Bitcoin SCAM?”

  1. Hi. Thanks for this info. When I first started working online in 2009, I heard a lot about bitcoins. I still don’t trust bitcoins and I definitely see websites trying to promote bitcoins. Any company that asks for $99 – $19,999 as an investment, but is not a bank or some sort of well-known investment company, I’m going to steer clear of.

  2. Mick,

    I haven’t heard of this particular crypto yet, but I’m sure I will soon. When Bitcoin first came out, I thought it was all a hoax, but I also was a banker for 12 years, so online money labeled as Bitcoin was a bit sketchy to me. This was when it was pennies to buy into it. I’m kicking myself now of course not having bought any, but I’ll survive.

    I have heard that the crypto world is blowing up though and that there are a ton of new “bitcoins” every day. The whole thing still is weird to me, but I’m old school I guess.

    I’ll be on the lookout of this one though. Staying far away! I hate MLM’s and I think they’re all scams in disguise really. The only way to be successful is to get people under you. I’m good on that.

    Thanks for sharing this review!


    1. Katrina, when Bitcoin came into fruition way back in 2009, it caught us all by surprise. I mean nobody actually knows anything about the creators with many believing it to be some Japanese guy.

      I’m inclined to believe that this is the responsibility of some mega-rich family with close ties to the Federal Reserve but that is my own opinion.

      What I remember thinking way back in 2010 was should I spend £100 on them. If I had they would have been worth around 600 million today.

      Thank you for commenting

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