Gift Hunter Club Review – Might have been a good site at one time

Gift hunter club review

Hi, I’m Mick and welcome to this Gift Hunter Club Review

There are literally hundreds, possibly thousands of ways to make money online and doing online surveys is just one of them, but a popular choice all the same.

Gift Hunter Club is a new one on us, but what you will get is an honest account of who they are but more importantly, can you make any money and do they pay?

We can’t stress enough doing your own research first is the only way to avoid the many scams that are out there and to find legit money-making opportunities.

That’s why we created this website, to help people like you find the right gig because we know just how difficult it is.

So, Is Gift Hunter Club a scam? Is Gift Hunter Legit?

All will be revealed in the next few minutes so make yourself a brew and relax because we have done all the hard work for you.

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Gift Hunter Club Review - GHC LogoProduct: Gift Hunter Club

Founder: Innovative Hall media

Product Description: GPT or Get-Paid-to site


Price of product: Free to join

Recommended: No

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What is Gift Hunter Club about and who are the Founders?

Gift Hunter Club Review - GHC Login
Gift Hunter Club Login

Gift Hunter Club is a survey and rewards site that has been around since 2012 and are owned by the Spanish company, Innovative Hall Media.

They offer ways for their members to making money by doing simple tasks like surveys, watching videos, signing up to offers, playing games etc

The name implies only gifts so this might be a bit misleading when you first hear about them but reset assured there are many ways to earn a few bucks.

Now what we found strange was the lack of actual reviews in places like TrustPilot and had to search long and hard to find any and the ones we did find are from 2013.

It looks like that in the early days, Gift Hunter Club was a pretty good site with many people praising them but since 2016 things have turned a little for the worse.

However, those are members reviews and shouldn’t be ignored but we will cover what has to offer in the next section.

How does Gift Hunter Club Work?

Gift Hunter Club Review - How it works

Becoming a member of the Gift Hunter Club couldn’t be any easier, just enter your email address and that’s it.

No activation email to reply to.

You are straight into the member’s dashboard where you have to enter a few particulars, then you are free to check out the website.

At first glance, it looks promising but don’t jump the gun just yet!

Gift Hunter Club use a points system and a straight cash equivalent…

    • 1 point = $0.01 or 1 cent
    • 100 points = $1

There are a number of options where you can make points or money…

    • Taking surveys
    • Doing tasks from the offer wall
    • Participating in contests
    • Raffles
    • Using the affiliate referral program

Taking Surveys…

Gift Hunter Club Review - SUrveys

There is no shortage of surveys here at Gift Hunter and at first glance, you will probably be getting a little excited.

That may well be short-lived though!

Let me explain.

Before you are given the survey to complete you will be taken through what they call a pre-qualification process.

Where they would ask you a series of questions to establish which surveys would be suited to you based on your demographics.

This should only take a few minutes and then you are either qualified to take the survey or not. Don’t qualify, just move on to the next survey!

If you qualify then Gift Hunter Club will redirect you to either the 1st party surveys (their own) or 3rd party survey providers.

From there you go through a similar process where they would ask you another set of questions and in most cases the same questions.

The same applies here, if you qualify then you can start the survey but if you don’t qualify move onto the next survey.

Through testing and reviewing many of these sites we found that your best chance is if you are a resident of the US, Canada or the UK.

However, what we have found out is that you will not qualify for most of the surveys, in fact, the rule of thumb is to expect to complete 20% of the surveys that you apply for.

Another thing and this can be very frustrating is that there are times when you have spent 15-20 minutes on a survey only to end up been disqualified.

Doing tasks from the offer wall…

Offer walls are a place you can go if you are looking for a bit of a change but you have to tread carefully because many of these don’t pay much at all.

In the Offer Walls tab, you can find many sites offering various tasks and it might be wise to take your time to see what pays well and what doesn’t.

Here you can find tasks where all you have to do is watch videos and might appeal to some but these probably pay out the least money.

If you do decide to go down this route to get paid you will have to watch not only the video but the advertisements that come with them.

You know, like the ones you are always skipping on YouTube.

You can play games but you’ll have to get to a certain play level before you actually get paid.

There is plenty of trial offers that might appeal to you, but a lot of these will require your card details.

Remember that if you are not actually interested in the offer but only joined to get rewarded, cancel the subscription before the trial ends.

Otherwise, you will be charged!

You will also find download apps, clicking on websites, testing products and even surveys amongst many other tasks, plenty to keep you active on the site.

Which at the end of the day that’s exactly what Gift Hunter Clubs want you to do.

Participating in contests

Contests on GPT sites can be pretty meaningless but since you are automatically entered then why not go for it.

They have various contests that come up from time to time and the one currently active is the one who gets rewarded for getting the most referrals.

Which you can earn $35 for coming first followed by $20 and $10


This apparently is flagged up as a new feature although we can see it’s been on the website since 2019.

From time to time you can enter raffles to win gift cards and codes to enable you to download certain games.

Referring others to join

Referring people to join can be a good money spinner if you know how to recruit and market Gift Hunter Club to the masses.

This method tends to work great if you have a big enough following.

Just for inviting somebody regarding they are active and have earned their first 100 points or $1 Gift Hunter Club will reward you $0.75 for your troubles.

You can also earn 10% from those referrals in some of the categories that they take part but we could find out just what these categories were.

How you get paid

They are only 2 methods to get paid, either through PayPal or Amazon gift cards but that will be down to the country you reside in.

Some countries may have more methods to choose from as I have heard that Bitcoin is one of those options.

The payment threshold is $5 for PayPal but if you choose to withdraw through PayPal $5 it will end up costing you $5.30.

However, if you chose to wait then when you have achieved $10 you could use the Amazon gift cards.

How much can you make with Gift Hunter Club?

This is always a difficult question to answer, pretty much like”how long is a piece of string?”.

There are a lot of factors to take into consideration and it wouldn’t matter how dedicated you were if your demographics weren’t in your favour.

But, dedication is key and we hear some sites where members are earning well but with reviewing many of these sites.

We’d always go with the average that we are used to and that would be between $50 and $100 a month.

Any more than $100 and those are exceptional circumstances!

Who is Gift Hunter Club For?

Well according to the website this make money opportunity is available to all countries but as we have already mentioned.

Some countries just aren’t going to do well at all.

Other than Gift Hunter Club members, there are businesses that are looking for help competing in their chosen markets.

What we liked about Gift Hunter Club

It looks like some people are earning What we liked about Gift Hunter Club

some money but what we did find strange was that there weren’t that many actual reviews from places like TrustPilot, SIteJabber, etc. In fact, we found only a handful!
  • They are free to join
  • Many ways that you can earn other than taking surveys which means you shouldn’t have to wait around for other things to do.
  • Available worldwide but you need to be aware that many countries will not receive the same number of surveys as this is down to your demographics.

This means people coming from the US, Canada or maybe the UK are going to have available more surveys than people living maybe in Bulgaria, Hungary, Africa.

  • The payment threshold is low at $5 which shouldn’t take you too long to achieve.

However, the points conversion that should be 1 point = 1 cent doesn’t workout out when converting to Paypal.

$5 at PayPal will cost you 530 points instead of 500.

What we don’t like about Gift Hunter Club

There were a few things that we didn’tWhat we didn't like about Gift Hunter Club

like about Gift Hunter Club and we have highlighted what we believe to be the important points.

See what you think!

  • Could it be that Gift Hunter Club has had its day especially with the total lack of member reviews?

We did however find some reviews which go back to when Gift Hunter Club did appear to be a good site and you can read them here.

  • Fake promotional things like the money that they have handed out since they were founded back in 2012

Gift Hunter Club Review - Total amount given

The last 3 digits “321” just goes around until it reaches 999 then starts from zero with the first 3 digits “415” never changing.

I’m sure after a while they will reset the 415 to 416.

This might seem trivial but it is things like this that gives business credibility or not. Ask yourself, what else are they not telling the truth about?

Is Gift Hunter Club a SCAM or is it LEGIT?

We very rarely call a business opportunity a scam because we not only just don’t like the term but most businesses are legit.

They might be low paying opportunities but that doesn’t mean they are a scam and besides it doesn’t cost you anything to join anyway.

There are obviously some businesses that stand out as a through and through scam and they don’t even try to hide it.

But those companies are far and few.

We at Achieve Success From Home like to highlight all the facts and leave that down to you to decide what you think.

Gift Hunter Club Review: Final Thoughts!

Ok, so Gift Hunter Club might be a low paying opportunity and you will earn some money but the amount is not going to help you on a financial level.

If you are looking for a few bucks to go out and have a few beers then that’s the best you can expect.

Doing online surveys is never going to replace a full-time job and if that is what you are looking for then you need to find a better way.

However, if doing these surveys for the pittance that they pay is something that you would like to leave behind.

Then as you are at this point of the review then I can assume that you might be interested.

How we make a Living Online

We aren’t a big fan of doing surveys, not because they are bad but because of all the time that you have to dedicate to them.

We feel that the owners of these sites are taking full advantage of people who use them and that there are better alternatives.

After trying various methods in the past, including surveys, we did find a legit way of making money which is affiliate marketing.

If you have never heard of the term then check it out here.

Where you take an interest or hobby and turn it into a lucrative business.

Which is how this website that you are currently on works.

The costs are extremely low and to give you some idea you can take a look at what I pay yearly here.

Just to give you some idea of what people are achieving you can check out here. All these guys did was follow the training and applied what they learnt.

    • Take a hobby, interest and turn it into a thriving business
    • No stocks to purchase because you don’t own any
    • No order processing
    • No delivery of stocks
    • No handling of returns
    • No marketing costs because you will be learning a FREE method
    • It’s free to join with no credit card details

We know this isn’t for everyone but take a look and see what you think. Who knows this just might be what you have been looking for.

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Until next time, stay safe!

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