EZ Bucks Review – A GPT site that you should definitely stay a way from!

EZ Bucks Review Welcome to the EZ Bucks Review

I guess it was the $35 bonus for signing up that took your interest to the point that you wanted to research this opportunity further.

I want to stop you in your tracks right now because what you are seeing is one of maybe 100 or even more of these similar sites all over the internet.

You should be asking the question how can someone like EZ Bucks pay me $35 for joining when it costs absolutely nothing to join?

Quite simply, they can’t but we’ll be getting into that a little later.

One thing I have to praise you for doing and that’s researching so-called opportunities like EZ Bucks first which is the only way to avoid scams.

So, let’s crack on and see what this EZ Bucks review is going to unravel.

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Product: EZ Bucks

Founder: Unknown

Product Description: GPT site

Website: www.ezbucks.co

Price of product: Free to join

Recommended: No

Summary: If you have been trying to make money online you are sure to come across sites like this where they claim to reward you for signing up with $35.

If you check legitimate reward sites like Swagbucks and Freeskins you will see that the best you might get for signing up is $1.

Now, we know the brain will be asking, “But, what if this $35 bonus for signing up was legit?”.

You will also convince yourself this is legit when you keep seeing your account balance consistently increase in value.

It’s only when you try to withdraw that amount that the excuses will come thick and thin and that they can’t pay you for 1 or 2 weeks.

When that period expires and you query EZ Bucks that’s when your account will be closed because of some fraudulent activity.

If you really want to make a massive impact on your life…

ez bucks review - Check out what these people have to say

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    1. What is EZ Bucks About and who are the Founders?
    2. How does EZ Bucks Make Money?
    3. How does EZ Bucks Work?
    4. How much can you Realistically make with EZ Bucks?
    5. Who is the EZ Bucks For?
    6. What we liked about EZ Bucks
    7. What we  don’t like about EZ Bucks
    8. Is EZ Bucks a SCAM or LEGIT?
    9. EZ Bucks Review: Final Thoughts!
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What is EZ Bucks about and who are the Founders?

Ez Bucks Review - EZ Bucks log in

EZBucks.co claims to be the #1 influencer but then again so many of these cloned sites do the same as well.

With a signup bonus of $35 along with as much as $50 just for doing a simple task.

They are even offering to pay you $30 for every person that you can get to join.

Just look at the current leader board and there’s a person who has currently earned over $115,000.

Really? I think I’m going to jack in what I currently do and who knows I could be living in the South of France on a yacht in a few months. I don’t think so!

All these are red flags and what do they say, “If it looks too good to be true then it probably is?”.

According to their website, they are based in Silicon Valley which I very much doubt.

The title of the site says it all, EZ (easy) Bucks.

So who is responsible for EZ Bucks?

EZ Bucks is one of many cloned sites that we are seeing a lot of especially since this pandemic took hold.

We don’t know just how many of these sites there are but they could be as many as 100 all doing the same thing.

Stealing your private personal information and selling it on so that it can be packaged in a list and sold on.

How does EZ Bucks Make Money? 

EZ Bucks and sites like this are supposed to work closely with market research companies and to connect EZ Bucks members to surveys and other tasks.

However, I see EZ Bucks and many other cloned sites like them as an exception to the rule.

What do I mean by that?

Simply, that they harvest data meaning they sell your personal data onto 3rd party companies.

If you take your task wall you will notice that there aren’t any tasks available only free trials, competitions etc.

Ez Bucks Review - Task wall

They are asking for personal information and how can they afford to pay you $40 just for doing that?

How does EZ Bucks Work?

Quite simply, it doesn’t, well not for you and me it doesn’t anyway.

They promote EZ Bucks all over social media with their claims that you will be rewarded $35 just for signing up.

Of course, this is certainly going to attract some attention but the idea is to keep you as a member as long as possible so that you can recruit others.

There are 3 ways they claim you can earn

    1. Refer and earn
    2. Task wall
    3. Paid to post

Refer and Earn

You have your own unique affiliate link that you can use to recruit others into joining and EZ Bucks claim that for every referral who joins you will receive $30.

They even promise you $2 for every person who clicks on your affiliate link.

Just think about it, why would EZ Bucks be paying you $2 for every person who clicks on your affiliate link when there is absolutely nothing in it for EZ Bucks?

Just doesn’t make sense!

Task Wall

Found a task where I could win $50k all for just entering my email address but when I tried to enter my email address the system crashed.

There are other thumbnails for competitions like the chance of winning iPhones, Laptops but every link that I clicked on the system crashed.

Paid to Post

They even offer $50 for content posted on social media, whether in text or video format.

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Tiktok

How much can you Realistically make with EZ Bucks?

If this is your first time on a site like this then initially you will think that you have hit the jackpot but always go with your gut instinct.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true then it probably is.

Who is EZ Bucks For?

EZ Bucks and sites similar have no place in society and the sooner they are closed down the better.

But, because there are that many of them about then it’s highly unlikely that this will happen.

What we liked about EZ Bucks

There is really nothing at all that we liked about EZ Bucks.

What we don’t like about EZ Bucks

There were so many issues and red flags with EZ Bucks that we had to draw a line and cut back on the ones we highlighted.

  1. Fake testimonials 

Find one fake testimonial or fake payment proof and the whole site is discredited.

As you can see below they used a stock photo!

Ez Bucks Review - Fake testimonials

Ez Bucks Review - Fake testimonials #

  1. Fake payment proofs

Payment proofs on their website can not be true because the website was registered on the 20th of February 2020 which can be clearly seen below the payment slips.

Ez Bucks Review - Fake payment proofs

Ez Bucks Review - Who is

  1. Data harvesting

These GPT sites are notorious for selling your private information on where they are repackaged within an email list and sold on.

I don’t know about you but I will only use a credit card which I hardly use on only certain creditable sites.

Handing over this sort of information to the likes of EZ Bucks when they are scams all over the place is a definite no.

  1. Nobody gets paid period

Because the minimum cash out threshold is so much at $200 it will usually take the EZ Bucks member a considerable amount of time to reach that amount.

It is only when they try to redeem their cash that they find out that they have wasted a lot of their time and been scammed.

Another thing to worry about is all your family and friends that you introduced.

  1. The only method of payment is Paypal

You will see in the bottom right corner of the screen supposed payments to current members.

If you look long enough they are on a loop and the same person will come around.

However, 3 payments that did come around were payments in Bitcoin and Cash App which EZ Bucks doesn’t use.

  1. The minimum cashout is $200

I know people don’t get paid period but when have you ever seen a GPT site where the cash out threshold is so much?

You haven’t and this is usually $5, $10 and sometimes $25.

The reason this is so high is that it keeps you active on the site longer with the hopes that you recruit others to join.

Is EZ Bucks a SCAM or LEGIT?

EZ Bucks is definitely a scam and can be clearly seen by all the red flags that are there for everybody to see.

They draw in people with their ridiculous bonuses of $35 just for signing up.

People don’t give a second thought and believe this BS thinking that they have stumbled onto some mega money-making opportunity.

Which all crashes around their feet when it comes the time to try and cash out.

When you do try to cash out, EZ Bucks cleverly tells you some BS excuse that there is a problem and it may take a couple of weeks.

Whilst you are believing what you are told but still promoting EZ Bucks and getting more and more people to join the time comes to query why you haven’t yet been paid.

Only for you to be told that there has been some fraudulent activity on your account which is then deleted.

EZ Bucks Review: Final Thoughts!

Ok, guys, we are sorry that we may have burst your bubble thinking that you come across some great money-making venture.

Unfortunately, EZ Bucks is just one of many sites that we believe belong to the same group of people although we couldn’t find out who.

If doing online surveys is something that you are serious about doing then you might like to check out these, Freeskins, Swagbucks, Rewards XP or even Idle Empire.

Or, you could do what I did after spending time doing online surveys and find a much better way that will make a big impact on your life.

ez bucks review - Check out what these people have to say

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Hope you guys found this review before you decided to waste a lot of your precious time.

If however, you have become a member of EZ Bucks or any other similar site then we’d love to hear about your experiences.

As always if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to add them in the comments section below and we’ll get back to you.

Until next time, stay safe.

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