NeoBux Review 2019 – Is it a Complete Waste of Your Time?

Looking for a way to earn some extra money from home, then maybe you have come to the right spot, and in this NeoBux Review, I will show you that it is possible but it will cost you.

NeoBux Review
NeoBux Login

NeoBux is one of the original PTC(Pay to Click) sites that have been around for just over a decade now, which in the life of a PTC site is quite an achievement, or so it would seem.

With more and more of these PTC sites getting dropped by the wayside with PayPal not having anything to do with them, it looks like NeoBux has also gone the same way, but don’t jump ship, not just yet!

What actually got my curiosity was the claims of some of the NeoBux members (within the forum) claiming to be earning huge amounts of money, by a technique that is unique to NeoBux, but takes time and can cost you a whole bunch of money, but we can cover that a little later.

Anyway without further ado, let’s jump right into this review.

NeoBux Logo

  • Owners: Neodev Lda (Porto, Portugal)
  • Product: NeoBux
  • Website:
  • Price: Free, Golden Membership ($90), Golden Pack ($290,$490,$890)
  • Founded: 2008
  • Description: Get paid for clicking on ads, and taking surveys amongst other activities.
  • Recommended: No
  • Reasoning: Although you can earn small amounts be prepared to spend hours clicking on ads, taking surveys, and playing games for pocket money?

Internal Summary and Links

  1. What is NeoBux About?
  2. How Much Can I Make with NeoBux?
  3. How to Get Started with NeoBux
  4. Other Ways to Maximize Money with NeoBux
  5. How Does NeoBux Pay You?
  6. NeoBux Pros and Cons
  7. NeoBux Review – Final thoughts!

What is NeoBux About?What is NeoBux About

NeoBux is a PTC (Paid to click) site that has been around since 2008 and is owned by a Portuguese company NEODEV LDA who are based in Porto.

I can’t see any restrictions on members and which countries they come from and I believe it is ok to say that all countries are accepted into NeoBux. The problem might be when trying to access any money that you make.

Initially, this site was created to allow members to get paid by clicking on their client’s advertisements, but over the years they have added a number of other ways to earn money, such as surveys, playing games, offers, etc.

Looks like they are trying to move from a PTC site to a GPT (Get Paid To) site just like Clixsense as there are many similarities.

How Does NeoBux Work? get paid by their clients for handling and marketing their products on a PPC(Pay Per Click) or PPV(Pay Per View) basis which are affiliate marketing terms within internet traffic, where the client pays for viewing and/or clicking on adverts, regardless of whether anything is purchased or not.

A portion of that amount is passed onto the NeoBux members for their time in viewing or clicking on the client’s ads.

How Much Can I Make with NeoBux?

Now you can check through the NeoBux forum and check out members stats and how they are performing, as there are some interesting results if what you read can be believed, but I have no reason to disbelieve this, so feel free to check them out for yourself.

NeoBux Forum

The main source of income on is through “Renting Referrals”.

OK, now this is where it can get a little complicated and when these types of sites have any sort of complexity then in my experience they are trying to hide something. I will touch on that method a little later in the review.

NeoBux was initially created as a PTC site so we’ll take a look at the main source which is clicking on ads.

Just so that you don’t miss anything, you can set up an alarm to inform you when these ads are getting posted to your account. Just go into your personal settings.

NeoBux Ad Alert

The below image is the “View Advertisements” display.

NeoBux Advertisments

As you can see this is where the ads are stored for you to click on and get paid which don’t come around as often as you’d like. In my experience, you get around 20 ads on a day to day basis.

All you have to do is click on the ad box and a red dot will appear which you have to click (God forbid if a robot was involved) and wait for the ad to display, then you have to wait until the time expires which in all takes about 12-15 seconds.

There are 2 different amounts to my knowledge that you can get paid for clicking on ads…

  • $0.001 which is the normal amount paid.
  • $0.005 don’t come around often, so don’t get too excited when they do.

That’s 1/10th and 1/2 of a cent respectively

Let’s just take a look at how long it takes to make $1


If you managed to receive continuous advertisements (which you obviously don’t) then to reach $1 it would take you approximately 4 hours based on 15 seconds per ad view.

Which gives you an hourly rate of around $0.25 for clicking 1000 Ads.


It would take 50 minutes to generate $1.

That’s an hourly rate of just over $1.00 for clicking on around 200 Ads.

Experience tells me that you will be lucky if you are given 20 ads in a day to click on!

Now, it doesn’t take a genius to realize that this is absolutely horrendous pocket change, but I do understand in some countries where the economy is bad with jobs and money extremely tight, that every little helps and that this type of online opportunity seems to be acceptable.

Since I became a member of I’ve come to realize that I was wasting my time and that there are better opportunities out there such as…

Swagbucks and TopCashBack which are better alternatives if earning a few bucks here and there is what you are happy with?

Alternatively, you could look at the bigger picture and focus your time in a more productive way and learn how to build an online business, and the beauty about this is that it is FREE to join and NO CREDIT CARD will be asked for.

How to Get Started with NeoBux

NeoBux Registration

That’s pretty straightforward.

Just click the register tab at the top right of the display on the main screen and enter your…

  • Username
  • Password
  • Email address
  • Referrer, if you have come through a referral.
  • Date of birth year
  • Select terms and consent and continue.

Almost immediately you will receive an email to activate your membership and then you are ready to go.

NeoBux Activation Email Code

Other Ways to Maximize Your Money with NeoBux

OK, so we have pretty much covered the main source of earning with NeoBux which is clicking on ads. Now let’s take a look at other ways to at least keep you moving in the right direction.

  • Mini Jobs

Want to mix it up a little then check out the mini-jobs, which incidentally don’t look too mini to me. Take a look for yourself!

NeoBux Mini Jobs

Let’s take a look at the 2 so-called mini-jobs that you can see in the above image.

There are 105 tasks before you reach your goal of $0.75 and just how long the tasks take to complete is anybody’s guess. I wasn’t about to try!

The 2nd job in the list, here you have to complete 1000 tasks before you reach the same goal as the one above of $0.75. Come on seriously?

Note: It is my understanding that you could be spending several hours on let’s say the 2nd job with 1000 tasks, and right up to completing those tasks which are going to be taking some considerable time, you could be thrown out and end up losing everything, well the 75 cents anyway.

  • Surveys

Now I don’t know about you but I have spent many hours in the past doing surveys earning very little money, and quite frankly I hated them.

Nowadays they are even worse as there are so many more similar sites competing for the same space.

NeoBux Surveys

I tried around 10 surveys spending quite some time filling in the pre-qualification questions only to be thrown out and been told that I didn’t qualify, and that’s a big problem nowadays, not just here with NeoBux but with all the other survey sites.

  • Playing Games

Another addition to help increase the time you spend on the site, and it just doesn’t seem to be getting any better!

NeoBux Games

There is a maximum number of games you can play in any 24 hours, which is 250. Mind you, who is going to play 250 games in any one day? Not me that is for sure!

The maximum time that you have to play a game is 2 minutes.

Maximum number of games = 250 * $0.001 = $0.25

Yes, a quarter of a dollar for playing games for 8 hours and 20 minutes.

  • Coin Offers

Coin offers are the NeoBux virtual currency that can be exchanged for money.

Here you have a whole host of other ways to earn a little money, such as watching videos, surveys, shopping etc

But, you’ll have to wait 60 days from the successful offer completion date for these to be credited to your account.

NeoBux Coin Offers

If you are curious to know more about this virtual currency and the value for exchanging to real currency then you might want to check out this explanation.

  • Refer a Friend or direct referrals.

Direct referrals can only be invited after you have a been a member for currently 15 days and that you have clicked on at least 100 ads.

There are limitations on how many referrals you are allowed to invite, based on which membership level you are currently on.

  • Free: 30
  • Pioneer: 60 (Free member who joined before 1st May 2008)
  • Golden: 200 (Cost $90 a year)
  • Golden + Pioneer: 250 (Cost $90 a year)
  • Golden + Emerald: 300 ( Cost $90 + $290 = $380 a year)
  • Golden + Sapphire:  300 (Cost $90 + $290 = $380 a year)
  • Golden + Platinum: 400 (Cost $90 + $490 = $580 a year)
  • Golden + Diamond: 400 (Cost $90 + $490 = $580 a year)
  • Golden + Ultimate: Unlimited (Cost $90 + $890 = $980 a year)

  • Rented Referrals

In NeoBux, this subject is quite vast and therefore I won’t be going deep into this complex area. Well its complex for a reason, right?

What I will tell you is that “Rented Referrals” are supposed to be members who haven’t made any referrals.

Now, if you go into the forum and start to look at some of the stats of members who are supposed to be raking in the money, you can see against just the one member that there are thousands (10s of) of rented referrals.

Remember these are supposed to be actual members, and therefore I guess we are talking about millions of these rented referrals. So that should mean that there are millions of members on NeoBux, right?

If that was the case then don’t you think that promoting “the current number of members on NeoBux” would be a good selling point, and a way to get even more members recruited?

Of course, you do, but I can’t find a mention anywhere of how many NeoBux members they currently are. Do you see where I am coming from?

What I will mention is that you can only rent a certain amount of referrals based on your membership level, which comes down to a yearly cost, which I have highlighted above.

Rented referrals are purchased for a period of time and have to be extended at cost.

You have to monitor those rented referrals because if they aren’t clicking on ads then you are paying for nothing. There is software to purchase to help you here, at a cost of around $7.

Remember you are making a percentage of what your rented referral is making, and considering a single advertisement you can make either $0.001 or $0.005.

That’s a % on either a 1/10th or 1/2th of a CENT, SERIOUSLY!

Don’t forget that although it could cost you nearly $1,000 to upgrade your membership, it will still cost you in addition for each “Rented Referral”, not to mention costs for extending those referrals too.

If you are still interested to know more about “Rented Referrals” then you can check out a couple of resources that I found for you which explains it in more detail, but remember what I said earlier in the review, that there was a complicated element? Well, this is it so good luck!

Introduction to NeoBux and Rented Referrals

NeoBux ultimate guide of Rented Referrals

How Does NeoBux Pay You?

I guess we all have a PayPal account but unfortunately this is not a payment method that is open to you. PayPal decided to pull the plug!

You need to set up an account with either…

Skrill, which is a payment management company from the UK


Netteller who are based in the Isle of Man

Although NeoBux is open to all countries then you should seriously do your research and find out exactly whether there might be issues with the type of payment method that you have to use.

NeoBux Pros and Cons

It doesn’t matter what type of business or company when it comes to issues they all have their fair share of them, but I am struggling to actually find anything positive to say about NeoBux.


  • Website

My first glance at the software and it looks very professional.

  • Multi-National

NeoBux is available in all countries, and what they don’t explain in detail is that there are only 2 payment processes that you can currently use and this could be a problem within some countries.


  • Free, well it really isn’t!

Free it may be to join, but as you have seen in this review in order to try and progress and earn more money you have to upgrade your membership, which could end up costing you as much as $980 a year as well as other costs on top of that too. I have seen reports of 10s of 1000s of dollars!

  • PayPal

PayPal generally is the normal payment process online, and it’s one that we all know and is used to, but NeoBux lost the backing of PayPal and I guess this is down to PTC sites and the way they operate.

  • Minimum Threshold 

Well, it starts off OK at $2, but each time you cash out it goes up in increments of $2 until it reaches the upper level of $10.

  • Where is the Mobile App?

There is no mobile app which means you have to be near a laptop or pc which means you can’t be out and about.

  • Not qualifying for surveys

Hanging about filling in pre-qualification surveys is not my idea of a good time especially when you can’t seem to qualify for a damn survey.

  • Getting Banned

Reading many reviews from members, it would appear that you have to watch what you say in the forum and can get banned for asking the wrong questions.

I have also heard it going around that they monitor for things being said about the company which gives them a reason to ban you.

In many cases, I have seen members complain of losing everything even though they have been with NeoBux for a number of years.

  • Number of Members

It’s a bit of a closed shop when trying to find out just how many members there are at and I couldn’t find any mention of this anywhere.

  • Referring Others to Join

Having a referral program is usually a big plus but here at, you are restricted on the number of referrals that you can invite, and the way to extend that number is to upgrade your membership which costs money.

  • Rented Referrals

Many members are suggesting that those so-called rented referrals are in fact just bots, but there is no way that I could confirm that one way or the other.

Maybe the reason why we can’t find out the total number of members that are on NeoBux is that this might disclose where those rented referrals are actually coming from.

  • Paying for Rented Referrals

This is where it starts to cost and the amounts are quite staggering and well into the tens of thousands of dollars. I have seen it mentioned as high as $75,000 for renting 1,000s of referrals and to get to that point will take you years.

NeoBux Review – Final Thoughts!

Is NeoBux a legitimate online business and I have to say it is, but for me, that’s where the buck stops, because as you can see you are not going to be earning great amounts of money and the main reason why I would not recommend

Some will disagree with why I am not recommending this online opportunity, but the facts are there for everybody to see.

Even when I look at the all the positive reviews on sites like Trust Pilot, I still can’t get my head around why this is the case, but maybe people are just happy with a few bucks here and there and I’m OK with that.

I do understand that some countries which I have noticed are struggling with their economy and therefore any amount of money is better than none, but rather than spend all day on these sites wouldn’t it be more productive learning how to build an online business and switching places?

I was that person not too long ago now, taking surveys and clicking on ads and they drove me mad until I decided that either I learn how to make some real money online or give up altogether and get a real job. Guess what I did?


Anyway, if you are reading this then I have to thank you for your time and patience, and hopefully, I have managed to give you most of the facts.

If you are a member of then I would love to hear from you and tell me how its been going? Did you manage to crack the rented referrals? How much did you have to invest and how much did you make?

Any problems with NeoBux as I’d like to know.

If you enjoyed the review then why not share a little love and share it amongst your friends who are maybe looking for a little guidance.

Your friend


What is Toluna: A Legit Survey Site with a Difference or Not?

Survey sites are up there at the top when it comes to people looking for ways to make money online, with promises of earning great amounts of dosh, so what is Toluna and can it deliver?  Let’s see, shall we?

What is Toluna
Toluna login

You are here because you have heard the stories that filling in surveys is easy and that you can make a good living, but are those stories believable?

The amount of money that you can make on these sites is usually over exaggerated and the reality is that you have to spend many hours online for very little reward.

I started my online career just like many others filling in surveys and after a while, you quickly get to know if a site is worthy of your time or not!

Take for instance.

When I registered my details and received an acknowledgement email which I responded to, I tried to sign into the site and my password wasn’t recognized, and when I tried to recover my password details and entered the same email address I didn’t even receive a response after many attempts.

More on that later!

What do they say about first impressions?

Toluna brand

  • Owners: ITWP Acquisitions Limited
  • Parent Company: Toluna Group
  • Product: Toluna Influencers
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% Free
  • Founder: Frederic-Charles Petit
  • Founded: 2000
  • Based in: Toluna Group is registered in the UK, Headquarters in Paris
  • Summary: Market research / Surveys
  • Recommended: NO

Internal Summary and Links

  1. What is Toluna Surveys About?
  2. How Does Toluna Work?
  3. How Much Can I Make with Toluna?
  4. How to Get Started
  5. Other Ways to Maximize Points with Toluna
  6. How You Get Paid?
  7. Toluna Pros and Cons
  8. What is Toluna – Final thoughts!

What is Toluna Surveys About?

Toluna Inspire share gain

Founded by Frederic-Charles Petit back in 2000 and part of the Toluna Group who are registered in the UK at companies house with headquarters in Paris.

Toluna Influencers (as they are known now) are located throughout the world with near to 10 million members from many countries and work in the market research niche.

They cover 30+ countries worldwide which makes them one of the biggest online survey sites out there. is a market research platform which is a little different to other survey sites I have come across.

Members are part of a community who are able to create their own content and take part in discussions with other members about anything, by creating polls and topics, and getting feedback in real-time for which you are rewarded points.

How Does Toluna Work? act as a go-between, a sort of middleman, where Toluna members are connected to companies to take part in market research by way of filling in surveys.

Passing on your comments and feedback has a direct impact on how companies market their products and services to consumers just like yourself.

How Much Can I Make with Tuluna?

Really, this depends on a few parameters suchToluno survey as demographics which is the information you give the site when registering.

Availability of the surveys is all down to how quickly you respond to emails which are sent out. These surveys come on a first come first served basis and if you are not quick enough you will miss out!

Toluna works on a points system or a virtual currency that they like to identify with, which you are rewarded for taking part in surveys along with other activities and once you have reached a minimum threshold those points can be redeemed for cash.

Currently, the points to cash ratio is…

3000 points = $1

In order to redeem your points, you need at least 30,000 points which equates to $10.

In theory, the longer the survey the greater the number of points awarded but in reality, it all depends on a number of factors.

Such as the client and the length of the survey and providing you actually do qualify for that particular survey. Sometimes you will find this out 15 minutes into the survey. I know, a nightmare isn’t it?

How to Get Started

It’s free to join and to register, you simply click which will take you to the Toluna login display and the “Sign-up” is in the top right corner of the screen.

Just enter a few particulars and you should be ready to go.

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Email address
  • Country
  • Zip Code
  • Password
  • Mobile number

Once you have signed up you will need to respond to an email that is sent out to complete the registration.

Just for signing up Toluna rewards you with 500 points which gives you a bit of a start. This is around $0.16. Not much but every little count!

Once registered, don’t forget to install the mobile iPhone App. This way you won’t miss anything when you are out and about!

Other Ways to Maximize Points with Toluna

Toluna share something

  • Creating quality content within the community forum can boost your points total by up to 1000 points. Around 33 cents!
  • Earn points for participating in contests run by the Toluna team.
  • You are also encouraged to go ahead and create your own contests within the community and for that, you could be rewarded with a 5,000 points bonus as an incentive. That’s around $1.66
  • Why not create new topics and polls within the community allowing the members to take part in the discussions where you will be rewarded for your time.
  • If you can’t decide on 2 options then create what they call a Battle between the 2 and let the community decide.
  • If you are on the fence about something then create a Thumb It and let the members decide, whether thumbs up or thumbs down.
  • There is a daily millionaire sweepstake which you can take part in but the tickets will cost you 500 points, and to qualify, you must have a profile image and be an active member within the 30 days prior to the sweepstake.
  • Profile surveys come up all the time and can be found by clicking the “survey” tab at the top of the site and here you can find the “Profiles survey” option. These are there for your benefit and to improve the number and type of surveys you receive. Each profile survey is worth 100 points!
  • What about referring a friend which is always a good way to get rewarded for doing nothing. You will receive 500 points for a referral when the interest surveys are completed.
Rewards for comments – “Replies” to “points” to “cash equivalent”

These are the points rewarded for taking part in the community forum for replying to discussions.

  • 20  =  500    = $ 0.16
  • 30  =  1000  = $ 0.32
  • 40  =  2000 = $ 0.64
  • 50  =  3000 = $ 1.00
  • 75   = 3500 =  $ 1.16
  • 100 = 5000 = $ 1.64

These are known as popularity points and could reach a maximum of 15,000 points in a month

That’s 300 comments within the forum for $4.92. That’s certainly a lot of work there for very little reward don’t you think?

You can also earn points for leaving 80+ word replies on other members opinions, 100 for each reply to a maximum of 5,000 a month.

How You Get Paid?

Depending on which country you are in determines just how you can be paid. There are 3 ways to get paid.

  • Electronic vouchers 

Toluna rewards

Which will be sent to your Toluna account or in some cases directly to your email account.

  • Bank transfer

Check out your country of origin as some allow direct bank transfer whilst others don’t.

  • PayPal

Remember that there will be fees when transferring money through PayPal and to allow up to 4 working days.

Toluna Pros and Cons

This is the part of the review that most people will go straight to without reading all the gory details.

Here I will highlight what I believe to be the positive and negative aspects of becoming a member of, but what I am not finding are many positive reviews in TrustPilot or SiteJabber. You can see for yourself!



  • Mobile app

When you are away from your laptop and using the mobile app, I have noticed a number of complaints with the app crashing or throwing you out part way through a survey with everything lost.

  • Not qualified for a survey

This seems to be a problem with many of these survey sites where you can be taking part in a survey for several minutes (in some cases 20 minutes) then all of a sudden the survey will end and you will be told that you didn’t qualify.

I can’t for the life in me understand why this happens because they should know all this before they send you the survey. I guess they just want the survey filled first.

Many are arguing that maybe they still use the data in order to get paid by the client!

Whilst I have seen some survey sites that offer you points as a way of compensation here at this isn’t the case, so I guess you have to grin and bear it.

  • Long wait for  your cash

Another annoying thing is the time you have to wait for your rewards to be redeemed. Anywhere between 2 to 8 weeks depending on the country.

Remember to ensure that everything is filled in correctly otherwise you may lose those points as many members have reported.

  • Very low hourly rate!

These surveys take between 15 and 20 minutes and for this, you are paid anywhere from 15 and 50,000 points which all depends on which client the survey comes from and the length of time it takes.

  • Points expire

If you are like many members who hang onto their points hoping to buy something of value later then remember that those points start to expire after a 12 month period.

Meaning that not all your points will expire at once, for example, if you were rewarded 10,000 points on the 6th June 2018, then only those 10,000 will expire on 6th June 2019.

Not at all happy with this, because to get those points in the first place will have taken many hours, but lose them and will be saving money.

  • Not able to sign back into the website

Within 10 minutes of registering I found that I could not sign back into the site even though I copied and pasted the exact same email and password.

When I tried to recover the password I received no email from Toluna and this wasn’t the 1 time, it was several times and 2 days down the road.

I have received no response to my email either.

  • Survey’s don’t come quick enough

Like many of these survey sites, they work on a first come first served basis, meaning that you have to respond to the emails sent out by as quick as possible otherwise the survey’s fill up.

Sitting around waiting for the odd survey turning up is not my idea of fun!

Many members who come into these survey sites expect to be filling surveys in constantly throughout the day which isn’t the case!

What is Toluna – Final Thoughts!

You will find many people stating that Toluna is a scam but in my eye’s it isn’t and the reason for that is simple. It is free to join and you can make some money albeit in small amounts.

Granted, I wouldn’t think about jacking your full-time job in just yet and that goes with many of these survey sites.

Would I recommend this business? Absolutely not!

Yes, I have tried and tested many of these sites in the past but nowadays I have very little spare time on my hands since I found this training platform where I can now earn real money, but hey, if earning a little cash here and there is what you are looking for then who am I to question it.


Are you a member of Toluna? What do you think? Are you happy with the service? Thinking of joining? How much time do you spend on surveys? What is the most money you have earned filling in surveys?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about this survey site or why not spread the word and share this information with your friends.

Just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Until next time!


MyPoints Review 2018: Is it Legit? All you need to know!

Searching the Internet for ways to earn a little cash can be tedious and especially frustrating when there are so many out there offering you this that and the other, and in this Mypoints Review we discover if it is up there with some of the better reward sites.

MyPoints Review 2018

You would think that as Mypoints as been around for quite some time now that they must be doing something right, or are they fleecing their members without you even knowing it?

What appears to be the norm with many of these reward sites is that they start off with good intentions, where members could actually make some decent money.

Reports from long-serving members are that accumulating $1000 was not out of the realms but nowadays forget it. Not going to happen!

Over time like many things in life, more and more similar sites get on the band-wagon and make it harder for the original sites to really progress which mean cutbacks.

Squeezing profits which should be passed onto their members!

Many declare that they are scamming you, well, in fact, they aren’t and you can save a little cash but the time and effort isn’t really worth it at all.

Mypoints banner

    • Product: MyPoints
    • Website:
    • Parent:
    • Price: 100% Free
    • Founders: Dan Kihanya and Noah Doyle
    • Founded: 1996
    • Based: San Francisco
    • Summary: A shopping rewards website where members can partake in a number of activities and be rewarded with points that you can redeem for cash at a later date.
    • Recommended: No

Internal Summary and Links

  1. Some Facts about MyPoints
  2. What is MyPoints About?
  3. How to Get Started
  4. How do you Make Money with MyPoints?
  5. How You Get Paid?
  6. MyPoints Pros and Cons
  7. MyPoints Review 2018 – Final thoughts!

Some Facts about MyPoints

Some facts about MyPoints


What is MyPoints about?

MyPoints was founded way back in 1996 by 2 guys based in San Francisco.

It is basically a website that you can join for free and allows you as a member to participate in various activities and in return you are rewarded with points that can be redeemed for gift cards, travel air miles or cash at a later date.

We shall take a look at the different ways you can be rewarded later on.

Another very popular rewards site that as the same business model and is one of their partners is SwagBucks which you may want to check out as well.

If you plan to use these reward sites then I would check out and register with a few, this way you cover more of your shopping requirements.

How to Get Started

That’s pretty straightforward.

First and foremost to become a member you need to be resident in either the U.S. or Canada and be at least 13 years of age, and you must have a valid email address for confirming who you are first.

Once you have acknowledged the email that you are a real person then you are ready to go.

It may be a good thing to download the Daily Scope app for your mobile phone. Whilst you are away from your computer and on the go, earn points watching movie clips and other entertaining videos.

Once you have become a member you can immediately start earning points, and they offer quite a substantial number of ways to generate points that you can later turn into gift cards, airline miles or cash.

How do you Make Money with Mypoints?

There are a number of ways that you can be rewarded, from shopping online to filling in surveys and answering emails.

There are many other ways in which I have tried to highlight in the list below.

  • Your Bonus for joining

Don’t forget that once you have joined as a member if you spend $20 within the first 30 days of joining then you will receive a $10 bonus into your account.

  •  Shop Online

There are over 1,900 retailers, with many popular ones available to you and sure to find what you are looking for.

Amazon, Walmart, Apple, Nike, and Armani just to name a few!

The website search criteria make it pretty straightforward to find what you are looking for.

  • Read Emails 

Reading emails and just opening them will get you a maximum of 5 points, which equates to around $0.030 per email, but taking action and shopping via the emails will obviously be higher.

The amount of emails received is all based on the information that you entered into the system.

Need more emails then just go into “My Account”, edit the email subscriptions and add more categories.

  • Share your opinion

MyPoints, partners with market researchers who are responsible for handling surveys sent out to you.

Surveys sent out to members are based on specific demographics which you entered into the system and these positions fill up quickly so it is a first come, first served basis.

These can take anywhere from 5 to 25 minutes and what happens quite often is that you could be 10-15 minutes into a survey and kicked out stating that you haven’t qualified.

If you do not qualify for a survey, you will still receive 5 points, so all is not lost and you can earn up to 25 disqualification points per day.

You can earn anywhere from 50 to 600 Points depending on the length of the survey.

  • Watch videos

Videos on the website can only be watched either by the desktop or laptop but you can accumulate additional points watching videos on your mobile phone or tablet through the MyPoints app.

Everybody loves watching videos like on youtube, but you go looking for them, right? Here you really don’t have much choice!

Earning just a few points for playing some video about how to make a cake is not my thing!

Some can take as long as 20 minutes!

Earn up to 500 points per day.

  • Search the internet

Why not use their own search engine with a chance to win up to 170 points, and rewarded just for searching for things you would normally do on Google.

Restrictions are that the search engine only covers Yahoo.

  • Play games

2 Categories exist here for your pleasure!

World winner cash tournaments, earn up to 4 points for every dollar you spend.

With Casino games, you can earn up to 8 points, mind you when you are on the casino sites you will be pestered with other gambling stuff as well.

  • Refer a friend

Why not refer a friend that’s if you don’t want to be friends anymore!

No, joking aside.

This is a one-off payment which requires your friend to register and spend at least $20 within the first 30 days of joining through the website, email and/or BonusMail, other than Amazon and Games.

For your efforts, you will be rewarded with 750 points and your friend 1,750 points.

All it takes is 100 friends * 750 points = 75,000 points

Depending on which offer $1 equates to between 118-175 points

If we take the upper level as $1 = 175 points

75,000 / 175 = around $428

Not the best referral program I have seen but every little helps!

Some other ways to reap the benefits!

  • Get Score

Download the MyPoints score extension to your browser and never miss out on a point earning opportunity or discount.

Whilst this could be a good thing, in order to take advantage, you would have to still sign into through your computer.

  • Local deals

These can be accessed through the top menu on the homepage, and here you can view the current daily deals by category.

You can also find local deals here too along with Living Social and Groupon Deals.

Categories such as Health and Wellness, Sports and Leisure, Toys and Hobbies and a host of others to wet your appetite.

Why not check out vacation deals along with flights, and car rentals

  • Discover content

nCrave activities which can be found in the Videos drop down which allow you to earn additional points whilst introducing you to relevant sites and videos.

  • Print coupons

Yes, you can even be rewarded for printing off original coupons whilst signed into and will be credited to your account within 90 days of redeeming the coupon.

  • MyPoints Score

This is a shopping browser extension which alerts you of promotions and up and coming deals so that you don’t miss anything. This can help you earn points you didn’t know about.

How You Get Paid?

Mypoints and how you get paid

There are currently 3 ways that you can use to redeem your points.

  • Gift cards

Choose from over 70 top retail and restaurant brands with gift cards ranging from $3 all the way up to $500

Please note that not all gift cards are valid for Canadian residents.

  • PayPal

If you haven’t set up your PayPal account then you can go here. It’s free and pretty straightforward.

Ensure that your MyPoints name and email address are an exact match to your PayPal account.

Allow up to 5 business working days for the transfer to complete.

Points can also be redeemed for MileagePlus award miles by acquiring the required number of available points and selecting the required option under rewards. Miles are posted directly into the members MileagePlus account within 48 hours

Please note that any points that have not been redeemed over a period of 2 years from the day you were credited may be deemed as expired and will be removed from your account.

Mypoints Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, all businesses come with their problems and MyPoints is no different.

You name it, a member will have complained about it and going into detail would take me a month of Sundays.


  • Free

A big plus is that MyPoints is 100% Free to join and participate in, but then again so are many other sites, and besides if you did have to pay then you’d stay away, right?

  • A large database of merchants for you to choose from

Goes without saying that the number of merchants registered is extensive with some of the big ones such as Walmart and Amazon.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited

Accredited under the parent name of Prodege with an A rating.


  • Not qualifying for a Survey

This is a common one on all survey sites and extremely frustrating for members, especially when answering questions on a survey for 10 minutes only to be thrown out and told you didn’t qualify.

Amazes me really, as they should already know beforehand whether you would qualify for a survey or not!

Maybe you have already completed the survey and this is their way of avoiding paying you out. In the very beginning, this never used to happen so you be the judge.

MyPoints complaints 1

This is a good website for reviews on survey sites so check it out here

  • Customer Support

This is where the buck stops and if you can’t get issues resolved pretty quickly then that says a lot about a company and something I always look out for.

It’s all very well me displaying annoyed members reviews but it all depends just where you look and it isn’t all bad, but more than enough issues for you to make the right judgement call.

Check out…

Mypoints Review 2018 – Final Thoughts!

These sites may be OK for what they were designed for and that’s shopping.

Watching videos, answering emails, playing games and filling in surveys as far as I am concerned is an afterthought.

The whole point of all the different types of categories is to try and keep you on their site for as long as possible!

Seriously, if you are thinking of scraping together a few dollars through the vast amount of different activities, then my recommendation would be to stop wasting your time.

MyPoints is a legit company where you can pick up a few dollars here and there but looking at members who have been a part of the company since the very beginning, they will tell you that things used to be good and you could earn a reasonable amount but not now.

According to many, problems started when Swagbucks became a partner and MyPoints tried to replicate what Swagbucks has and this is evident here. Almost a mirror image!

If you check out the “facts” at the beginning of this article you will see that there has been a lot of money exchanged hands over the years and just a shame their members aren’t looked at more favourably. I guess hard times are here for everybody!

Reward sites might be OK for saving a little here and there whilst shopping.

I mean we all need a helping hand in that department, just don’t be fooled into thinking that these sites are a money-making opportunity because they are not. They will drive you up the wall with frustration!

If what you are trying to do is make money online and are sick and tired of these sites and looking for a way to a better future then I might have a solution and the beauty about this is that it is also Free to join. No Catch! Just take a look at this article and see what you think?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


I am sure there are many frustrated readers out there who have been or are members of rewards sites like MyPoints or maybe you are thinking of joining one?

I know the frustrations of trying to make these sites work because I have tried, but nowadays I have better things to occupy my time with, like helping others like yourself to avoid these and only recommend sites that I truly believe in.

If you have any questions about MyPoints, reward sites in general or anything for that matter just leave me a comment below and I will get back to you.

Take care


TopCashBack Review 2018 – GREAT CASH BACKSITE or NOT?

We spend enormous amounts online with our flexible friends so why not get a helping hand in these hard times; every little helps right, so let’s see if this company holds up to its end of the bargain in this TopCashBack Review 2018.

TopCashBack Review 2018
TopCashBack Login

Shopping nowadays is just so easy with around 50% of the world population with access to the Internet, that’s around a staggering 3.8 billion people.

Searching for anything and everything and these are potential Internet Shoppers. Pretty much why the high street traders are dead in the water!

Those days are almost gone where we would get up on a Saturday morning and venture out to the retail high-street for our shopping fix.

Everything is online nowadays, which makes life so much easier but also so very easy to just spend for the sake of spending. A little like someone I know who was addicted to QVC, the TV Shopping Channel!

If you are looking for some help in the Shopping arena then why not do yourself a favour and find a Cash Back site that could help you save a little cash here and there.

TopCashBack is a well known Cash Back site that has been around the block and has a little street cred, although my number one recommendation would still be Ebates.

TopCashBack banner

  • Product: TopCashBack
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% Free
  • Founders: Oliver Ragg and Mike Tomkins
  • Founded: Bolton, Lancashire, UK
  • Founded: 2005
  • State-side- Since 2011
  • Summary: A shopping rewards website where members can go and purchase products and in return receive cashback.
  • Recommended: Yes

Internal Summary and Links

  1. Some Facts about TopCashBack
  2. What is TopCashBack About?
  3. How does TopCashBack work and how do they make their Money?
  4. How to Get Started with TopCashBack
  5. How to Make Money with TopCashBack
  6. How Much Money can you Make with TopCashBack?
  7. How You Get Paid?
  8. TopCashBack Pros and Cons
  9. TopCashBack Review 2018 – Final thoughts!

Some facts about TopCashBack

  • Founded by 2 computer programmers from Bolton, the UK in 2005
  • Steady growth saw 45,000 by the end of 2007
  • 1 year later in 2008, the number of members had reached 174,000
  • Reported to be the UK #1 Free Cashback website
  • 8,000,000 members worldwide
  • No minimum payout threshold
  • Cas paid out whenever you choose.
  • Over 4,300 online merchants
  • Biz startups in the US in 2011, India in 2012 followed by China and Japan
  • Refer a friend and earn yourself $10
  • Commissions as high as 17% and sometimes more!

What is TopCashBack About?

Been around since 2005 and started life in Bolton which is in the UK, and expanded the business in the US back in 2011 and since then over in India, Japan, and China.

Their aim is to save you the consumer money on all your purchases online and then give back all of the merchant’s store commissions back to you as a member, which also means they don’t charge any fees for doing so either.

They are free to join, free to use and also free to cash out, and they don’t have a minimum payment threshold meaning, you can cash out when you want and as many times as you want.

With, over 4,300 stores to choose from, including well-known ones such as Walmart, Amazon, eBay, to name a few. I’m sure you will be able to find one that suits your shopping needs.

They also offer a large selection of coupons, which offer extra instant money off discounts along with free shipping to use with earning cash back too.

The more members they have means the higher the commission rates are and the better the coupons they are able to negotiate with their merchants.

One of the top cashback sites in the US and Canada, on a par with Ebates.

How does TopCashBack work and how do they make their Money?

Simply they are supported by sponsored adverts and promotions which you will find all around the site, and sometimes the merchants will pay them a bonus for sending lots of shoppers their way!

They will also be paid on a PPC (Pay Per Click) basis, which simply means that if you click on a merchants store and come straight back out without purchasing anything, TopCashBack will still be paid for that click.

This is the basis of Affiliate Marketing and how TopCashBack operates their business, and why the merchant takes the full brunt of costs and the reason why TopCashBack can be so favourable when it comes to their members.

Be aware that if ever you come across a Cashback site that charges its members for anything then stay well away! There is far too much greed about!

How to Get Started with TopCashBack

Topcashback, it's as easy as 1 2 3

To sign up and become a member is very simple and straightforward and costs you absolutely nothing. Not even administration costs!

Just remember when you are looking to purchase anything, that you make it “your first port of call” to see if there is a merchant selling goods you are looking to buy.

Don’t forget to download the free mobile app, available for the iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android phone. This will enable you to earn cash back when you are out and about and will inform you of the latest offers and deals.

How to Make Money with TopCashBack

All you need to do then is search out your favourite brand to view their current deals and cash back offers or look at the exclusive offers that are currently on offer for cash back, coupon codes and seasonal sales.

The merchant’s details will be displayed along with the cash back percentage.

Just click on the “GetCashback” button to the right of the merchant which sends you through to the merchant’s website.

From here just browse and shop as you would normally and once you have purchased your product the cash back transaction will be tracked and show up in your Topcashback account as pending until verified by the merchant.

Once the transaction has been verified by the merchant your account will be credited with the cashback amount. This can take up to 7 days for verification to be finalised.

Why not check out the stores which are currently trending and the place where most members are shopping or why not take a look at the current exclusive offers, which are only for limited periods.

Why not Refer a Friend to TopCashback?

Topcashback refer a friend

Another great way to make a little extra is to tell your friends by sending them your referral link and once they sign-up and become a member of Topcashback you receive $10.

If you have a big following on social media then this could be a nice little earner.

Just think, 100 friends = $1000 for doing nothing!

How Much Money can you Make with Topcashback

I’m not going to “beat around the bush” here but common sense should prevail!

These Cashback sites aren’t money making opportunities, neither are they a way of skyrocketing your financial status either.

Although you receive cash back for your shopping, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you are making money because you are not. In order to get cash back, you have to spend, so use wisely!

The Internet makes it so easy to shop and like gambling, you can end up spending beyond your means and buying stuff that you didn’t really need.

Whether you are a heavy shopper or just now and then, Topcashback could end up saving you a lot of money. Just be careful!

How you get paid?

There is a number of ways that you can redeem your cash and the 2 main ways are either ACH (Automated clearing house) and direct debit or the trusty Paypal.

The other ways are gift cards, through the likes of American Express, Walmart, Amazon amongst others.

Remember there are no restrictions so you can cash out whenever you want and as many times as you want too.

TopCashBack Pros and Cons

Just to recap what we have gone over within this review, and have highlighted what I think are the main points that you need to know.


  • Completely free to join and take part in with no hidden costs.
  • Great selection of categories
  • Largest Cash Back site with over 4,300 stores
  • Better business bureau rating
  • No threshold, meaning you can cash out whenever you want and as many times as you want
  • 100% commissions received
  • Referral program for introducing family and friends.
  • You can earn cash back without spending a dime with the Free Cash Back offers.
  • Great reviews on Trust Pilot. Check them out here.

TopCashBack Trustpilot review summary


  • Cashback has to be approved by each merchant before you are able to withdraw it and this varies from a few hours to sometimes a few weeks before the cash reward is passed onto the member.
  • Bit of a pain when you know just what you want and where to buy it but find it difficult to find a similar store on TopCashBack. Can be time-consuming!
  • All businesses come with their fair share of complaints no matter how good they are, but at TopCashBack they don’t appear to be many and the ones there are seemed to be trivial. Thought I highlight a few here and as you can see, support is on the case which is a great thing, right?

TopCashBack Review 2018 – Final Thoughts!

OK, so what do I think?

Well, with the vast amount of terrible products that are out there on the Internet, it’s a nice feeling to be able to be in a position to recommend something like Topcashback.

It doesn’t cost you anything to join so why not become a member and see for yourself?

It goes without saying that like me, you probably use the internet a whole lot of the time especially when purchasing goods, so next time before you do, just check it out. What have you got to lose?

Don’t take these Cashback reward sites for granted thinking just because they are offering discounts and in some cases good discounts that this is where you are going to find the best deals.

In a lot of cases you won’t, so remember to research first.

The way TopCashBack operate is under the premise of Affiliate Marketing, which is a simple concept and maybe the best business model there is online.

If it’s a real opportunity that you are looking for where you will be taught everything about Affiliate Marketing from what I deem the best training platform you will find on the Internet today, then you can check out a review I wrote here.

The beauty of this training is that it is also 100% free to join and you won’t be asked for any credit card details either!

If you have any questions and would like to get in contact with me personally then you can contact me by clicking on the link here or just leave a comment at the bottom of this post.


Tell me, are you an avid online shopper and do you use Cash Back sites? Are you a TopCashBack member? Had any bad experiences using them? Are they everything they say they are?

Why not share with me your experiences, I’d love to hear them.

Tell me what you thought of this review.

Just add any comment at the bottom of the review, I’d love to read them and of course, I always get back to answer them.

Speak later!



Ebates Review 2018 – A Great Legit Cash Back Site?

We are all interested in saving money right, especially cashback sites, well in this Ebates Review 2018 we are going to be unravelling a number of things to give you a better idea of who they are, so that you can determine whether they are worth signing up for.Ebates review 2018

I don’t know about you but as I tend to do all my research online before I purchase anything, then don’t you think it all makes perfect sense to check out the best cashback websites that are available to you, especially as they are free to join?

You should be able to decide which cashback sites are the best without too much hassle.

More and more people are turning to the Internet because it is too damn easy to find what we are looking for.

With comparison sites shooting up all over the place, then cashback sites have to be your number one for all you’re shopping requirements. Just be careful when choosing the right one!

Ebates logo

  • Parent Company: Rakuten
  • Product: Ebates
  • Website:
  • Price: Free
  • Founder: Alessandro “Sandro” Isolani and Paul Wasserman
  • Founded: 1998, Website launched in 1999
  • Based: San Francisco, CA
  • Summary: One of the oldest and best Cashback sites out there.
  • Recommended: YES

Internal Summary and links

  1. Some facts about Ebates
  2. What is Ebates about – Not just another Cashback site are they?
  3. How to Get Started with Ebates
  4. How to Make Cash with Ebates
  5. Easy Ways to Earn More by Doubling on Cashback
  6. Other ways to get Cashback with Ebates
  7. How You Get Paid
  8. Who is Ebates for?
  9. Ebates Pros and Cons
  10. What is Ebates About – Final thoughts!

Some facts about Ebates

  • Started by 2 former deputy district attorneys
  • In September 2014 Ebates was bought by Rakuten for $1 billion
  • February of 2017 they acquired ShopStyle and Cosmic Cart
  • Paid out over 800 million dollars to its members so far.
  • Microsoft includes an extension app for Microsoft Edge, their new browser.

Partner sites to expand your shopping experience.

  • Canada
  • Korea
  • Japan
  • BFAds – Get advanced warnings of Black Friday promotions
  • Cartera – Major airlines to top banks and more…
  • Shopular – Get latest promotions straight to your phone.
  • ShopStyle – Fashions such as Gucci, St Laurent, Jimmy Choo, etc
  • Shop at Ebates – Household, food, Electronics and more…

All accessed at the bottom of Ebates website

What is Ebates About – Not just another Cashback site are they?

3 Steps to how to earn cash back with Ebates

Ebates is simply a cashback website founded back in 1998 and steadily grown into one of the best and largest free member savings programs in the US.

In just 20 years they have amassed a following of more than 11 million and have already paid out over $800 million in Cash Back to their members.

A cashback site with a difference and straight off the bat I see positive things with this company.

Somethings that aren’t going to change and that is the Internet is not some sort of fad, here today and gone tomorrow!

It is expanding at such a rapid rate and the main reason why our high street shopping days are numbered. Retailers just can’t compete!

Businesses like Ebates offer you the consumer a way of shopping with peace of mind.

As you are already online and just part of around 3.8 billion potential shoppers then why not use cashback sites like Ebates where you can save some cash? Every little helps right?

That’s basically free cash in your pocket and the beauty about this is that it is 100% free to join and they give you back 100% of the cash and sometimes more, it all depends on the offer.

Ok, so you are not going to get wealthy using these Cash Back sites but that is not what they are for, are they?

You might want to check out the Ebates sitemap first before pursuing further!

Why not check Ebates out and if you go through this link here, then you will receive $10 as a sign-up bonus.

How to Get Started with Ebates

Ebates sign up screen
Ebates Login

To join is simple, and is 100% free.

To create an account all you need to do is enter your email address and a password.

What I wouldn’t suggest doing is signing up using your Facebook or Google accounts. I would keep it separate, I mean you really don’t want family and friends to know your business, do you?

Once, you have created your account which takes seconds you will receive a welcome bonus of $10 and to qualify for that bonus all that is required of you is to spend at least $25 within the first year of joining.

“Not only do you receive $10 but whoever introduced you to Ebates (if indeed someone did) they will also get a bonus which comes under the Refer-A-Friend link”

Don’t forget to install the Ebates Cash Back button to your Google Chrome!

How to Make Cash with Ebates

It is easy and straightforward.

To start a shopping trip, all that is required is for you to click on any Ebates merchants’ store before you make a purchase.

Once, you arrive at the merchants’ store, a pop-up confirmation will appear letting you know that you are ready to shop and earn Cash Back at their store.

Once, you have made a purchase like you would do at any store then that payment is tracked by the store.

When the Store or Merchant has informed Ebates of your purchase which can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, then your account will be credited with the Cash Back amount.

That’s it.

Depending on how you set up your payment process with your account determines whether you receive a Check or through PayPal.

Maybe refer a friend

Ebates refer a friend

This is great and one of the best I have come across with a Cash Back or Rewards site.

“Just remember this current referral fee of $25 is on a promotional period and can change at any time!”

Just refer a friend and when they spend $25 you receive $25 as cash back and your friend receives $10.

No limitations either. As many friends and family as you wish!

Just think about it, invite 100 friends and once they have spent $25 you will receive a tidy sum of $2500.

Not bad for doing absolutely nothing.

I’m sure you can find at least 100 persons to invite.

Easy Ways to Earn More by Doubling on Cashback

Another great way to increase your Cash Back is by taking advantage of the Double Cash Back Stores”

Granted there isn’t a massive amount of stores to choose from but some major ones that should be very useful such as, Oakley, Banana Republic, Amazon, and RayBan to name a few.

Some discounts are as high as 42%.

Other ways to get Cash Back with Ebates

The Ebates mobile app.

Just install this useful app for free to your iPhone, Android or IPad where you can use in-store coupons, as well as scan products and compare prices and get real-time deals.

The Ebates cash back button.

Don’t forget to install the Cash Back button when you become a member.

This is a Chrome Extension and once installed you will get informed when and where there are discounts by finding them for you.

Cool eh?

The Ebates Cashback Visa Credit Card.

Ebates credit card

Why not apply for an Ebates Cash Back Credit Card and increase the amount of Cash Back by an additional 3%?

In-Store Cash Back.

As well as reaping the cash rewards online you can also take it to another level and get Cash Back whilst you are out and about on the retail high street.

Just check out the offers online, see which stores are in your area, add your card details and that’s it.

Ensure that you have Email setup correctly.

You will be notified by email and can always activate an Ebates shopping trip by following links, and if the link sends you shopping, then a window will open which lets you know that Cash Back has been activated.


Through the website home page, members activate an Ebates shopping trip by clicking on any Ebates link, which can be found in buttons, coupons, store links, banners and more.

When you click, a new window will open and this window will let you know that a shopping trip has been activated and will send you along to the store’s site to start shopping.

How you get paid

Unfortunately, there are restrictions on when and how you get paid.

Ebates will pay their members every quarter.

Either by Check or PayPal

Ebates payment periods

Ebates Pros and Cons

You can have the best product or service in the world and something you won’t be short of and that is complaints.

Whilst there will be an abundance of negative aspects there will also be a fair share of positive ones too.

What I have tried to do is highlight what I think are the main issues so that you can decide for yourself whether Ebates is worthy of your membership.

The Pros

Free to join

We all like something for FREE, well that’s exactly what you get with Ebates. Also means that you will not be hit by any administration costs either.

Cash Back Rewards

We are all using the internet to shop nowadays and there is no better reason to use a site like Ebates. It doesn’t cost you anything except a little of your time to log-in and find what you are looking for.

If, you do a lot of shopping on the internet then why not save yourself some cash?


With Ebates they have expanded your shopping experience by partnering up with companies such as…

  • BFAds – Black Friday Ads.
  • Cartera – Earn Air-miles, points or cash back at 900+ stores
  • Shopular – A mobile shopping experience.
  • ShopStyle – Take you’re shopping in fashion.
  • Shop at Ebates – Another shopping experience.

A bunch of additional ways to shop!

Customer service

If you check out Better Business Bureau (BBB) website you can see that any complaints have been dealt with in a professional fashion.

These are mainly about payments!

There are always going to be issues with not receiving payments on time and this goes with every cashback site.

All issues take time to resolve especially with the number of members they have, you just have to be patient and Ebates seem to get on top of any issues that they have.

Great reviews

Just check out the Trust Pilot review stats and currently out of a total of 664 there are only 19 that are average or worse.

Ebates review stats at TrustPilot

Check out the Trustpilot reviews for yourself here

Professional Looking Website

Just by checking out the website tells me that they are not a tin-pot outfit.

Everything is so clearly laid out which explains in detail everything you need to know. Nothing is hidden!

All the merchants’ are easily identified by the cash back percentages that you get and is also displayed on the merchants’ website just in case you happened to forget.

Refer a Friend

One of the best I have seen for a cashback site.


A very good way of judging any business is to look at support and what you tend to find is this is what usually lets the side down.

Checking out the issues that members have reported on the various review sites including Better Business Bureau I see that support seem to be on top of things, which is a good thing.

The Cons

Despite some glowing positives, there are some obvious negatives ones too.

Missed Payments

As the company currently only pays out every quarter then you would think that they would have their payment strategy sorted, but unfortunately, there are some issues, but that is to be expected, I mean no company operates a flawless business do they?

No excuses I know but the odd glitch here and there is to be expected, especially with the number of members they currently have.

For a payment process to work perfectly there are so many parameters to take into consideration.

Even computer programs screw up sometimes, but very rarely!

You will find that missed payments are the main cause for complaints and this will be evident on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) website, but you will also see the support team trying to rectify those issues.

Amazon Category Restrictions

Although Amazon is the biggest online retail outlet it surprises me that there are only certain categories that Cashback is allowed on.

I have noticed that this list has grown slightly over the last few months and therefore I would assume that it will continue to grow.

This list to the right is when this article was published.

You can check out the category list here to so see if Amazon has been so kind as to extend their list.

Disgruntled members

With good reviews also come bad so I thought I’d include these here just to show you that nothing is just black and white.

Who is Ebates for?

If you are a big shopper online then Ebates could the perfect addition.

If you are the total opposite and you only shop now and then, Ebates would be a complete waste of time!

Don’t take these Cashback sites for granted and expect that because you are getting cash back that you are also going to get the best deal.

Still, do your research and check out other avenues as well.

Some people just like to spend no matter what it is and having a site like Ebates displayed in front of you might encourage you to spend unnecessarily. Use wisely!

A big no would be not to use these sites as a way of trying to earn some extra cash. Remember you have to spend first!

What is Ebates About – Final thoughts!

OK, so you now have the rundown on Ebates and whether this could be a cash saving opportunity.

I am always a little sceptical when it comes to any online opportunities because most are just not worth you getting involved with, but with this Cash Back site, I think it is one of the best.

I don’t like putting my name to anything without thorough research and based on my findings I try to give an unbiased opinion as well.

I know there will be some who disagree but that is life and we all have our own opinions so we’ll leave it at that.

I’m sure you have seen many reviews with “Scam this” and “Scam that” which quite honestly I don’t agree with.

To label a product or service as a “SCAM” has to be absolutely terrible where something is costing you and you are getting absolutely no value at all.

Ebates is a legit cashback site that costs you nothing and as you are already shopping online then why not sort out a few of these cashback sites to cover most of your shopping days.

Swagbucks is another Cashback site where you accumulate points and have to redeem those points for cash, although you might find this site a little more entertaining. You can check it out here!

Ebates operates their business in the Affiliate Marketing arena, which is, if not the best business model there is when it comes to building an online business.

If you want to know more about affiliate marketing and where you can learn all this you can check out a review I wrote here. The beauty of this training platform is that it wouldn’t cost you a dime to check it out and you wouldn’t be asked for any Credit Card details either. What have you got to lose?


If you are a member of Ebates or any other Cashback site for that matter I’d be interested in your personal experiences both good and bad.

Tell me what you thought of the review.

If you have any questions at all don’t forget to drop them in the comments below.

All the best


What is InboxDollars and Is it really Worth Your Time and Effort?

What is InboxDollars and can you really make some extra cash or should the company be really called InboxPennies, anyway let’s take a look and see shall we?

What is Inboxdollars
Inboxdollars login

When it comes to the Internet, I wonder just what people would be doing with their precious time nowadays, if a British scientist at Cern hadn’t come up with the Internet idea in the late 80’s!

As it is, we all spend a lot of time online looking for ways to make some extra cash, for that next purchase or just a way to supplement your income.

Like we all do; you probably search endlessly for things, read and send emails, play games, watch videos and much more. We do this without even thinking about it!

Now, just imagine someone pays you for doing what you are already doing on a daily basis? Sounds cool, right, but wait until you have read this review and then see if it really is worthwhile you spending your time doing!

InboxDollars Logo

Product: InboxDollars


Price: 100% Free to join and take part in

Founder: Darren Cotter

Founded: 2000

Summary: Earn money for participating in activities, such as surveys, searching the internet, watching videos and a host of other things.

Recommended: No (There are much better money making solutions out there worthy of trying)


  1. Let’s take a look at some facts first before we dive into the review
  2. What is InboxDollars about?
  3. How to make money with InboxDollars
  4. How much money can you make with InboxDollars?
  5. How to get paid with InboxDollars
  6. Pros and Cons
  7. What is InboxDollars and Final Thoughts!

Let’s take a look at some facts first before we dive into the review

  • A legitimate website where you get paid for taking part in various activities.
  • Pays cash as opposed to points
  • Has over 17,000,000 members
  • Paid out more than $50,000,000 to its members
  • Recognized by inc.5000 for outstanding growth
  • Has over 2.1 million Facebook likes
  • Based in the UK, US and Canada
  • SendEarnings acquired in 2005, which is a similar site to InboxDollars
  • Cotterweb Enterprises formed in 2005
  • They expanded and launched InboxPounds in the UK in 2012
  • They expanded and launched DailyRewards in Canada in 2014
  • BBB (Better business bureau) A+ rating.

What is InboxDollars about?

InboxDollars partners you know

InboxDollars is an online rewards club also known as a “GPT” site which means “Get Paid To”. Which offers its members money for taking part in online and mobile activities?

InboxDollars connects consumers and advertisers in a way that benefits both, and in return members are rewarded for taking part in activities such as reading and acting on emails, taking part in surveys, playing games, watching videos and TV commercials, and signing up for offers amongst other things.

The number of surveys that are sent to you depends on your individual status and the way you filled in the questionnaire when you first signed up.

They take a lot of stats into consideration when deciding what surveys and who they send their surveys to, and the reason why you will see some people getting more surveys to complete than others.

One thing you’ll notice when you look online and that’s apparent when you check review sites like Trust Pilot is that some folks are having a lot more success with InboxDollars than some others, and this is obviously down to your personal demographic.

How to make money with InboxDollars

Creating an account is pretty straightforwardHow to make money with Inboxdollars and once you have you will be able to take part in the various online activities that are on offer and get paid for doing so.

Taking Surveys

Surveys will appear on your dashboard and the type of survey depends on how you filled in the questionnaire when you first signed up to become a member.

Emails will also be sent to you on a regular basis to notify you when surveys are ready.

Each survey listed will give you an estimated completion time along with how much you can earn.

I have seen surveys offered for something like 10 cents for 20 minutes of your time and even seen the odd one offered at $4 for 25 minutes of your time; mind you when I saw this I thought my luck had changed. Sad to say that I spent 15 minutes filling this in only to be told that I didn’t qualify. Yes, really!

Just think you’re sat down in the evening trying to earn a little extra cash and you spend 20 minutes filling in a survey only to be told that you didn’t qualify.

Ok, no problem, I’ll try another then, right?

After 4 surveys you are met with the exact same message “you didn’t qualify!”

As, you can imagine, not only is it frustrating but you have spent 1 hour 20 minutes of your life and for what? Nothing to show for your efforts!

Unfortunately, this happens a lot more than you think!

Reading and responding to emails

You will receive several emails on a daily basis, and get paid for reading and by clicking on any links in the email or taking action on whichever promotion is on offer.

Just by accepting that you have seen the offer means you will get paid, but by doing this will mean you will receive 1 or 2 cents.

100 more emails and you have earned yourself a dollar, hum!

Logging in

Every time you log in to the website you will earn yourself a few extra cents.

Signing up for offers

Offers will appear on your homepage and in order to get paid you will need to sign up for the ones that interest you.

There’s a multitude of offers to choose from, such as online casinos, mobiles, insurance, magazines, become a product tester, betting etc.

Remember that when you sign up for some that you may be passing over your Credit Card details, so be wary of this!

Watching Videos and TV

Bored with taking surveys then why not break it up a little and watch some short videos and TV commercials from their advertisers. Check out how to make a curry or pizza!

Playing Games

We all like playing games, well how about getting paid for doing so, with popular games like bejewelled etc.

Searching the Internet

We spend hours online searching for things on Google so why not use the search engine on the InboxDollars platform and get paid.

Shopping through the website

Get cash back for your purchases from hundreds of merchants including Wal-Mart, Target, Old Navy, and more

Referring Friends

There is a referral program available once you sign up, where you can use your personal link and send to friends and family asking them to join. This way you can receive a percentage of that persons earnings. Mind you this might be a good way to lose some friends also!

How much money can you make with InboxDollars?

How much depends on how much of your precious time you want to dedicate to the website, your location and how many opportunities are available to you.

To cash-out you will have to earn at least $30 and reaching that limit is going to take some doing!

Below is an estimate of what each activity can pay you.

For signing up you receive: $5

Reading and responding to emails is around $0.10 per email.

Taking surveys, you can get between $0.10 and $4 (if you are lucky) and times vary accordingly.

Logging in will get you a couple of cents

Signing up for Offers, anywhere from a few cents up to $20 I have seen.

Watching Videos and the TV commercials –each video can earn you up to 15 cents per viewing and after the TV commercial you can find out if you have earned anything through a scratching coupon.

Doing internet searches – 3 cents for any four searches you make through the website.

Referring friends will get you 10% of anything your referral earns through the site. Just think how you can benefit by doing just this.

How to get paid with InboxDollars

Once you have reached your target goal of $30, you can request a check or a Visa Cash Card.

It can take around 2 weeks for payments to be processed for the first time cashes, but after this, your account is upgraded automatically to a Gold Member which speeds up the payment process to 1 week.

Payments are issued in US dollars regardless of where you live.

Once you have achieved Gold Member Status you can enjoy additional perks, including faster payment, more loyalty rewards, more sweepstakes and additional referral rewards.

InboxDollars reviews

Pros and Cons

All products come with a certain amount of baggage no matter how good they appear or you are told they are.

Here we come to a summary of the positive and negative aspect of taking part in something like InboxDollars which I have tried to highlight below.


  • The site is a legit way of earning some extra cash, but just how much will depend on you.
  • It is 100% free to join and take part in.
  • Getting paid for what you would normally be doing whilst on the internet.
  • There is a referral program where you can invite friends and be compensated for, by receiving 10% of what the referral earns.
  • High profile clients use such as eBay, Netflix, Target, ADT, Disney etc. and these can sometimes pay good money for just signing up, but be careful because you will have to have your credit/debit card at the ready. Remember to cancel free trials as you will be billed after a period.

InboxDollars positive reviews


  • The minimum amount of $30 that you have to reach before you can cash-out is going to seem like an age to get to, especially when the rewards for some surveys are going to be around 10-20 cents to complete a survey of 20 or so minutes
  • Offers are not updated enough and to make money you will find yourself having to spend money first.
  • Many members are complaining that in some cases they are 10 minutes or more into a survey only to be told that they haven’t qualified for that particular survey. Some members have even completed a 20-minute survey when this has happened. I can testify to this!
  • There have been instances where personal data such as credit card and bank account details, telephone numbers and addresses have been stolen by third party sites.
  • If you are not active for a few weeks, accounts have been suspended and you may find that you are bombarded with emails from advertisers, in other words, spammed!
  • Payments are not forthcoming and can take a couple of weeks before you receive payment.
  • Tasks are restricted so if you actually wanted to do more and try to build your account balance you will be held back.

InboxDollars medium reviews

What is InboxDollars and Final thoughts!

OK, so now you know the rundown on whether InboxDollars could make you a little extra cash, and the simple answer to this is yes you can, but not in large amounts which we’ve come to learn.

It certainly isn’t any sort of scam which many people are indicating, because straight off the bat, it will not cost you a dime to join and take part, although it may do if you decided to partake in their offers!

As you can see, you are not going to be breaking the bank any day soon!

What these websites tend to be for many is just a bit of fun and a way to earn maybe a few extra bucks, and you shouldn’t focus all your time and energy in trying to do anything other.

I joined up and gave it a try, and whilst I managed to be accepted for the $5 bonus which everybody will do, this is only paid when you manage to reach your cash-out total of $30.

I didn’t manage to reach that $30 threshold (sorry to say) although I did manage $15.

I guess then to redeem that amount I will have to spend many more hours which I am not prepared to do. I tend to value my time much more nowadays!

Taking survey after survey and spending 15-20 minutes only to be told that I hadn’t qualified is enough to drive anybody mad, so I’m afraid that’s it as far as I’m concerned with InboxDollars or should it be renamed to InboxPennies?

If partaking in these types of “Make Money Online” sites is something that you are happy with doing then why not check out Swagbucks which is a little better, but only just.

Before I started my online business I spent many hours searching these sites out until I found a training platform that teaches you how to build an online business, and I can tell you that was the best decision I made.

It won’t break the bank either because it is Free to join and you won’t be asked for your credit/debit card details. Mind you it isn’t some magic button either that you can press and become instantly rich.

It will take hard work, but enjoyable and very rewarding, and this training platform was designed with the Newbie in mind.

Just think long term, but not too far down the road. This time next year you can be earning anywhere from $1,500 – $7,000 a month and that is a conservative figure. It all depends on each individual!

If you are interested then check out an article I wrote here and see for yourself. What have you got to lose? But so much to gain!

Tell me what you think and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them.


Tell me, are you a member of InboxDollars and is it working for you? Have you had issues with getting paid? Are you finding it frustrating? How long did it take you to reach $30? Could your time be used in a more constructive way? Feel that you are wasting your time for the little pittance you get? Looking for a challenge and a different direction?

Tell me what you thought of the review and any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask. I’ll be only too happy to answer them all.

Your friend


What is SliceThePie about ? Is it a COMPLETE Waste of TIME?

What is SliceThePie about and can you really get paid for listening to music, and the simple answer to this is yes you can, but don’t go out and put that deposit on that new car just yet!

I would wait and see how this review pans out first!

What is slicethepie about

As you are probably aware, there are literally thousands of making money online websites where all they ask from you is your time, patience and the ability to write a review, just like I am doing here with “What is SliceThePie about”; and for this, they will reward you.

Granted it won’t be much but all the same a slice of the pie. Just as the name suggests, so let takes a look at this slicethepie review and see where it takes us.

Slicethepie logo

Product: SliceThePie


Price: 100% Free to join and take part in

Founder: David Courtier-Dutton

Founded: 2007

Summary: A way to participate in the future of struggling up and coming music artists, and get paid for listening to their records, and reviewing and ranking them.

Recommended: No (There are much better alternative solutions out there worthy of trying)

Internal Summary and links

  1. Let’s take a look at some facts before we dive into the review
  2. What is SliceThePie about?
  3. Writing reviews have a strict code – Let’s see if we can make it easier!
  4. How to make money with SliceThePie
  5. How much money can you make with SliceThePie?
  6. Why not focus your writing ability and learn how to make a lot more money in a more productive and enjoyable way?
  7. Pros and Cons
  8. What is SliceThePie about – Final thoughts!

Let’s take a look at some facts before we dive into the review

  • A legitimate website dedicated to helping up and coming music artists.
  • At the time in 2007 the only website of its kind.
  • Provides real-time on-demand feedback to major US record labels.
  • One of the Internets largest music review sites, if not the largest!
  • As of 2015 additional categories were added to the site, including fashion, mobile cases, and accessories, branding and logo imagery, plus more…
  • Currently, have over 2,000,000 members, also known as “scouts”.
  • Received over 33,500,000 reviews.
  • Paid out more than $4,000,000 to its members or scouts.
  • No points, vouchers, or discounts, only paid in cash.
  • Based in Reading, UK, and Connecticut, New York.

What is SliceThePie About?

Slicethepie- recording mike

When Slicethepie was formed way back in 2007, the main goal was to focus on helping aspiring music artists get their first foot on the ladder.

They all came with no backing and no record deals and saw it as a way to promote themselves, their brand and their music, costing them very little if anything at all.

Artists would approach Slicethepie for backing and would then upload their music legitimately (not like Napster) and would then be listened to by STP members, or scouts as STP would portray them as.

Members or scouts would then listen to a record, not knowing who the artist was and write a review and score the record 1 to 10 and for their efforts would be paid. The amount paid would be based on many factors, mentioned a little later!

Since 2015 SliceThePie has expanded their focus in other areas besides, such as…

Fashion items, mobiles cases, and accessories. logos and branding imagery.

Writing reviews have a strict code – Let’s see if we can make it easier!

writing reviews as a strict code lets see if we can help

  1. Write the review whilst listening to the song

You have to listen to a song for a minimum of 90 seconds which isn’t long to give a good account, so take notes whilst the song is playing otherwise you may miss all the different elements that you are asked to comment about by STP.

  1. You have to mention all the elements that are required

In order to listen and absorb everything about a record you really need to listen carefully, and I don’t know about you but, for me, I rarely listen with any great depth, and usually just listen because it has a catchy tune or maybe great lyrics.

  1. Break it down and highlight the…
  • Vocals
  • Instrumentals
  • Synth/Midi/Effects
  • Mix/Sound/Volume
  • Timing/Rhythm
  • Composition

Cover those points and you shall see an improvement in the cash reward as well as your ranking!

  1. Make comparisons

I have listened to a few songs and whilst I didn’t know the artist or the song, it struck a chord with me and was very similar to something I’d heard of before.

Ensure you include these comparisons within the review.

  1. Be Articulate

It takes time to work your way up the rankings and many find themselves slipping down due to the lack of genuine content and this could be mistaken for the lack of articulation.

Each record is unique and therefore your comments should be unique also, so brush up on your grammar so that your review is good.

  1. How does the song relate?

Many songs can instantly take you back in time through memories and personal experiences such as that…

    • First date
    • A social event maybe
    • That great holiday

They may have been happy times or sad times just remember to include these too!

  1. Lengthy Reviews

Try to make sure your reviews are as long as possible, without them getting too boring or irrelevant. Remember the longer and more interesting the review the more you will get paid, and this also goes towards your ranking too.

  1. Be consistent and review daily

Try to write as much as you can and by checking in every day at various times throughout the day, you’ll make sure you’re getting a bigger Slice of that Pie.

Hopefully, that little lot should help!

How to make money with SliceThePie

First of all, you sign up and create an account, and then you choose what type of music you like to listen to.

If you want to maximize your earning potential with Slicethepie then select them all.

Once you have created your account then each time you sign in to the application you are met with 4 choices. It is clear that people joined because of their love of music and therefore you would choose the music option.

If you need a change from music then there are other alternatives to break up your time.

SliceThePie review options

There are 2 ways to make money with Slicethepie:

      • Submit reviews and get paid.
      • Refer friends to join STP, which enables you to earn 10% for each review submitted and accepted.

By selecting the music category a random record will be displayed for you to listen to and review.

At this point, the details of the artist are not given for obvious reasons, so that you can make an unbiased review!

You have the option to listen for at least 90 seconds to the record and then you are allowed to make a review and score the track from 1-10.

Write constructive comments and ensure you cover vocal, instrumental arrangement, rhythm, and production, with around 60 words minimum.

Based on your reviews and scoring, the top 2% of artists will be showcased, where they have a real chance to be seen by major record companies.

The amount you receive for your review is based on a few factors.

Your star rating from 1 – 5







Length of review

Referring a friend

Referring friends is always a plus to boost your account balance.

You can access your own referral code and link, to share with family and friends and invite them to join SliceThePie.

By doing this allows you to benefit from 10% of everything your referral earns, granted 10% of a few cents doesn’t amount to much but just think if you invited 1000, then you can see where the benefits are.

1000 * .05 (average per review) = $50

When you look at it like the above example 1000 referrals @ .05 cents = $50 that’s not bad going, but try and get 1000 new referrals and I can tell you that you will have your work cut out.

How much money can you make with SliceThePie?

Slicethepie - Reviews submitted and cash paid out

Every member or scout as they are known, start off with a star rating of 1 star. Higher the star rating the more money you will make!

On the basis that…

  • * = $0.05
  • ** = $0.10
  • *** = $0.15
  • **** = $0.20
  • ***** = $0.25

To achieve a higher rating this all depends on the quality of the review which has to be unique and covering all the elements that are asked for by STP, as well as the length of the review. The longer the better!

When you start you will earn around $0.05 for each review that you make, but that is a conservative figure and will be based on the quality of your content.

Let’s take a look at some statistics!

OK, so let’s base our hourly income on the $0.05 (1 review) which is a rough estimate of what you will make when you first start because it will vary dependant on quality.

The minimum amount of time that STP allows for you to listen and write a review is 90 seconds, with around 60 words.

There are 3,600 seconds in 1 hour.

3,600 seconds / 90 seconds (min length for review) = 40.

That is 40 reviews in 1 hour.

That’s based on 90 seconds per review we should be able to manage 40 reviews, right?

40 * $0.05 = $2.00

That’s a conservative estimate of $2 an hour.

Depending on which state you live in! The average minimum wage is around $8.00 an hour.

You see where this is going?

40 * $8.00 = $320 a week for a normal working week

40 * $2.00 = $80 a week (STP)

STP = 40 * 8 (hour day) = 320 reviews in 1 day / 1600 reviews in 1 week

That’s some serious going to keep up to, wouldn’t you agree?

Why not focus your writing ability and learn how to make a lot more money in a more productive and enjoyable way!

Slicethepie - Why not focus your writing abilityThe more you write the better you will become, and that’s the same in many things in life!

Instead of writing reviews and submitting them to STP, why not write the content for yourself and add them to a website and get them in front of people who are searching in Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc?

Just like I am doing with this website! It’s certainly not rocket science!

Writing reviews and getting those reviews out in front of the people who are searching for things like…

How can I make money online?

Can I earn money for listening to music?

Need to earn some money quickly?

Maybe one of those search terms was what you entered into Google and guess what? You found this article that I wrote here!

Google searches in 1 second

66,310 Google searches every second which equates to around 5,700,000,000+ searches in Google each day! Not to mention all the other search engines that are out there! That is some shop there!

Internet stats

The above snapshot was taken at 14.15, so as you can see another 9.5 hours left until the day ends!

All you need to do is work out what people are searching for using keyword research to determine your niche.

Create a website based around your niche. Created within 1 minute, take a look here.

Create articles, reviews (like with SliceThePie) except on a wider scale.

Get your website in front of the 5,700,000,000

Granted this is not going to happen overnight but just think about it?

From now until this time next year if you follow the steps taught then you will have a business with a passive income working for you 24/7/365, that can generate anywhere between $3000 and $7000 a month.

That is a very conservative figure!

To increase this monthly revenue all you do is target more people and create more articles and reviews.

The beauty of this training is it is 100% FREE to join and you will not be asked for a CREDIT Card.

This way you can take it for a sort of “Test Drive” and see what you think. A no brainer right? Check out the review here!

If what you are after is money a little quicker then why not make your writing skills work for you and take advantage of sites like HireWriters or Fiverr who I would recommend.

There are literally 100s of great freelance writing websites but these are the ones I have used in the past and are very good.

Just check the sites out, because I am willing to pay $25 for a well-written article when I don’t have the time to do it myself. You could be that person I am paying to do the work!

Pros and Cons


  • It is free to join and participate in.
  • Paid in cash and not points.
  • You have a say in the future of an unknown artist which has got to be a plus.
  • It can be enjoyable if you are a music fan.
  • There is a referral program, so you can get paid for introducing your friends.
  • The chance to hear new artists and music that hasn’t hit the market yet.
  • Alternative categories that you can get involved in.


  • Very stringent guidelines for review acceptance

I found that creating a unique review wasn’t as easy as you may have anticipated. No matter how unique and correct you thought the review was it just wouldn’t get acceptance.

This is a common complaint by many members.

You have no way of knowing just where you are going wrong and at times is hit-and-miss until you do get it right, and even accounts are closed down or suspended due to this.

  • Payments have been delayed.

Once you have reached the threshold of $10 you can then redeem the cash via PayPal but this can take several days before you actually receive the money.

Over this period your reviews will be scrutinized even more by STP to make sure that your reviews are unique and acceptable.

It would appear that even at this stage STP can refuse to pay the cash-out and your time spent on the reviews could be all in vain.

  • For the amount of time and effort, it just isn’t worth the hassle

Quite frankly these sites just don’t want to pay out and make it worthwhile!

Writing consistent unique reviews one after the other is painstakingly slow and difficult, not that writing reviews per se are difficult, it’s the strict rules for acceptance when you don’t actually know what the rules are, and on top of that the extremely small amount that you receive for all your efforts.

If all you are after is to earn some extra cash then why not try something like Swagbucks. Here they have an app that allows you to get paid for taking surveys, playing games, listening to videos, shopping and searching in their search engine. A lot more interesting if earning a little extra cash in your spare time is what you are after doing.

What is SliceThePie About – Final thoughts!

As you can see, there will not be any big slice of the pie here, and for you to achieve very little in the way of monetary value it is going to take some great dedication, and spending many hours writing unique reviews.

Is this really what you want to spend your valuable time doing?

Whilst it would seem a good alternative way for up and coming musicians to get their music showcased, and possibly brought to the attention of major record companies and get a recording contract, my real concern is the amount of time that you will need to spend listening and writing unique reviews.

Here at STP, you need to be able to write reviews, whether, for an up and coming music artist, fashion items such as mobile accessories, or branding and logo imagery, then why not focus those writing skills in a more constructive way and learn how to build your very own online business.

It is not as difficult as you may think, seriously!

Taking part in these review sites are OK for a little extra cash and maybe a little fun and something to pass the time of day, but seriously, think about the amount of time spent writing reviews or filling in survey’s and convert that time and energy into learning a new skill that could set you up for life.

If you are interested in pursuing this further then why not check out an article I wrote here. It might surprise you!


Do you have any experiences with SliceThePie?

Did you manage to achieve the 5-star rating? How long do you spend on STP? What’s the largest amount of cash you have made? Are you confident in writing reviews and want to focus those skills in a more productive way?

Love to hear your thoughts and tell me what you thought of this review?

I look forward to making that connection.


What is Survey Junkie and is it a legit way to make some extra cash? Survey Junkie Review 2018

So you’ve come across the advertisements in social media and want to know more; so what is Survey Junkie and is it a legit way to make some extra cash, but are you prepared for those really long days of repetitive mundane tasks?

What is survey junkie
Survey Junkie Login

Everybody has spare time to kill, whether it’s through holidays, after work and in the evenings, between jobs, or at the weekends, and then why not turn that spare time into cash, and earn yourself a few hundred bucks a year filling out surveys or testing products? I mean you can do this whilst watching TV or YouTube videos!

When researching the popular ways to make money online, surveys always seem to come out on top, but you have to check out these sites carefully as many are not worth going anywhere near.

There are vast amounts of research companies out there offering rewards just for you to make opinions on products and services, but not all of them are as legit as they may seem!

It is hard enough sitting for hours filling in questionnaires for the small amount they are offering, only for them to withhold payment or wait until you have completed a survey only to be told that you didn’t qualify. Has this happened to you?

Remember when researching which survey websites to join please make sure you exclude all sites where they are asking for a membership fee. These sites you should stay well away from!

  • Owners – Blue Media Ventures Inc
  • Product – Survey Junkie
  • Website –
  • Founded – June 2012
  • CEO – Armen Adjemian
  • Employers – EST 64
  • Cost – 100% Free to join and get paid
  • Recommended – No (I wouldn’t personally recommend the survey route)

What is Survey Junkie?

Survey Junkie is not actually a real market research website, like Swagbucks

What they do, based on the information that you supplied when signing up, is match you with the actual survey providers (their clients). Which is the same as telephone sales where they would approach a person, get their details and pass it on to a salesman to close the deal?

What this also means, is that your personal details will probably be on their clients’ email lists as well as their own. As long as you are aware of this!

Survey Junkie was launched in June 2012 and part of Blue Media Ventures Inc. and according to their website has over 3,000,000 members.

Is an online platform where you are rewarded for giving your opinions and completing surveys.

Whilst there are different types of surveys to fill in and complete, it is all part of the same thing, market research!

Many companies including major ones like Amazon and Walmart, work alongside companies like Survey Junkie to get valuable feedback and opinions on their products and services, and they pay sites like Survey Junkie for doing this, and a portion of this fee will be passed onto their members for participating in the surveys, by the way of pointsOr that is the gist of it!

I can tell you now that you aren’t going to be fighting to pick up surveys because I joined a few days ago and when I sign into the website I am still getting the message “Uh oh…looks like surveys are not available at this time. Please check back in a couple of hours!” 

Well. I wonder if the mortgage company will be so relaxed when I tell them I’m waiting for some work.

How do I get started with Survey Junkie?

Pretty straightforward here, and there are 3 options as you can see from the image below.

Survey Junkie signup page

What I wouldn’t do is sign-up under your Facebook or Google+ account just to be on the safe side!

You don’t really want people who you know in social media to be pestered with Survey Junkie pop-ups do you,  and I don’t know about you, but I like to keep my personal life private?

Once you have completed this process, they will ask you a serious of questions which allows them to slot you into a certain demographic, to help in the selection process of the surveys that best suits you.

You will be rewarded with 100 points which equate to $1 for registration.

How do I get paid?

Before you can get paid you must have reached the threshold which is 1,000 points and what members tend to do is to cash in as soon as that is reached.

There are 2 options to go down here

You can either redeem those points for eGiftcards or select the PayPal route and get paid in cash which most members end up doing.

Pros and Cons

What is clearly evident here is that you aren’t going to be jacking your job in just yet!

It all depends on just how much you favour your time and whether it could be used in a more constructive way.

Firstly, finding a legit money making opportunity like a survey site can be a nightmare, because there are so many with a large percentage not worthy of trying, but if taking surveys is just to earn a little extra cash, and they can be done whilst doing other things as well, then that’s fine.

Like every company, there is a positive and negative aspect to take into consideration and I have tried to highlight a few below!


Large following

Survey Junkie has been operating since around 2012 and according to the website has over 3,000,000 members.

100% Free to join and take part in

Very easy to join and become a member with the whole process taking less than 5 minutes.

Low threshold for redeeming points and turning into cash 

You have to reach 1,000 points which equate to $10 before you can redeem those points for either eGiftcards or cash that you can withdraw from PayPal. Other like-minded survey sites are usually a lot higher which means it would take longer to get paid.

Points are active for life

The points that you accrue do not have an expiry date, so you don’t have to worry about cashing them in, but what Survey Junkie does expect, is that you are active at least once in any given 12 monthly period.

Pay-out on time

Normally, the points you earned for completing each survey will be rewarded to your account immediately after.

Good rating according to BBB

According to BBB (Better Business Bureau) which is a consumer website, they have a rating of A+.


No mobile app available

We are in the 21st century and everybody has a mobile device of sorts so I find it a little strange that there has been no mobile app developed.

Don’t you think it would make sense, and besides wouldn’t that mean that “Survey Junkie” would be getting paid more also? 

You may not qualify

This happens for no reason at all, and when you have taken part in a survey, or more than often when you have completed one. Just think you spent 25 minutes filling a survey in to be told that you didn’t qualify! Mind-numbing stuff! I mean why do they do this? Maybe to slow your progress if at all you are progressing, which I doubt very much.

survey junkie account not verified

Short on Surveys or Activity

When I joined I spent a few days waiting around for access to the survey database and each time I signed in to the app I was met with a message telling me that there were no surveys and to try again in a few hours’ time.

Better be quick when you receive an email indicating you have been selected for a survey.

I received an email from Survey Junkie informing me that there was a survey for me to complete, but when I tried to access this survey I was told that it had been taken. I guess we are all competing for the same surveys!

Accounts getting deleted

There are plenty of complaints regarding member’s accounts getting deleted for no apparent reason, and whilst these facts in a lot of cases can’t be vindicated, it may well be down to a member violating the rules.

Not rewarded for completing a survey

There could be a host of reasons for this happening but it doesn’t look good, especially when you might have spent the last 25 minutes filling in a survey to completion stage, only to be told you didn’t qualify or you didn’t receive points.survey-junkie-review-not-paid

Only available in certain countries

Only open to United States, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

Obviously, the clients of Survey Junkie are English speaking and therefore only target English speaking countries.

Lack of the number of surveys

When you register as a new member you are asked to fill in a questionnaire which allows Survey Junkie to be selective in their selection process when it comes to handing out the surveys.

I joined Survey Junkie as of publishing this article 4 days ago and still haven’t been able to access any surveys online, as each time I sign-in I am met with the message

“Uh oh…looks like surveys are not available at this time. Please check back in a couple of hours”


I did receive an email 3 days into my membership telling me that I had been selected for a survey and that I had to hurry because it was filling up. Really, well when I tried it was full!

Is Survey Junkie legit and does it work? 

Survey junkie trust pilot reviews

One thing for sure, and that is Survey Junkie is a legit opportunity for you to make a little extra cash online, but that is all you will do, earn a little extra cash!

Some people enjoy filling in surveys and there is nothing wrong about that, but remember that you are going to be spending many hours in front of a screen, but it’s not rocket science and you surely will be able to do other things whilst completing these tasks.

Whilst you will find negative comments on various review sites, there are more than enough positive comments which far outweigh the negatives to convince you that this is a viable business to get involved in.

Remember there are always going to be issues with any business!



Survey Junkie Review 2018 – The Verdict?

As you can see to make a little cash you are going to have to spend quite some time in front of your PC or laptop but if that’s what you already do then why not, as I have been in that position myself in the past.

If doing surveys is just a stop gap, it was with me some time ago now, then why not focus your time in a more efficient way and learn a new skill. You might surprise yourself!

With the ever-expanding Internet approaching 3.8 billion users, and the affiliate marketing industry heading towards an 8 billion dollar business, then wouldn’t affiliate marketing be a good thing to get involved in?

With Google, there are over 65,000 searches every single second, which amounts to over 5.6 billion searches in one day alone, and that’s people searching for literally everything you could possibly think of.

All you have to do is find out what they are searching for, create a website and get it in front of that crowd!

This definitely is not rocket science and everybody can do it!

If you can write emails, do research which we all do then that’s pretty much it, but what I will tell you is that hard work is involved.

Just think 1-2 years from now you could be earning $5,000 – $10,000 a month and that’s a conservative figure!

Sounds good, then check out this article I wrote and see what you think.


Since I have participated in online surveys in the past and did make a little money then I have a little experience to put your way, but those days are well and truly gone!

Have you had any bad experiences with online surveys? Are you a member of Survey Junkie and how do you find them?  Are you looking for a way to make money online? I’d like to know!

If you have time then leave a comment and tell me what you thought of the review.

All the best



What is SwagBucks about? Is it LEGIT and is it WORTH it?

Looking for a way to earn a little cash and you heard about Swagbucks. OK, so what is Swagbucks about, is it legit and can you really make some money on this site, but more importantly, is it really worth investing your time and energy?

What is swagbucks about I’m sure you’ll agree that there are a vast number of opportunities on the internet with various claims. Promises of instant wealth or that making money online was easy to do.

I’m sure you’ve come across them all!

Well ignore those claims for the time being and let’s see whether Swagbucks .com can deliver or not!

If taking part in surveys, playing games, watching videos, or discovering deals is something that interests you, then why not get paid for it?

In this review I’m going to show; what is Swagbucks about, how it works, how much you can get paid and whether it really is something worthy of spending your time doing.

Swagbucks logo

  • Product: Swagbucks
  • Owned by: Protege
  • Website:
  • Price: 100% free to join and take part in
  • Founders: Josef Gorowitz and Scott Dudelson
  • Founded: 2008
  • Summary: Is a search engine, and allows you to participate in certain activities including online surveys where you are rewarded with a virtual currency.
  • Recommended: YES – If you are ok about earning a few bucks here and there, but for me nowadays I have better things to do with my precious time.

Swagbucks login

Let’s take a look at some facts before we dive into the review

  • One of the fastest growing companies in the US.
  • Is the leading digital rewards and performance marketing platform.
  • Celebrities like Kanya West and Kiss are known to use the site.
  • Music companies are now turning to branded search engine sites to reach their fans online.
  • One of the largest survey sites and paid out among the most of its competitors.
  • Over 20,000,000 members can’t be wrong.
  • Paid out over $80,000,000.
  • Can cash out for as little as $5 where most others are a lot more.
  • Have a stream of awards – check out Wikipedia.
  • Introduction of mobile apps for IOS and Android.
  • Mobile app –  SwagBucks TV feature.
  • Mobile app – SwagBucks Answer specifically for survey taking.

Swagbucks is one of the most legit survey sites that you will find on the Internet, who offer a wide range of money-making opportunities to earn rewards by way of Swagbucks (“SB”), from surfing the net, watching videos, playing games to filling in surveys, but it may not be for everyone.

What is Swagbucks about, is it legit and can you really make some money? Let’s take a look, shall we?

what is Swagbucks about - SwagButton

I first came across, through social media and Facebook and was curious about its claims, and therefore decided to check it out.

The name Swagbucks I thought sounded a little iffy and if you break it down into the 2 syllables like

  • Swag – money or goods, taken by a thief or burglar
  • Bucks– Dollars

Strange, but hey it’s catchy all the same, unique and hard to forget!

The website at first glance looked a little busy and confusing but after a few minutes (and that’s all it takes) I saw what it had to offer and found that maybe it could be a legit site and that you could make money from it. Just how much we are going to find out!

Swagbucks is a website who are owned and operated by the company Prodege, who is a provider of digital services including online rewards and loyalty portals which Swagbucks is.

Swagbucks is an online marketing website that gets paid by their clients (advertisers) for displaying their adds on their website, and where users like yourself get rewarded in the way of credits or digital currency identified as  Swagbucks (“SB”) for participating in their online activities, such as taking surveys, watching videos and playing games, or simply for performing searches on their own search engine.

You must agree that as we are always on the internet purchasing products and services then why not be rewarded for doing so?

Could be a nice little earner!

By accumulating rewards in the way of Swagbucks (“SB”), which is a virtual currency which you can use for shopping online at your favourite retailers.

Sounds cool right?

Once you have accumulated your Swagbucks(“SB”) then you are allowed to redeem them in the way of gift cards for the many retailers including PayPal which you can redeem for cash.

Does Swagbucks have any Credibility?

Well, they do have their own search engine that you can be rewarded just for using as your main search engine, and the site is actually sponsored by Google, so it comes with a certain amount of credibility, right?

How does Swagbucks work?

First off you need to register your account with them which is pretty straightforward, and don’t forget that is only available in certain countries.

As of when this article was published the countries that Swagbucks is available, and has a presence in, is, USA(and its territories), Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Spain, Portugal, and United Kingdom. This may have changed in the meantime and you can check this here.

The way this works is that you choose an activity to participate in, such as taking surveys, watching videos, playing games and you are rewarded for doing so by way of “SB”, their virtual currency.

Ways to earn Swagbucks

Shop and Get Cash Back

Swagbucks - Shop and get cash back

By using the advertisers’ sites and purchasing products and services, you are rewarded with discounts, cash back, in the way of “SB”.

Swagbucks Search

Swagbucks - Search engine

We all use Google, Bing, and Yahoo and we don’t get rewarded for searching either, right?

So, why not make the built-in search engine your default search engine and get rewarded for all your searches?

Sounds good!

Watch videos

Swagbucks - Watch videos and redeem points

We all like watching videos don’t we?

These might not be your usual YouTube fun type videos but it all matters, and adds to that rewards total.

Mind you some videos are anywhere from a few minutes all the way up to around 25 so maybe put one on and make yourself a coffee.

It’s a way for advertisers to get people to watch their clips.

Play Games

Swagbucks - Play games and redeem points

I love games, well the older ones, but I don’t think you are going to find games like, Warhammer, World of Warcraft, Minecraft, or Doom here.

In order to play ensure you download the latest Flash Player –

Answer Surveys

Swagbucks - Take surveys and redeem points

If surveys are your forte, then that’s great except just like the videos they can take anything from a few minutes to over 20 and a little mind-numbing.

Discover Deals

Swagbucks - Discover deals and redeem points

Check out the numerous amount of deals that are displayed.

Ranging from purchasing food, having a bet on the gee-gees to finding your next partner on a dating site.


Just click on the link to discover new videos and articles that are currently trending on the Internet. Choose one of the options and work your way through the list.

Buy Gift Cards

Swagbucks - Purchase gift cards and redeem points

A close friend or family members birthday coming up or an anniversary, then check out the abundance of gift cards, such as Amazon, Wine and country gift baskets, Spa and wellness etc. Reward yourself with redeemable points.

I think you’ll appreciate there is a little going on here and I can see that a lot of thought has gone into the website and that it is so well-thought-out, I just wonder whether spending your precious time in this manner is a worthy way to spend your day?

How do you get paid?

As you accumulate the SwagBucks virtual currency through the activities you have taken part in, you can redeem them for a variety of gift cards.

There is a multitude of gift cards you can purchase along with PayPal gifts cards that you would need to purchase if you intended redeeming the SwagBucks as cash.

Pros and Cons


  • 100% free to join
  • A huge variety of prizes given out
  • Definitely a legit work from home opportunity.
  • If participating in watching videos, playing games or taking surveys and getting rewarded with cash is your thing then great.
  • If you are one of the many who purchases products online then why not get rewarded for doing so.
  • Who rewards you for using their search engine? Swagbucks does for one!


  • Accumulating Swagbucks rewards takes a lot of time and is painstakingly laborious, especially when taking the numerous surveys that are on offer. In some cases as long as 30 minutes for just a few Swagbucks.
  • I guess the big question is do you really want to spend a lot of your precious time for a very little reward.

What is Swagbucks about – The Verdict

OK, so you found a money making website with all the added benefits all in one place and the great thing about this is that it’s 100% FREE!

I’m sure you’ll agree that is, in fact, a legit website offering cash rewards, but you ain’t going to be making any “Big-Bucks”, any day soon using this website.

As we’ve seen, yes, you can make a little money but it’s not going to help you pay your gas and electricity bills, and certainly won’t get you into a position to tell your boss that you are calling it a day, or put you in a position to purchase your next brand new Audi.

Set that aside and if you are OK about making just a few bucks here and there, then I suppose then it is OK, but don’t think for one moment that you are going to be rewarded with great amounts of cash because you won’t.

Maybe your thing is taking surveys and if it is then that’s OK, but they aren’t fun at all!

I should know I have tried a few!!

There are more practical alternative solutions out there where you can focus and use your time more efficiently to make money online.

If “making money online” is your desire then why not check out what I do for a living.

The training is very straightforward, as a massive community ready and willing to help and it will not break the bank.

You can check it out here and one important factor and that is you ain’t going to be taking Surveys!


Obviously, you can’t make a living on this site and I wouldn’t suggest that you try, but if you have worked out how to make some “Big-Bucks” then please let me know because I would very interested.

Are you a member of and are you happy? Are you a member of any other survey type sites? What’s your overall impression of survey sites? Are you looking for an alternative way to make money online? How about me showing you one?

I’d love to hear any comments you have, and tell me what you thought about this review? I reply to all comments so let’s make that connection!

All the best