Tupperware MLM Review – OLD Company that hasn’t gone with the times!

Tupperware mlm review

Welcome to this Tupperware MLM Review

Everybody has heard of Tupperware right? A household name for many years, with those plastic food storage containers that we see all over the house and love?

Well, did you know that Tupperware Corporation offers a business opportunity for anybody who is interested?

That’s right and I guess the reason why you are here on this site is that someone may have approached you on social media.

Or you saw their marketing campaigns on Facebook and YouTube or you were just searching for random things in Google.

Whatever the reason, you are definitely in the right place, so welcome and in the next few minutes, I hope to bring to your attention everything you would ever want to know about this company.

That way you can make the right decision as to whether this company is right for you or not.

No pressure here because I am not associated with Tupperware and therefore I won’t be trying to sell you anything.

The Tupperware reviews that you normally see around, tend to give a one-sided account.

But you won’t find that here, as this Tupperware review shows both sides, so without further ado, let’s get on with it.

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Tupperware logo

Product: Tupperware (parent Tupperware Brands Corporation)

Location: Massachusetts, US

Founder: Earl Tupper

Founded: 1946

Website: www.tupperware.com

Product Description: A multi-level marketing company manufacturing and selling household goods.

Cost to join: $15.00, $60.00, $109.00

Price of products: $5.00 – $707.00

Best For: Experienced network marketers

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: Tupperware has been around for decades and was probably a product that could be found in most peoples households.

Today you can find over 200 products on their website.

Things have changed nowadays with many companies offering similar products at a much cheaper price.

Tupperware has always been associated with its members hosting parties locally amongst friends and making a little money in the process.

Tupperware MLM Review - Wealthy Affiliate

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Tupperware – Table Of Contents

    1. What is Tupperware about and who is the Founder? 
    2. Is Tupperware a Pyramid Scheme?
    3. Let’s look at the Tupperware products range
    4. Tupperware Business Opportunity – What you need to know
    5. What others say about Tupperware
    6. What I like about Tupperware
    7. What I don’t like about Tupperware
    8. Is Tupperware a Scam?
    9. Is Tupperware a Worthy Business to get involved with?
    10. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Tupperware about and who are the founders?

Earl tupper

Tupperware is an MLM business that was founded in 1948 by Earl Silas Tupper and is based in Massachusetts, US.

They were the first to manufacture and sell a range of household products that started with plastic containers for holding food and over the years have expanded their product line to over 200.

What is interesting to know is that the Tupperware products started life at Tupperware Plastics which was founded in 1938.

As the story goes Earl Tupper used to be employed at Dupont and he came into possession of this polyethene slag, a waste product from oil refining which was given to him by his supervisor.

Earl Tupper discovered a way to purify this material and moulded it into the non-breakable containers that we see today.

The products were sold in department stores across the country until he had a lengthy phone call with a woman in the late ’40s who informed him that she had been very successful selling the Tupperware products via home parties.

So in the early ’50s, the products were removed from the retail stores and the MLM business model came into fruition and there the trend of “Party Planning” came into its own.

As of 2005 the Tupperware Corporation went through a change of business name and became Tupperware Brands Corporation.

The company now includes other product lines from the beauty industry.

Check out this short promotional video.

A professionally put together promotional video and just remember it is only a sales presentation so try and be a little objective about what is said.

Is Tupperware a Pyramid Scheme?

No, Tupperware is not a pyramid scheme!is Tupperware a Pyramid scheme

The company has existed for over 70 years and has plenty of products that people have come to love.

Tupperware distributors can sell the products and make a commission and if that is all you want to do then that is ok.

However, if you have joined this business opportunity to make a difference in your life, then recruiting is the key to your success, but this can be a fine line, between a legit company and a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Let me explain!

Recruiting is key to the success of every MLM, but if you “The Sponsor” get paid solely on the recruiting of others into your team without selling a product or service, then that would be classed as a pyramid scheme.

Sometimes what we find is a company operating in this manner but use services or products to hide behind that have no intrinsic value.

See what Wikipedia has to say here.

Let’s look at the Tupperware Products Range

Tupperware products, whilst they were unique way back when every household started using them, nowadays they have a lot of competition where similar products can be found for a much better price.

Tupperware best sellers

Tupperware bestsellers

The Tupperware product range can be found within the categories listed below…

  1. Current Specials (28)
  1. Kitchen Tools & Accessories (60)
  1. Cookware & Bakeware (27)
  1. Serveware (33)
  1. Food Storage Containers (79)
  1. Kids & Toys (9)
  1. On The Go (23)
  1. Collections (113)

Tupperware product range…

You can check out their website with current prices here. You can also check out the Tupperware catalogue here.

Tupperware Business Opportunity – What you need to know

For over 70 years Tupperware went from selling Confused person

a limited amount of products in stores to where they are now, in over 80 countries and with over 2 million Tupperware Consultants.

What you need to know is that everything is stacked against you to succeed in a business model such as an MLM.

That been said…

How to become a Tupperware distributor

  • There are 3 options and just depends on how serious you are about building a business.

Virtual Starter Kit @ $15.00

    • All the digital tools
    • 3 months free subscription
    • Personal website

Basic Demo Kit @ $60.00 which includes $150.00 of Tupperware products

    • Chop ‘N Prep Chef
    • FridgeSmart Small Deep
    • Modular Mates Super Oval 2 Containers
    • Eco To Go Cup
    • Lunch It Containers
    • CrystalWave Plus 2
    • Pack of 10 Tupperware Catologs
    • No Time To Waste Tote Bag
    • 3 months free subscription
    • Personal Website

Deluxe Demo Kit @ $109.00 which includes $410.00 of Tupperware products

    • Everything you get in the Basic Demo Kit
    • Medium Eco Water Bottle
    • Power Chef System
    • Microwave Breakfast Maker Set
    • Silicone Spatula
    • Measuring Mates 12 Piece Set
    • Thatsa Medium Bowl
    • Vent ‘N Serve Medium Shallow Set
    • Freezer Mates Plus Small Deep
    • Business Kit Bag
    • 3 months free subscription
    • Personal Website

Obviously, after the 3-month free subscription, a monthly cost of $13.95 is required.

How to Make Money with Tupperware

I’m sure most of us have heard the term “Tupperware Parties” even if you didn’t know that the term came from the Tupperware Corporation.

Party planning is how they were initially set up and whilst a fun way of getting family and friends together this formula has limited scope.

In the day they didn’t have the Internet and the focus was on “Party Planning”, nowadays you have everything at your fingertips.

TO STAY AS AN ACTIVE Tupperware independent representative you have to sell at least $600 of Tupperware products every six months. That’s $1,325.55 in your first year including other costs.

Some ideas for making money…

    • Organize parties
    • Find customers through the internet
    • Recruit others into your team
    • Create your own website
    • Use social media, like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram etc
    • Tupperware theme party ideas
  • There are many other ways but I’d like you to pay particular attention to “create your own website”

Chasing people on social media is hard work and getting family and friends involved should not be on your list of ways to find your customers.

If I gave you a clue and said Google.

This is where your customers can be found and in the thousands, so talking to individual people on social media is a complete waste of time.

Just take a look at the image below.

Tupperware and jaxxy

This image took me a few seconds to produce.

Just look at all the individual products that are being searched for. We are looking at 10s of thousands.

The figure down the left-hand side is the average number of people searching in Google for Tupperware products.

All you have to do is get your website in front of that crowd consistently, this is the right way to find your customers. Marketing costs are almost zero!

Need to know more, I can show you later!

Here you can check out the Tupperware Compensation Plan for yourself

Are Tupperware Independent Representatives actually making money?

This is where we struggle most of the time to try and find, some proof of income because at the end of the day that is exactly what you want to know, right?

If you have been approached by a Tupperware distributor they are not going to tell you that they aren’t having success.

For a business that has been active for over 70 years don’t you find it a little strange that there is only the one income disclosure?

tupperware income disclosure

As can be seen in the image above, there are 10 Tupperware rankings and to get anywhere near a 2 Star Director is going to take years.

This income disclosure is from Jan 2017 to Dec 2017.

Bearing in mind that this is just a snapshot of 44,538 Tupperware distributors, considering there are in the region of 2+ million worldwide, it would paint a very different and depressing picture.

    • 21,322 classed as in-active is showing an average yearly income of $26.39
    • 21,843 that’s 94.09% active members with an average of $653.63 a year
    • .01% earn half a million dollars and there are just the 2

You have to achieve “Star Director” to achieve $31,521.26 and in my book that isn’t an average full-time income.

What others say about Tupperware

Reviews are so important when trying to get a feel for a product or service but you should take these with a pinch of salt because most can’t be verified.

tupperware reviews #2

tupperware reviews #3

tupperware reviews #5

tupperware reviews #6

If you have a spare 30 or so minutes you might like to watch this video about MLMs and if you are considering joining an MLM then you should watch this.

What I like about Tupperware

For a company that has been around for as long as Tupperware has, I was expecting a little bit more than what I discovered.

  1. Longevity

The fact that Tupperware has been going for over 70 years tells you that the company is going nowhere and therefore rest assured that they are not going to run off with your money.

  1. Reviews overall are pretty good

Many of their loyal customers have been purchasing their products for a lifetime and some have been selling Tupperware products for as long as 50 years.

  1. Product material is to be replaced by 2025

With the number of problems we are having with plastic, it is good to see that Tupperware Brands Corporation is tackling this with an alternative material.

What I don’t like about Tupperware

I did however find more than a few issues that I didn’t like.

  1. They are not accredited with the Better Business Bureau

This is an agency that you should always visit because any complaints made will be listed here in the hopes that the company will resolve them.

  1. Not a member of the Direct Selling Associate

Another agency you should check first when considering a direct selling business such as an MLM. They are here to highlight issues and protect us.

  1. Too competitive

You can find Tupperware products on Amazon and Walmart and possibly other places if I researched this further.

It’s hard enough with the competition of  2+ million distributors that are out there but now you are having to compete with some major retailers.

  1. Customer support is poor

tupperware reviews #1

  1. The pressure to maintain an active status

It will cost you $1200 a year just to stay active as a Tupperware representative along with a monthly fee of $13.95 which comes into force after the first 3 months.

  1. Product quality is not as good as it once was

I see a number of complaints where people are having to question whether the products are Tupperware products.

Cost-cutting exercises often affect the quality of the product.

Is Tupperware a SCAM?

With the number of scams that are currently out there, I can honestly say that Tupperware is not a scam.

They have a long business history and are very well received by some loyal customers, and they have plenty of products and they do pay their representatives too.

That being said, a company that people had high regard for a few years ago doesn’t appear to have that same connection nowadays.

Is Tupperware a Worthy Business to get Involved With?

Hopefully, this Tupperware review has answered most if not all your questions and that you are now better informed.

However, if you are still considering this business opportunity I wouldn’t go all-in but test the water first.

I know MLMs are difficult and that’s what got me to research affiliate marketing, simply because I had zero success and lost money in the process as well.

If you are still considering an online business opportunity, then like I said affiliate marketing is a far better option.

Has to be better…

With, no recruiting, no pressure from your sponsor to meet targets, no purchasing of stocks, no going to events, which will be expected if you want to advance, no selling to family and friends, no restriction on which products you can sell, no marketing costs…plus so much more

Remember earlier when I was talking about having your own website, well everything you would want to know is all included in the training.

There is just far too much to mention, why not see for yourself for FREE!

Tupperware MLM review - Start your online business today free with Wealthy Affiliate

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this Tupperware review and that I answered well hopefully most of your questions.

If you know someone who is considering joining this company then why not share this amongst your friends to ensure they are better informed.

Until next time, stay safe.

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Author: Mick

Hey Guys and Gals, great to meet you and hope you enjoyed this post. We created this site to help people like you avoid the pitfalls of making money online and hopefully steer you onto the right path. ENJOY!

14 thoughts on “Tupperware MLM Review – OLD Company that hasn’t gone with the times!”

  1. Thank you Mick, for the detailed review of Tupperware multi-level company. l was interested in joining the opportunity but after reading your review l now have some reservertions. l have noted that the products are a bit pricey maybe to compensate for the commissions paid to members and those up the ladder. No one would ordinarily purchase Tupperware worth $1 200 per year. l hate being told that l am creating a business when l am the consumer. Thank you for the review. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Mick,

    Well you learn something new every day.

    I always assumed that the term “tupperware” was just a name for an item, in much the same way you call a “plate” a “plate” or a “cup” a “cup”. Well I never. I stand corrected.

    I’ll have to immediately say that I don’t see this as a viable business option, based on both your review and my own intuition.

    You literally come across Tupperware items just about anywhere nowadays. You’ve mentioned Amazon and Walmart, plus you’ll find various Tupperware products in supermarkets, stores, and even the good old £1 shops in the UK.

    There’s just far too much competition to start a business afresh in my mind.

    I also find it slightly worrying that a company that has been around for 70+ years still isn’t accredited with BBB.

    A great review as always Mick, but this one’s not for me.


    1. Hey Partha, I wonder just how many others think that about Tupperware?

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting on this Tupperware review, your time is very much appreciated.

  3. Hi Mick,
    My mom bought Tupperware once from her friends 20 years ago, and I must admit they come with good quality compared to other brands. But, they are super expensive!
    By reading your article, I know that less than 3% of Tupperware affiliates can make a good living by selling the products. That explains why mom’s friends never show up with Tupperware products at the front door.
    Therefore, I won’t be making money with Tupperware. Thanks for sharing, your recommendation seems a better solution for me.


    1. Matt, Tupperware products used to be top-quality, but nowadays they just aren’t what they used to be and this is noticeable with the number of dissatisfied customer reviews that are dotted around.

      Thank you for sharing.

  4. Wow! I can’t believe Tupperware have been going since the late 1940’s and are still going now!

    I can remember my mum having Tupperware parties in the 80’s, we all have some of it somewhere in our kitchen but like I said the Tupperware party was a thing of the 80’s I can’t see it being a money maker now.

    As you pointed out in your very well written and detailed review there are far cheaper alternative brands now you can buy almost anywhere, I don’t think it would make for a viable business, I’m yet to here of a MLM that anyone has had a positive experience with and not lost money.

    I definitely don’t think MLM’s are the best way to make money.

    Have you ever come across any that you can actually make money with, without having to thousands initially?

    1. Hey Amy, thank you for stopping by and taking time to read and comment on this Tupperware MLM review.

      Way back in the day they were the only company dealing with this type of product, but like anything, if it’s been around long enough other businesses that aren’t into multi-level-marketing come on stream with similar products which are much cheaper.

      However, you are always going to have a following who think their products are the best. Some who are nearly as old as the company!

      Once again thanks

  5. Hey Mick,

    Thanks for writing this article. I never knew Tupperware was an MLM.

    I see their stuff on the shelf at all kinds of stores, so I always assumed they were just a company providing lunch kits.

    It certainly sounds like they are resting on their laurels, based on your assessment of them. Unless I had tremendous confidence in my sales abilities, I would probably shy away from joining their organization.

    Thanks for putting this together; I’m taking it as a warning not to get involved.


  6. Tupperware has been around for yonks and yet I never knew it was MLM! Growing up in the ´70s, it was a big deal. These days you can find so many alternatives in the shops and online. Your review seems to be complete and very honest. If I was considering this as an opportunity, your review would really help me to make a decision. Thank you.

    1. I guess there will be a few who thought the same, I included.

      Glad you enjoyed the review Susan and thank you for commenting.

      Your support is very much appreciated.

  7. Hey Mick! Another awesome review. I’ve never taken interest in Tupperware program until now. It’s interesting to learn more about the rich history of this world-renowned company. The program seems like a good deal. I like the three joining levels they offer. This is a good option for beginners to give it a try. However, I agree with you, these MLM’s are not for beginners. It can take a lot of time and work to achieve results if any, and the competition in this niche is huge. Anyway, thanks for sharing a comprehensive review. As always, I trust your recommendations.

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