Rain International Review – Great MLM or a Big WASHOUT?

Rain International reviewWelcome to this Rain International Review

Another MLM company in the Health and Wellness industry with a very unique approach to product development using seeds, in particular, “Black Cumin” as the base ingredient.

If all-natural and organic are what you are looking for then maybe your answer will be found in this Rain International Review.

You’ve obviously seen the marketing campaigns dotted around in social media or maybe you were approached by a Rain distributor.

Whatever the reason, research is key for many reasons and you are certainly in the right place which I hope to prove in the next few minutes.

But, before we carry on I’d like to mention that I am in no way associated with Rain International LLC and therefore you won’t find me trying to sell you their products or their business opportunity.

Anything you need to know about this company both positive and negative will be addressed so that you are in a better position as to whether to purchase their products or have a punt with their business opportunity.

So less of the chit-chat and let’s see what this Rain International MLM review can come up with.

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Rain International Logo

Product: Rain International, LLC

Location: Utah, US

Founder: Byron Belka

Founded: 2011

Website: www.rainintl.com

Product Description: A multi-level-marketing company in the Health and Wellness industry.

Cost to join: $39.95 with additional costs that may apply

Price of products: $40.00 – $99.00

Best For: Network marketers with plenty of experience

Recommended: No

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  1. What is Rain International about and who are the founders? 
  2. Is Rain International a Pyramid Scheme
  3. Let’s look at the Rain International product range
  4. Rain International Business Opportunity – What you need to know
  5. What others say about Rain International
  6. What I like about Rain International
  7. What I don’t like about Rain International
  8. Is Rain International a scam?
  9. Is Rain International a Worthy Business to get involved with?
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What is Rain International about and who are the founders?

Rain International LLC is an MLM in the Health and Wellness industry developing products based around the seed industry to help rejuvenate the body in a natural way.

They claim to be one of the top companies in the seed nutritional field, with only natural nutrients found in their products.

The business according to the website wasByron Belka founded by Byron Belka in 2011 in Utah, US, although my research tells me that Rain International LLC was already founded before Byron Belka came onto the scene.

However, Mr Belka does have a wealth of experience in network marketing at all levels and has been involved with Nu Skin Enterprises and eXfuze, both MLMs in the health and beauty industry.

It is reported that whilst at Nu Skin as a distributor he was one of the top 20 earners back in 2003.

Check out this short promotional video.

Giving to worthy causes is always a great thing in my book.

Everybody who enrols in the business opportunity has a tree planted with over 300,000 trees planet so far.

Seeds for change foundation was set up to help women in Uganda, which allows them to create their own jewellery sets which help to support poverty-stricken areas that they live in and gives them a sense of worth.

Is Rain International a Pyramid Scheme?

Considered to be a very popular search criterion when people are researching things especially multi-level-marketing businesses.

So what is a pyramid scheme?Is Rain International a pyramid scheme

In short, a business has to have a valid product(s) or services that have an intrinsic value otherwise quite simply there isn’t a business.

If you “The Sponsor” is getting paid merely on recruiting others into your team, which is known as a “Down-line” then that would be deemed a pyramid scheme.

In this case, Rain International is not a pyramid scheme as you do not need to recruit others to earn money and the products do appear to be well received amongst the people who are using them.

Let’s look at the Rain International product range

Rain International products are all based around seeds with “Black Cumin” used as their base seed.

Nature started from seed, which is the philosophy behind all this, and with no chemicals used means that the products come enriched with the nutrition that comes from the seeds.

As you will notice Rain International LLC doesn’t have many products at their disposal meaning that the products they do have have to be top quality.

Rain International’s flagship product

rain international soul

The product that started it all off.

In a form that is drinkable, which supports healthy joints, relieves any minor muscle pain after any exercise and helps to maintain a healthy immune system.

Rain International also claims that rain soul can increase and stimulate the anti-ageing properties by as much as 62%. Very Interesting!


The Rain International product range can be found within the categories listed below…

Anti-inflammatory – Rain Soul supplement priced @ $88.75

Contains Black cumin seed, Black raspberry seed, Chardonnay grape seed, D-ribose

Greens – Rain Core currently priced @ $93.00

Designed for people who do not eat enough greens. Like a green smoothie. Helps to support the brain, blood flow and the immune system.

Contains Kale, Wheatgrass, Spirulina, Chlorella, Dandelion, Aloe vera, Chlorophyllin seeds, Milk thistle seed, Cranberry seed

Joints – Rain Bend currently priced @ $99.00

Rain came up with a formula to naturally support joints and the way that they move and bend.

Contains – Glucosamine Sulphate, Flaxseed, Black cumin seed oil, Curcumin, Levagen

  • Skincare 
    • REVRI Purifying cleanser currently priced @ $40.00
    • REVRI Serum currently priced @ $70.00
    • REVRI Moisturizer currently priced @ $80.00

Used to cleanse, address the ageing process and moisturize the skin.

That will set you back, $190.00.

Digestive health

    • PURE Probiotic Fruit Punch currently priced @ $59.00
    • PURE Probiotic Peach Mango currently priced @ $59.00

Supports the digestive system and reduces any inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract.

Contains – Pumpkin seed oil, Watermelon seed oil, Flaxseed oil, Prebiotic profile, Probiotic profile, Inulin

Soul red – Rain SOUL RED-15 currently priced @ $44.00

Weight-management promotes a healthy heart with increased stimulation of the anti-ageing properties, boosts energy levels and suppresses the appetite.

Contains – Red raspberry seed, Black cumin seeds, Chardonnay grape seed,

Some big claims but can they be scientifically proved?

For a closer look at the Rain International product range with current prices…

You can check out their website here.

Rain International Business Opportunity – What you need to know

Typically with any MLM business opportunity, it’s all about finding the right sponsor and if you don’t know one, one will be appointed.

Most people who join an MLM are new to the “making money online” niche so finding the right sponsor is extremely important.

You are looking for a sponsor who is experienced in network marketing who is prepared to pass on their knowledge to you, otherwise, you will be sat on your own without any clue what to do and it won’t take you long before you leave.

Having said that…

How to become a Rain International Distributor?

There are several ways that you can join and become a Rain distributor and it all depends on whether you are going to purchase the products or not.

Virtual Business Kit – $39.95, if you want to join without purchasing any products, which includes personal website and access to the back office.


SOUL Basic/50 CV – $104.95, which includes 1 box of SOUL/30 pouches, Virtual Business Kit and 1 Business Center.

SOUL Builder/100 CV – $299.00, which includes 4 boxes of SOUL/120 pouches, Rain Success Kit and 1 Business Center.

LAUNCH Basic/150 CV – $315.00, which includes 2 boxes of SOUL/60 pouches, 2 boxes of CORE/60 pouches, Rain Success Kit and 1 Business Center.

SOUL Pro/300 CV – $689.00, which includes 10 boxes of SOUL/300 pouches, Rain Success Kit and 3 Business Centers.

LAUNCH Pro/700 CV – $1249.00, which includes 10 boxes of SOUL/300 pouches, 8 boxes of CORE/240 pouches, 5 Free Sample Credits, Rain Success Kit and 3 Business Centers.

SOUL Elite/900 CV – $1,320.00, which includes 10 boxes of SOUL/300 pouches, 12 boxes of SOUL/100 CV for 6 months (auto-ship), Rain Success Kit, 3 Business Centers and 7 months of qualification.

How to Make Money with Rain International

There are 3 basic steps to earning money.

    1. Purchase the stock yourself @ discount and sell to family and friends, that way you could test out the products first to see if they are any good.
    2. Find your customers and sell to them.
    3. Recruit others into your team, train them and make commissions on their sales.

Selling to anybody who hasn’t a clue about the products is termed as “Cold-Calling”, and you should know how difficult that is.

Great at recruiting is where you have to be if you want to give yourself the best chance of succeeding.

Hopefully, you will have found the right sponsor who can teach you all this.

Here you can check out the Rain International Compensation Plan for yourself

Compensation plans can and usually are complex in nature, maybe to hide the fact that they get you to think you are getting a better deal than what you actually are.

I am therefore not going to get into the compensation plan because it will take far too long.

Rain Internationals compensation plan is typical of this very fact so if you love deciphering compensation plans and you have a spare hour or two, then maybe you’d like to read this document, or make yourself a coffee and listen to a Rain International partner describing it in more detail.

Are Rain International Distributors actually making money?

This is a bit of a closed shop when trying to find out if distributors are actually making any money after all wouldn’t you want to know before contemplating joining?

That being said, with all the income disclosures I have seen I’ve yet to find one that reads well.

They all have something in common, and that is, they are usually a bad and depressing read.

Despite Rain International been around since 2011, they don’t have anything that resembles an income disclosure and that should be a major red flag.

A few facts with MLMs that you should be aware of…

  • The top 1% is usually where the big money is earned. As high as maybe .11%.
  • That leaves 99% that don’t earn enough to replace a full-time job.
  • Between 50% and 65% leave within the first 12 months with many in debt.
  • Around 75% say they will never join an MLM again.

MLMs are notoriously difficult to succeed in and designed in such a way that you are probably going to fail miserably.

What others say about Rain International

We are now at the point where we try and dig out a few reviews to give you both sides, but you should take these with a pinch of sale as they can’t be verified.

Best guess is that the negative reviews may probably be right.

Rain international reviews #1

Rain International reviews #3

Rain International reviews #4

Rain International reviews #5

Rain International reviews #6

You can check out a mix of reviews on Amazon for their flagship product, the Rain Soul supplement here.

If you have 30 minutes to spare I would take a look at this video. Mind you if you are still contemplating joining an MLM then maybe not such a wise thing to do.

What I like about Rain International

Unfortunately, I didn’t get any real good vibes for this company and did struggle to find any real positive things to say.

  1. Unique products
  1. GMO-free
  1. Approved by the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)

What I don’t like about Rain International

Unfortunately, as part of my research, I found more than enough issues that could be addressed, and managed to hold back on a few.

  1. Smear campaign and racism claims

With a few other claims that you can read about here.

  1. Expensive products

At the end of the day would you purchase your vitamins from a business that you didn’t know or go to a reputable supplier?

Rain Bend, which is for joints and priced @ $99 which includes Glucosamine Sulphate and is the main vitamin for joints.

For around $24 with postage to the US, you can get almost a years supply and these do work as I have tried them in the past.

  1. Not accredited with the Better Business Bureau

The BBB is the place to go for complaints as this is where the company has to respond and take action.

  1. Not a member of the Direct Selling Association

Another place to check when researching a direct selling business because the DSA are there to help people like you and me and do investigate how someone is running their business.

  1. Autoship problems

I noticed a number of complaints where people were set up for the auto-ship facility even though they hadn’t selected this option when they ordered the products.

  1. You can find their products on Amazon

This I don’t like, because it just goes to show that they aren’t taking into consideration their own distributors. As if it wasn’t hard enough to make sales!

Is Rain International a SCAM?

Rain International LLC is a legitimate multi-level-marketing company although they have a few issues which I have discussed.

They were complaints about some of their products when tested, were found to have no nutrients present at all.

The products have not been approved by the FDA so I guess its just a matter of time before the FDA will be questioning the product claims.

Some claims from customers and members about the fact that they had been set up for the “auto-ship” process when they made an order.

Is Rain International a Worthy Business to get involved with?

We are at a crossroads where we have to Should I join Rain Internationaldecide whether this Rain International Review has given you enough information for you to make a decision whether to try their products or do both.

If you are in a place where you still think the products might be cosha, what I would suggest is you try the products first and do not commit beyond that.

MLMs, like I have said are extremely difficult to succeed in, I should know as I have tried them myself, lost money and wasted a couple of years.

Through research into other opportunities, I found that affiliate marketing was a better choice, I just had to find the right training.

Just think…

    • No recruiting
    • No pressure from your sponsor to meet targets
    • No purchasing of stocks
    • No going to events, which will be expected if you want to advance
    • No selling to family and friends
    • No restriction on which products you can sell
    • No marketing costs because you will be learning SEO
    • You’ll have a website that will run on autopilot 24/7/365
    • You’ll have a business that you can pass down to your children
    • Run this business anywhere you like

So if you are still looking for a business opportunity then may I suggest affiliate marketing, which means you are in control and not somebody else.

100% FREE and NO CREDIT CARD asked for! What have you got to lose?

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Ok, so what did you think?

Hopefully, you are in a better place than you were a few minutes ago and if you liked the review, please share amongst your friends in social media to make them better prepared.

Any questions, feel free to put them down in the comments section and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience as I reply to all my reader’s comments.

Until next time, stay safe.

Rain International LLC









  • Unique products in the seed nutritional industry
  • Approved by the GMP (Good Manufacturing practices)


  • Expensive products
  • Not accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • Auto ship problems

Author: Mick

Hey Guys and Gals, Great to meet you and I hope you enjoyed this post. I have to be honest with you, my journey into making money online started with several MLMs and they just didn’t do it for me. In fact, my experiences were so bad I nearly decided to call it a day. That was until I came across affiliate marketing and realized this was where I should have been in the first place. NO inventory, No recruiting, No fees, No cold calling, and this can be done anywhere in the world. All I had to do was find out what 4.5 billion were searching in Google for and with over 7 billion daily searches in Google shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

4 thoughts on “Rain International Review – Great MLM or a Big WASHOUT?”

  1. Hi Mick,

    I’ve learned over time to trust your honest reviews and would generally only ever make a purchase or ebe swayed towards a company based on your recommendation.

    However, even before I got to how you felt about the company I was already having a lot of “bad vibes” (although they were based on your review up until that point).

    I feel very much the same as you about Rain International – something just doesn’t sit right with me.

    There seems to be a lot of controversy surrounding the company and then when you add to that the negative factors that you have mentioned, well it just doesn’t feel like a viable business proposition.

    Plus, I know that the reviews you have provided are once again other people’s opinions, but just reading about the “miracle cure” offered by certain products for potentially life-threatening illnesses being marketed to people in the Philippines – well, I just didn’t like reading that at all.

    And don’t even get me started on the price of some of these products – Wow.

    Nope, I’m definitely “out”.


    1. Hey Partha, once again thank you for reading and commenting on this Rain International MLM review.

      Glad that you enjoyed this review and thank you for the great comment

  2. Hi, Mick,

    Great review here!

    I must agree with you that it’s so difficult to succeed in network marketing. I’ve tried it too and I didn’t like the process.

    I’m just wondering how these companies survive if there are so few people who manage to make money with them?

    1. Hey Natalie, thank you for stopping by and commenting on this Rain International review.

      A great question, but its always the ones at the bottom of the pile/pyramid that keeps propping up the business.

      The ones at the very top have teams with literally thousands in their downline and a small % is all it takes.

      Thank you for your support.

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