Is Plexus Worldwide a Scam – Or is it a Legitimate MLM With Great Products?

Is Plexus Worldwide a scam

Welcome to Is Plexus Worldwide a Scam

Before we get started I can categorically state that Plexus Worldwide is not a scam and now that is out of the way let’s continue.

Plexus Worldwide has been transforming happiness and health since 2008 and is still going strong today.

As one of the top direct-selling companies in the world, you are sure to have seen their marketing campaigns on social media.

Maybe you were approached by a Plexus affiliate or maybe a friend or family member telling you what a great company Plexus Worldwide is.

From the products that they manufacture and sell through to the work-from-home opportunity where you can make yourself some money.

Maybe even turn it into a tidy business opportunity to replace your current full-time job.

Well, that isn’t as far-fetched as you may think, however, there are a few things you need to know about Plexus Worldwide first.

In the next few minutes, we will disclose all the important facts about this company to hopefully put you in a better position.

But before we get started we’d just like to make a disclaimer that we are not associated with Plexus in any way.

That means that this review will be unbiased and you can be sure we will not be trying to pitch or sell you anything.

Once you have completed reading this review, you should have enough information to make an educated decision about whether this is for you or not.

So let’s begin.

[Affiliate Disclosure: This Plexus Worldwide Review has been thoroughly researched from information and testimonials that are in the public domain. This post may contain affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission, however, this won’t affect what you pay!] 

Plexus Worldwide – Summary

Product: Plexus Worldwide

Founder: Tarl Robinson


Product Description: 

Cost to join: $39.95

Recommended: Maybe

Summary: Plexus Worldwide is a dietary supplementary company that many people will know for their “pink drink”.

A powered supplement that is supposed to help suppress your appetite and help in weight management.

Over the years they have expanded their product line to help in many other areas and they even have a work-from-home opportunity.

This all runs under the multi-level marketing business model where Plexus Brand Ambassadors market and sell the products.

Before we get right into this Plexus review, you should know that they make claims that in 2020 the average income an ambassador made was $544.

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Plexus Worldwide – Table Of Contents

    1. What is Plexus Worldwide About?
    2. Who is Tarl Robinson?
    3. Is Plexus Worldwide a Pyramid Scheme
    4. Any Success is Rare With Plexus Worldwide
    5. Plexus Worldwide Products Line
    6. Plexus Worldwide Business Opportunity – What You Need To Know
      1. How Much Does it Cost to Join Plexus Worldwide?
      2. How to Make Money With Plexus Worldwide
      3. Plexus Worldwide  Compensation Plan
      4. Are Plexus Distributors Actually Making Money?
      5. Can You Make Money With Plexus Worldwide?
      6. What About The Monthly Costs at Plexus Worldwide?
    7. Truth in Advertising
    8. Is Plexus Worldwide a Scam?
    9. What we Like About Plexus Worldwide
    10. What we Don’t Like About Plexus Worldwide
    11. Plexus Worldwide Review -Final Thoughts
    12. How we Make Passive Income Online
    13. Plexus Worldwide – FAQs
    14. Feedback, Follow and Subscribe

What is Plexus Worldwide About?

Plexus Worldwide is a direct-selling company manufacturing and selling a range of products in the health and wellness industry.

To help in weight management, nutrition, personal care, active lifestyle, skincare and digestive health.

Pretty much like all the other MLMs out there manufacturing and selling very similar products with a high price tag.

They came onto the scene in 2008 with just one product which was a breast health kit where they are today with dozens of products.

They are based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

They do also promote a home-based opportunity that anybody can join and make some money.

By recruiting other people and building a team where you can make commissions on the sales from your team.

Here’s a short promotional video…

Who is Tarl Robinson?

He is the founder and CEO of Plexus Worldwide.

Tarl’s interest in the direct selling industry came to fruition at an early age due to both parents who were involved in MLMs as distributors.

Whilst still in college was involved with direct sales and focused on supplementary weight loss products.

After finding success as a distributor he relocated to Arizona in 2002 and founded a real estate management company.

6 years later Plexus Worldwide was born and took this company became one of the largest direct-selling businesses in the world.

Below is a snippet from his Linkedin profile…

[My philosophy is to do network marketing the way it could be done, should be done, but rarely is. If it’s a good deal for the company, a good deal for our Ambassadors, and promotes health and happiness, then it’s worth doing. It’s this philosophy that is the driving force as we build the Plexus legacy. When you have inspiration, hope, and vision, you can move mountains]

Is Plexus Worldwide a Pyramid Scheme?

Plexus Worldwide is not a pyramid scheme Is Plexus Worldwide a pyramid scheme

as pyramid schemes do not sell products and services, period.

They are an established company that started with one product and now has over 20.

They do however promote a way of making money through recruiting and building a team that you can make money from.

This is where the confusion comes in due to the payment structure shaped as a pyramid.

The real question should be is Plexus Worldwide a pyramid scheme in disguise?

Just for clarity on what a Pyramid Scheme is…

The consensus is that a company may be declared a pyramid scheme where the affiliates or representatives are paid a commission for recruitment only.

Where there isn’t a product or service with an intrinsic value, which is a product or service that is useless and has no meaning.

In most countries this is illegal and in some countries, people go to prison for a very long time, an example would be China.

What normally happens nowadays is that companies hide behind products which makes it all the more difficult for the FTC to prosecute.

You might like to check out this short video…

Any Success is Rare With Plexus Worldwide

There is only a small percentage of people who really succeed in any multi-level marketing business.

It varies slightly from MLM to MLM but not by much with between 87% and 99% that lose money.

Between 55% and 70% leave within the first 12 months.

It doesn’t help matters when you look at the overpriced products at Plexus Worldwide and to stay active usually means having to purchase the products yourself.

We have already mentioned that the average income made in 2020 was $544 so does that look like a business you really want to get involved with?

Plexus Worldwide Products Line

The most important part of any business has to be its products or services and you have to be convinced they are as good as they say.

Otherwise, what is the point and how are you going to convince people to purchase from you?

The products are put into categories as you can see below…

    • Gut Health
    • Weight Management
    • Skincare
    • Active Lifestyle
    • General Nutrition
    • Family Nutrition
    • Personal Care
    • Combos

Their flagship and best-selling product is the Plexus Slim

Plexus slim

For a complete look at the full range, we would suggest heading over to the Plexus Worldwide website here.

You might like to check out some similar companies…

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Plexus Worldwide Business Opportunity – What You Need To Know

If your interest in Plexus Worldwide is due to the home-based work opportunity then this section is for you.

How Much Does it Cost to Join Plexus Worldwide?

You can join as a VIP customer and take advantage of the discounts but not be part of the compensation plan which will cost you $9.95.

It will cost you $39.95 to become a Plexus Worldwide Brand Ambassador.

There is also a welcome pack to take into consideration which costs between $109 and $209.

How to Make Money With Plexus Worldwide

There are 2 ways that you can make money with Plexus Worldwide.

    • Purchase the products and sell them on yourself
    • Recruit and build a large team and make commissions from their sales.

There are other ways of making money which are highlighted within the compensation plan.

Plexus Worldwide Compensation Plan

The compensation plan is how you get paid within an MLM and they are often complex in nature.

Here’s the pdf for anybody who wants the details in black and white or you can sit back and listen to it explained in the video below.

Are Plexus Worldwide Brand Ambassadors Actually Making Money?

According to the Plexus Worldwide income disclaimer, these are the solid facts of what you can expect to earn as a Brand Ambassador.

The top 1% made an average of $37,553 with 50% of that 1% who made more than $14,875.

The top 10% of Brand Ambassadors made an average of $5,081 with 50$ of that top 10% making more than $960

So as you can see 89% do not earn enough money to replace a full-time job.

Here’s the income disclaimer for confirmation.

Can You Make Money With Plexus Worldwide?

As you can see by the income disclosure statement you can earn some money as a Brand Ambassador.

However, you are going to struggle if you are really looking for this work-at-home opportunity to replace any full-time job that you currently have.

Mind you, it’s really how much you want to make a success and providing you went all in and worked hard then anything is possible.

What About The Monthly Costs at Plexus Worldwide?

To stay active as a Plexus Brand Ambassador you have to meet a certain monthly sales volume which in this case is 100PV.

1PV is usually around $1 unless you can sell products up to the value of $100.

Then what happens is that brand ambassadors end up purchasing the products themself.

If you look at the costs over a year then it shouldn’t surprise why so many end up leaving in debt.

Membership cost – $39.95

Welcome pack – $109 – $209

To stay active if you can’t sell the products – $100 * 12 = $1200

Yearly total – $1,348.95 – $1,448.95

There will be other costs to factor into this total such as paid advertising.

Truth in Advertising

The Truth in Advertising or TINA is a non-profit watchdog organisation that highlights inappropriate behaviour amongst companies.

It is always worth heading over to their website which is a place where you can find all sorts of important and interesting things.

Such as exaggerated income claims, and claims that some of their products could help people suffering from cancers depression and even Lyme disease amongst other conditions.

Here’s the link to a whole bunch of stuff.

Is Plexus Worldwide a SCAM?

A scam would be paying for something and getting nothing in return so is Plexus Worldwide a scam?

Absolutely not but that doesn’t automatically mean it is a good work-at-home opportunity.

It won’t be difficult for you to find past distributors making the claim that Plexus is a scam.

You get this all the time within the MLM industry where people expect too much too quickly.

Any business venture is going to take a lot of hard work no matter what it is which means you have to go into these ventures fully committed.

However, now you know that 90% do not earn enough to replace a full-time job do you still think it’s a good idea?

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What we Like About Plexus Worldwide

  • Plexus Worldwide Accepted in The DSA:What we like about Plexus Worldwide

Plexus has been accepted into the direct selling association which is no easy task as they have to go through a strict vetting process.

  • Plexus Is An Established Company:

They have been going since 2008 which means in MLM terms that they have gone beyond the 5-year period where most MLMs cease to exist.

  • Very Reasonable To Get Started:

What we normally find with MLMs is a recurring membership fee which in some cases can be expensive, especially when you take all the other expenses into consideration.

For less than $40 for the year, we find that acceptable.

  • Money-Back Guarantee Policy:

There is a full money-back guarantee which lasts up to 60 days from the point of purchase which is a good thing.

  • Plexus Is Showing Popularity:

A quick look at Google trends tells us that Plexus Worldwide is still a popular multi-level marketing business.

They came on the scene in 2008 but took some time to find their feet.

Plexus Worldwide popularity

What We Don’t Like About Plexus Worldwide

  • The Potential To Earn A Decent Income Is Not Good:What we don't like about Plexus Worldwide

$544 was the average income earned in 2020 by Plexus brand ambassadors which work out to $45.33 a month.

When you break it down further comes to 28 cents an hour based on a 40-hour week.

Ok, that’s an average where the main earners are in the top 1% but there are hundreds who earn less than that.

  • This Is Not Your Business Even Though You Think It Might Be:

Plexus like all MLMs promote a luxurious lifestyle and this is adamant when/if you attend one of their conferences.

They make out that you are building a business and that business belongs to you but it doesn’t.

All it takes is for that business (like so many MLMs do) to close down and you are left with nothing and any money owed, well forget it.

  • The Industry Is Saturated:

If you have been researching ways to make a living online, in particular, an MLM.

Then you will know that there are hundreds of similar companies out there doing the same thing.

All telling you that their products are the best but the big thing that sets them apart is high street retail stores.

They are more established and selling similar products for a fraction of the price.

You have to take that into consideration and the fact that you have to recruit and build a large team if you really want to stand any chance of making it big.

  • Is Plexus Worldwide A Pyramid Scheme In Disguise:

The only way that you can survive in an MLM is by being able to recruit people and build a team.

That’s when you are able to qualify for the bonuses that come with the compensation plan.

The question has always been, “is an MLM a pyramid scheme”, but the better more accurate question should be “is Plexus a pyramid scheme in disguise?”.

Is the company hiding behind products and services because at the end of the day, an MLM will not survive without new blood coming through?

  • What About The Monthly Expenses:

We mentioned those earlier and is something that is never made clear when approached by a Plexus Brand Ambassador.

With having to stay active and meet the 100PV quota majority of the ambassadors do purchase the products themselves.

That’s around $100 a month then you have other costs like an autoresponder which will cost you around $30 a month.

Don’t forget paid marketing if you want to spread the word around and that could cost you between $50 and $150 a month even more if you want.

That’s why between 50 and 70 per cent end up leaving within the first 12 months.

Plexus Worldwide Review – Final Thoughts!

If it’s a money-making opportunity that you are looking for then Plexus Worldwide is not for you.

However, you could prove us wrong and make it into the big time but that is wishful thinking.

There are too many red flags for us to recommend Plexus or any other MLM for that matter.

We have tried them in the past and just ended up wasting our time and money.

Recruiting is key with any MLM and cold-calling and rejection will play a lot on your mind.

The reason why recruiting is so important is that people leave all the time and you have to replace those with new members.

If you want to know how we make a living online then please continue to read.

How we Make Passive Income Online?

Passive income is what we all strive for and one of the best ways to do this is through affiliate marketing.

The benefits far outweigh anything an MLM can bring to the table.

    • Where you can promote any product or service you like
    • No sales quotas to meet
    • No recruiting and no pestering family and friends
    • No customer orders to handle meaning no shipping and returns

In fact, all you have to do is connect the customer with the merchant and your job is done.

What better way than to build a business around something that you are passionate about like a hobby or interest?

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Plexus Worldwide Review FAQs

Plexus does seem a popular company which is noted by the number of different questions people are asking.

We thought we’d dig out a few that might interest you.

  1. Is Plexus A Legitimate Product?

Plexus has been around since 2008 and is best known for its weight management products.

Plexus is a dietary supplement company that’s best known for its weight loss products.

However, due to a lack of research and third-party testing, it’s hard to confirm whether the products do what they say they will.

  1. How Much Is Plexus Membership?

There are 2 memberships, the VIP customer where you don’t take part in the compensation plan which is $9.95 to sign up and the $19.95 renewal cost.

The Brand Ambassador will cost you $39.95/per yearly

  1. Can Plexus Be Harmful?

In moderation, most supplements should be ok to ingest unless you are already suffering from some sort of condition.

In this case you should always consult your doctor first.

Some products that were tested by the FDA found that the recommended dosage was 3 times what it should be.

Putting consumers at an increased risk of high blood pressure, palpitations, and tachycardia.

  1. Is Plexus Regulated By The FDA?

All health and wellness supplements like what Plexus Worldwide promote are not regulated by the FDA.

That means the company does not have to prove that the products are safe to be taken to market.

  1. Can You Drink Plexus Slim Twice A Day?

Plexus Slim is their number one product and the guidelines for taking are laid out below.

Pour the Slim packet into a 12-20 ounce bottle of water and shake immediately.

Adults are to take the drink 30-60 before meals and can take 1 serving twice a day.

  1. How Do You Get A Lexus With Plexus?

There is a car program which you can qualify for but that is open to active Plexus Brand Ambassadors.

Who has achieved the ranks of emerald, sapphire or diamond?

  1. Are There Any Lawsuits Against Plexus?

If an MLM company has been operating long enough you are bound to find lawsuits attached and Plexus is no different.

Plexus has even filed lawsuits against the former brand ambassadors for leaving and joining other MLMs.

The FTC recently warned Plexus Worldwide of marketing campaigns that claimed some of the products could prevent Covid-19.

Feedback, Comments and Subscribe

Ok guys, that about wraps up this Plexus review.

Hope you enjoyed it and that we managed to cover most of your questions but if we have missed anything then please feel free to add it in the comments section below.

Maybe you have already had some experience with Plexus Worldwide and you want to share it with our readers.

Until next time, stay safe

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