What is the Wealthy Affiliate University – SCAM or LEGIT Dedicated Affiliate Marketing Training Platform?

So, What is the Wealthy Affiliate University?

Hey Guys, welcome to this website, a site dedicated to helping guide people on the right path to making money online.

We only recommend what we would use ourselves, so rest assured we are not here to try and trick you or anything!

Let’s set the record straight, this is not a university and you won’t be getting any university degrees or certificates.

But it is a dedicated training platform that teaches people like you and me to become successful at affiliate marketing.

Now if you aren’t interested in making a massive change in your life or are not prepared to learn and work hard, then I suggest not reading further.

But if you are that person then enjoy…

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what is the wealthy affiliate universitySo What is The Wealthy Affiliate University?

Wealthy Affiliate has been around since 2005 and first started life as a membership platform helping affiliates with keyword research.

Over the years it has transformed to where it is now, a dedicated software platform that you will find hard to match anywhere.

Ok, I am biassed but first impressions mean a lot to many people and just 5 minutes within this platform.

Will tell you this is no Mickey Mouse training platform that you can find all over the internet.

I mean just look at Warrior Plus for confirmation of that, but we are not here to talk down about others.

Coming from a software development background I know just how much work has gone into this system.

But, still, you will see people calling it a scam and things like that, well simply because they either.

    1. Have never been a member of Wealthy Affiliate
    2. Only listening to what other people say
    3. Maybe they did join but didn’t have any success

Now the first 2 you can ignore because what most people do is copy content from other people and don’t do their own research.

The third option is for people who join and do absolutely nothing about going through the training.

Or they do but haven’t got the right mindset, in other words, they have doubts as to whether this will work or not.

I know because that was exactly how I felt when I first joined.

They might start with the right intentions but doubts creep in because they listen to what other people are saying instead of blocking it out.

You know the ones, the naysayers!

Things don’t move along quick enough and they leave.

What do these people do? They move on to some other product and go through the same entire process and never get anywhere.

Then they start spouting off on various forums stirring the pot and never find a way to make money online because they aren’t dedicated enough.

You should know if you have been looking long enough that there are no such things as a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme.

It takes hard work, dedication, persistence and a will and desire to succeed no matter what.

Just like it would with any other business whether MLM, Affiliate Marketing or even Retail Shop.

Just take a look at these individuals who are having huge successes and who are still members of Wealthy Affiliate.

More about Wealthy Affiliate here.

What is Education at Wealthy Affiliate?

Education, we all need it if we are going to make something of our lives and we are told to study, get good grades and hopefully go to university.

For many, this just isn’t possible for many reasons but I guess money plays an important part in all this.

After all, if/when you complete your degree unless you have rich parents then you will be left in debt and we aren’t talking a few hundred here.

We are talking thousands, I know because my brother completed his degree and owed nearly $100,000.

That is certainly not a great start to a rewarding career, that’s if you can find one.

It’s more like a mortgage and a whole lot of unnecessary pressure that you could do without.

If it wasn’t for a British scientist at Cern who created the Internet then where would we be today?

Not really sure, but I guess we’d be somewhere in the dark ages and we wouldn’t have advanced that much as a human race.

The Internet allows everybody to be on the same level playing field and gives us all the same opportunities.

It would appear that the Internet is the new education platform which means, if you didn’t go to university then does it really matter?

Opportunities are literally everywhere if you look and are prepared to work hard for your goals.

At Wealthy Affiliate, the education is simple and was designed in this way for the complete beginner.

There are 2 main courses…

    • Online Entrepreneur
    • Affiliate Bootcamp

A total of 120 lessons, cover everything that you would need to know about affiliate marketing.

100’s of recorded training videos with live training every week.

There’s a training HQ where you have access to 13 groups.

All that is required is the right mindset.

You can read more about what education at Wealthy Affiliate means here.

A Great Place to Create a Website

Bill Gates once said “If a business does notCreating websites at Wealthy Affiliate is a breeze

have a website then that business won’t be in business long”

Or something like that, and I guess he meant business growth.

If you are considering affiliate marketing as a career path, then you do really need a website to showcase what you are all about and to create your brand.

OK, you can run an affiliate marketing business without a website if you are prepared to pay money for marketing but here we aren’t.

We use SEO or search engine optimization which basically is a way of getting your website in front of real people.

Who is keying into Google what they are looking for?

Just to give you some sort of idea of what we are looking at here.

There are around 5.5 BILLION people on the internet today and around 93% use the Google search engine.

That’s approximately 8,700,000,000 (that’s BILLIONS) keywords being keyed into Google on daily basis.

That is the type of traffic you are looking at and all for FREE.

At Wealthy Affiliate, all this and much more is taught so that you can save literally thousands in marketing costs.

You can create a website in 1 minute, literally and choose from thousands of great-looking themes.

They use their own website management system called SiteRubix which is very slick and easy to use.

Those days are gone when you needed to know computing languages and I should know.

Because I am a software developer and never used my skills whilst being at Wealthy Affiliate.

There is 24/7 support and backup service and when I say “Support” I don’t mean create a ticket and maybe somebody will respond in 2-3 days.

We are talking about getting back in touch within 5 minutes and getting on with your issue.

For more information about websites at Wealthy Affiliate check it out here.

Hosting at Wealthy Affiliate

Hosting if you want it, can be done through Wealthy Affiliate which means you don’t have to worry about anything.

Speed is essential because slow hosting can have an adverse effect on your site.

Nothing to worry about here because hosting is through Amazon.

Considering it is the biggest retail outlet and owned by the richest person on the planet then rest assured your site is safe.

If for any reason your site goes down, you wouldn’t notice a difference because mirroring is used.

They can just switch straight over to another version of your site without any interruptions.

They have a dedicated team to handle security and backup to ensure no data is lost and this is 24/7/365.

Hosting comparison for Wealthy Affiliate against 3 other providers

For more information about hosting at Wealthy Affiliate head over here

Finding Domains is a Breeze 

Finding domains at Wealthy Affiliate couldn’t be easier.

Everything that relates to your website is controlled through the SiteRubix Management system.

The SiteRubix management system options

A very easy-to-use platform that has everything that you would ever want to ensure your website needs are taken care of.

From start to finish you can have your own website up and running within 5 minutes.

That’s finding your domain and creating it, to finding a theme to creating your website.

For further details, you can find here.

The Community at Wealthy Affiliate

The community at Wealthy Affiliate

Last but not least what can we say about the community at Wealthy Affiliate.

For starters, it isn’t some crummy Facebook group that we see so often that people end up not using.

This is a dedicated area within the training platform which is currently active with around 800,000 members.

Finding help couldn’t be easier.

In this community, you can find all levels of experienced marketers only too happy to help you in any way they can.

Have a question or just want to start a conversation going to get some ideas about something.

Just ask your question and submit it to the community or a specific group and instantly get a response.

For more information about the community.

Help And Support at Wealthy Affiliate

The key to a great training platform for me is help and support.

I have tried many training platforms where help and support pretty much didn’t exist.

When you ask a question you don’t want to be hanging around for hours or even days like I have seen on many platforms.

This is something that doesn’t happen at Wealthy Affiliate.

There are many ways to get help here…

  • Instant messaging/live chat

If you are just after a quick answer to a question, you have instant messaging where there is always somebody at hand.

Whether it’s the founders of Wealthy Affiliate who are very active in the community or one of the members.

  • Ask a question

We all have a facility where you can ask your question and direct it to the appropriate group within the community.

  • Blogging

There is a blogging platform that we all have where you can create a post about anything you like which will start a discussion.

Through these discussions, you can find all sorts of things that you didn’t know about, along with many ideas to help in your marketing.

  • Private messaging

If you like a bit of a personal touch then you can send private messages to any member of the community, even the founders.

  • Site support

Site support is there for any help that you might need regarding your website mainly but there are others things too.

One thing is for sure and you’ll get a response back within 5 minutes.

Final Thoughts

Obviously, I am going to be biased but there is no better training platform than Wealthy Affiliate.

I’m sure there must be some but I haven’t come across any up to now.

Nothing is perfect and Wealthy Affiliate could do with updating in places but these things take time.

If you have a passion for anything and want to turn it into a business there is no better business model than affiliate marketing.

Further reading if you missed it earlier.

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Start your online business today free with Wealthy Affiliate

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