How To Work Online at Home, be Successful and rid the Mundane 9-5 drudge

Many people and from all walks of life are looking for ways to make money online so they can eventually “kiss goodbye” to that 9-5 and the day they can tell their boss where to go! How to work online at home, be successful and rid the mundane 9-5 drudge is a worthy question that we are going to be looking at.

I’m sure even though you were searching for something entirely different, its a little tempting to key in a search term like  “how to make money online” or something like?

This is one of the top Internet searches on Google and wouldn’t it be great if you could learn how to crack it?

Just think about how free you would be!

No more boss and no more 9-5 robotic days. Wake up when you want and wherever you want, controlling your days and not letting your days be controlled.

You will find all over the Internet, people being successful or should I say reporting to be successful in earning a living online. Just how many are telling the true story?

They say that around 4% are actually making a living from the Internet so out of 100 people on let’s say youtube telling you they are being successful only about 4 out of the 100 are telling you the truth. Quite amazing odds aren’t they?

How do these 4% actually make a living online?

Do they have an unlimited amount of money and just able to take chances that we can’t?

Are you so brainwashed into the Monday to Friday regime working for someone else, and don’t have any free time and therefore can’t imagine anything else?

What if I told you that being in business for yourself wasn’t beyond your capabilities, and more straightforward than you think, and with the right training behind you a reality?

In this post, I am going to show you how to change your mindset and move away from the 9-5 regime and introduce you to the straightforward steps that you can learn in order to progress and build a successful business for yourself that will eventually become a passive income stream.

What do we mean by a “Passive Income Stream”?

This is when you have your website up and running and attracting traffic 24/7/365, which in essence are customers coming to your website, reading articles and purchasing from you, and this is all done on auto-pilot.

Whether you want to stay at home or travel around the world and work, the choice is entirely yours?

I know a few marketers who are doing just that, traveling the world and working when and where they want, and we are not talking about years down the road.

We are talking about people like you and I who came into Affiliate Marketing with absolutely no knowledge whatsoever and within 2 years they are off.

This can be you!

You must have the right mindset and must be ready to break away from the daily regime that you find yourself currently in.

How To Work Online at Home, be Successful and rid the Mundane 9-5 drudge

I bet when you’ve approached family and friends about how to work online at home and get paid, they probably came back with a dumbfounded luck and told you to stop wasting your time and stop dreaming the big life.

What about your job?

If we listened to those remarks then we would stay in our mundane lives, and never progress and push ourselves, would we?

We all have ambitions and want the dream, don’t we?

Most of us aren’t blessed with being lucky enough to win the lottery and have to work for a living, so why not have bigger aspirations?

There is only one person who can better your life and that is you, right?

I had a good job and it was freelance but I was still working for somebody else, until I woke up one day and said to myself, “I have had enough of this working away from home and only coming back at weekends” Some life eh?

Well, it does get a bit much when you get to certain point in your life and are not single anymore.

Time is precious and my social life is too, just like yours.

Nowadays, the Internet is king and it’s still in its infancy days too, with around 3.75 billion who have access to the Internet, which is around half the world population then why not use it to benefit your life?

But first, you need to understand the basics of what you need to succeed in this business.

Before jumping in creating your online business ask yourself?

What is my interest?

How can I build a professional looking website that gets real traffic?

How do I get visitors to my website?

Where can I find a training platform that will teach me all this and more?

You can read my #1 recommended product review that goes into greater detail.

There are 4 straightforward steps to any successful online business

  1. Choose an Interest, a niche
  2. Build your website
  3. Get ranked in Google and get visitors to your website
  4. Earn commissions

In essence, those top 3 are what it takes to build a successful online business.

The last one “Earn commissions” comes naturally when the first 3 are done correctly.

When you break it all down into these steps everything becomes clear and makes complete sense I think you’ll agree?

What you must be aware of are these processes aren’t going to be done overnight. They will take time and therefore there is work to be done, which is extremely enjoyable especially when you see a return on your investment.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day!

The more time you put into this business the quicker you will get to your goal of “Freedom” from the 9-5.

Choose an Interest, a niche

Almost anything you can think of can be a niche and when selecting one try to have a passion for it, this way it will make things a lot easier when developing your website.

No problem if you don’t have an immediate passion for your chosen niche. this can come at a later date!

Just think about it, there are close to 4 billion Internet users searching for literally anything you could imagine, and each one of those search terms has the potential to become a niche.

Check out my review on what a niche is and a guide to selecting the right one.

Build your website

Once you have decided upon a niche for your business, then now it’s time to build your website.

Don’t let this intimidate you because creating a website is a breeze. No technical abilities are required because you can actually have your website up and running in less than 1 minute.

Watch this video and be amazed just how easy it is

Get ranked in Google and get visitors to your website

Your objective before you try to make money with any website is to focus on getting actual visitors to your website and without visitors you have nobody to sell or advertise to.

There are 2 ways to get visitors to your website, paid traffic and free traffic.

Paid traffic is quick but can be extremely difficult to master and a lot down to costs.

This is where you will find the big hitters (major companies) who have an endless supply of money for marketing controlling the advertising, which makes it extremely difficult for us “Fish” to compete in.

Not only that but there are literally 100’s of agencies out there promising you theirs is the best. Take it from me you can find yourself losing a lot of money with a large percentage of these.

You will come up against “Bots” and all sorts of crooked ways of squeezing out your last buck.

Free Organic traffic is by far the best form of traffic I think you’ll agree, but time confusing in the beginning, but when you have your site fully loaded with great content targeting those “Long Tail Keywords” then eventually your site will become a passive income generator, and all it will cost is your time in getting it there, whilst all the others are spending thousands on paid traffic.

Watch this short video which explains things in more detail.

The most important factor in all this is?

Finding the right training platform

OK, so you can learn all this through searching on Google or going to YouTube but we are back to the same dilemma. Who can you trust?

You will find literally thousands who declare their knowledge, but you have to remember that they are trying to get you into their fold and get you to sign up to some MLM, Pyramid selling scheme.

All you will end up doing is losing money.

OK, so we agree on one thing, that you need a mentor because we all need mentors, but choosing the right one can be extremely difficult.

Take a good look at my #1 recommendation how I learned Affiliate Marketing from the grassroots up.

Final Analysis

I hope I have given you a little insight into what is involved when it comes to the building blocks for building an online business and creating your online presence, but remember there is no “magic button” that creates instant wealthy no matter what you are told.

Like I said earlier it is not going to happen overnight. There is work to do and once you have chosen the right training platform with 100% backing then there is no turning back. Confidence is a key factor and when you know that you are in the right place then that’s half the battle.

Stop bouncing from one product to the next, all you will do is lose a lot of money which will play on your mind and only strengthen the negative side of your brain.

Feedback and comments

If you have any questions at all both negative and positive, please leave them in the comments below. I would love to hear them.

Maybe you have some ideas for me or just want a natter about something, please feel free to share.

I will get back and answer all questions at my earliest convenience and to the best of my knowledge.

I’d like to wish you all the best for the future.


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